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  1. Somewhere around 15 - 20 years ago I bought an AMT 1/48 P-40N from Squadron. It was missing the wing sprue and the other two(?) sprues were melted. That was a unique experience for me. Although, Squadron did send me a whole new kit. D
  2. Utterly amazing. Throwing out insults while rejecting logical data. Just throwing out the Bf 109's slats as a reference for Me 262 slats displays a fundamental lack of understanding of how the slats function, their orientation on the respective aircraft and how gravity affects them while at rest on the ground: Radu, You are not the only person on the planet that has looked at and touched museum examples of aircraft. You aren't even the only person to assume they are displayed in flyable condition. There are many good reasons why the slats MUST not stick in the closed position, and why the Luftwaffe felt so strongly about the need for them to operate freely that they included several minutes of instruction in their training film. Absolutely. Things like this only present a problem when a person attempts to disseminate incorrect information to cover their own lack of understanding. D
  3. Just curious: How would one "nail" fabric covering to a steel-tube fuselage structure? D
  4. Same video that Mike posted 2 days ago (scroll up a couple posts)... D
  5. People should ignore the faults and just build it. People should be happy about any new kit. People should like everything the way I like everything. People pointing out errors will be the death of the hobby. People should stop calling kits "unbuildable*". Please note that the above comments invariably come from the "Just-Build-It Crowd", and are always directed at other people - not the kit in question. * The term "unbuildable" is only used by those complaining about other people. D
  6. The PT-13, PT-17 and N2S were all essentially the same Model 75 airframe with different engines. While the well known Continental-powered PT-17 was the most produced variant, it seems ICM went with the relatively unknown Lycoming-powered version instead. HTH, D
  7. Where did you hear this news? Not doubting it, just curious, plus possibly tracing it back for more information. TIA, D
  8. Clicking any icon off the 'like' menu causes an error message "Something went wrong, please try again later". Refreshing the page shows the posted icon with credit. Glitches? Or symptoms of a larger issue? D
  9. An old 'in-box' type review: https://www.largescaleplanes.com/reviews/review.php?rid=769 D
  10. That kit has (almost) an A6M2 fuselage & cowl with the short-span A6M5 wings. HTH, D
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