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  1. F-22, F-23 eh for me. VAL amd KATE now we're talking.
  2. Ah... the Dynavector kits. Lovely buggers. A few replaced by styrene but still great. Rick
  3. Impressive for sure but all the furniture and the deck chairs...
  4. MDC sells a G10/G14 cockpit. IIRC it provides the option for either type of door behind the pilot. Rick
  5. I have always be satisfied with British Airways and Air France staff, process and the flights. Rick
  6. Maybe you did not say, "Hello" with a smile when you came aboard? :- )p Rick
  7. Thanks for posting these great models. Rick
  8. Combined with the very nice and clear glazing makes the kit a winner for me. Rick
  9. Ju-88 is one of my favorites and agree the kit is a good one. Nice job! Rick
  10. Is the stash moving or staying put? For me this would be just about right size for the bench/build area. Rick
  11. The figures are quite nice. I just might try painting one. If I cannot get the face correct then I will just add a helmet with a visor.. Rick
  12. So... You are going to create a figure of yourself and go for a ride?
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