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  1. My 3rd Meng triplane kit arrived Friday.
  2. Your demo model sounds like fun. I think the large scale will fit well with the concept.
  3. Trap the part in a square that has true 90 degree edges or close. LEGOS come to mind. Draw diagonals corner to corner. Rotate the part then draw again. A very good center will present itself. HTH Rick
  4. Agree and my dust collector pulls the air particles away from my face. The carbon filter picks up the alcohol or other solvents . The scale of required PPE for Lacquer is much larger.
  5. Wow 2005 release, time does move along. I have this kit and the A-8. There should still be after market galore. Eagle Editions cockpit is my favorite.
  6. This place is great. I had the same question 2 months ago. I did some research and for some reason did not ask the group. Thanks Andy
  7. Oh fine! My phone did slow down and lock up earlier today while loading this LSP forum. I thought it was you IT guys monkeying with this site. I did the ole DOS thing and turned the phone off and then on. Bunch of intellectual slacker sw people at Apple.
  8. Razor handle and the blade business model? Sell Tenacious and thick decals and the solution that tames them? Worthy of a bit of conspiracy consideration perhaps.
  9. I moved to Vallejo Model Air a few years ago when supply of Gunze acrylic dried up in the USA (sorry). I learned a lot about airbrushing working with this paint. I use a larger tip diameter/size with less needle taper for most work now. Only variation of the ratio of thinner is required. Mixing paint in the airbrush cup is problematic; causes clogging. Small tip with long tapered needle requires more dilution and some drying retardant. Luftwaffe camouflage requires a layer approach. As mentioned earlier I keep the tip clean using the Vallejo thinner. I needed to (Vallejo) prim
  10. If you have never tried resin then be tempted. These new technology resin kits fit together very well. The incessant underwater sanding to reduce dust just to make parts fit (and with filler) is gone. My Dragon Rapide kit looks like a great styrene kit but needs CA glue. It’s not Tamiya but Tamiya Marketing Department is not interested in this aircraft. The industry now needs to work on reducing cost. This kit will be a Christmas present for sure.
  11. Old kits? Yes but most I am over with. I do have a Revell mid-wing George kit I plan to build during a group build 2021.
  12. My wife is a member of a few Border Collie groups. You can imagine the time spent looking at the world’s coolest dogs
  13. Well I gave the phone the Okey dokey to update. Same old weirdest. Features that I I never use got the customer experience enhancement updates. All else seems to still work. So now it is time to research and install my own version of customer experience updates called ad blockers and trace choppers.
  14. The latest... I am searching the web for service for my 18 year old Guardian whole house generator. I am having no interest for two days (it is water/radiator cooled and seems to matter). No company wants my business. I gave up for a while and got 3 ads for new systems exactly like mine 2 days later while I was reading a news channel from and about France! So I answered the ads and chopped at them until I found the service.
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