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  1. Bruce_Crosby

    WWII Luftwaffe wire color

    Hi Guys, My two pence worth: Most wiring back then wasn’t insulated with plastic like today as there wasn’t any plastic! The sheathing would have been either cotton or impregnated paper as insulation. So probably a dirty tan/yellow, certainly nothing bright at all. Wire looming is always in the straightest possible runs, also the shortest possible distance given airframe and equipment location restrictions, done plenty of it in my time in the RAF. There’s a reason for it, every time you add any twist, you add length, length equals weight, which you don’t want. Plus wiring is loomed and fixed every few inches so it doesn’t flap about when maneovering and interfere with other system or otherwise get worn and torn. All these twisted wires dangling in the wind on a model just make me laugh and I then start to pick everything else apart to see how much actual research the modeller has done. Some of the magazine articles are laughable! Everyone goes “Ooh!”, “Aah!” and I just think “Ho, ho, ho!” regards, Bruce Crosby
  2. Bruce_Crosby

    Late to the party rlm 66 model master gone

    Hi Guys, You’ve actually got a great range of colours right on your doorstep if you’re in the USA. Mission Models range is an acrylic that airbrushes really well, very similar in character to Mr Color lacquer paints. I’ve been using it exclusively for the past 18 months here in the UK and love the stuff. Their Grey Primer is my “go to”, dead smooth finish and ready to paint over. No smell, no nasties, no contest! Regards, Bruce Crosby
  3. Bruce_Crosby

    WNW Junkers D1 Question

    Hi Guys, I built the D.1 a while back so this is from memory. First off was to make sure the mating areas were dead flat, rigid sanding stick used here. You’d be amazed at how tiny ripples and bumps will screw up the leading edges. I do this as a matter of course on all wingy thingy models now. Assemble using one of the thicker cements like Tamiya White Top (quite gloopy and thick) or Revell Contacta which is similar but has a metal tube applicator rather than a brush. Once the wing top and bottom are together you can then wipe any excess away with a Tamiya cement brush. When it’s all firmed up and set hard, use a fine needle file to clean up the dips between ribs, then use green ScotchBrite to run up and down the ribs on the leading edge, making sure you don’t go across the span. All I can say is, it worked for me. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  4. Bruce_Crosby

    Inkjet decals

    Thanks for the answer. So I could just use a normal acrylic modellers gloss like Tamiya or Gunze thru the airbrush? Might just run the printer tomorrow and see what happens! Regards, Bruce Crosby
  5. Bruce_Crosby

    Inkjet decals

    Hi Guys, I’ve got some clear inkjet decal paper to make some items for a couple of models I’m building. I know they need to be sealed with a varnish but which varnish? It needs to be good enough to seal for the time it’s in the water, hold off decal setting liquids and still not bleed inkjet colour all over the model. So does anyone have a suitable varnish in mind? Regards, Bruce Crosby
  6. Bruce_Crosby

    Buchon Scale Models 1/32 Hispano HA-1112 M1L Conversion

    The Postie delivered mine a couple of hours ago. Verdict: bloody good!
  7. Bruce_Crosby

    Frank, George's Brother

    Hi Guys, It's been a busy time getting the second and third Frank kits assembled but now they are primed and ready to paint. But firstly an update on number one. It's got Mission Models Metallic paints on it, lots of the stuff. I started with overall coats of White Aluminium, I prefer to go light to dark. Added Dark Aluminium, Chrome, lots of Tamiya Tape to mask up and a fair amount of cursing for good measure. Tailplane leading edges treated with a mix of White Aluminium plus Chrome. Same paint on the trailing edge panels over the flap areas. Some areas got Dark Aluminium and Dural/White Aluminium. The wing leading edge fuel tanks are noticeable darker in photos. Nose temporarily in place. With gun and ammo doors tinted and lots of panel colour changes. Ailerons and elevators are in MMM Silver. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  8. Bruce_Crosby

