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  1. Man, that is a sharp looking bird, and top notch finish!!! Very realistic and spot on!!
  2. Sounds like fun, Maru!! Great way to spend a b-day!
  3. I am sure hoping for that rain that's been forecast. When you're out on that fireline and it starts to rain, you feel like just lying down and making dirt angels, like a kid with the first snow. It would sure knock that smoke down, too. Our area in central WA is quieting down now with the cooler temps and higher humidity slowing fire behavior at night. Still hot during the days, but way better. Back to the regular, boring job!
  4. Just wondered how everyone is faring during the US wildfires. It's been pretty crazy here in Washington. The first major fire of the season started a few miles from home, the Evans Canyon fire, and burned 6 homes and 80k acres, but it's petering out finally. Our department was the initial response on it before the state got mobilized. I got to fight it for about 8 hours during a major wind driven flare up that took out all the homes. It was tough to watch them burn right next to me and not be able to do anything. No lives lost here, thankfully, but quite a few in other fires. Just seeing if y'
  5. Nothing at all wrong with that, my friend. I actually hate most common types of alcoholic drinks, such as beer and wine - I find them all thoroughly disgusting. Ironically, I worked in the brewing industry for 7 years, and I still hate beer. The only thing I have ever liked was mixed drinks, but I shied away from the hard stuff for years while the kids were small for fear of being a bad example to them. Now that they are in their late teens, I have a cocktail now and then, as I don't mind them seeing that it can be done in moderation. But they've never seen me drunk, and never will.
  6. Recently learned to make a pretty good mojito, and a cojito, too. (That's using coconut flavored rum instead of standard white rum). Pretty nice on a hot summer evening!
  7. That's when I do some serious web surfing!! Even feel asleep on the couch once because I use my laptop for those meetings. I am getting way too comfortable in this lifestyle!
  8. Hopefully Woody himself (the owner of Archer, and an LSP member) can offer his insights, but I have used his resin details, and I like them a lot. I've had good luck applying them over a very smooth primer coat (such as Mr. Surfacer 1500, or Tamiya Fine Gray, maybe with a light wet sand), and a good decal set product to help them adhere. That way, you preserve as much detail as possible. I do agree that they would probably adhere better to a gloss surface, but I don't like to do that under my color coat. I also agree with Highlander that their use depends on what type
  9. My meager stash resides about 4 feet away from my desk, where they can taunt me while I work from home now.
  10. There IS something wrong with you. You're just not alone in your sickness.
  11. Short answer, no. I have serious A.D.D. with respect to anything creative. I have at least 10 model related projects in various stages of completion, a custom rifle stock, and a car restoration, and I bounce around as my interest takes me. The past week or two it's been the car project. Next week, who knows?
  12. Except that the "mi" syllable in every other Japanese word is pronounced like an English "me". For instance, Mitsubishi, Megumi, Umami, etc. And in Japanese, the pronunciations do not vary like they do in English. So that is my bucket of cold water on your theory. You are wrong again, Brian, it's "ta-me-ya". Besides, Radu told me that the folks at Tamiya, many of whom he knows, pronounce it "me", and I'm guessing they would know, since they work for Tamiya-san himself. Just a little pedantic fun my friend!! Tim
  13. I find it kind of funny that sometimes an incorrect pronunciation used long enough by enough people often becomes the correct pronunciation. For instance, the designer of the WW2 issue "US Rifle 30 Cal M1" was John Garand, pronounced "GARRand", sounds a bit like "errand". However, everyone mispronounced the name of the rifle so much that the rifle became known as the M1 Garand, pronounced correctly as "guh-RAND". Even Garand himself didn't correct it. Very odd, language can be, hmm? Tim
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