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  1. Yes! An early Do 17 for me, too, please! And what about some beautiful french planes of this period?
  2. http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/product?productid=3161
  3. I want a Hanriot D.1, too - but By Copper State Models!
  4. I can well understand your approach to WnW! The „outer appearance is quite the same with CSM... And the instructions-booklet is made up like a field-manual for the original airplane.
  5. Hey, try to venture outside WnW and go buy a Nieuport XVII from CSM! You‘ll be surprised: The quality of everything - from research to the plastic to the instructions and the packaging - is TOP quality! Just try. (I did.)
  6. THIS would really be great! (And once more a bit expensive...)
  7. And don't forget Ray Rimell's Windsock Datafiles: They cover most of the AH airplanes of WW1, too!
  8. There's a build going on, by Glyn Spurr: https://m.facebook.com/groups/232798447058620
  9. Well, Roden was really important. THEN! NOW, that there are Wingnut Wings and Copper State Models, we may gratefully say goodbye to them and hope for more wonderfully crafted models of french and austro-hungarian and even russian aeroplanes by WnW and CSM.
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