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  1. Flaps would be very nice. Slats even better <comment from a guy that already has three of the Dragon kits>. Rick
  2. I am not a fan of the Beau fighter as a LSP because most of the interior cannot be seen. Offer a clear fuselage in this big scale, then we can talk. Rick
  3. Late variant Spitfire Mk. 22 or 24! Rick
  4. The necessary donor kit is? Thanks for holding my hand, Rick
  5. No matter I will order my Two. Credit card ready Rick
  6. OK I bought the champagne. The movers will be done at the end of the day tomorrow and WNW announces a new kit. New and bigger hobby room is on the horizon. Life is good. Rick
  7. Again with the tiny stars? Too, too weird. Rick
  8. Nice and very useful review. Thanks for keeping the review simple and straightforward. I look forward to buying this kit. Rick
  9. I preordered at my LHS. The kit will arrive eventually. Rick
  10. I will be thinking about all you guys while I am movIng. Kitchen and my hobby room contents and kits are first to go over. The wife's art studIo too. Movers show up next week with the lucky stuff. Model building could commence mid August? Have fun, take photos and bring back good stories. Rick
  11. Excellent! The hard work paid off Indeed. OK now... On to the next build. You are on a roll. Rick
  12. Oops my bad. Gazzas was ranting. Your were Constructive. Rick
  13. Engines came loose and just fell out? If so they are gone. Kids sold them for scrap and bought candy.
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