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  1. hi great looking A 7 , I like the paint job , and weathering !!!!! This version , is rarely seen at this scale , yours deserves much more comment !!!! ( positive comments ..of course !! ) Alain
  2. hi John that looks great !!!! do you plan to glue the ........fairings !!?, or as you said " the aileron control horn " to the wing , I think it would it more convenient !!! ( except if it complicates the cast ), or it will be a separated part , charge to the modeler to glue them at the right place ................!!!!!!!!!!!!! ????????????? Alain
  3. guys , I would say " the patience is the mother of all the virtues " !!!!!!!!!! a last word for you Isaac ( iaf - man ) " thank you for sharing your pictures on " prime portal " cheers Alain
  4. congrats mate !!! now you know why birds sing
  5. hi Nick building a F 16 kit !!!??? or playing Dr Frankenstein !!!! ... all issues have a solution !!!!!!!!!!!! well done !!!!!!! cheers Alain
  6. without doubt , the Fairey Gannet , an unlikely design !!!!!!! I would pay for her at the big scale
  7. thanks for your explanations Nick !!! I was looking on the web for Mi F1 on the ground , among all the photos I 've seen , only a few , shows the flaps and slats extended , except on the AC taxing , or taking off ..so , if I understand , the rule , is that there are no rules isn't it ........................ Alain
  8. Hi Nick If I am right ( but you are the expert ) the trailing edge flaps are rarely seen deployed on parked AC , they are extended on particular phases , as take off or landing right ????? . Alain http://www.grubbyfingersshop.com/walkaround_galleries/Dassault_Mirage_F1c_Walkaround_33-LA_French_Belgium_2015/content/Dassault_Mirage_F1c_Walkaround_33-LA_French_24_GraemeMolineux_large.html just for fun , a video dedicated to our SA friends
  9. Hi John i feel you are motivated !!!!!!! we will get a full option kit ..... good job !!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hi .!!!! Is it hard to paint these walkway strips ?? that's what I would do Alain
  11. Hi John It would be a shame to hide your work , I hope that all these details will keep "sharp" once cast
  12. hi John these gear bays look very nice , great efforts !!! it's a challenging area , I took a look on "walk around " photos , indeed , this is a real mess inside the main wheel well , yes , great efforts , especially since , you could have overlooked them , as the big doors bay are often seen ( sometime ????) closed on parked AC Alain Ps : I know your care about details
  13. Hi gents thanks a lot for your feedback ,and "sharp" explanation ... Well we have several ways to represent this walkway , all are convincing ...I thing that the Mig 's product , is very nice for current AC ( I keep it in my mind ) ....Quang : , I like the riveted strip , nice effect !!! ... Mike : the thin sandpaper , is a good idea !!! ..in any cases , thanks you guys for the tips Alain
  14. Hi gents a question : what were the non slip walkways on WW2 RAF fighters ( and not just ) made of ???? I suppose it was a kind of rubber !!??? riveted or glued on top of the wing root ???!!!! we can often see this "walkway " just painted on models.. for my part I plan to represent this walkway with a bit of tamyia tape ...what do you thing about it thanks Alain
  15. none of them !!!!!! Su 30 too big ..Eurofighter ? not "sexy " F 35 ???? too ugly ................. I am kidding ...of course
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