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  1. I have all those Maachi planes. I need a Breda Ba-65A. Wonderfully beastly and ugly as the politicians the misguided engineers that designed it.
  2. Ooo. I checked the kit closet and I do not own the resin Cr. 42 kit. I look forward to this ICM release.
  3. I just go ahead and build mine; nice kits. They will soon have the resale value of a broken snow shovel.
  4. I will keep that in mind with my I-16 set
  5. I will check my stash but I am pretty sure that mine are bf-109 and P-51.
  6. My thanks to Reddog for the Tamiya F-15E. Amazing kit and soon to be my serious entry into the world of modern jets. I plan to do this kit as an Israeli variant. I love the camouflage. Have fun always, Rick
  7. This site does evolve. I like the aircraft technical sub-forum change.
  8. I find all of the above compare and contrast constructive and useful. Hype-scale is we all have to remember is Brett Green’s business. Britmodeler has too too many sub-forums. I get worn out sifting and “panning” for nuggets. I am going to work harder and post more content this year on this site. Content is what new all looking for and are talking about Rick
  9. I saw that offer on eBay. I was too excited to wait until February.
  10. Some interesting schemes indeed. I will be up for a couple.
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