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  1. Their gun set is parts of a complete set with the generator and searchlight. The gun is also at least partially functional since they fired blanks through it several times at their "Warbirds Over the Beach" airshow I attended about 5 years ago. Great museum and even better airshows (warbirds in the spring, and WWI in the fall). If you have the means, make plans to go! D
  2. Webster published the corrected dictionary. D
  3. For the uninformed/misinformed, I was referring to Noah Webster. Google that name for more information. D
  4. Along with all manner of other unused, unnecessary and superfluous letters from a whole myriad of words. After all, it was an American that took the time to reconcile the spoken language with the written, and then standardize it into something truly functional instead of what was chiseled into stone during the Dark Ages when the vast majority of the population was illiterate anyway... For between-the-wars kits, don't dismiss the Hasegawa 1/32 BF2C, P-12E, P-26 and F4B-4 jewels. D
  5. Scaled down to 1/32, that 3D printed launch tower would be an amazing accessory for the Fly Ba 349 kits... D
  6. ALWAYS do that first when considering dealing with an new-to-you retailer. D
  7. Ah, I see. You're talking about the dry-fitting stage, not filling and sanding after gluing. Seems easy enough to do either way. D
  8. Wait. So, you want to be able to fill and sand the hinge joint while it is still in the jig? Why? Simply glue the hinge joint while in the jig, then pick it up and handle it any way you want to after that. D
  9. If either of you change your minds, count me in for one! Very, very cool project! D
  10. Nautilus Models produces a simple, laser-cut, wooden wing jig specifically for setting the proper dihedral angle on the Tamiya 1/32 F-4 kits: http://nautilusmodels.com/32-802.htm I couldn't find a proper review of the jig, but it is mentioned in the first post of this thread (and possibly used later in the thread): HTH, D
  11. Explained in detail here: http://cs.scaleautomag.com/sca/modeling_subjects/f/31/t/27129.aspx?page=1 I'll be doing that with the slew of Revell 1/16 Funny Cars in the stash (that I really need to build one of these days... ). D
  12. The gun camera was accessed from behind it through the wheel well. There would be no external 'hatch' for it. I do/did have an image (diagram?) showing this, but couldn't find it with a quick look through my files. HTH, D
  13. Maybe you're unaware that eBay Inc. made a profit of $2.9 Billion US (yes, Billion, and yes profit) with total sales close to $300 Billion US. Is it even remotely possible that they actually care about the cash equivalent of one grain of sand missing from an entire coastline? Um, no. This is the correct response to the whole issue: D
  14. The G-8 was externally similar to the F-8, except the cowl guns were removed (no outboard wing guns, either, as with the F-8) and there were drop tank racks under the wings outboard of the landing gear. The Revell Fw 190F-8 kit includes the upper cowl part with bulged blanks for a G-8. You're on your own for the drop tank racks under the wings, though. HTH, D
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