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  1. Nope. I know the TV show.
  2. Interesting selling angle but it is not working on me.
  3. My border collie, “Ludique” is learning how to bring kindling wood in from the garage. She shortcuts through the garage to go out onto the the deck to bark at the birds in the trees. For that treat she now has to grab a piece of wood, bring it into the house and drop it by the fireplace. She loves doing things. The wood in her mouth and her prancing along makes me smile. I really crack up when she drops the wood in the kitchen along the way to the fireplace when she thinks my wife may have a snack for for her. Smart dog = con artist sometimes. Next training step is to move her to put the
  4. The Stuart will be my next big scale tank. Anyone built kits by Classy Hobby?
  5. Cockpit for my Boulton Paul Defiant is coming along. I need to connect the aft bulkhead to the turret area so as to set the correct height of the turret. I have set aside Monday morning to wrap this up.
  6. Years ago I used two of the old Revell Bf-110G kits to make one set. Second set for the curved surfaces. I am pretty sure you still have to chop and create the front surfaces; top and bottom. No AM. Master Casters sold slats but nothing for the flaps. Dropped flaps BTW do add interest. If you do a night fighter remember to use the drop tanks with flat/cut off back ends so flaps will clear the tanks when down.
  7. Giggles at the bank I bet. Give the people what they want
  8. I have seen the Pegasus kit built. It is big. Very nice and it seem to be crying out for cut away scratch building. No AM or seems.
  9. I found the kit to be a very enjoyable build. The tracks were a bit tiring. I used the shaft of a small drill bit to line up the links. All was easygoing after that. I will buy the A variant or the Spanish version eventually. Have fun.
  10. Was the kit one of the damaged stock kits? I bought one and it was perfect inside but looked beat up on the outside.
  11. Not much at all and the plastic kit is old school. You know you need more space in your model kit closet. Mine is hardly full at all so... send them to me.
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