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  1. Rick Griewski

    Fieseler Fi-103 V1/Reichenberg Special Hobby

    Good news. I have a 1/35 scale vac kit that has never really looked right to me. Now I can move it on. Rick
  2. Rick Griewski

    WNW Albatros DV 'Richthofen'

    Tempting but I have a bunch of WNW Albatros aircraft kits. I will have to re-review the marking options. Rick
  3. Rick Griewski

    On the Road Repair Kit for Contest Models

    Yupp, sprue nippers are essential. I also bring single edge razor blades, razor saw, a few sanding sticks and Tamiya tape. A few kits have been packed cleaned up and taped together and ready for the bench at home. The hotel cleaning staff must wonder about a trash can full of discarded sprues. LOL Rick
  4. I am planing to bring model(s) to the next IPMS Nationals. What do you guys bring along to make repairs before and during the contest? Which type of repairs did you make, feel that were or are worth the "gamble" or repairs you plan for? How do you strike a balance? What do you pack the kit in; a small fishing tackle box? Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Rick
  5. Rick Griewski

    Bad news

    My sympathy going out to you and your family Harv. Rick
  6. Rick Griewski

    You ever have a ebay night you regret?

    Only one time when I bid on a 1/72 scale vac kit by mistake. There was a 1/48 scale kit right next to it. I only played one bid and forgot about it. Luckily no one else pushed up the bid so not much money was lost. My greatest triumph was to win TWO Eclelon Lighning kits I one week. Way back in time I think no one really knew what they were and they were "vacuform" kits. Both were a great deal. One was from Jennings IIRC or we connected some other way. Rick
  7. Rick Griewski

    Messerschmitt Bf109 F-4 by Trumpeter

    Nice. Weathered desert schemes are some of my favorites. And with white wall tires; classy ride back then. Rick
  8. Rick Griewski

    Phoenix 2018 - T-shirts - 7/24 UPDATE

    My shirts came in the mail today. Thanks so much Tim. I will be wearing one at the 2019 National Convention. Rick
  9. Rick Griewski

    Chattanooga 2019 convention

    The Mrs and I are planning to attend. Plenty to do around there before and after the event. It's a 9 hour drive from Howell. Very doable... So far in my mind. Rick
  10. Rick Griewski

    Does the plastic kits are made from age?

    Three of my vac kit's including one parially built Do335 crumbled. These were 1980s pressings. Others same age stored in low acid boxes are fine. Damp plus crappy boxes can be bad. My 1980s kits are indeed brittle.
  11. Rick Griewski

    Maru's Phoenix Pics

    I have fond memories of hanging out in the ZM booth at the Nationals last year. The nicest men. The A-12 was on display and I knew I had to buy one. Rick
  12. Rick Griewski

    Just Curious about Selling

    Not many regrets about ac kits. I have owned three of the JR P-51B kits. All were purchased with great excitement. I sold and traded away two of them after starting to build one. The kit is a demanding build and I knew then that the would not build three. Then a bit of remorse set in after the Trumpeter kit came along. It was a disappointment to to me. I am over it now. JR's kit and the new Revell P-51D-5 kit are on the bench. Good news is that I can upgrade Jerry's kit with some of the AM available for the Trumpeter kit. I am also Kit bashing a P-51B by backdating the Revell D. We shall see how that works out. My renewed interest in WWII German mobile gun platforms made from obsolete tanks is a whole other story. Rick
  13. Rick Griewski

    Revell Ju88A-4 TECHNIK

    Thanks for the instructions Dave. The wire, LEDs, old cell phone buzzer motors and the battery pack look to be about 20 USA bucks.
  14. Rick Griewski

    Revell Ju88A-4 TECHNIK

    The electro-bits used with sci-fi kits I saw at the 2017 IPMS National were darn effective and sophisticated. I enjoyed looking at the models while trying to figure out how the lighting schemes were implemented. I would also enjoy one over the fire place when the room lights adjusted just right. Spinning props with some interior and exterior lights seems fairly lame to me. Rick