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  1. Well, Roden was really important. THEN! NOW, that there are Wingnut Wings and Copper State Models, we may gratefully say goodbye to them and hope for more wonderfully crafted models of french and austro-hungarian and even russian aeroplanes by WnW and CSM.
  2. I have ordered from CSM several times before, too: Great customer service, no problems at all! And, by the way, Latvia is closer to the world than, well, most of the US-States...
  3. I will not participate, as I do notbuild kits anymore, but I love the theme/topic and am really looking forward to your great builds!! Richard
  4. On another forum there was a confirmation by Special Hobby that they were NOT going to make a Brandenburg C1 in 1:32th scale! C‘est dommage! I can assure everyone here that I up to now have had only the best experiences with CSM's customer service! I am really looking foreward to their Nieuport 17 and pray for some more Frechies and k.u.k. AH stuff!
  5. Wonderful pics, thank you, Mike! Should the lads from Wingnut Wings visit the Omaka Museum regularly, I can hope for a Halberstadt D.IV, a DH.4, a Breguet XIV and even a Morane-Saulnier BB, too, can't I?!
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