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  1. Great work! I really like what you're doing.
  2. Great job so far! It is turning out real nice with the lights.
  3. Great work. I'm glad all is working out well with the lights.
  4. Nice work with the stencils.
  5. I can only confirm what Brian says. That bit of catapult is totally scratch build. I had some pictures to work from and added a little fantasy Great. I'm looking forward to the WIP Thanks Mike
  6. Do you really want to know what I think? I think you did a wonderful job.
  7. Oops, I didn't see that you already thought of that.
  8. Brian, maybe a little addition on this idea. If you put the MLED in a little box behind the IP you can foil the inside of the box. Maybe that will help to spread the light more evenly. I hope you know what I mean. If not I will make a little drawing. Good luck
  9. The sight of the canon is indeed intentionally left in brass color. I think it is a nice detail and brakes de color of the gun.
  10. Here are the pics of the finished Kingfisher. A really enjoyable build.
  11. After fitting the last things I'm finished. I've learned a lot this build and did some things for the first time. I'm very happy with the result and wonder why there are so little WIP's of this beauty. My next build is totally different and will not be a plane in 1:32. I want to build a BR 52 locomotive with 2 gondola's and in the gondola's a V1 and a launch ramp. The pics are in the RFI section. Thanks for watching and the comments.
  12. Thanks guys. The rigging isn't rigging with a thread. It's metal included in the kit and not really difficult to install.
  13. Finally this model is ready. Here the pics without any comment.
  14. After 5 months and the help of Paypal I finally got the extra sprue from Trumpeter so I could finish this one. I only made this dirty with the Flory models weathering wash wich I applied with the airbrush. After drying I filled the airbrush with water and cleaned up the model. I only let it drip from the model en didn't wipe it aof except for the bottom. The pictures can be found in the RFI section. Thanks all for watching and commenting.
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