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  1. you will find it later ...... once you scratch built another one Alain BTW , the stencils work perfectly !!!!!!!
  2. hi Nick years ago , I built the F 16 N from the old Hasegawa kit ( Tamiya kit wasn't still available)( a lot of engraving work)sure ,your way will save time .... I think the N version was closed to the A , I displayed her "in flight " because I was a bit lazy , I had chosen the grey / green splinter camo scheme , a very attractive one Alain
  3. Hi Nick only a week !!??? It’s a pleasant and easy kit , I agree but.......... happy modeling mate!!!!!!!!!!! Alain
  4. very attractive paint scheme , i do like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alain
  5. hi always an accurate weathering ( heavy , but realistic) , I like !!!! Alain
  6. hi odd stuff !! this chaff dispenser fairing has a more "complex " shape than the one of the C version ............ Alain
  7. Hi Mistral remember, John said that he need s about 20 guys that would be interested by the Cheetah C conversion ,to make it real ( I mean at the big scale......of course ) I am in , still 19 guys Alain
  8. hi Ooooooh !!! phantastic !!! if I can say, great build , Alain
  9. hi Nick I like her !!!!!! very unusual paint scheme , you bring your own touch , that makes her something special... very well done mate Alain you should post her on the RFI session
  10. hi Ooooooh !!! I like these "long nose" Mirage ( especially the longest single seat version) ....Well it seems that we have the main components of the Cheetah E version !!! maybe the refueling probe will be the next part and decals as well , I like the two tone grey scheme ..... Alain
  11. Hi Cheetah D is also in the pipeline ???!!!! Oh !!!!it’s more than a conversion The D version is the Two seats Cheetah right??????? Alain
  12. hi very nice build !!!!! as i said on your WIP , I am not keen about these huge folded wings that hide the fuselage , but ..... the final result is impressive .....well done Alain
  13. hi nice !!!!!!! I wonder why you didn't make separated pieces whit the aim of a future casting, as you did whit the other parts .... Isracast provide separated parts , but they seem a little bit smaller ( I mean the "tooth ").... maybe an illusion Alain
  14. very cool build , hats off !!!!!!!!!! Alain
  15. Hi John Cheetah E !!!!!! yes of course !!!!!it's obvious , and can't be otherwise .......coming from you .....................in the alphabet , we have C ..before. E ...I think ( just a joke ) Alain
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