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  1. You need some of the engine parts. If you study the instructions you can figure out which pieces are needed to get from the firewall to the propeller. The rest can either be left off or attached without painting/detailing.
  2. Excellent choice for their first kit. From what I see I'm in for at least one. I'm sure a lot of folks are disappointed (Sorry John1 you'll have to wait for your P-51D ), but if done right it'll be a good seller and may lead to bankrolling some interesting kits in the future. One thing I noted when I visited their website was that they made an appeal for good reference material. Can't produce an awesome kit of (fill in the blank) with a couple of old grainy black and white photos
  3. My take on all this is that these folks were an integral part of the team that brought Mr. Jacksons vision(s) to life. He picked a subject-and they made it happen. I had never heard of some of the planes they came out with. But every WNW kit I purchased was a thing of beauty and a joy to build. With that in mind, I don't really care what the subject is, I am pretty confident it will be well researched, engineered and I'll have a great time with it on my bench.
  4. I think the photo Derek posted is an R-1830
  5. I spent 30 years on subs. I don't think any of my shipmates would disagree with me
  6. Well said Jennings. There are only two types of ships...submarines and targets.
  7. SB is my main source for on-line model purchases-precisely because they are reliable. When they send notice that a shipping label has been created it often takes a day or two before I get a shipping notice. That most likely is dependent on the volume of product being shipped/carrier schedules etc. I have never once had an issue with receiving my purchase and I have certainly never "hounded" them. v/r, Rob
  8. John, Barracuda has some great cockpit upgrades as well. They have a seat with leather cushion that IMO is much better than what comes in the kit, sidewalls and instrument panels as well. They also carry resin wheels (if you don't care for the Tamiya rubber ones). Having said that, If you were to choose to build it OOB (which doesn't appear to be your style )you would not be disappointed. v/r, Rob
  9. Monogram had a series of 1/32 scale armor/vehicle kits in the 70's. I seem to recall the Jeep was among them.
  10. Nice. I'm looking for a midsize pickup to replace a Chevy 2500 HD that I no longer need (sold my trailer). The Tacoma Limited and Colorado Z71 are on my short list. Enjoy! v/r, Rob
  11. I spent 30 years on Subs and never heard that before. I now have some homework to do It just goes to show that no matter how much experience you have, there is always more to learn.
  12. LOL, A lucky guess. On a side note, I rode my bike across that bridge yesterday. Well, actually that bridge is several hundred feet underwater...I rode on the new bridge next to its replacement.
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