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  1. Very interesting for sure. Where did you resource the drawings? Rick
  2. Welcome! I live in Howell Michigan with relatives in GR and frequent the city often. Riders Hobby Shop is usually a stop. I would really appreciate meeting a fellow retired model builder. have fun always, Rick
  3. I have Paint from three different companies staring at me from the paint rack. They are all different approaches to the color. I plan to do eenee miney moe and choose one. HTH Rick
  4. I was planning but we bought a new house and closing August 1st. I shoUld probably be there for the moving truck showing up on that week. LOL have fun always and take lots of photos. Rick
  5. The Revell P-51D yes and easily because the ac is one on my favorites. Hasegawa Bf-109s and FW-190s yes but most others no. Rick
  6. My take on the SOD is that the shelf is essentially right above the bin and sort of ready to drop in with an easy flick of the wrist. I give these kits one last try. Jerry Rutman's Brewster Buffalo is dangling, saved only by the large amount of time spent. That and Jerry's Ta-152 kit. Not much drive to complete these now that styrene kits are available. My Combat Models Tigercat will never be completed now that I have the new Tigger Models kit. Probably a few others that will enter the SOD category now that I am moving during this August. I will not be hauling them around. Rick
  7. Did you check in the Charlie Metz’s data base?
  8. Nice grab. I am jealous. I need a kit to make up the A-4. I Bought A-1 and one A4 kits to use for the AIMS conversions. I waited too long I guess. I will survive I bet. Rick
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