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  1. No plans to build it right now. My new hobby room has just come back after two months of total chaos due to a grueling move. The new room is great and Martian Warrior kit (almost done) and my P-51 A to B conversion are back on the bench (not much threat from a new tool kit). The two new display cases are driving me to finish kits I have already started. Rick
  2. Yupp. I did just that. And I am not doing fat boy's ac so I ordered decals for the F variant. Kit is due in Saturday. What fun. Rick
  3. After all this back and forth I am going to glue the suckers closed... And include a tiny do not touch flag hanging from the leading edge. LOL Rick
  4. Here, here. very well said Rick
  5. Holy Cow. What a listof training ac. Plenty to chose from. I even own some of these kits. I advocate for training aircraft for sure! Rick
  6. The 30 years on the Eastern Front GB should have space for WWI builds. I propose the following to think about for the empty slot: Training aircraft Special mission configurations (e.g., torpedo bomber, dam/bunker buster, spy planes, radar jammers, night fighters, beer haulers) "Make the Judges Laugh"- model builds with as many mistakes and flaws that can be crammed on (e.g., bad paint, seams showing, crooked components, landing gear off alignment, botched canopies, decals messed up, trenches for panel lines) Landing accident dioramas. Rick
  7. I would buy bagged kits. The P-40N comes to mind. There are plenty of aftermarket decals etc.. many of which I already have. Rick
  8. I have three of the original kits. What more can I or anyone else do to help them "rid" themselves of the kits?
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