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  1. I feel you need one of the 1/32 kits sooner than later.
  2. So... is the company “screw brothers” or Sprue Brothers? Did you have issue with them? I have nothing but praise for the quality and support I have experienced. They recently put me in touch with Eduard QC about Ju-88 resin wheels that are too small for the late variants. Rough problem with market issues. Rick
  3. Today on Modeling News https://www.themodellingnews.com/2021/02/cobra-cads-icm-release-snake-with-first.html?m=1
  4. This scene does look more like a desert caravan or garage sale tent. I have all the ones that I can see clearly on the table. whew!
  5. Yikes focus on the room behind the shop vac! You could gain points by selling off the Nannook of the north snow boards that are leaning against the wall. Then I have to ask... she counts the phantom kits? Actually noticed your proclivity? My artist wife just notices that German night fighters are boring colors. Huh.
  6. I looked over the thread. No one is claiming anything except that there is going to be a show with WNW of some sort in attendance. Speculation is annoying to some people. What if’s are also annoying.
  7. OK let us imagine that WNW starts selling all current portfolio of kits (no matter how the company restructures) which kit(s) would you buy? No comments about markets strategies, eBay or the world preferences for WWI kits or not please. The kits show up and we have our credit cards ready. Moi? Je voudrais... Fokker DVIi (fok) AMC DH.9 Bristol F.2b Fighter (Post War) Merci WNW
  8. IIRC bends in the flexible type of ductwork can be a concern for clothes dryers. Lint has a tendency to collect at the bends, reduce effectiveness and back up into the dryer air exit.
  9. The Ju-88 C6 for example is another easy conversion from the A-4 kit. Now that I see the AIMS set, Revell needed I bet you only one more larger sprue, one clear wind shield and smooth wheels. Many interesting schemes as the beast was deployed in three areas of conflict.
  10. Ah the goofy mistakes I have made, let me count the ways: 1. RLM 65 on the underside of a I-16 2. Propeller blades glued on backwards. 3. Four spitfire build ls at once.l: swapped two cockpits (saved myself at last moment) 4. Ju-88 vac kit wing assembly done and did not notice that engine and wheel bay section were closer to 1/35 scale; 1/32 prop spinner looked too big, huh. Combative Models kit. 5. Thin CA glue puddle mess, I really needed gap filling. 6. Beautiful scratch built wheel wells became toooooo shallow when I wasn’t looking. 7. Assembled Ju
  11. Continuation of my interest in 1/16 scale armor. It turns out that I can use (steal) many of the items from the Panzer II Luchs kit for the Marder. These bits are not seen inside the Panzer II but very obvious within the open crew area of the Marder. Reference for the 38(t) kit and the Marder III H conversion (note: some how I have two of these books so send me PM if interested in my second copy)
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