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  1. I sure can't find any. Where is Martin when you need him?
  2. I can think of a few other things to throw...
  3. Would love to watch it, but not paying for it.
  4. Interesting trivia - the 5 flying replica 262s were built right next door to the FHCAM. I wonder if some of the same people had a hand in re-building this one? Tim
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if they fly it. They fly almost everything they have, but for 2 that I know of.
  6. I was being sarcastic. I already have 3 in progress!
  7. Dayyuumm, that is cool! I love stuff like this, and you nailed it! Now you just need to build the factory around it....
  8. Croeso, Sepp! (Hopefully, that says welcome in Welsh!)
  9. Like Mike, I also hate to see a good thread locked, and don't want this forum to be "corrected" so strictly that it loses it's value. However, I have seen many cases where individual posts in violation of the rules have been deleted or edited, rather than the thread locked, so what Mike is suggesting does happen already to a large extent. My recollection is that a thread is locked only when the violating posts continue to grow in number after warnings or deletions have not had any effect. It would seem that in both the Max thread and the Trade thread, we were warned to keep it civil, but some posts that could be considered inflammatory continued. Mods please correct me if I'm mistaken. As always, the best course (IMO) if a thread or post is pushing my button and I can't be cool about it, is to cease participation in the thread entirely. If we did that instead of firing back (and sometimes I'm guilty of firing back, too), then deleting a violating post would be all that was ever needed. I think the burden is on us, not the mods. Tim
  10. Another plug for Woody, great to have him here with us!!
  11. I'm obviously not a mod, Mike, so this is just my opinion, but it seems like locking the thread might be more fair than just censoring the posts that are considered offensive. Judging what is offensive is way more subjective than just leaving them there and locking it to further comment. Not sure, just an idea. Tim
  12. Given that it's from Hollywood, twits are pretty much expected, aren't they? Tim
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