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  1. Yep, I'm down for that!
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that light appear to be in a different location in these two pics? It seems much farther forward on the P-40E. Maybe that is just a difference between the B and E variants?
  3. That's the other part of the issue - I haven't touched a model in 2 years, and I don't see that changing anytime soon, so my motivation to spend a crapload of time and money to go to a model convention is pretty slim, and my wife couldn't care less about that part of it. I find that the only reason I want to go at all is to hang out with y'all!
  4. I was planning to rent a car and road trip out there (3200 mile round trip) with my wife as part of a 25th anniversary "see the country" outing, but with fuel prices the way they are, that has become unaffordable. Trains have too. Even airfares are awful, and I'm with Juggernut - I am not carting 2 or 3 models on a plane anyway, and I really wanted to bring some. Sooo, I guess we're out for this year, again. Gonna have to go somewhere closer to celebrate. Sure am gonna miss seeing you guys! Maybe things will mellow out by next year, and going to TX will be more affordable. Should have gone to Vegas last year after all. 20/20 hindsight, right?
  5. Cool! I did the exact same dio once years ago, but it has not survived. I used a really stiff wire for the cable and it supported the snowspeeder by itself. I have got to try one of these Bandai kits! Tim
  6. I've been following the proxy war in Ukraine for a long time before the actual invasion began, and I noticed that the Ukrainian Army had some very well designed unit insignia on their shoulder patches, which I collect. I had been watching some ebay auctions by a Ukrainian seller for some patches, and when the invasion began, I went ahead and ordered them, figuring the guy might need the cash. The tracking number was posted on 6 MAR, but it stalled for a long time and I feared the worst for the shipper and the package. Amazingly, they arrived in NY yesterday, a full 20 days from the first tracking post. Still a few days to go to get to me, but I have to hand it to the seller for shipping them in the midst of more important things. Especially considering that he shipped them from LVIV, which was under attack quite recently!! Good show, sir! I hope he's safe! Tim
  7. Looks rather like a targeted attack, huh? I guess if you'll shell a nuclear power plant, blowing up the world's only AN-225 is easy.
  8. I'm a redneck, and those dumb a$$h013s make me feel ashamed. No good sense at all.
  9. I absolutely LOVED those! Really, really cool and different!
  10. I wonder if Barracuda would be interested in picking up the molds?
  11. It was a good run, and I really enjoyed your products! All the best to you! Tim
  12. If it's any consolation, I would have touched it too. In fact, even though you just told me not to, I would probably still touch it.
  13. Fun listen while I was working this afternoon, Pig!
  14. I am so envious, of both the kit/resin parts, and the great work you are doing!
  15. The effect is simply stunning! I've never seen anything more realistic. Tim
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