    Frank, George's Brother

    Hi Guys, Well, I've been busy with the other two Frank kits. The interiors got built and painted and I assembled them into the fuselages yesterday and added the wings and a very small amount of filler. One of the models needed some thin plasticard shims to widen out the fuselage slightly so the wing fit was better, then a very small smear of Mr Dissolved Putty. I didn't go mad crazy on the interiors as I know from building the first one that you can't see sweet FA inside once the fuselage is buttoned up. I'm not building for a magazine or a competition or a customer so its going to be OK to show at the club and sit om my shelf and gather dust! One of the two new builds has and Eduard etched seat, with the colour etched seatbelts from the same set. For once, the paint cracked as I bent the metal so there was some remedial painting to do. This model has the IP from an Aires cockpit set which I'm not going to use as its far too much effort and the same reasons as paragraph 1 above! Paints here are all Mission Models, even the washes. The other interior has a Master Casters resin seat, the Eduard colour etch IP and the plain etched belts from the Aires set but using the colour etch buckle that's a spare in the Eduard set. After this is posted I'll be putting some MMP Grey primer on the second and third models. Right now they are on the table to my immediate left, having been washed with warm water and a detergent, using a sponge, then rinsed with water and dried with paper towels. Master Casters seat test fit Eduard etched seat test fit Eduard colour etch IP Aires etch and film IP Eduard seat and belts finished. Still needs the control column! The two interiors. Hope you like them. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  9. Bruce_Crosby

    Frank, George's Brother

    Hi Guys, A slight change of plan. I dug out a couple more Frank kits out of the stash and started building those too! I might just go for one in NMF as one of the captured birds. I've got a Tomy kit that got the right decals, so I'll use them to make up some masks and spray the markings on. Here's two more engines ready to paint along with the original one: Two fuselage rears, one almost fully riveted, one ready to start: Fuselage and tools with the Aero Detail book as reference. Yes, there's better, more current research available (got all of it) but I just like old skool modelling! And here's where we were an hour or two ago. Just been airbrushing the interior parts but haven't photographed them yet. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  10. Bruce_Crosby

    Frank, George's Brother

    Hi Guys, I’m having a a day off today, going to see my Lady later on. I’m quite pleased with the way the Mission Models Primer had turned out. I applied it with an ultra cheap Chinese clone airbrush that cost next to nothing, 0.3 needle/nozzle combo and it worked beautifully. I haven’t decided on colour, finish, markings, etc, so the day off will allow me time to think and also allow time for the primer to cure fully. Why did I stop building it? Because the interior paint picked up a lot of dust and as it was a lot of etch, it was fairly fragile. But a year or two later and I’m more confident in my abilities and it’s resurrected well. I’ll certainly be using the Rosie on other kits as I’m amazed how nicely it’s worked out so far. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  11. Bruce_Crosby

    Frank, George's Brother

    Hi Guys, An update. Here's some photos of the Frank with Mission Models Grey Primer airbrushed on today. Plus a couple more engines as there are three kits, not one from the stash! See what I mean? I was worried the Primer would flood the rivets. Looks ok so far! Late here so its time for my pills and then bed. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  12. Bruce_Crosby

    Frank, George's Brother

    Hi Guys, I was wrapping up the George and doing some work on a customer build when I spotted a Frank lurking in the stash. It shouted at me "Oi! What about me?" and I heard the call and took the box out. I had forgotten the Frank kit from Hasegawa that I had started a couple of years ago and opening the box I found the cockpit almost complete, painted but not finally assembled. I remembered that the Eduard etched seat had picked up some crud when I was spraying it and decided to call it a day. I found id used probably 90% of the Eduard set and most of the painting wasn't too bad. So I found the original paint and decided to have a quick squirt with the airbrush, laying on some Mission Models Grey Primer then Mr Hobby Nakajima Interior Green. It didn't take long and soon I had the cockpit assembled and inserted into the fuselage halves. Then I was actually quite shocked to find I had actually run a Rosie over the airframe at some point! It got even better when I looked at the wings to find them assembled AND had also been visited by Rosie! And the engine was assembled and painted, the prop assembled but not painted. Why on earth had I not finished this kit? So here's yesterday's work, from opening the box to getting the wings on. Starting point: A fine collection of plastic! The seat primed and painted, the IP with MMP Flat then MMP Gloss on the dials: Belt up! Rivetting experience: Tub assembled: The state of play: Today it's going to get a clean and a coat of MMP Grey Primer which is rapidly becoming my favourite. Once it's on it doesn't come off, as I found out with the George. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  13. Bruce_Crosby

    By George!

    Hi Tom, Did I make it look easy? I thought it was hard work! But thanks for the compliments, much appreciated. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  14. Bruce_Crosby

    By George!

    Hi Guys, A straight 18 day build with time off for Telford. A simply lovely kit that's well engineered and goes together with hardly any filler at all. Hope you like it. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  15. Bruce_Crosby

    By George!

    Hi Guys, Last part. George by Bruce Crosby, on Flickr New Pitot from Albion Alloys Brass Micro Tubing. Another one bites the dust! Regards, Bruce Crosby