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  1. Hi Guys, More fiddling with the Ta152. Almost nothing fits first time so lots and lots of fiddling, cutting, sanding and correcting. This may not look like much work but it's days of messing about, swearing and general frustration. But that's half the fun of a short run kit, you just have to do it! First up, the resin engine insert for the wheel well. Then I finally put the wing sections together. Easy to type on the computer but a real dog of a job in real life. A lot more tape used than seen here, plus clamps and clips. It was a case of a bit of glue and clamp a section, then move onto the next section. Took forever! Motor gun tube from old Contrail tube. Brilliant stuff! A tiny amount of Mr White Putty on the starboard leading edge. Gun camera added to the port wing. PCM's prop blades aren't quite right, trailing edge too wide at the root. Left is revised, right is kit original. At greater pitch, the trailing edge would bind on the radiator cowling. All three blades modified. And that's it so far. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  2. Hi Guys, This time it's adding rigid brake pipes to the undercarriage legs. Usually they were routed between the leg and the door, behind the door attachment bolts. First photo is the leg as supplied (with my brass pin mods). Small vee notches cut behind the attachment bolt faces. Here's my rat tail files. I used the rat tails to deepen and round off the vee grooves. Plastruct 0.6mm rod cemented into place as the rigid pipes. The effect of pipes behind the fixing bolts. Later I will add twin flexibles, one to the brake nearest the leg and the other to the axle to run thru to the outer face brake. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  3. Hi Guys, I added the IP supplied in the kit, minus a few of the micro sized do-dads. The seat belts in the box are early issue Eduard colour etch so a bit clunky, I've put in belts from Eduard's Luftwaffe belt set. OK, so HGW would be more realistic but I'm not up for hours of struggle and anguish, never mind the cursing and swearing. The red outer dial Bezel was fixed in place with more Krystal Klear. For once I managed to get one bezel off the fret without ruining it. That's it! Regards, Bruce Crosby
  4. Hi Guys, The F-2 interior is taking shape slowly. Straight OOTB. I will add Eduard etched belts. Simply the kit IP. I'm not throwing money at this one as I'm out of funds! So its paint, wash, dry brush and Krystal Klear. Hope someone out there likes it. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  5. Hi Guys, Another economy build in progress. Nothing added. IP straight from the kit, dry brushing, washes and Krystal Klear on the gauges. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  6. Hi Guys, More of the batch build 109 kits. Here are the cockpit side walls, not yet finished. Here's the cockpit floor after a wash and dry brushing. I will add Eduard colour etch belts soon. Current financial constraints mean no Yahu or Eduard IP so it's back to basics - the kit parts or nothing. I decided not to use the Air Scale decals and did a bit of dry brushing, washes, etc, then Krystal Klear over the gauges. Not the best but that's it for this kit. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  7. Hi Guys, I've done a bit of work on the Ta and the three Bf109 builds, so here's the relevant bit for this aircraft. The kit IP has a resin base then a colour etched set of panels supplied by Eduard. I've done a very basic assembly, airbrushed some AK Interactive Ultra Matte varnish over it to kill some of the printing artefacts then added Micro Krystal Klear on the gauge faces. Here's the IP before today's work. you can clearly see the print artefacts. Yes, it really isn't that blue either! Photo taken before the Krystal Klear has actually dried fully so some milky bits visible. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  8. Hi Guys, Some colour on the Ta152 at last. It's only the cockpit and not much at that. After a bit if Black PLW and some dry brushing with a paler grey. Some colour on details. As you can see, nowhere near finished. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  9. John, after this I added another pin in the back of the leg hinge point which now fits quite nicely into a tiny hole in the spar. It locates a lot better, making it easier to fit the actuator too. I seriously thought about making the retraction work, using more telescoping brass tube for the actuator. But if you play with it and make working features and do Brum-Brum and Rat-at-at-at noises, then it's a toy not a model!
