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  1. It’ll be interesting to see what this finally goes for.
  2. They don’t know nothin’ neither!
  3. Is she supposed to be swinging the prop in the first pic? Not on a Harvard surely.....not the ones I've flown in anyway!
  4. Thanks Matt, and I agree the Siskin whilst not an obvious “looker” like most of the Hawker stable are, is very cool in its own way. Apparently not a very easy one to fly though!
  5. Worth watching Richard since I'm planning to build my Echelon Hawker Hunter F6 before too long. Tell me about the resin tail pipe please, didn't know such a thing existed! I am SOOOO tempted to get this one too, must resist, must resist! but in my opinion it's a steal at that price.
  6. Not too far to go now with the Fury build, but the few remaining pieces to fit, such as they are (or aren't! ) are posing a bit of a challenge. I'm looking at the upper nose area where guns, gunsights, an oil filler cap, windscreen and a miscellaneous vertical tube (fuel gauge?) not to mention quite a complex set of rigging wires have to fit prior to the top wing going on. The instructions aren't a great deal of help: but when you look at the real thing you get a better idea: The long tube is an Aldis sight (32 inches long and 2 inches in diameter) which as supplied in the kit was pathetically inadequate, so I raided my pile of Silver Wings kits and decided that the AW Siskin was to be the donor of an Aldis sight and the ring for the ring and bead sight, (this wasn't supplied at all in the Alley Cat Fury kit) since the Siskin is the least likely to be built. So we have this: The Aldis sight to which I've added a couple of support rods, the PE ring sight, two anonymous resin items (after some cogitation I decided the left hand one is the aerial wire insulator which fits aft of the cockpit and the right hand the unnamed vertical tube/fuel gauge, and two slightly wonky machine guns! The wonkiness won't show, I decided, once they are nestled in the gun troughs! So I cut off a slice of 2mm plastic rod for the filler cap, made a bead sight (also not supplied nor shown) and fitted the lot roughly where I thought they should go! If they are not in the exact spot I'm not too bothered, I was very conscious of the need to fit rigging shortly as well and I didn't want fouling of the rigging lines. I think once it's all painted it'll look OK, just the windshield and rigging to think about now.
  7. Really, really superb Tiger Moth…..love it!
  8. Mine’s on back order, though I’m still not sure I’ll get one, but with the 10% off it takes the price to £500ish…..very tempting!
  9. Looks absolutely splendid already! So what’s your general assessment of the ICM Tiger Moth, I’m planning to start mine shortly.
  10. Thanks, those details make all the difference in the look of a model. I must investigate the Eduard PE fret!
  11. The detailing around the aft end, the control horns and linkages on the upper edge of the horizontal stabiliser are exceptional, are these part of the Eduard PE set?
  12. That’s a truly inspirational way of displaying a model, it looks very effective indeed. Given the level of detail in there it’s such a pity that the navigator and w/op won’t be visible to the viewing public, but it’s a great tribute beautifully done to the brave boys of Bomber Command and in this case 35 Squadron in particular. Bravo Eismeer and Cato.
  13. Freehand it for sure. What's critical is the correct consistency of the paint (if like me you use MRP this isn't an issue) and the pressure on the airbrush, I used around 10 psi and a very light touch on the trigger:
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