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  1. Dig those eggs! Very cool. We usually get together with family as well, but today, I will be working in the re-roof again. Gotta stay at it until done.
  2. Copper is fantastic in that application, but I would suggest something like zinc or stainless steel. Here is a very timely and appropriate example of such: http://finemetalrooftech.com/products/metal-shingles/stainless-steel-shingles/
  3. Being in the architecture field, and HUGE fan of historic preservation, my first thought is to restore it exactly as it was before - period materials, methods, etc. However, in this case, the originality of the lost roof is gone forever, and to re-create it will just be a facsimile, so I would advocate doing something entirely new, using modern materials like steel. It almost seems heretical to hear myself say that, but as the history that is lost can't be regained, why not let it go and do something that will be lighter, faster to erect, and less combustible. The building was already hurting, and the stone structure is going to be in even worse shape now, so doing that would allow it to be strengthened to further preserve it. Plus, I actually think that sometimes the contrast of new and very old is very cool. Just my musings. Tim
  4. The one thing I DO like about Squadron is some of their True Details goodies. They are pretty nice, and their resin PSP display base is great, as are some of the others.
  5. You're right, my bad, that IS a pretty good deal, I just didn't notice it as I was looking for things I wanted. Just bummed it applies to something I don't want. Sorry to be so negative, I''ve become pretty soured on Squadron.They seem to be rather out of touch with the market, and with a few exceptions, don't seem to realize it. Tim
  6. And you can buy a 1/32 Tamiya Zero for the bargain price of 98 USD plus shipping!!! (but you can buy one every day on Amazon for 72 USD, and lower on ebay sometimes) Their "sales" are not very enticing.
  7. Its actually linked in my signature. I built it a couple years ago, and only just entered it.
  8. Some great stuff, thanks, Ray! That paper Berg biplane was very intriguing, and such a cool paint scheme. I'd like to see WNW do that one. Tim
  9. He must have been a funny ****er!!!
  10. The paper one was VERY cool, but no, the one that placed was the Eduard E-4 kit, I think. That paper 109E, and the paper WWI biplane in 1/32, whose type I can't recall, made me really want to try one of those paper kits.
  11. I already did. Twice. I have a box of diapers ready for when/if there is confirmation.
  12. Holy Smoke! Couldn't resist the firefighter joke, sorry. All joking aside, that is truly a tragedy to see this happen to such a historic structure. I hope all the occupants are safe and the firefighters can stay safe as well. Fires like that are extremely difficult and dangerous to fight, as old (and very tall) buildings are notorious for killing firefighters due to collapses. Tim
  13. Nope. I've avoided it this far, as I don't have cable TV, and don't ever plan to.
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