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  1. so , if I resume , it was a real mess at that time in a matter of camouflage , I think that these camo were painted " quick and dirty " without standard pattern by mechanics in the field , using brushes , even brooms etc....... in any case , you nailed it !!!!!!!! one last word about the starter truck Toyota , I remember years ago , I was tempted to scratch built it at the 48 scale , I'd bought the little Hasegawa kit ( 1/72) in order to get dimensions , but the project failed , but now , it could be interesting to restart this project ..at the big scale Alain
  2. hi I hope for a more " conventional " kit .. and easier !!! great job anyway !!
  3. hi very nice Shoki , I like the unusual paint scheme , in fact , I don't understand if you painted the green color with a brush , or with your airbrush ....odd stuff !! , I like the pictures too , and the cloudy background , that gives a special " atmosphere " Alain
  4. hi what a nice job on the wheel well !!! that looks so " easy " , I am admiring !!! it's a bit a shame that most of your efforts will be hidden at the end but you know that you did it Alain
  5. okay , your work is all the more nice ... hat off !!!!!!!!!!!!! Alain
  6. hi nice work !!!!! it's promising ... did you convert the isracast kfir nose by adding the " long plug "???, that works perfectly Alain
  7. hi gents thank you very much for your interest @ Kagemusha : Belgian Mirage V are not bad too , maybe because of her dress , that makes her "special" @SinuheH : I agree with you , but that doesn't surprise me according to your "avatar " Alain
  8. excellent pant job , what a "maestria " !!!!!!!!!
  9. hi John glad you are back on this conversion ..even if my Cheetah C is done , count on me , I am a fan of this AC........... because , it's easier for me , and I guess for a lot of guys here and there , thank you to give us the opportunity to build such uncommon plane Alain
  10. this is these kind of AM that will make me buy the KW kit ,I am too lazy to improve such "strategic" areas by myself .. thank you to do it for us , great job !!!!! Alain
  11. hi yesterday ??????!!!!!!!!! how long are your days ??? is the paint dry ??I wonder !!!!!!!!!! can tell us more about the chipping effect ? salt method ????????????? I like Master of weathering
  12. excellent paint job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. "Red Baron" master of weathering !!!! well done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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