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  1. All this Lightning discussion is soooo tempting me to break out my second Echelon Lightning!
  2. Congratulations Stefan, a lovely Lysander! I was surprised when I saw one in the flesh just how big they are.
  3. I think Iain may have posted this some while ago, but it’s worth another look, especially for those of us who were ATC cadets.
  4. I’m struggling to think where to put my Border Models Lancaster when, if, I build it!
  5. But what if it crashed on its maiden flight?
  6. Thanks Ali, I’m in! Looks like my prayers are answered!
  7. Oh yes please! I always like ailerons, rudder and elevators to be separate if possible but no big deal if it causes complications in design, production or price. The Silvers Wings or Lukgraph prices demonstrate what the kind of modeller who is your market is happy to pay. I’m certainly one of them. PS I’ve also flagged this up on Britmodeller to garner more support.
  8. I think if you and young Tim got your heads together Iain, you could come up with a winning money-spinner here!
  9. Probably Guy, there are fuselage cross sections etc but I’d have to study them in more detail. I’ll post some more pictures of the plans asap.
  10. Sarik Iain, mine are 1/24 scale.
  11. I've haven't ruled it out completely Guy but by 'eck it would be a challenge!! As an ex-ATC cadet the Chippie was my first experience of parachutes, stall turns, loops and rolls so yes, it has a special place in my heart. Not to mention that it was made by de Havilland. There are a couple at the Old Sarum museum which isn't far from me so gathering detail info isn't too difficult. I just wish Airfix did 1/32 scale though, 1/24 doesn't do it for me in the slightest.
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