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  1. niiiice !!!!! if you allow , maybe a dark wash on the panel lines would have been ............... but , it's only my opinion Alain
  2. Hi nice pictures !!!! But where is your model? Stop kidding this is an outstanding buid,congrat !!! Alain
  3. hi it was a pleasant , and interesting WIP , and the final result is top notch ( one more time ) , great finish , full of details in any corners ,I like the way you treated the panel fasteners ..... , I wonder if I would be bold enough to fix all the " misshapes " you pointed out ( especially the LERX ) ,but in any case , this is an inspiring build ,a model of its kind Alain
  4. I like these markings !!! Well done!!! Alain
  5. Gee!! what a smile !!!!!!!! nice weathering and paint effects Alain
  6. hi the masking fluid is a good method , quick, easy and efficience , nice job !!!! maybe you already took a look at this tip ... who know , for an other build !!!??? ......I like the way this Mig 29 turns Alain
  7. maybe you already know this , there are Aussi Haze blue F 4 with yellow "nose art " Alain
  8. wow !! that indeed what I said , the haze blue is a real challenge considering the pictures I will see with interest how you get it , Alain I like this picture
  9. I 've already read about this method , but never use it , . that very convincing , I think I will try , I have an overall black Corsair on the bench , the black paint is a bit tricky to make it " alive" , your "Scotch Brite" tip could be useful ...thanks for sharing Alain
  10. hi very interesting subject , this Haze paint scheme is particular , and a bit " tricky" ( MHO ) but the challenge worth is it .. if it's not too late , , and if I am right , as the P 4 was based on the early version , the IP had a different shape , as well the ..." steering wheel ", wind screen etc.... if you are interested , here is how I fixed the radiators fit Alain
  11. hi very clean job !!!!! this is a colorful cat . her blue playfellow seems to be a wee bit more weathered Alain
  12. hi wow !!!! can't stop looking at her , nice pictures , nice build !!!!!! just phantastic !!!!! congrats Alain
  13. hi gents I am looking for exemples of "stressed sheet steel " on your models..did you ever do that ?? ...thanks Alain
  14. very nice painting effects !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alain
  15. Wow !!!!! I like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alain
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