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  1. Welcome to the Forum Paul, hope you enjoy this friendly place! I've ordered figures from David too, with success, but always via his Facebook site. I think that's the only way of doing it these days. Question is, are you on Facebook?
  2. WOW!! Thanks Mark, fantastic.
  3. Your client will be delighted with the Spit Iain......and those phone-photos are marvellous! Pleased to see you’re “mobile” again.
  4. Thanks Alain! Since it’s said a set of tyres were only good for seven landings, I think putting a Lightning down on a carrier would be “interesting”. Yes please, a side profile and top and bottom view if possible?
  5. Technical c**k up at this point.............see below!
  6. Depends on what type of paint you plan on using eg enamels, acrylic etc and possibly whether you intend airbrushing or brush painting?
  7. In my case Chek, ignorance is bliss, I’m just building it without any knowledge and no hang ups, as close to an OOB build as I’ve got for a long time and it’s very liberating!!
  8. I've been trying to get my head around what happens at the aft underside end with the arrestor hook (deck landing anybody?? ). My dilemma hasn't been helped by the fact that I don't appear to have the hook itself, it's gone AWOL at some point. This is John Wolstenholme's take on it: which helped a lot in my understanding. So I'll need to carve a hook out of resin and I've finally bitten the bullet and ordered the Flightpath set, most of which won't be used but the arrestor arm will along with the ladder. So I cut out the space for the hook stowage: and fettled the housing, most definitely the least satisfactory fitting part of the whole kit. More botching work due.....
  9. Thanks Karl, I'm keen to push on with the Lightning, it certainly isn't a chore to do all this but I am looking forward to getting some paint on her! That would be somewhat ironical don't you think given the 1/32 Hunter kit history! And damned cheeky to boot.
  10. A couple of images from the Air-Britain book that are pertinent. I'd forgotten there were colour profiles in the book, so here's a Yatesbury Dominie, it suggests that the underside colour was a light grey (medium sea grey?) and not trainer yellow, which I must admit was my first instinct, and a good pic of the AA Rapide clearly showing the nose badge as being a chrome affair and not just painted: The slightly blunted "bulldog" nose is caused by the curve of the page!
  11. I'll get my man 007 on the case if you want it "dealt with" Monsieur!!
  12. Amazing isn't it, you wait several decades for one to come along, then suddenly it's Tiger Moth-fest!! So glad SW brought their's out first though, but I don't doubt I'll also buy a Special Hobby one as well.
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