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  1. Nick , the blue / grey color ,and the walkways are perfect !!!!!!!!! Alain
  2. hi nice work so far , I am eagerly waiting to see how you will rework the main gear bays , if I remember , these areas are empty , and need a lot of "plumbing " Alain
  3. Hi Nick looks good to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...A lot of things have been said about the Mi 2000 colors , and everyone has his own idea, but in the end , it's a matter of taste , and how your eye perceives colors ( doesn't it ,) .... too light ?? bluer ??? or .... blue / grey ??? .. Do you want another point of view ???? ...Happy modelllling Alain if we consider that French , and Greek Mi 2000 has the same colors https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.liakis.com%2Fgreekmiragecolors.php&psig=AOvVaw1LydQk7OTO_HJ2tfy9Yflm&ust=161124
  4. Wow !!! God knows that we have already seen here and there many Tam's Corsair , but this one is well above the rest !!! well done !!!!!! Alain
  5. Hi Nick The unpainted tank is rarely seen , but it's possible .If I was you , ( but I am not) I will leave it bare metal , just because it's original some guys use Aka paint ref :RC 235 ( FS 35164) and RC 252 ( FS 36375 ) , or Mr hobby color ( gunse )H308 and H 366 . Maybe not the 100% perfect color , but as you said , it depends of light , photos , ...etc.............. Alain picture from K Duretz used to illustrate the post
  6. hi I don't know " Combat Models " kits , in fact , I really never been interested by such kits.. but , I am curious ... so , is this all the parts provide by Combat Models ???? Alain
  7. Nick , you always point out tiny details to enhance the kit , great job . it seems that you are closed to the paint job now one question : do you have any pictures to support the unpainted belly tank ???? Alain two zebras in the snow !!?? This is not the first idea I have of the SA landscape
  8. very nice metal effects Nick !!! it will bring an original touch , well done !!!!!!!! a cold spell !!!??? we are in winter in Europe .I agree this winter is a bit " harder " than the preceding ones, with snow , and low temperatures , ( things you don't know in the south hemisphere ) but ... I don't complain , , here , where i live , we have 10 to 15 ° in the afternoon Alain
  9. hi Nick someone added a weight of 20 grams in the cone , do you think that 10 grams are enough? one question : which color did you paint the gear bays ? some says light grey , but I rather be tempted for semi mat aluminium , if I refer to pictures Alain
  10. still a bit of works , but that turns nicely !!! this proves that the "graft" is possible ... good job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alainki,
  11. hi Wow !! this is the most impressive SBD -5 ever seen ,the "positive rivets bring a "reality" to the model , hard to do thing better !!! congrats . no need to talk about the paint scheme , excellent choose !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alain
  12. in this case , nothing to say more , your picture talks by itself , good job on the throttle !!!!! it would have been surprising that you did such mistake ....no , confusion is a better word Alain
  13. Hi Nick good to see some updates !!! that looks like a mirage now .. doesn't it ??!! .. If I am right , it seems that you forgot the two clear parts just behind the cockpit ( GP 12 /13 ) , the protective glasses of the canopy release handle or maybe you chose another way !!?? I don't want to be an adviser ,............from my seat ...... it seems that your throttle looks like the 2000 - 5 one , the C throttle looks like a "simple L shape ...stuff Alain
  14. hi I am not sure that the Aires seat is accurate , I think it's not the good version , the head rest is different ( check ) about the rear bulkhead , take a look at Nick's build (aka Cheetah 11 ) , his rendition is good ............ Alain
  15. hi excellent alu rendering !!! I have this kit waiting under a pile , I presume it's the HpH kit ??!! did you meet some fit troubles or something else ??? Alain
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