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  1. Rick Griewski

    Hobbyboss B-24: no turret fix in sight

    The following may be irritating to some folks but if you just have to get started- build a colorful formation bird. I am no expert at all but maybe depict an aircraft where the accuracy of the turret(s) do not matter (e.g., removed, altered, painted over) or the color scheme wows the viewer that no one notices. Rick
  2. Rick Griewski

    ZM Ki-45 arrival

    Thanks DaveT Off I go Rick
  3. Rick Griewski

    Another LHS closing...sign of the times

    I still have a LHS Model Cave in Ypsilanti,that is about 35 minutes away. I usually plan a few errands in the Ann Arbor area so as to make the drive more cost effective. The couple that owns the shop are very receptive to suggestions. There a many car model builders in the area and they wanted lacquer based paints. They now stock the "Gunze lacquer" based paints. Prices are pretty good. Rick
  4. Rick Griewski

    Ki-45 question

    +1 Rick
  5. Rick Griewski

    ZM Ki-45 arrival

    Now that I have the one set clear parts for one plane the next boxing (for other variant) can be grey for you guys. LOL I wonder if and or when extra sprues will become available. I want an additional engine sprue at least. Rick
  6. Rick Griewski

    You know you have a problem when.....

    I was labeled a bit crazy by my work colleges when they found out I did not leave work early like they did to avoid a nasty ice and snow storm but I drove into it to pick up a kit. The unobtainium kit was once owned by a man that recently passed away and then on that day by me who needed more than three hours to drive home. Many cars ended up in the ditch or cracking together. Rick
  7. Rick Griewski

    Is WNW nearing the end of its run?

    I would miss the surprises! And truely be honest now, how many of us are even close to keeping our build rate up to the rate of WNW kit release. Raise your glass to WNW; long live WNW (and stop all the hand wringing). Rick
  8. Rick Griewski

    ZM Ki-45 arrival

    Awestruck and wow! The kit is just unbelievable. Even the boxing and the presentation is impressive. I too have been waiting for a modern kit of the Ki-45. My ID models kit is now a historical artifact. I plan to build variant 'B' with clear view (port side) so the clear parts are welcome. Too much interior to cover up. Thank you Zoukei-Mura and specifically "The Old Man". This kit is a winner! Rick
  9. Rick Griewski

    Interesting Email from Photobucket

    I suspect that the 'them' is a poorly configured clean-up bot traversing, in this case your data and barfing out an email when it trips over some annoying outlyer to the Photobucket's business model and Marketing plan. I think you should mess with them. Send an email or twenty and see what happens. Rick
  10. Rick Griewski

    Vacuum Chamber or Pressure pot?

    +1 nichenson and BiggTim. Vacuum the RTV then pressurize the resin. An important note. One should use different chambers for vacuum and pressure especially aluminum types which are common for pressure. IIRC the wide swing in pressure will work harden the aluminum resulting in a dramatic failure. I would never use a garage sale pressure cooker for a vacuum pot. Rick
  11. Oh, my bad. I picked the wrong quote and forgot Dennis's name. I will build models with a different glue for me today for sure. Rick
  12. Excellent build and thanks for the great tips you provided during the build. I have book marked your effort. Rick
  13. Rick Griewski

    Zoukei Mura Ki-45 up for preorder at SB

    My kit... ETA tomorrow, Friday. Model bench cleared off, curtains closed and ready for the kit fondling. LOL Rick
  14. Rick Griewski

    Make the others jealous

    Erwin, I am happy for your good fortune and I am confused. The man built a He-111Z. He started with three kits but only in the end needed two kits for his model. You bought the third kit with extras. Was the original plan to make a "Twilling" what-if? Or did he just burn himself out on the Zwilling and decided that he did not want to build another? A Zwilling in the display cabinet, IMHO begs for another He-111 with the new V-1 from Special Hobby slung under one wing; just me thinking.
  15. Oh no 5! Now I really need to gain upper financial management approval from the wife and CFO. LOL. Rick