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  1. Rick Griewski

    Kitty hawk, Kingfisher.

    All good info and I would add: paint as many sub-assemblies as you can after the glue dries. Many parts have small areas for glue. Paint interfered with the bonding during my build. Painting engine parts while they were on the sprues for a example was a disaster. The engine was the most challenging animal for me due it's large parts count. that great care is needed while removing all small parts (e.g., engine cylinder oil lines, rudder pedals, gunners swivel ring...). I used a fine PE saw. Engine mounts are confusing and I could not tell if I did them correctly until I did not and needed to pull the assembly apart. I would advise having the engine built with the exhausts to use as sanity check. Assemble all bulkheads into fuselage using both sides to insure correct alignment while applying glue to one side. HTH Rick
  2. Rick Griewski

    Lancaster today, Liberator Monday!

    If she shakes the liberator's box over her head she could knock herself out.
  3. Rick Griewski

    Lancaster today, Liberator Monday!

    Ok... I am still torn about whether to buy the new B-24. It's a Big Model! I could buy more other kits for the price. When the kit arrives the wife will be a bit "concerned" about my newly retired Engineer guy brain cell composition; the implied degradation their of. She will invoke her "Jeeves", with that look to me as "Wooster". Not a proper model for the house she will say among other things. On the other hand, a number of us just formed a new IPMS/USA, " Willow Run Bomber Plant" Chapter. What came out of the factory? B-24 bombers you say? Right-O. It's Iconic for the area. Do I really like the colorful schemes used on formation planes? Certainly! I also like NMF. Where are you going to display the model asks Jeeves? It will be very colorful so I thought it would good hanging it from the ceiling in your art studio or... I am going to display it as subassemblies as shown in period photos of the bomber plant. These will fit in my display case. Or I will portray the colorful aircraft being scraped. "Very good" replies Jeeves. Rick
  4. Rick Griewski

    G-Factor Fw190 legs

    There is a set on e-bay USA as I type this. Good luck Rick
  5. Rick Griewski

    Lancaster today, Liberator Monday!

    A beautiful 1/200 scale model of the Arizona was moved out of the display case at my LHP. Now it's back with its owner and no longer a huge temptation to me. I logged a lot of time looking at it.
  6. Rick Griewski

    Happy Holidays LSP

    Geshese... please do better with yourself tomorrow. No way to use up your holiday. Merry Christmas
  7. Rick Griewski

    New! Vought SBU-1, Command Aircraft, 1:32 scale kit

    I am interested. Price, postage delivery time frame query sent to company email. thanks, Rick
  8. Rick Griewski

    Noah and Lucy

    Too cute indeed. Rick
  9. Rick Griewski


    Good luck and all here are thinking of you. You will of course be serviced by the A-team of surgeons. Rick
  10. Rick Griewski

    Hasegawa 1/32 Hellcat is out of scale!

    Well if it up is we did not fall for it. I am proud of you guys.
  11. Rick Griewski

    2019 reprint Martin Pegg's work on the Hs 129

    This is great I own the first one and I will pick up the second version. 1997 yikes Rick
  12. Rick Griewski

    Are there any WNW kits you’d like to see reboxed?

    Agree. I have one early variant and I want to get one of each of the other. Rick
  13. Rick Griewski

    Make the others jealous

    Daniel460, Thanks for the tip about the wheel size and solution for the BP Defiant. I have been working on my Scratchbuilder's kit and the wheels are bad. The turret is the time sump. Small, complicated and right out there for people to see. It needs to be good looking. I am so glad I have a kit for Scratchbuilders. Rick