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  1. I've had a number of instances where I've had to strip Future, then re-dip. I dunk it in household ammonia for a couple of seconds, then rinse well. I'd give the old bottle a go before I bought new stuff. BTW, what does a bottle of Future look like these days?
  2. Thanks everyone! Spent the weekend camping (my "other hobby").
  3. While racers aren't my cup of tea, I'd be on board for a Skyraider. Best of luck to you, Shane - Paul's stuff is too nice to be lost forever.
  4. Is that why I start so many kits? So I don't get accused of being a collector?
  5. Like it or not, 3D printing is here, and it's not going to go away. As the population of modelers ages, the eyes aren't what they once were, and the hands may not be as steady either. If a modeler chooses to go this route, it's his (or her) prerogative.
  6. Thanks for the answer, Dave. Exactly what I wanted to know. Mine has been shipped from Lucky Model...
  7. Do they tell you which to remove depending upon the variant?
  8. I tried to do a quick count of turnbuckles on that Caudron...
  9. I struck out at two minutes after opening. Luckily, I have enough kits to keep me busy for quite a while.
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