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  1. I bought one for the Trumpeter kit and decided to use it with my SBD from Jerry Rutman. The kit is very nice and the set added more. Rick
  2. Good for folks that want to build early “109s A, B and D with conversion kits (e.g., Alley Cat). The engine, the weakest area of the kit is chopped off. Early canopy and only the wing radiators to remove. Have fun always, Rick
  3. who be “we”? How is it oversized? By scale overall (you shrank it) or blades too long/chord too fat (sand it shorter)? Rick
  4. I want to find the Cockerel decals for a SPAD. But this aircraft will do for now
  5. But wait! The funky kit did provide a a few parts that were more accurate. IIRC the propeller and engine ...
  6. Looks like he fancy kits sold out a while ago. I hope the company mints more..I will go with plain for now.
  7. Excellent build . thanks so much for all the photos. Now off to order one. Rick
  8. Take heart from knowing that ‘love starved’ is a human condition used by writers juxtaposed with <fill in the opposite condition>. Darn uncreative if you ask me. He has a problem flying his RC plane or did someone kill him off while sharing his frequency? It is a Murder mystery. So... what did your wife say to you? Was this essentially a parable? Rick
  9. My Border Collie is goof girl barking at the... who knows what outside right now. I will miss it when it’s done for good. She is so much of the family. Read “The Great Grisby”. It will help your mourning process. Rick
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