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  1. That would be truly awesome! Maybe someday....
  2. BiggTim

    Anyone in the Seattle area who could help me out??

    Then that could be an issue. I'd be happy to help if I can, but they are notoriously tight about access to their planes, especially the ones that fly. Jerry Crandall even told me that he would have trouble getting access to the D-13 Yellow 10, and that plane has been like his child for the last 30 years. He even consulted on the restoration of it, for goodness sake. The recently departed Mr. Allen was rather protective of them. If you can make some sort of arrangement, I'll make a point to be of help however I can.
  3. BiggTim

    Anyone in the Seattle area who could help me out??

    How soon do you need it? I am hoping to get over that way in the next few weeks for some other stuff, and might be able to pop up to Everett. Send me a PM.
  4. BiggTim

    Big Aviation icon Paul Allen has passed

    Awful news.
  5. I would rather go to this show than Telford!! And is that Vlad from Eduard in the one photo with you? I met him in Phoenix, nice guy. Hope I got his name right.
  6. BiggTim

    Marketplace for scale model spare parts

    I am a member of a couple of facebook groups for the exchange of classic car parts, and it works very well, so you might consider that. Groups of that sort are, IMO, the only good reason for facebook to exist at all. Otherwise, it would be worthless.
  7. BiggTim

    Phoenix 2018 - T-shirts - NEW ORDER!

    Since there have not been any responses to the update about a second shirt order, I am closing this one, and will not be ordering more. Thanks, Tim
  8. BiggTim

    Is 6,500 kits too many?

    My stash is about 30 right now, and that's too many, IMO. I know all about the collector disease. I had it back in the 90s with Star Trek action figures. Still have 500-600 of them in their packages taking up space. The hunt was fun at the time, but now I regret it, as they have little resale value. I really want to get rid of them just to regain the space they occupy.
  9. BiggTim

    Is 6,500 kits too many?

    So, seriously, does anyone on this forum actually have more than 6,500 kits in their stash? Be honest, now. We will only ridicule you a little.
  10. Stay tuned...I should have the printed version ready for sale in a week or two!
  11. BiggTim

    do you keep all of your finished models?

    So far, I have kept them all. I have no place to display them, so they are stored in fancy boxes until one of my kids moves out.
  12. BiggTim

    Is there a site giving 2nd hand value for kits?

    An entertaining example: I just sold a dash clock for a 1951 Chevy on ebay, starting bid 40 USD, buy-it-now price 80 USD. Got a few low bidders early on, which wiped out the BIN option. Wound up selling for 96 USD. Idgit should have just done the BIN in the first place, but I made out well for his mistake!!
  13. BiggTim

    Remote control for my shop TV.

    That's what the keyboard on my model table looks like.
  14. BiggTim

    Remote control for my shop TV.

    I've told my kids many times that's why I had them. They ARE remote controls. For the lawn mower, the trash can, and even the "other" remote control - when I can't reach it.
  15. BiggTim

    Is there a site giving 2nd hand value for kits?

    All good advice, exactly how I do ebay as well.