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  1. hi several modelers used AK paint straight from the bottle ( ref AK rc235 Fs 35164 / AK rc252 Fs 36375 ) well , that looks not so bad concerning the blue color , .For my part I used Gunse color .the blue is a mix of H 308 + Tam XF 18 . I added some drops of white , till I was satisfied . I think there is no real recipe , the most important thing is that you are satisfied .....isn't it Alain
  2. hi Wow !!! excellent build , very nice and subtle weathering , I like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alain
  3. hi if you want to " jazz up the cockpit " as you said , take a look ( if you didn't already )at te Red fox 3D print cockpit , it's worth it ...and you won't have to wait Alain the front office for exemple
  4. hi very clean job !!! and very attractive paint scheme ............I like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alain
  5. hi indeed , very nice build , a very nice aircraft . I am amazed to see a Brit aircraft , in a such peeled paint , I presume you were inspired by a photo of the real plane !!???? Alain
  6. I chose DHL shipments for a fast delivery , less than a week , but I think , it's a bit expensive ,(I mean the shipping), If I remember less than 50 Euros ( I let you convert in US currency )
  7. hi Red fox cockpit IP and consoles are amazing , you won't regret .........here is the D version set ....... in the contrary of Quinta , these parts are not decals but , I think are resin made , and perfectly fit to the kit cockpit parts Alain
  8. It would be easy to say : » Phantastic « Phantom !!!!!!!!!, but indeed it is !!!!!!!! congrats !!!!!!!!! Alain
  9. speechless I am ........................................ Alain
  10. Hi very convincing painting job ,I will keep it for my own build .......i like !!!!!!! Alain
  11. I can't believe it , I didn't know him , but it was always a pleasure to read his posts... RIP sir
  12. Hi I just want to tease you , don’t tale it wrong, but where is the immaculate white paint on the underside ???? .......no, stop kidding, it’s a great job .....Keep on this Way ......I like !!!!!!!!! Alain
  13. https://www.rfstudio.hu/quick-set-termekek I ordered the F 4D set , the rendition looks very nice Alain
  14. this cockpit looks amazing !!!!!!! except the fact you wanted to try 3d print , and you get a good result ...congrats !!! , it would have been easier to use the kit parts , that are not so bad , ..............after all Alain
  15. hi something that can be helpful to get a perfect , and easy wing /fuselage fit , first glue the lower wing to the lower fuselage part .......well , for better explanations , take a look at Mistral 's thread , he will give you the tip better than I will Alain
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