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  1. Bruce_Crosby

    FW 190D-11 & D-13 Hasegawa & Real Model

    My point was you need to modify the cowl flaps so that all sections are open. I was only telling you how I did the conversions.
  2. Bruce_Crosby

    FW 190D-11 & D-13 Hasegawa & Real Model

    Hi Guys, I’ve built one D-13 from the Grey Matters/Gerry Rutman set and it’s very good, with the exception of the upper cowling which is way too bulged. But a few minutes with a coarse sander will soon cure that problem. Gerry got the fuselage just about spot on around the engine cowlings. The D-11 is in progress right now using the same fuselage and some modified parts from the A-8 kit for the outer wing gun stations. Easy really. Already hacked out the holes for the eject chutes, just a matter of making the chute liners. You can see both models in WIP, and the D-13 is also in RFI. One thing to note: on the larger 213 engined variants, ALL the cowl flaps opened. That’s the reason the intake scoop is positioned further out into the airstream. I believe the original fixed flap lost a small percentage of cooling which the bigger motor needed. So you need a modified cooling flap ring too. And if the new conversion’s scoop has a different intake shape but hasn’t been moved outboard, that’s a problem. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  3. Bruce_Crosby

    For you Wingnut wings fanatics

    I liked the Lotus reference, mainly as Lotus stands for “Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious”! This is from the guy whose Mercedes automatic gearbox went “clunk” last night and won’t budge out of low gear! Just been talking to the chaps at Mercedes Swindon and it’s going to cost a lot, as in an arm and a leg, probably kidneys and various other biological bits too!
  4. Bruce_Crosby

    ZM Ki-45 to be Available at Telford!

    Hi Guys, Got the confirmation! After a chat with Iain Ogilvie, I found it in a Spam file in Outlook, which didn't show up at all on the mail section on my iPhone. So big apologies to the guys at Zoukei-Mura. Iain's not going to Telford this year so I'm picking up a Ki-45 for him as well as my own parcel. So things are looking good. See you all there, Regards, Bruce Crosby
  5. Bruce_Crosby

    Works in Progress???

    Hi Guys, I’ve done it again, leapt without looking first! Sounds familiar? Last year I batch built 4 Fw-190D kits and there are 6 more on the ramp, partially painted and assembled. Enough for anyone, right? Not this deluded idiot, I just bought a couple more! Actually one of them used to be mine but the guy I sold it to isn’t ever going to build it, or the other one he bought recently. He gave me first option on them, plus a 190A, when he decide to have a clear out. Thanks, Mike! So that’s EIGHT D series to build, which makes a batch of 12. Come on chaps, keep up. That’s just 1/32 scale, I do 1/48 as well! I was 68 last week and I’m wondering how many I can finish before I pop my clogs. Not so much a Bucket List as a whole, complete Garbage Truck! Still, lunch and coffee over, it’s back to painting bits of Aviattic’s 1/32 Marienfelde truck. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  6. Bruce_Crosby

    ZM Ki-45 to be Available at Telford!

    Hi Guys, Still no confirmation from Z-M of my Ki-45 order. Starting to get worried! Regards, Bruce Crosby
  7. Bruce_Crosby

    Roden L-19 Bird Dog

    What a lovely build! So nice I’ve ordered the kit for myself and expecting delivery any day now. I’ll be using your build as a reference. Regards,, Bruce Crosby
  8. Bruce_Crosby

    Yes, another Mustang

    Hi docdodj01, You’ve done exactly what I did, a complete side by side, piece to piece comparison. All you’ve got to do now it get out the razor saw and make the first cuts! Good luck with that. My work has stalled as I’m busy doing some commercial kit building, deadlines and all that entails. I hope to be back on track with this kit in a week or so, plus the 6 Hasegawa Fw-190D kits I'm batch building and the trio of Revell Piper Cubs. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  9. Bruce_Crosby

    Who will I see in Telford this year?

    I should be there on the Saturday, hopefully with a Zoukei Mura Ki-45 Toryu in my hands! regards, Bruce Crosby
  10. Bruce_Crosby

    Works in Progress???

    Hi Guys, More on the Tamiya Mossie kits. I airbrushed some primer onto the engine sub assemblies and here it is. I used Mission Models MMS-003 Grey Primer mixed 10:3 with their thinner and sprayed thru a badger Krome at 12 psi. It went on as smooth as silk. I've been using MMP ever since it was introduced in the UK and its just a really great product. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  11. Bruce_Crosby

    Works in Progress???

    I’m working on the Mosqitos right now, putting some tiny etched steel flanges onto the central air distribution manifold then later on I’ll be able to airbrush with Mission Models Grey Primer. Or at least that’s the plan! Regards, Bruce Crosby
  12. Bruce_Crosby

    Works in Progress???

    Hive mind but without the rest of the hive!
  13. Bruce_Crosby

    Works in Progress???

    Hi Guys, I've got so much going on at the moment so I thought I'd do a quick roundup. For starters there are SIX Hasegawa FW 190D variants on the workbench, ever so slightly stalled at the moment. They aren't alone as my Revell Mustang D to B/C is also stalled. I've spent time designing scaleable RAF standard letters and numbers in AutoCAD so I can import them into the Silhouette mask cutter for the upcoming raft of RAF models I intend to build. Already started on two Tamiya Mosquitos and there are four Special Hobby Tempests in the queue! Then there's the Revell Piper Cub, lovely little kit but somehow I managed to lose the cockpit rear bulkhead which ties together the cockpit structural tubing. So out with plasticard, marker pen, scalpel and sanding sticks! Regards, Bruce Crosby
  14. Bruce_Crosby

    My first Wing Nut Wings

    Hi Guys, A few photos of the Junkers from Derek Davis, our valiant leader at Wiltshire Scale Modellers Society and editor of PC Pilot magazine, an all round good chap! Final photo of the model on the Aviattic stand next day at Euro 2018 Folkestone. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  15. Bruce_Crosby

    Yes, another Mustang

    Hi Gerhard, As I said in the post, the whole lot is scaleable. All I need to know is the height. Regards, Bruce Crosby