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  1. I’m settling down to see this show of all beauty!
  2. Hello, many thanks for yours congratulations ! I don't know what's the next. I only know that "Who's next" is one of the best albums of rock music. :) Other pictures under the sun of Provence.
  3. For me, it’s the most beautiful Mirage III in this scale I have ever seen ! Well done sir !!!
  4. Finished ! A big thank you to my French friends for their help. And another big thank you to you, for your friendly comments!
  5. Many thanks for your comments ! Hello Bil, thanks for your beautiful picture I didn't have, but I’ve already done the trolley. And build a catapult would take me a couple of months and I am not sure that this type was on the Fiume, a Zara-class heavy cruiser. The machine gun and its hydraulic support. The end is very near !
  6. Hello gentlemen, Auxiliary floats are attached, it was easy with small metal pins. Last wiring, always with RB parts except for the front and the rear cross made with sprue from Evergreen (1.5 X 0.25) to reproduce and glue the central ring. And a frame for the last operations and transport of the plane.
  7. Here are the two ways I used to fix the wire on the wings and the main float :
  8. Many thanks Peter ! The fact that you appreciate my Ro43 is the greatest reward !
  9. A little closer to the end: As for the tail, these are RB and GasPatch parts with a little wash of PA mat alu to reduce the shine. See you soon !
  10. Good morning gentlemen, here I am: The end is near.....Cheers !
  11. I’m sure it’ll be beautiful ! Alain
  12. Last work, I hope, on the wing. And the last parts, will remain cables and antenna wires. After a coat of Alclad grey primer, even if it’s blue in the photo......Almost ready for painting The metal pins allow, without glue, this little joke.
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