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  1. I bet you spelled “Oz” wrong on the address label. Happens all the time.
  2. Probably. There have been a glorious number of kits. search for pirates of the caribbean models
  3. I will just buy one and see for myself. All the sprue shots show me is progress.
  4. Club swap your models meeting first Thursday coming up soon in April. There are three members that go to auctions and will bring the booty from post funeral stash sales. I will trade off my remaining 1/35 and 1/48. One tank for a Pirates of the Caribbean skeleton character seems like a good deal.
  5. I did a double take. Why would Eduard do another aircraft in a scale so close to the “unsuccessful” 1/32 scale Bf-109E series?
  6. So I buy a kit and send money to eBay and they chop off the money they want and give the rest to the seller? For years I sent Money Orders to the seller, Huh
  7. Indeed a great model. Do you have this model in your possession or are these photos from years ago? I too vote for make another.
  8. No need for a B-29 for me. I need more Japanese twin engine models
  9. I build to many themes. Now I need to finish to many themes. Right now I think my main theme can be called multi- mission: five Ju-88 variants. The other is “ mother of invention: PAK 40 with the Panzer 38(t), Marder III H.
  10. It was Kotare Spitfire day for me also. What a beautiful kit. I cannot say enough beautiful things about the instructions. The print is a nice touch. I noticed that a few of the runners were labeled as Mk.V.
  11. All the photos of the seat are interesting.
  12. Andy’s Hobby offering preorder for $75.
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