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  1. I’m still waiting too William, lost somewhere between Poland and England.....hopefully not in La Manche!
  2. I'm leaning very much towards Bare Metal foil Guy, but need to do a bit more experimenting yet to be fully persuaded. I was very pleased with the way it went onto the intake ring of my Echelon Lightning, it took the "stretch" of the shape, essentially a thin truncated cone, pretty well. I'm less sanguine about metallic paints, too much hassle for indifferent results, but that's only my limited experience so far. I need to make the right choice because I have several 1930s fighters and bombers needing similar treatment.
  3. Exactly that Andy! I always try to drill the recess hole as close to the angle of the rigging as possible. This is Prym which I’ve coloured. All the other rigging bits will be stretched sprue.
  4. Not a great deal has moved forwards, a little work on the Charlie..Oscar..Charlie..Kings. I'm thinking about the best way of doing the control rods and cranks, favourite at the moment is soldered brass, till I see whether it's feasible or not! Love these IWM photos taken in Rhodesia circa 43/44 of the instructor pointing out to his student where he should, or more importantly should NOT put his feet (ie the first ten inches or so nearest the trailing edge). The enlargement shows some of the features I've been looking at recently very clearly, note worthy is the absen
  5. The starboard side of the cabane strut/nose/upper wing area. Not all Tiger Moths were fitted with wingtip navigation lights of course. The slat control wire, starting with the control in the rear cockpit, runs through the front then up the side as shown, going through a pulley system then horizontally through to the wings.
  6. Good on you Michael, splendid!
  7. I hope it will be Brad! Tempted as I am to make a start, I must resist for a while till my Hunter, Tiger Moth and Stieglitz move on a bit further!
  8. I hope so my friend, and it’s not stupid!
  9. I'm going to be building what is for me one of the most beautiful aeroplanes ever designed: The wonderful Hawker Fury. https://vintageaviationecho.com/flying-the-hawker-fury/ The Fury I entered squadron service with the RAF in May 1931, re-equipping 43 Squadron. Only relatively small numbers of Fury Is were ordered, the type equipping No. 1 and 25 squadrons. At the same time, the slower Bristol Bulldog equipped ten fighter squadrons. The Fury II entered service in 1936–1937, increasing total number of squadrons to six. Furies remained with RAF Fighter Command
  10. I see Air Superiority is open for business!
  11. And it’s very very good Simon! Thank you Wojtek.
  12. Great work Aaron, it’s all coming together beautifully.
  13. Most definitely nothing wrong with old school Chris, we can’t allow such skills to be lost! Well done!
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