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  1. Some more pics: On the left my motor, on the right in the kit....... This comparison is, unfortunately, symptomatic of all the detail of the kit. The carburetor after some hours. Paint and light weathering.
  2. A small step forward: In place the third windshield, the second (wrong) is in front and the first is in the trash can !
  3. More pics, The oil radiator, actually it's the only part I kept from the front of the kit (propeller, motor, cowl, etc.) It was carved to put the 14 reinforcements. To allow cylinder heads to exceed, a new cowl is made in 0,3 mm plastic card. And hollow bumps with a small border, because on the real aircraft it was separate parts. The cowl flaps and the exhausts with trumpet shaped exit.
  4. Ok for more pics, but as I started this it when it came out (may be more than 12 years ago) a lot of pics are not digital, as that of the engine, sorry. PCM Macchi 200 is a very good kit in shapes and dimensions, but for me, poor in details. Start at the front of the plane: The propeller hub: left part are mine, right the kit one. Copies in resin, if one day I decide to make another, not tomorrow ! The propeller: not perfect in shape and too flat. Down is the firing mecanism through the propeller, not in the kit. A coat of Alclad to verify the moulding The beginning of painting and weathering.
  5. Hi Peter, it’s kind of your fault that I’m coming here, because of your masterpieces ! Alain
  6. My Macchi 200 built with a little help from my friends and months of patience, most of the parts had to be scratched : For example the engine.
  7. Hi Stefano, I retain your proposal, many thanks. I have dozens of close-up pictures made before (better) and after restoring like this : The flight manual is available on the web and very helpful as the book Ali d'Italia 12 Ro 43/44. The french magazine Cocardes 12 has a lot of close-up pictures in the article of my friend Patrice Roman (Pavla in 1/72)
  8. Stefano : many thanks for your kind offer but I already have a lot (may be too much) of pictures send by friends french modellers.
  9. Relics of Ro-37 at Kabul Airport. There is a lot of differences beetween the Ro-37 and the Ro-43, not only the floats. Stefano, before I started this scratch, I asked to Special Hobby if they had planned to do this kit as they did in 1/48. I always wait their answer.......I hope to finish mine before someone else does. Ciao !!!!
  10. It remains to reproduce the wavy effet on the tips and add some détails. According to the plan, it's good enough for me. Nice weekend !
  11. Hi, I'm lucky, I got this light wave effect. In some points, I put to much plastic glue and I have to fill them. The lighty wave effect on the wings compared to the fuselage more pronounced. The wing is light but rather solid to do that. The dihedral remains flat. Don't forget, it's just a game !
  12. Many thanks to you !!!! Wings' construction : I used 1 mm strong metal rods to secure the wings. 1 mm is the inner diameter of the 2,4 mm Evergreen tube used as spars. Four screws are sufficient to fix it to the cockpit floor. The skin is made by vacuforming card using carved wood (balsa). And the fillets: plastic card and Milliput. Structure of the wings: ribs are 3D printed by my friend Bernard. To strengthen I added to the Evergreen tubes one stainless steel tube (1,5 mm) The skin is made by only one piece of 0,25 mm card wrapped around, glued step by step (1, 2,3,...) Then the trailing edge is cut (4) and a plastic strip is added (5) to have a sharp and solid edge. To follow
  13. Thank you for your welcome ! Hello Vincent, great minds think alike, lol !!!!!
  14. Hello gentlemen, first of all I apologize for my poor English. Here are somes pictures of my Ro43 scratch-built in 1/32: For more about this: http://www.master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=103658 Have a nice day ! Alain
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