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  1. BiggTim

    Mojo gone missin...

    Right there with you, my friend! I did more modeling and 3D printing stuff in January than the rest of the winter, and I burned myself out! I've been having a hard time finding the patience to work on things for more than an hour or so, if at all. I've been playing a few video games and other things this past week until it returns.
  2. BiggTim

    Polikarpov UTI-4

    Looking very good, sir!
  3. BiggTim

    Why no larger scale airliners?

    I would suspect the same reasoning applies to all scales. Just not enough interest to sell them, I guess.
  4. BiggTim

    Why no larger scale airliners?

    I'm guessing because there is comparatively little interest in them. I'm all for those who love them, but I would personally never fork out for a commercial airliner in 1/32 scale. They are not my sphere of interest, and the cost would likely be quite high. Just my opinion. Tim
  5. BiggTim

    P-38J Lightning - Revell 1/32

    Yes, the dive flaps became standard equipment starting with the J-25 models. As for rockets, I do not know if they were specifically used on D-Day itself, but they were most certainly used for a lot of ground attack missions in the latter half of the war in both theaters until the end of the war. You'd have to check on specific units to see if they used them, though.
  6. BiggTim

    Finished... 1/32 Hasegawa Focke Wulf Fw-190A-9

    Man, that is really nice! Perfect finish!
  7. BiggTim

    Surprising delivery ...

    Fair enough, I guess. I have video of the guy putting them on my porch, so I guess we're watching each other!!
  8. BiggTim

    Make the others jealous

    What exactly is it?
  9. BiggTim

    Apollo 16 Trans-Earth EVA Diorama project

    Just catching up on this, looks really good!!
  10. I had a "bucket list" of kits I wanted, and I recently bought the last one on it, so I've been VERY reluctant to buy any more. I probably will eventually, but I'm going to focus on completing a few before I do. Plus, there are some new things that will come out that I will simply have to buy....
  11. That kit is really tempting me. I've never built a Russian plane, and that one looks very nice. Too bad my stash is "complete".
  12. BiggTim

    WNW Fokker DVII

    Uh, wow!!
  13. BiggTim

    Another LHS closing...sign of the times

    Sounds like its time to buy a hobby shop, Richard!! Ready made clientele.
  14. BiggTim

    Canopy polishing

    I've been using a dremel for years and have never melted one yet. The trick is to use the right wheel. Nothing is safe but the soft cloth ones, in my experience. However, I HAVE ruined them by cracking them and/or shooting them across the room many times doing that, so that's something to watch out for.
  15. BiggTim

    You know you have a problem when.....

    Us too. There isn't a school open within 200 miles, except ours!! Edit: there are some seriously hilarious threads making the rounds about the pansies people in Seattle dealing with the snow! They rarely get snow there, let alone this much, so they absolutely go batcrap crazy, and it's really fun to see all the goofy stuff people post on social media about it. Try looking up Daniel Silvermint on twitter....LOL!