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  1. In the past I have added a bit of 97% alcohol when I sealed off plaster canopy forms. I would mix some up (thin the epoxy) and do a test.
  2. Pompidouesque? Pipes and cables in the outside?
  3. Did they not release these a few years ago as “slightly different” versions and or decal combinations? Even so I will very likely buy the night fighter.
  4. 1868! THAT’S why I missed it.
  5. I so hope not. I am excited about these kits.
  6. I do not know but a release on December 7th would be a bit over the top
  7. Me too. I guess the latest in Ukraine put the damper on demand for Russian things.
  8. I saw a set of tracts from the kit on eBay. If you want more spares to mount On the tank let me know. We can split a set.
  9. My Mk.3 came yesterday (Mk.5 too) and typical for me I had to see what the fit was like. I dropped other projects for a morning and I cleaned up the Mk.3 staring with the external parts. The clean up is painful in a few areas. The runners attach to the parts inside of attachment flanges. The intakes on the leading edge of the wing and the intake tube are a challenge. The order of assembly should help this along. The nose fit is rough on sides and front. I bucked the instructions and assembled the top and bottom wings and then attached these to the fuselage. There is too much play to get a good tape up. I will do the real deal and follow the top and bottom assembly method. The many “extra” rivets seem problematic. After all this I am still glad I bought both of the kits.
  10. I will only buy a few aftermarket items because I got the kit from a club member for a trade (essentially nothing) who got it at an estate sale of goner model collecter, not builders stash.
  11. Inspiring work. Thanks for posting this build
  12. IIRC This is your second boo boo spill. You need to corral your paint bottles cowboy. And stick the tank down with Blu Tack.
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