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  1. Good morning gentlemen, here I am: The end is near.....Cheers !
  2. I’m sure it’ll be beautiful ! Alain
  3. Last work, I hope, on the wing. And the last parts, will remain cables and antenna wires. After a coat of Alclad grey primer, even if it’s blue in the photo......Almost ready for painting The metal pins allow, without glue, this little joke.
  4. Good start, I look forward to the rest ! Alain
  5. Hello, Maketar maskings has been used. The masking for the rudder painting was done with Bare Metal. As it is a very fine adhesive, there is no "step" between the colors. The coat of arms of the House of Savoy is a dry transfer from Georges Olivereau . The cables are a mix of RB and Gaspatch parts. The rudder control cables are lined with 0.1 ( 3 mm on the true plane). The ring to fix the antenna wire (photodec drop) has been fixed for a long time.
  6. Hello Mark, I didn’t see your Mustang, it’s wonderful!!!!!! Alain
  7. Hello Mark, as you can see in this picture, the plane is sinking deep into the water. This is the one I’m trying to reproduce. Upper wing is almost finished. Highly diluted oil paints on the panel lines: Payne grey everywhere and sepia on the front and bottom. Then a little black pastel to simulate the smoke.
  8. Here to end the week, a little weathering to add. Cheers !
  9. I was looking forward to removing the masks protecting the interior and the glass parts. The Masking Neo comes off very well even after several weeks.
  10. First of all: Happy New Year! For painting, I proceed step by step, easier to handle for me. The blue of the badge appears clearer on the photo, it comes from the decal sheet of the PCM Macchi 202 and is very correct. This blue is too often too light on the majority of the decal sheets. The inscriptions,FIUME-2 (name of the ship) and the serial number are dry transfers and due to the kindness of my friend Emmanuel "Best of the show" Gato.
  11. Hello gentlemen ! A little more paint : To protect the underside of the float some surfaces were covered with felt. This is the stealth version :}) Light patina since the Ro43 were quite clean, at least the ones I have in photo. I wish you a happy New Year’s Eve and see you next year!
  12. A little make-up In the end, it is mainly the oil radiator that will be visible, the engine being far in the cowl
  13. C'est toi le Maître !!!!!! Hi Mark, for years I’ve been using Sika biresin G26. Well preserved, it lasts a long time. My cans were opened five years ago.
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