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  1. BiggTim

    Anti Drone

    Good Lord....I've never seen anything move like that except a Hummingbird!!
  2. BiggTim

    More Scooters coming your way!!

    Very glad to hear things have evened out a bit, Eli!! Hang in there, and keep in touch! Tim
  3. BiggTim

    Phoenix 2018 - T-shirts - 7/24 UPDATE

    I happen to be wearing one of mine as I type this!!
  4. BiggTim

    More Scooters coming your way!!

    How are you doing, Eli?
  5. BiggTim

    Best tiny electric display motor/setup?

    That's what I was planning to do with mine, too!
  6. BiggTim

    Slime lights

    What is a Slime Light?
  7. BiggTim

    2018 Phoenix Nat Pictures

    The guy who made the Lysander is from San Clemente, so you probably did see it at Orange Con. I'm hoping he'll come join us here.
  8. BiggTim

    Alaskan plane stolen..crashes.!

    That's the airline and type of plane I flew home from seatac on last Sunday. May even be the exact aircraft. He told air traffic control that he intended to commit suicide, and there is no hard evidence yet that he was shot down, though it is certainly possible.
  9. BiggTim

    You ever have a ebay night you regret?

    I call what you are experiencing, an "ebay hangover": when you realize what you did last night!
  10. BiggTim

    2018 IPMS Phoenix Convention

    As it happens, I cant find mine, either. It may turn up in a crevice in my bags, but in the meantime, I guess it's up to you, Harvey!!
  11. BiggTim

    Phoenix 2018 - T-shirts - 7/24 UPDATE

    That's what we like to see!
  12. BiggTim

    2018 IPMS Phoenix Convention

    If I can find it when I get home this evening, you can have mine, Radu!
  13. BiggTim

    Casting supplies

    Hi Dan! I use Smooth-On "Mold Star 15 Slow" for molds, and Smooth-Cast 300 resin for my stuff. Both very nice and readily available on Amazon. I'd suggest also getting a small tube of resin dye, since the resin is naturally white in color. A tiny dot of black dye makes it a nice gray color. PM if you want more details. Tim
  14. BiggTim

    Need research help for P-51D project...

    I know, that really worked out well, huh? So here's quick and dirty sketch I did during lunch today of the nose art in the photo: Obviously, it will need cleaning up in PS or some such program, but what do you guys think of my interpretation of it?
  15. I considered building something like this for my N scale train set years ago, then thought better of it. Now the train sits packed in a box, never to be used again.