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  1. I believe there were a few. They were in service with the SAAF postwar.
  2. I believe to avoid confusion those MK IX Spitfires equipped with the Packard engine were designated MK XVI. In Feb '45 the bubble canopy was introduced and could be found on both MK IX and MK XVI. As far as tying a specific airframe to an engine type, I really don't know. There may be records that provide that info. Maybe some one with that knowledge will chime in. v/r, Rob
  3. Riku, From my limited knowledge, the e wing had the 20 mm cannon outboard of the 12.7 mm MG. Sprue LL in the XVIe kit has the appropriate wing cover panels. I believe the upper and lower wings are the same in both kits. Some of the IXe models would have had the Packard produced Merlin 266 with differences in superchargers and intercoolers-not a big deal if you leave the engine panels on. Those sprues are E and H in the XVIe kit. v/r Rob
  4. O Canada, I'm just one of your ignorant neighbors from down South so I'm not sure exactly how you celebrate but I assume adult beverages and burning meat over open flames is involved. If you set off some fireworks, it's even better. Seriously, Enjoy your day!!!! Rob
  5. Doh. Despite the fact that I'm selling my house and building a new one ( wont be done until the end of the year) I couldn't resist and ordered a Spitfire MK XVI. All my hobby stuff is packed up and gathering dust but by golly I'm going to get another one for the stash. It's a sickness I tell you........:)
  6. It appeared to be dead center on the target. That is one of the more remarkable accomplishments to me. I suppose it helps having a bit more processing power in your computer.
  7. Just watched the SpaceX launch. It was just as exciting as I remember from the 60's. I will say todays screen quality beat the heck out of our old 19" black and white TV Hope the rest of the mission goes as well.
  8. My prediction is that Tamiya's next 1/32 scale kit will be, as others have said, a surefire moneymaker that can be easily adapted to several boxings. Following that line of thinking a WWII German fighter comes to mind that fits the bill. It will be beautifully engineered with fabulous fit and will make them tons of cash. Aftermarket companies will go into overdrive producing details and markings galore. And we'll all live happily ever after. v/r, Rob
  9. I love to read/study history, especially military history. I often find my inspiration comes from a book I'm reading or a documentary I've seen. For example, I really had little interest in the F-4 Phantom until reading Robin Olds "Fighter Pilot". I went out, got a ZM kit and built one. I've got plenty of WNW kits because they are well researched, a challenge to rig and the markings are cool. I am a sucker for any aircraft/any scale in Air National Guard markings. I am drawn to kits with ( what I consider) exceptional Engineering and fit- the Tamiya 1/32 series of aircraft no matter the subject is a must have for me. In short, there is no rhyme or reason just what strikes my fancy. v/r, Rob
  10. Well, I took a tumble off my Mountain bike on Thursday, cracked 4 ribs and got a small pneumo. Since Percocet and alcohol are a bad combo, I'm enjoying a nice cold glass of high-quality H2O.
  11. Go to the WNW website and download the OAW instructions. That way you'll know which bits to use and which one can stay on the sprue. v/r, Rob
  12. Jennings, Thanks for reposting your drawing. I am planning a SAAF F-51 during Korea. I have a lot of info to sift through on wing appearance. While it may not be 100% accurate it is close enough to get me started. I can tweak it as I see fit during my build and that's what is important to me. v/r, Rob
  13. Jennings, Did your hospital cancel elective surgeries? My wife is an RN who has worked in the OR for 30 years. They halted everything but urgent and emergency surgery. She was given a choice of working the wards or the ER. She took the ER and is in the parking lot screening patients. She can't wait to get back to the "easy" 10 hour shifts in the OR
  14. Way to take one for the team John. Well done. P.S. I'm going to try to get the new sprue to make my build a bit easier to do v/r, Rob
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