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  1. I want both types/examples. The more prototype like the better.
  2. Those kits all have the same dimensions because due to world virus difficulties model companies are going back to box scale. Hopefully it will be a big box.
  3. This thread cracks me up. keep it coming. 100 pages or so should be good for a record somewhere.
  4. I feel it is about to be not that way any more. New cost pressure. New quality needs. There is money today that needs to be put to work. We need to face up to getting out from under the thumb of some of the foreign companies. IMHO
  5. I just pulled out my Dinah vac kit to see if I felt like selling it. Maybe I should start building it?
  6. Geesh Sean, some of us waited forever it seems for an F variant. Resin conversions for the Hasegawa G-6 and later the easier G2/4 Kit were sold. My F2/4 is still sitting and waiting for me to master “tree branch” camouflage; 7 years I bet. I am getting closer now that I am retired. So I am with Jennings on this one. Buy the G-4 kit. Rick
  7. The funny part of the post was the comment about adjusting his house to have room to produce the model. My brain skipped ahead to myself adjusting my house to build it and display the model.
  8. Very nice I need one. And, How does one pronounce “Czapla”?
  9. OK then how about a styrene Lavochkin La-5 or -7?
  10. Ok if no P-51 then Ju-52 would be very alright. I have a vac kit. It looks very build able but it’s still a vac
  11. Darn, I AM old! Get in the way back machine and scratch build and use Waldron details parts with PE for the Zero. There should be enough on the PE fret to do it justice. I may have a PE set. Send me PM if you are interested. It is a good ole donor kit for a Rufe conversion. Rick
  12. P-51B make a good tool along the way. Thousands and thousands will be sold... in a year!
  13. My kit is in the post. Two weeks is a long time for my inner child to wait. Thanks for all the great info gentlemen. Rick
  14. Depending on the kit bashing approach mixing resin and styrene and CA glue could be a sanding/finishing nightmare. The resin is so much softer. The CA glue turns to glass overnight. I would pick the SB kit
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