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  1. OH man, that is cool!! Excellent paint tone variation, very realistic, and and interesting scheme too. You don't see many drones done, and this one id fabtastic!! Tim
  2. I have to admit that I sort of like the way the stenciled one looks over the sharp perfection of the decals. As talented as you are, it seems like you could touch up the sprayed symbols with a small brush and have a much more authentic look than the decals. More like the original hand painted feel. Just my opinion, though. This is amazing work!! Tim
  3. I'm no authority on Japanese aircraft, so I have to refer to things like this: http://www.detailandscale.com/attack_on_pearl_harbor.html (scroll thru the previews) It shows an explanation of second carrier group markings on page 52, I think. If that's anywhere close to accurate, then sky blue doesn't sound right to me either. And if you're new here, welcome! Tim
  4. Yikes, that sounds pretty heavy-handed. I hope they don't do that to you, though I expect we're all just a few steps away from it. My full-time job is with an architecture firm, and our biggest client is the only local hospital (the other one went bankrupt and closed a few months ago - good timing!!). Fortunately, the need is so great that they want us to keep working on their projects, so I get to work from home for the time being. The other job never stops, no matter what. Tim
  5. I need a little advice. I do not have any good P-40 references, so I'm relying on the internet to find what I can. Trouble is, there are so many subtle differences in P-40 variants, that I am having a tough time finding solid info on all of the lights that should be on an E model. I read Thierry's old tweak list, and a few other threads here. Here's what I believe is correct so far: - Delete the fuselage side lights below the canopy. - The right wing tip lights should both be green (bluish lenses, with a warm bulb = green light) - The left wingtip lights should both be red lenses. - The tail lights should both be white or clear lenses. - The landing light on the bottom side of the left wing is clear. Here's where I get stuck: - Many photos of actual planes and lots of builds, show another white or clear light on the fuselage spine right behind the cockpit - others don't show it, and the kit does not include one. Which is right for an E model? - The kit has two formation? lights on the bottom of the fuselage right behind the wing root, but almost every E model photo I can find does not show these lights. I assume they should be deleted, is that correct? - There is also another large light molded on the bottom of the right rear wing root that I can't find good info on. What is it, and should it be there? If so, what color is it? A couple of other things not related to lights: - There is a hole in the front of the right wing root (for a cockpit vent, I think). Shouldn't there be one on the left side, too? - I believe the hole in the front of the right landing gear knuckle is BS, and should be filled. Is that correct? - I can't decide whether to add the little gun camera pod or not. It certainly doesn't show up in a lot of photos, so what do you guys think? Thanks, Tim
  6. Impressive work, but a mighty cold way to play hockey!
  7. WOW!!! That is, without doubt, the best build of that kit I've ever seen!!! Very impressive indeed.
  8. No, I don't have that book, but I've been digging around and looking at enough sources and photos that I'm comfortable taking a few liberties with it and forging ahead.
  9. Glad you might be seeing some relief. I hope there will be some sort of financial help for those affected by this. No changes as yet in my work life, so I guess that's good.
  10. As follow up, the spring show in Seattle is officially cancelled, as the venue will not re-open until the end of April. It may be re-scheduled for a later date this year, but nothing has been settled yet, and won't be for some time, obviously.
  11. Looks like Brian got you squared away!
  12. That is very intriguing, and helps to explain when the national markings were applied. Any chance I could see the preceding page as well?
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