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  1. hi you didn't change the super charger intake for the " Fieseler" type one !!!!???? Alain
  2. hi this is a really nice "living" diorama , full of details , I guess it was a long time consuming work ......it shows !!!!! congrats Alain
  3. she is a really nice plane , what an elegant design !!A few days ago I asked if somebody has already built this version at the big scale ( no reply ) there is a conversion from AA productions , that seems to be a good opportunity , and I wondered which kit to start with .. this video revive the interest for this cool bird .....thank you for sharing Alain
  4. Hi gents who has already built this version ? which kit to start with , AA productions provides this conversion , that seems to be a nice opportunity ......doesn't it ? Alain
  5. hi decals for their forthcoming conversion set Alain
  6. thank you Daniel for the tip , Well , a while ago , I 've bought the AMS Nesher nose from Harold , it seems ( and I am sure ) that he has reworked his master to fit the Italieri kit Alain
  7. hi Nick great surgery !! ..well , I have to say , I am caught between two stools ( if I dare to say ) .. Revell kit with all the improvements needed ( engraving ....etc....) or Italieri "easier" ???!!! ...despite of the three parts fuselage .... I have to admit that your way "looks" tempting" ....... the" black whistling death" is asleep for now , no time for modelling "red dog "...sorry to waste your post Alain
  8. Hi Nick your nose conversion fit very well with the old Revell kit ( as show on your picture ) but the Italieri kit has a larger section at " the glue point ", and , at this " glue point , the new nose has a so kind of ...." step" under the nose ..... I know you already experimented both of them ( revell , and italieri ), so what is your feedback about this Alain and now ,..about the Kfir C 10, another " hard point "..( and not the least) is the one piece windscreen ......among others ...... ( main gear legs are a pity ) as Kagemusha said , buy the 1/48 wingman kit to "understand " all the specific points of this version
  9. hi Kevin here is my 109 ( from Eduard )..note the Fieseler supercharger intake on this plane Alain
  10. hi it's a very nice kit , I will follow this thread with interest , , I did mine with the same paint scheme a while ago , it would be funny to see how yours will turn at the end ...happy modelling !!!! Alain
  11. simply dull aluminium , that's obvious ..isn't it ?? or Alclad semi mat aluminium ....at best Alain
  12. impressive and inspiring build !!! I have also the Foxbot decals , and I am also a bit worried after reading your feedback ... did you used after market resin set ??? Alain
  13. Odd. Stuff,Italieri did these reinforcing strips on their C version , but none here I feel you are some kind of a « rivet counter « , can’t wait to see more progress Alain
  14. hi damned !! can't believe that the kit pylon is so undersized ....... very good job so far , I like the seat ... I 've built four Italieri Mirage , but I never fixed the rudder , too much work for so "tiny " details ....but , it's my opinion Alain
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