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  1. Hi Tim As I understand it, the founder of CSM lived in Arizona. When he retired, the company was sold to someone from Latvia. v/r, Rob
  2. As we used to say in the Sub force "You can't deviate from a plan unless you've got one". I've studied the photos on the Fundekals instruction "novel" as well. There is a lot more wear and tear on those 511 Corsairs than I would have expected considering they probably don't have too many hours.
  3. Hmmm. I never thought of that. It makes sense to keep the ignition wire clear of that hot cylinder head. Either way it's there. I hear you about the "rework". The great thing about modeling is that you get to decide what goes on- and what doesn't
  4. A picture might help. There is a curved silver oil line on each cylinder just above and inboard of the rocker covers. This is what I was trying to describe.
  5. The oil lines I am talking about go from one side of the cylinder to the other from the flat round spots just inboard of the rocker covers. v/r, Rob
  6. Looking good John. An observation-not a criticism. There is another oil line on each cylinder that runs between the valves/rockers that is pretty prominent. Something to consider... I'm really enjoying your build !! Thanks, Rob
  7. I too had a bulging disc (L5/S1)with sciatic pain all the way down to my toes on the left side about 10 years ago. I had an operation to remove the bulge. Instant relief. Since then I have occasionally had sciatic pain in the same area but on the right side which has been controlled with injections. Disc repairs can be performed by Orthopedic or Neurosurgeons. My wife is a surgical nurse. She asked me to use a Neurosurgeon. Good luck!
  8. Lots of info on that site Jari. Thanks!
  9. Thanks Bob! I will check it out. Rob
  10. Earlier this week I saw that Sprue Brothers had received some Special Hobby X15A-2 kits. I grew up in the 60's and I've always said I'm going to build one someday so... I made an impulse buy. I want to pick up a good reference book -something that will be useful for modeling. Does anyone have a recommendation? Thanks, Rob
  11. John I don't have references in front of me but I'm thinking the magnetos and round ignition wire ring are for the earlier non water-injected engine. v/r, Rob
  12. Good idea with the instrument panel John. The "Mr Magoo glasses" style supplied by Tamiya doesn't work for me either. This looks much better IMO. It's looking suitably busy v/r, Rob
  13. IMHO that describes every set of Tamiya decals I've ever worked with
  14. Nice start John. Your post made me laugh. It sounds like a mirror image of what I've been experiencing. I recently picked up the exact same kit, aftermarket, decals and reference book. I too am leaning toward a Block Island bird. It appears that the only differences so far are that you have started yours (I am finishing up a ZM F4) and you have much better photography skills than I. Good luck and have fun!! v/r, Rob
  15. I get it from Hobby World USA. My only complaint is that they can't keep it in stock and invariably the color I want is on backorder. v/r, Rob
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