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  1. I could cut masks for those if you like Brad. Might take a while to get to you perhaps, but let me know.
  2. Good luck with your plan RJ, looking forward to developments!
  3. Yes, Lightnings were awesome, literally so. The ground actually shook when they did their thing. One of the advantages of being old is that I saw the Lightning precursor, the English Electric P1 fly at Farnborough in the 1950s, accompanied by the all-white V Force; Vulcan, Valiant and Victor! Thrilling for a young boy.
  4. I never have, it seems counter-intuitive somehow to me, but I guess you could?
  5. Great to see another Lightning Frederick, fantastic!
  6. This is what I'm trying to achieve in the main wheel well: Getting there: Don't think I need to do much more though a coat of paint will show me more. As well as adapting the Aries resin I’ve made the wheel well opening that I cut smaller by adding a thin bead of plasticard in places.
  7. We'll agree to disagree! It's about grace not power for me, lines, design and elegance!!
  8. I’m going to be making some scoops for the many “holes” on my Lightning Joachim so I’ve been pondering a similar problem. I’m going to try some thin brass. The plan is to make a former or mould from Milliput or similar then “ease” the brass into shape over it. I had considered wine bottle foil but agree it’s a bit too rigid.
  9. Sanding the pips is not the problem, losing the already faint panel lines IS the problem! I’d rather not have to rescribe if I can help it, I’m rubbish at scribing.
  10. I think they were all well mannered and wore underwear, no going commando with Magisters (given that pants means something different in the UK Mike!)
  11. Interesting build and presentation but my goodness what an ugly looking marque of Spitfire that is, the beauty into the beast methinks!
  12. Good to hear, I’m a trainer man too! They’re not very “sexy” but interesting planes nonetheless, and luckily we are getting a few more of them lately. Long may it continue.......an Airspeed Oxford please!
  13. Thanks Ray for looking, that’s very kind of you. I’ve got John’s build on my reading list and Ted Taylor’s so I’ll probably be OK.
  14. Oh yes please, can I have a Proctor too!!??
  15. John said he is airbrushing Iain, may I therefore add another vote for MRP! The fact that they spray straight from the bottle is a huge plus I think, no worry about thinning, getting the right consistency etc etc.
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