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  1. We could be wrong William! Educated guess at best........still waiting though.
  2. Thanks Brian, that was my first thought actually, but then my wife said “why not try fabric printing paint”, it worked and she already has several pots, so job done. I also liked the idea of rigging with a white thread showing up well against the dark (RLM70) green, and since the paint is water-based the clean up is simply a rinse under a cold tap! Simples!!
  3. Thanks Lothar, it’s such a lovely characterful aeroplane and it’s been sitting on the shelf for long enough. Yes Alain, I’m not only much happier with the scale appearance but also the (relative) ease of doing the rigging. I finished the port side this afternoon so my next job is the get the fabric paints out.
  4. My lovely little Goldfinch has been on the back-burner for too long, mainly because I wasn't happy, as I suspected above, that the rigging line applied was too thin, but I was reluctant (read scared) to cut it all off and start again! But I currently have four other Silver Wing biplanes to build, with "others" yet to come, so fudging and procrastination was no longer an option.........courage mon brave! So yesterday I cut off all my carefully positioned turnbuckles and thread, cleaned up the areas as best I could and re-drilled holes for Prym elastic and basically, got on with it. As can be seen, the Prym is white, but I have some screen printing ink which experiments have shown can be used to paint it black. It should then look more like this: Port side to do next......
  5. Nothing to beat a good pint of bitter, served at room temperature of course!
  6. My Silver Wings Hawker Hart arrived in the post this morning: with some mouth-watering inter-war markings to savour: I thought I'd compare the Hart and Demon fuselages just out of interest: and they are nearly identical apart from some surface details/panels, exhaust and the cockpit area: I'm looking forward to the Fury arriving in good time and then probably in the New Year making a start on the family of biplanes.
  7. The English language is full of subtleties and nuances Juraj. As a non-native speaker your use of English is excellent but I thought you’d appreciate a well intentioned correction.
  8. If she was an early production Lanc, and the yellow gas detection circle on her nose suggests this, then she will definitely have the “windows” in the fuselage. Further to the above, EE139 was part of the batch of Lancasters (488 in total) built at Newton Heath/Chadderton under Contract No.B.69274/40 delivered between November 1942 and June 1943. According to my source (The Lancaster Story by Peter Jacobs) she was actually a Mk III, meaning that she had American built Packard Merlins rather than the British built Rolls Royce Merlins. There was no external difference.
  9. That’ll be “duplication” Juraj, duplicity is something completely different, ie trickery, fraud, lying etc.
  10. I lived on Portland for 30 years (for the "foreigners" not in the know, Portland is famed for its stone used for hundreds of years for building many places of repute, St Paul's Cathedral and the Houses of Parliament being two-such). The quarrying industry still continues on the island (Portland isn't actually an island since it's joined to mainland England by the Chesil Bank (lots of pebbles of varying sizes!)), but in the late 1990s quarrymen unearthed a German WW2 bomb.....Portland Harbour housed the Home Fleet which was extensively bombed in the early years of the war, notably by Herman Goering's son who I understand was shot down (Bf110?) and killed, (the local RAF fighter base was Warmwell.) Anyway, when the bomb was discovered we, and many other families, were evacuated for the weekend whilst the Bomb Disposal crowd successfully blew up the (500kg?) bomb. Made a big hole even bigger. Just one example of a bomb going astray and causing some angst 50 years later!
  11. Nope, I can’t see it either. I don’t quite see the point of building a website but then “protecting” it so that the majority of people appear not to be able to access it! Damned if I can be bothered to try either I’m afraid.
  12. Lovely looking clean model Nick, proper "old school" that Sabre! Well done.
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