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  1. Wow !!!!! really nice Cheetah !!!!!!!! as many fellows here , it had been a pleasure to follow your thread , very interesting , the final result is top notch , congrats !!!!!!!!!! BTW , is this conversion set already available ??? .....could be tempted to add this version along side of my C Alain
  2. that looks perfect , one can't guess it 's the old revell kit ... well done
  3. hi I even didn't notice this " extend" ............ if ...I say if..... I had to trust in the " wingman models" C 10 conversion set ( at the 1/48 though ), the .. " plug " should be 10,5 mm at the 1/32 scale ..... do whatever you want .................... Alain
  4. very nice job ! I like !!!!!!!!!!!! will look impressive with all the loads .......... do you have a FS paint ref that can match with your own paint I cross fingers you won't have troubles with the windscreen , gluing it at this stage could be tricky , some joins could need putty Alain
  5. very well done !!!!!!!!!!!!!! that seems so easy !!! any extra details inside ?????????? Alain
  6. Nick , your picture profile is too small , you should hoist the colors shouldn't you ?
  7. I discovered very nice builds here I am not worried about your C 10 it will be another top notch build Alain
  8. hi first , sorry if I spoil your thread John you are right ( I know that you know the subject like the back of your hand ) ... too small in height , ! yes , we can see it lacks a little bit of the " step" beneath the nose . too long ? I don't know .... but once we have all the infos I think things can be done ...............we count on you here is a rough test , I removed the " lip " at the fuselage tip to get the best join ....... Alain from the top
  9. a while ago , I made a quick check to see how the isracast C7 nose cone would fit on the Italieri Mirage III and , after all , it wasn't so bad ,maybe, it could worth to make deeper tests fit ...... Alain
  10. seriously , is there nothing else more original than an other 109 ???? , even if it comes from Tamiya ...... I wonder ........ I like the 109 ... however Alain
  11. right !!! here is how it looks like , note the " reinforcement leg " instead of the actuator , the wires come down differently too .....if you want more pictures ................... Alain
  12. hi your experience as a véhicule modeler is here , we can "feel" it , very nice weathering and build , the diorama looks promising Alain
  13. hi maybe you should try this stuff for the mold https://la-petite-epicerie.fr/fr/oyumaru/256-pate-oyumaru-bleue-turquoise-3471055001347.html and this one to get the parts ....you will find this stuff to a hardware ( DIY) store , this one , or something similar .... cheap , and easy ..... https://www.amazon.fr/XUDOAI-époxydique-plasticité-remplissage-réparation/dp/B07B68PGDW/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=mastic+epoxy+bi+composant&qid=1599483972&s=hi&sr=1-6 Alain
  14. Hi that looks nice !!! Good tip !!!!! Now you could glue the nose cone, it will be easier to handle the model without the wings.......what do you think about it??? Alain
  15. Hi Nick what a nice build !!!! Perfectly done, light weathering , perfect soft démarcation lines , it’s a very Good job !!! It pays a nice tribute to an extraordinary man , for a no less extraordinary plane Alain
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