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  1. Yes indeed! Thank you for clarifying. Will the Takeoff Trolley (launching dolly/start trolley) also be available separately? D
  2. Just to help out Troy, here's the direct link to his seller's page on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/sch/t-rexxtools/m.html D
  3. Well, I wasn't going to poke a finger into any one particular builder's eye... D
  4. Unfortunately, with Trumpeter's P-40E/F/N kits, it's not just the canopy parts because that bloat extends from the canopy all the way down the spine to the fin. D
  5. Here ya go after a 10 second Google search... The Trumpeter P-40E kit's canopy parts directly from the Trumpeter website: Note that the cross section is curved all the way over the bows from one side to the other, and results in a bloated shape that is wide on top. That translates all the way down the spine, is right on top, and VERY obvious on a built model. Google "Trumpeter P-40F" (same canopy parts as their E), look at some built models, and you should be able to see it clearly. This is the real thing: Note that the sides of the bows are flat with only a narrow curve over the top. Hey, if you can't see it and therefore find the Trumpeter kit acceptable, by all means build it and enjoy it. Just keep in mind that the Hasegawa P-40E kits actually LOOK like P-40Es, and are sold in the same price range as Trumpeter's balloon toys. As for online reviews, there aren't any, yet. Might never be, either, because it might not be worth reviewing. HTH, D
  6. Well, the Trumpeter P-40E/F/N all have serious fuselage shape issues (bloated canopy & spine), so I think you'd be wasting your time. D
  7. The mere mention of WNW doing the Dr.I resulted in a flood of them on eBay many months ago. Thanks to those panic sellers saturating the market, I was able to pick up a couple of Roden kits for about $20 each (shipped). I'm all set on Dr.I kits now... D
  8. Same here in southeastern CT. "People" are FAR too egocentric to actually accept or even understand that jewel of truth. D
  9. Actually, 1/72 Wellington wheels are about the right size and design. The 1/32 G.50 wheels that are now available are by far the better option for those 21C kits. D
  10. Gray on camouflaged aircraft: Usually natural aluminum or the squadron color on NMF aircraft. HTH, D
  11. To put that awesome comment into persepctive, this is from 2008 when Mike Grant's Smoke-rings caused an uproar among simpler minds that insisted they would kill the hobby: http://www.hyperscale.com/2008/reviews/decals/mgdmugreviewse_1.htm D
  12. Tauro has smoke ring decals in 1/32: I got mine from Sprue Brothers a while back, and I'm sure they're available from other retailers, but they are definitely available from Tauro: http://www.prontomodel.com/DettaglioArticolo.aspx?CodInterno=TM459 They also did 3 styles of green Italian sqiggles/splotches in 1/32. HTH, D
  13. Already announced from Zoukei Mura, and supposedly "next" but not "soon". D
  14. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/viewtopic.php?p=2729142#p2729142 Looking forward to that, too! D
  15. If enamels are ok by you, try True North paints: https://www.truenorthpaints.com/paintstore They specialize in ship colors, but also make fantastic aircraft colors. HTH, D
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