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  1. Yep, that’s the way it invariably goes Glijn so it’s all too easy to get bogged down in a build.
  2. Well done Glijn, that looks superb! I'm not far off getting to this stage with my Fury so there's some really useful bits and pieces that I can use from your Nimrod, though I'm not attempting to make mine as detailed......been down that track a few too many times!
  3. See my reply https://www.scalemodelpaintmasks.com/index.php?/topic/420-raf-fonts/&tab=comments#comment-942
  4. A couple of shots of work in progress in the cockpit area, the most recent additions yet to be painted when the CA is dry. I can't guarantee that everything is in its right place nor that it's the right item but it's the best I can do from the sketchy instructions and more importantly......it'll do for me!! I'll probably add a couple of generic wires and/or control rods just to tart it up a bit. I’ve got the trim wheel in the wrong place, too far aft, so today I’ve got to delicately ease that away without hopefully too much damage and re-position it.
  5. If a pound, dollar or whatever had been donated to WNW for every speculative word written about them, we’d have the Lancaster for sure by now! Although believe it or not, there are other companies producing damned fine kits.
  6. As Mr Punch would say, “That’s the way to do it!” (with apologies to those not familiar with British seaside Punch and Judy puppet shows).
  7. Cheers Chris, all's well thanks and having fun! I think you have the Lukgraph Nimrod, well I've done a further comparison using a factory drawing in Peter Castle's thread: so it's as accurate as it gets. I wasn't sure how good the previous drawing reference, Granger's drawing was though I know he's usually highly rated. However I've done another exercise using the Hawker drawings, pretty much the same results but I'm astonished how accurate the Lukgraph fuselage is! and still how too deep the AlleyCat one is. Also their exhausts are too low,
  8. Just caught up with this from the start Alex; compulsive reading and exemplary craftsmanship throughout. My thoughts on your tutorial about masking, which is very well explained and illustrated, is that it should be over on Kev’s Silhouette site. Congratulations on a very fine build and thread.
  9. Well done Alain, coming along very well but I’m intrigued to know what an HO scale orange is?!
  10. Ah yes, that’s reminded me Andy, I didn’t need them so you can do a “pick and mix” with the bits you need and the price is adjusted accordingly.
  11. From memory the G’s had larger wheels than the C’s so I think that could be an issue. I used an E when I did my G4, really enjoyed it but so glad Andy led the way so I could copy him.
  12. So glad to see you here Glijn!! A wonderful start as Brian has said, I'm so looking forward to seeing more.
  13. Thanks Chris, a change is as good as a rest! So glad to have discovered Glijn’s Nimrod on Britmodeller.....just WOW! and now delighted to see that he's posted in "Works in Progress" here. Sublime workmanship.
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