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  1. The photos we have seen are not from tooling. This could be a good benchmark
  2. So… anything new about this kit? Or are we just destined to wander in an off topic wilderness?
  3. No mon I be wanting it now! Enough of dee ditty-dally around.
  4. I will buy one. I do not need an engine to cover up. I do want a sweet front office. I just may dress it up as the Kiwi aircraft… AND I am still disappointed that this kit was not a P-51B.
  5. I would look into decal based rivets. They are uniform size and spacing. The height can be controlled to certain extent by very fine sand paper. HTH
  6. Years ago o conservative one. Look at the index in the WNW web page.
  7. The Andy’s Hobby video of the various sprues/runners reveal that ammunition or the racks are not included. How visible are these inside the real vehicle through the hatch?
  8. Models by Mono Chrome show up on eBay but no tanks (yet). Many small scale models. The aircraft 1/72 are expensive.
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