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  1. That is downright amazing!! One of the coolest things I've ever seen. Tim
  2. Oh yes, here too. My friend sent me a book from Germany way before Christmas, never showed up, so he sent a second one about a week ago. The first one arrived last week, and the second one arrived yesterday. 2.5 months for one, 2 weeks for the other. The tracking never did work, no updates at all. I've had two packages in the last month or so go from the east coast to HAWAII, then back to the midwest, then finally here to the Pacific NW. What the hell? The tracking worked on those, at least. Oh ya, the package that came yesterday had to be signed for, and no one was hom
  3. Man, I bet!! It makes me want a 1/16 Tiger I even more!
  4. Holy smokes, that thing is humongous!!
  5. Holy crap, that's BRRRRR-ass cold!! Same here in central Washington. The state, not the capitol.
  6. For some reason, the pics won't load for me....
  7. Agreed! Absolutely fantastic stuff, makes SAC look like a joke. And better than G-Factor, too, IMO.
  8. Wow, I never would have caught that detail. Very interesting, Jerry, thanks.
  9. Pretty much same as me. I really have a hard time with it, but I think I'll try that dymo tape idea.
  10. Well now....some of your titles look VERY interesting. I will be checking them out.
  11. It ain't no picnic to be married right now either, so look on the bright side. Spending more time at home together isn't always a good thing.....just ask my wife! Pros and cons to everything, I say.
  12. What sort of scribe are you using Gaz? I have a very hard time with it, too, so you're not alone. I fill them with CA, sand, and do it again.
  13. Eating out, going to movies, traveling (to things like NATS!!), and NOT having to wear a @#$%^&^%@! mask everywhere. The protocols we have to follow on the volunteer FD are also a massive pain. I also agree with the anniversary idea - next year is our 25th, and I would really like to be able to go somewhere fun, so here's hoping it's declined enough by then! Also still hopeful for NATS this August! On the bright side, I'm a little like Brian, in that I don't enjoy being around people every day, so working from home was kind of nice. It really helped my stress level a lot. I am
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