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  1. I love the idea! I may have to grab one, because I only have a full size shop compressor, and it's a pain to get it set up and adjusted for my airbrush pressure, so laziness takes over and I put off painting because of it. This would be so easy, maybe I would paint more often. Especially if I could get spare battery packs.
  2. You are tempting me to buy one of these, sir!! Very nice...
  3. Short answer...no. I was looking for one a couple years back on here, and I did a deep dive to see what was out there. There are NO kits in 1/32 that I could find, and all the die cast stuff is crap. Trust me, I bought a few to find out. You might try shapeways or some such 3D printing outfit. I didn't find anything that suited me back then, but there might be something now. Good luck.
  4. Lying on the couch watching Absentia on Amazon, and enjoying the rare slow day.
  5. Aside from here, just LSM. I have accounts at Armorama and on FB, but rarely use them. I joined Armorama just so I could see what Jerry Rutman is working on, since dios are all he does nowadays. And I have the FB account just for some special interest groups, the marketplace, businesses, and for model research.
  6. I dabble. I'd like to do more though. Especially metal detecting.
  7. I like winter. Summer is hell.
  8. Amen, man. This year has really sucked. I'm gonna have a stiff drink on new years and give this year the bird.
  9. Man, that is a sharp looking bird, and top notch finish!!! Very realistic and spot on!!
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