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  1. Bruce_Crosby

    Which compressor?

    Hi Guys, I was running a Sparmax 610 for a few years and it’s a really good bit of kit. However, it wasn’t quite man enough for the rated air supply of the Gunze PS-270 fan spray airbrush and sold it to a friend who wanted it. I bought another SparMax, the TC-5000 which has a twin compressor unit and really bangs out the air. It sits under the work bench and is coupled up to a desk mounted filter/regulator with integral brush holder and a two way manifold. Two hoses, each fitted with an Iwata inline filter and a quick release. As as I retired last year, I spent some serious money on airbrushes, compressor and a decent extract system, permanently in place and ready to go. It means I can just sit there all day and airbrush to my heart’s content. No problems, no fuss. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  2. Hi Guys, All packed up, ready for the Avon show at Thornbury, just to the north of Bristol. I’m taking a few 1/32 aircraft: Fw-190D13 “Yellow 10”, Me 262 “Red 8” plus the two NMF Mustangs, the C and D. Also taking some armour and one sci-fi model. Going to be with my new club, Wiltshire Scale Modellers Society, it’s our first official outing and we really haven’t got a clue what to do! But that’s half the fun, isn’t it? So come and have a look and a chat. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  3. Bruce_Crosby

    Focke Factory II

    Hi Guys, Another chunk of photos. Wheel well and spar units ready for primer. One of them has a small brown A Frame which is a scratch built replacement part for one eaten by the carpet monster. Lower wing inserts from an A8 kit to represent the Mk108 panels. The inserts modified. The MG151 ejection ports were cut off and scars filled and smoothed. Chain drilled lower wing to start cutting the new ejection port. The wing insert in place and the ejection port cut. Now I need to fabricate the chute lips to go inside. Wing top gun blisters relieved from a Hasegawa A kit. The D-13 nose from Jerry Rutman being reprofiled for my D11. Not quite there yet. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  4. Bruce_Crosby

    Focke Factory II

    Hi Guys, Last year I posted Focke Factory in this forum where I built four of Hasagawa's Fw-190D9 models at the same time. Now I've looked around to see there are SIX more D kits hanging around, with a few bits that have disappeared. So I thought "why not?" and here we are with Focke Factory II. When I built the original engine inserts I actual made seven, all painted ready to go, so that's only three more to build and paint. And I bought another Jerry Rutman D-13 conversion, this one will get chopped back to a D11. It's essentially the same as the D13 but omits the nose cannon and adds two MK108 cannons just outboard of the undercarriage legs. One D9 will have a broad chord Big Tail, the one that was going to fit late D series and all of the Ta-152 series. There were only two documented Big Tail D9s so this time I'm going for the one that hasn't got much documentary evidence, having already built the well known one! The engine inserts ready to paint. Note three completed ones at the top, left over from the original builds. The first mini bulkhead in place. Only another 11 to cut and fit. Kit seat on the right, all thick and nasty! Thinned down one on the left. The seat itself is sheet metal, not armoured. Armour was fitted to the bulkheads. Mass production of tailplanes. Turn on the TV and just do it! Building tails. Two of the Big Tails on the left will eventually work their way onto a coupe of PCM Ta-152C kits. It's a start! Regards, Bruce Crosby
  5. Bruce_Crosby

    New to Airbrushing

    Hi Guys, I’m glad to see Rob’s getting good results with his new set up, airbrushing can be a heck of a pain in the posterior OR a tremendous amount of fun. Just depends on what combination of airbrush, paint and cleaning you employ. I found MIssion Models Paint worked straight away with their suggested mixes and have stuck with them and had great results. Well, I think they are great results, others may disagree! I have shifting confidence levels so I really have to steel myself and pick up the courage to start using the airbrush, I’ll put it off for days as I’m scared of ruining the model. But once I start, I love it! Then I’ll binge paint, the same way I build models! However, the learning curve with airbrushing is very steep. You think you’ve got a great technique then you see someone else’s work and realise you’re just a beginner. My best tools are Tamiya tape, totally invaluable, blu-tak, kitchen roll for big area masking and patience. Don’t rush, get calm, then start to spray. Edit: forgot to say, the MMP needs time for the Urethane additive to work and smooth out the pigment. It may not look like the “right” colour but go back half an hour later and the colour will change. I love the stuff! Regards, Bruce Crosby
  6. Bruce_Crosby

    Gunze Sangyo technical guide

    Hi Guys, Mr Color is awesome paint but it really is smelly and bad for your health! At least you need a good extract system, essential if you use Mr Levelling Thinners as the paint vapour is extremely fine and if you get it in your lungs you’ll be sorry. As paint it’s superb, covers well, sprays beautifully. Their airbrushes are also awsome. I have two, the PS-275 fan spray for primers and gloss coats, plus the PS-770 with the 0.18 needle/nozzle which is a really good performer at fine detail at a 1:1 mix. Mr Surfacer is always in use, brilliant for filling minor damage when tube filler is just overkill. Mix some Mr Levelling Thinners in it and you’ve got a filler/primer you can shoot thru the airbrush. All good stuff, well designed and always works. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  7. Bruce_Crosby

    Not Enjoying the Hobby

    Hi Guys, I've been retired just over a year and I've done more or less flat out modelling. But messing about with the last model, a Trumpeter P-51 B/C, really was too much. So I haven't done a thing for weeks. Yes, I've thought about a few projects, even posted stuff here but right now my heart isn't in it. I've got the Mossie to build for my friend but haven't started, Some 190's scattered about the house plus some half painted armour. Just don't have the "get up and go" as it got up and went! Regards, Bruce Crosby
  8. Bruce_Crosby

    Aircraft Seat Belts, real ones!

    Mike, You’re a life saver! Exactly what I’m looking for! Real photos of real belts! Regards, Bruce
  9. Bruce_Crosby

    Aircraft Seat Belts, real ones!

    Hi Guys, What I’m after is photos of real seatbelts so I can decide how to model them. I don’t trust anyone’s instructions. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  10. Hi Guys, I’ve built HGW belts and quite frankly they just don’t make sense. Looked online for photos of real Luftwaffe belts and every page brings up reams of kit belts but no real, actual, honest-to-goodness belts. I just want to work out how they go together and replicate it with HGW parts, rerouted and hacked where necessary. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  11. Hi Guys, My plan for the year involves buying nothing. I’ve got so many models it’s untrue, enough to last until I die and then another couple of decades too! Knee deep in Focke Wulfs in both 1/32 and 1/48. Even after last year’s Focke Factory build of four Hasegawa D9 Models, there are still at least SIX of the same kit hanging around. Plus all the A’s, Ta-152s, Tempests, a couple of Ju-88s, the list goes on. So I’m not buying anything. But I can almost smell the Ki-45 from Zoukei-Mura!!! Regards, Bruce Crosby
  12. Bruce_Crosby

    Ta 152C-1 W.Nr.110028, Stab JG 301

    Hi Miroslav, More beautiful modelling by you. I'm a complete Focke Wulf nut and have almost every kit in 1/32 including two of this kit. Never had the guts to finish them but your work has given me inspiration, so maybe later this year. Super work, great painting! Regards, Bruce Crosby
  13. Bruce_Crosby

    DH88 - Aerotech

    Superb model!
  14. Bruce_Crosby

    SBD-3 done

    Hi John, A question for you: when do you sleep? Nobody can make that many good models! Regards, Bruce Crosby
  15. Bruce_Crosby

    Forum Upgrade

    Hi Kev, On first glance it looks clean a bright and all I can say is “well done”. I appreciate the work you’ve put in to this site, which is my modelling home. Regards, Bruce Crosby