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  1. Did not someone post a photo(s) of JR’s kit wing, the Revell B and the new Revell P-51D wing? Same discussion IIRC. The weapons port insert on the kits was to avoid gun hole alignment issues.
  2. Picked up my kit today at my LHS. It will be on the bench for a quick look see tomorrow. I will not let the new get too close to my almost completed vac it I was pawing the other day. Could result in an almost matter-anti-matter reaction.
  3. Anyone have and or build the 1:72 Dragon Apollo 10 CSM + LM + LES kit or other space exploration models in 1/72 from Dragon? Any no joy build problems? I am finishing up the 1/72 Horizon Models Redstone series rockets and I am now kinda hooked on this era of models. Thanks in advance
  4. That is exciting. I need a whole episode at least on VTOL!
  5. Real aircraft are decades older so... is this movie computer generated? What is going to produce all the lovely engine sounds?
  6. Agree and some of the aircraft showed up in individual volumes. I found two damaged ones, pulled the books apart and framed a number of the pictures.
  7. Thanks and I have trouble watching with all the presenters face. Just me maybe.
  8. Thanks for checking in Rick. I am glad you are doing great. Too much silence has been a troubling thing during the last few weeks.
  9. New IPMS contest category, “Mixed Scale In Bad Taste”.
  10. Another interesting diorama feature could be to pose a 1/16 scale figure with his foot on the bed of the truck. Or maybe holding the truck in the air over his head.
  11. And with Some of the most famous markings. My favorites at least
  12. Chinese stir fried Hunan style with sesame seeds.
  13. Will this propeller work? http://aimsmodels.co.uk/Resin/1-32/1-32-pur/1-32-pur_90.html
  14. No worries. Mike is the original, “I’ll be back” even before Arnold. LOL
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