  10. Hi guys, Next up is guns. The kit wing guns are worse than dire and the two on the cowling aren't there at all! Good starting point then! I've chopped up the guns from QuickBoost set for the A-7/A-9 as its the same items for the Ta-152 C-1. The gun rear has this beam that fits in a slot on the Hasagawa spar A bit of chopping for now! Test fit into the wing, seems OK so far. But it will be a dog to get the guns into the wing once it's assembled, if they go in before that they chance getting knocked off. So I chopped off the resin barrels, drilled out the stubs and added new brass tube barrels. This way the guns can be painted and fitted, the wing assembled and the barrels pushed in thru the front wing holes. The wider resin tube aft of the brass isn't actually part of the gun, it's a debris guard for when the undercart retracts and will be painted 02. The big lump at the rear isn't part of the gun either, it's the clamping fixture on the spar. The cowling gun troughs ere blanked at the rear so I drilled out and inserted some more brass tube. Obviously I trimmed off the sticky outy bits! The cowling was test fitted a few days ago, in fact before i got involved with hacking up the wings. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  11. Hi Guys, I didn't mean to cause offense but comparing apples and oranges? When I built the first Ta I knew there was something wrong with the basic model from PCM but didn't know what. In the couple of months since then I've read everything I can find, a lot of it contradictory, so my conclusions are best guess. I'm coming from the position of being a tech in the RAF many years ago, not as a modeller per se. So I want to know what that lump is, why it's there, what it does and how it does it. The shape of the rad cowl as modelled by PCM just didn't add up at all, opening the shapes would make huge gaps, not very useful when you want all the air into the annulus and thru the radiator segments.
  12. Actually I don't know yet. But have cameo, will think of something. however, i doubt if you'll see it as I'm thinking of departing from LSP after Thunnus's comments. I think I gave a fairly complete technical answer as to why I'd done something, maybe a bit hard.
  13. Hi Guys, This is the third of the Hasegawa kits I recently bought second hand (as new) from models for Sale in the UK for the price of £30 each. Hollowed out exhausts by yours truly. Test fit and they look OK. K-4 has a revised electrical box on the starboard cockpit wall. K-4 kit supplies the revised fat wheels and tyres. the fuselage parts breakdown is completely different to the G kits with revised panel and tail details aft and the AS nose cowlings forwards. Hope you like it, Regards, Bruce Crosby
  14. Hi Guys, This Hasagawa G-14 is another of the second hand kits I bought from Models for sale at the Gloucester Model Show. These are like hen's teeth in the UK and go for exorbitant prices, but this was just £30! I'm an old git, on a fixed pension and the world economy is screwed, my gas and electric payments have doubled. Add the vehicle fuel increases here and there is next to sweet FA left for modelling, so I'll be scratch building and modifying rather than buying accessory and after market parts for the foreseeable future. So no resin exhausts, no resin wheels. I will be making and modifying, home casting, cutting my own masks, all the skills learnt over the years. so the mantra has to be "Build, Don't Buy!" First economy: Kit exhaust stacks hollowed out. Actually very easy once I got my act together. The first stub section took an age, the other five stubs relatively less, the other side took half the time and while I had the tools out, I did the exhausts for a K-4 as well! Toast and coffee, YouTube on the TV, just sit and do it! So that's the money saved from two sets of resin exhausts, probably £20 with postage. The kit wheels aren't bad at all. Let's be honest, this is as close as you're ever going to get to my model! Exhausts test fit. You may think otherwise but i quite like them. Almost ready paint the interior. While i was doing the exhausts I dragged out the kit gun barrels, drilled the ends and rounded up the tubes. Cockpit test fit. I have a stash of AirScale Luftwaffe Instrument Dials and Eduard Colour Etch Seat belts to finish off the kits. That's this one ready to push into the spray booth! Regards, Bruce Crosby.
  15. Hi Guys, I picked up three Hasagawa kits a couple of weeks ago from the Gloucester Model Show on the Models For Sale stand. Actually I bought only two originally then decided to get the third in the week, phoned the shop and it arrived the next morning. Top marks to MfS, good friendly service all round and I'll certainly be using their services again. If you're in the UK, give them a try. All three kits are second hand, as new, fully bagged. So now I've got a F-2, G-14 and K-4. All three will be more or less OOTB, they'll get seat belts and that's about it. EDIT: Yes, a couple of wing panel lines need filling, just haven't got there yet! Anyway, here's the F-2 in all its glory so far. The cockpit might get primer today Cockpit test fit, main wheels and undercarriage cleaned up nicely. And a test fit. Wings and tail planes are assembled but only pushed into place and as you can see, it's typical Hasegawa engineering and fit - lovely! See if you can spot the other two coming up soon. Regards, Bruce Crosby
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