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  1. They are not. Only the windscreen and sliding canopy are provided with the Squadron vac canopy. HTH, D
  2. Not sure if these are the pics you're referring to, but they might still be of use (click for larger versions): HTH, D
  3. How many aftermarket companies make wheels with rubber tires? D
  4. Partially correct. The long tail and widened fin before it were developed to help retain yaw control/stability as engines with more horsepower were installed. HTH, D
  5. The BBC generated a profit of £69 million last year. So much for that myth. D
  6. Nope. Brushless motors are 3 phase AC-DC (3 wire). The ones in Chuck's link are 2 wire DC motors. Because those motors are trying to turn the prop at 52,500RPM, but they don't have enough torque to make it happen. That strain causes heat, and that heat in turn increases resistance and therefore amp load which will eventually fry the motor. Those motors are rated at 17500kv (which means their no-laod RPM is rated at 17,500 RPM per volt). Try a motor with a MUCH lower kv rating. Even low tripple-digit kv rating around 400 - 500kv should be convincing on 3 volts (1200 -
  7. How is it even possible that there are people out there who do not realize that "mass media" is in business to make money by sensationalizing events - NOT to provide accurate information as some sort of public service? D
  8. Exactly. VERY nice pics provided with that review. Never quite understood why some people need to have their opinions given to them, or why they freak out when another person's opinion doesn't match their own. D.
  9. The kit reviewed on WWI Aircraft Models: https://forum.ww1aircraftmodels.com/index.php?topic=11456.0 D
  10. Fun fact: "Stratigic Command" was created in 1992. If you're going for 'period correctness', the USAF predecessor was "Stratigic Air Command" between 1947 and 1992. HTH, D
  11. The Bronco kit of that subject has been out for a little more than 10 yars now: https://www.squadron.com/Bronco-Models-1-35-Piper-Cub-L4H-Rosie-The-Rocket-p/br35018.htm D
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