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  1. Rick Griewski

    WNW Tripe, D.H.2, and Fokker E.II out!

    Ohhhhh Okay... I will order the Triplane if there are any left. Life is good. Rick Done and a Dolphin kit...
  2. Rick Griewski

    ODK Clear Zero

    Interesting and nope I never seen this kit before. Rick
  3. Rick Griewski

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    If I was given an audience with the design team I would propose that the kit seriously needs a redesign of the turret clear parts... and then get busy ridding the model of sink marks and other sloppy molding issues. There were hundreds of running design changes over the life of the ac. I would ask them to pick a few distinctive types and for sure offer at least the clear parts and major structure change appropriate to the variant/variant. Rick
  4. Rick Griewski

    The rain has come!!!

    Same everywhere, when it rains hard it outs all the litter people thought they could hide in the bushes. LOL Rick
  5. Late 2019... I guess I will have to soldier on with my ID kit. Rick
  6. Rick Griewski

    The next WNW kit..? 3 wishes...

    Ehhh. Sorry gentlemen, they just do whatever they want. I am not biting on this one again. I want WNW to keep on surprising me. Rick
  7. Rick Griewski

    Wingnut Wings Photo - Clues?

    Ooo a Breguet 14... Nah, the book has to be a trick. The Landcaster came in from nowhere with out a clue. Rick
  8. Rick Griewski

    Valiant Wings Publishing The Boulton Paul Defiant

    Thanks for the review. I just bought a copy and I am looking forward to using it as a tool to wrestle my Scratchbuilders kit into compliance. LOL. Rick
  9. Rick Griewski

    Marketplace for scale model spare parts

    I traded parts and the remains of whole kits years back with Larry Hawins. He was very generous with his parts supply but most importantly his time. I remember that being a central contact was hard work and not something I wanted to do. So to ease the burden we kept a simple running list of wants and availability of parts. I would go shopping if necessary for flea market priced kits where our needs intersected and dump my spares box and mail it off to him. I think that one central person is doomed to burnout. My proposal is for each person wanting to play would manage a thread containing a list of of kits and description spares available along with a list of general and specific wants. This could be updated in a similar manner as the for sale and trade. The moderators would decide how to organize this. Some rules and norms will be needed to help dodge circling vultures any mooching. An example: Available parts from my stash: 5 PMC Mk. IX and 4 Hasegawa Mk.V Spitfire conversions to later variants (e.g, rudders, props wheels, canopy, struts, cockpit parts) Hobbycraft P-51A Alison Mustang parts replaced by aftermarket Revell P-51D-NA-5 remains from B conversion with P-51A kit and remains from aftermarket. Kit canopies replaced by Tamiya canopies. Revell Ju-88A-1 to A-4 Torp conversion and aftermarket remainders. 5 Eduard Bf-109E-1 to B and D conversions. 10 Hasegawa Bf-109 kits; conversions, variants not built and parts replaced by after market. Various Jerry Rutman resin kit spares. Ask me about the new Revell Bf-109s and old Revell prop kits Wants: none at this time Comments please Rick
  10. Rick Griewski

    They shall not grow old

    The movie looks to be a winner. Thanks for posting and... I bet that there are not that many purists to worry about, and especially on this group. Just look at the models we try to build. I totally resemble my remark. LOL. Colorizing, post processing is many times beneficial to older film technology. The results adds some contrast for example so the images become easier to see. I purely see no point in adding color to old movies from the "silver screen" era and the likes. It clobbers the amazing lighting used at the time. All those gangsters of old really need black and white. Rick
  11. Rick Griewski


    My brother had the ultimate chemistry set. IIRC it was sold by Lionel. The set was edu about plastics. The set included a two part metal mold to make a hollow Mercury space capsule. Add pellets, clamp it together, put it in the oven and rotate it around after the mold got hot. Pretty darn spiffy. Rick
  12. Rick Griewski


    Yupp Gaz, the ultimate chemistry class.
  13. Rick Griewski

    Tornado refueling probe panel

    Pm your postal address so you can get the physical rubbing Thanks
  14. Rick Griewski


    Nice flask! I found Box of glass microscope slides I prepared myself for a sixth grade project. Bunch of small insect parts imbedded in balsam pitch goop. I had a very nice microscope during high school. No idea or memory of where it went. Fun memories. Rick
  15. Rick Griewski

    Castings needed

    After you Drain the swamp the buggers just move onto the golf course and play in the water hazard ponds.