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  1. BiggTim

    RAF P-39D

    Looks great! you don't see those a lot. Except for that puny P-38 in the wrong scale next to it.
  2. BiggTim


    Awesome news, buddy!!
  3. BiggTim

    How You Feel About Documented Builds

    Tough question. I can't pick just one that describes me. Except for option 3, they all apply to me sometimes. Option 3 never does, as I build what I like, even if it's been done a million times.
  4. Hands down, the best I've seen yet!! This is sure to take in some awards at whatever show you take it to.
  5. BiggTim

    US Carrier deck prints - finally ready!

    FYI - there is a member in Victoria, Australia who would like to order a print, but the shipping cost, which is estimated at 15 USD, makes it a little steep. Are there any other folks down under who would like to go together like the UK/Europe group is doing and save on shipping? If so, please PM me or pacificmustang. Thanks, Tim
  6. BiggTim

    Make the others jealous

    Sold a spare aircraft part to pay for an aircraft model. I guess that kinda makes sense!! One hobby for another! I actually do that too. These display base prints I've been selling will pay for some recent hobby purchases, and hopefully finance a few future ones. There's not much in the budget for stuff like this.
  7. BiggTim

    US Carrier deck prints - finally ready!

    Well, 1/18 scale worked! It barely fit on the 24 " paper, so there's no border on two sides. The resolution is remarkably, good too!! It's yours if you want it, but I'd have to charge 32 bucks, if that's ok. PM if interested. Tim
  8. BiggTim

    Make the others jealous

    That might cause a divorce in my house.
  9. BiggTim

    Make the others jealous

    700 USD? PLUS the flaps?
  10. BiggTim

    PSA - Save 15% on Ebay today

    It helps that I recently "completed" my stash, meaning I now own every kit on my bucket list. (Of course, that only counts the kits that are already produced) There are plenty of them out there that I wouldn't mind having, but nothing I can't turn down.
  11. BiggTim

    PSA - Save 15% on Ebay today

    Yes...it is. I was trying REALLY hard not to spend any more money until after Christmas.
  12. BiggTim

    US Carrier deck prints - finally ready!

    I could easily print one at 1/18 if you want. Or any scale, for that matter. Let me test it and let you know how it turns out. I've also test printed it at 1/48 and 1/72, but the printer I'm using has some issues with that, and prints noticeable lines in them. I'm still working through that, but larger prints turn have always turned out fine. Tim
  13. BiggTim

    Fokker D.VII WnW

    Uhhh, wow!! That's the most lozenges I've seen on any plane yet!
  14. BiggTim

    Revell F4U1

    Cool, he must not post much.