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  1. Oh, my, Mike: What a pity it is that this kit was not produced/released! Thank you so much for posting this build-log, here. (Beautifully built, by the way!)
  2. I am hoping for a Viper-powered SE5a as a next livery of that plane by WnW.
  3. I have WnW's SE5a and will probably make a Skywriter's plane out of it. Interesting topic, as those skywriters were quite popular in european and american post-war skies! Lots of info out there in the WWW. http://www.pionnair-ge.com/spip1/spip.php?article383
  4. Has this thread developed into a CSM-Fan-Thread?
  5. I am waiting for news from Wingnut Wings
  6. Gooood news: Pheon Decals will produce decals for ICM's Gladiator in 2020! https://www.pheondecals.com/whats-new.html (scroll down a bit)
  7. Just to make it clear: This was pure sarcasm! I love CSM's Nieuports and simply am afraid that they could give up producing WW1 planes in 1/32 scale, as Wingnut Wings also announced a Starstrutter...
  8. well, hope dies last, they say...
  9. ...and Copper State Models will get back to their original niches, 1/48th scale aeroplanes and 1/35th scale AFV - and the world's in order again!
  10. Yeh, its nice, well engineered by a real good CAD-IT-engineer. But before your „back in the day“, Tnarg, we had paintings painted by painters on the boxes! No lie! Pure truth, belive me!! Paintings!! Art!!
  11. Yes! An early Do 17 for me, too, please! And what about some beautiful french planes of this period?
  12. AlbertD, now can see your point!
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