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  1. hi great paint job , flawless ! , perfect ! From my seat , the green color "seems " ( I said "seems" ) a bit too dark , maybe an illusion ... in any case , I feel jealous ..... go on , it's a pleasant thread Alain
  2. Hi gents thanks a lot for your comments .. as Nick said , it's not an easy kit ( we have had worse ) and , I had a good challenger in front of me , he pushed me to do my best .My "Credo ???? : if you are motivated , things are easier !!!! ) so guys... if you are tempted ... go ahead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alain one last word : issues are part of any builds ... it wouldn't be fun otherwise
  3. Hi excellent job !! that seems so easy !!! .One thing that impressed me the most is the quality of the wing / fuselage gluing on the bottom , we even don't guess where the join is . I have to try your method Alain
  4. Hi gents here are a few photos of my Mi 2000 . I was not very keen about the kit , indeed the comments were not positive , a so kind of " tote bag " . But WIP after WIP , the challenge was worth it , and after all , I didn't want to be choosy , who would have bet for a Mirage 2000 at this scale a few months ago ??? photos have been taken with my phone ... enjoy .... or not !!!! thank you Nick for your help Alain
  5. hi I waited for it , and I want this set you know !!!!as soon as possible Alain
  6. hi Nick I am currently gluing the probes , etc .. all these tiny things all around the fuselage ,that means I am at the final stage ........ don't forget the two probes ( part C14) located on each side of the vertical fin ... if you need a close picture .. just ask Alain
  7. hi years ago , I built a flight deck at the 1/48 scale , diorama based upon the Verliden deck at the 1/72 . So ,for what it's worth , the overall dimensions of the six JBD panels , are 24 cm X 7 cm at the 1/48
  8. Hi Nick I can only agree with all that have been said , it's a great looking Mirage , very good job , Mine is almost completed , still little stuffs to glue , it will look different from yours .....................see you soon Alain I know a good photo for your avatar image , that will represent you , but however keep a part of "mystery "
  9. hi some pictures of the WIP ???? it should be interesting ..... Alain
  10. Hi Nick thank you for the tip . It’s a weird color, m’y eye can’t catsh, or determine the right color , I see something like a greyish or à Greenwich color , maybe a bit of both Alain a new avatar ???!!!! A selfie !!!!????
  11. hi I think , , I suppose , there is no real paint ref for the blue , I made my own mix , the base is Tam X14 , + a drop of white , and .....a hint of Gunse H 308 ( light grey ) it depends on your eyes perception of color , and taste , but that looks good ...for me Alain
  12. tiny details Nick , that make the difference !!!! well done !!!!!! I didn't noticed it ... Btw , which color did you used for the missile launchers ??? ,I can't determine , if it's grey / green , or so Alain
  13. Hi I wanted to come back for a last "info" .. here a profile of a French B26 B used in Algeria (profile from the French magazine Wing master ).... so , B 26 B of the CIB 328 ... note the squadron emblem on the nose ...... so , French modelers are definitively reactive when one is talking about French roundels cheers Alain
  14. impressive stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Hi Nick beautiful Mirage ,perfectly done , the colors look good , and I like the NM belly tank !!!!!.You have fixed the issues without AF stuffs , and cherry on the cake , you had the boldness to cut the fuselage .. hat off !!! ( I didn't )....As you said , it's a bit frustrating kit to build , but , I think it's a good kit after all !!!! .. .I think you have no option than the PJ production pilote , but in the seating position ,( E bay ) Alain oh !! the inspector Clouseau leads the instigations !!!!!
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