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  1. Ah, well done Thierry! Mine’s on its way so hopefully not too long before it arrives. The message from the Post office the other day was a false alarm.......it was a large late birthday card which because of its size needed extra postage costs! I was disappointed that it wasn’t the Gauntlet but happy to receive the card from a lovely friend!
  2. God bless the Dutch! The UK went overboard in my opinion with Captain Tom's 100 circuits of his garden last year, (good on him but....!) however it seems as a nation we're all too ready to forget, (or is it part of the "woke" (how I hate that term and its implications) dictatorial agenda) the millions who died in WW2 not to mention the tens of millions who suffered in so many other ways. NEVER FORGET!
  3. Thanks Anthony. Seems like we’re both also interested in a thread on BM too.....different planes though!
  4. Indeed it will Rick! Cheers.
  5. The postman left a note saying there is a parcel for me at the delivery office with a very small amount to pay on it; note received at 11.30, office closed at 10.00! I think it must be my Gauntlet, nothing else is outstanding to my knowledge but now I won’t know till Saturday!
  6. Thanks Pete, Mike and Thierry, your good wishes are very much appreciated!
  7. Thank you for your birthday wishes mes amis! It was actually yesterday which, English residents will know, was a pretty nasty day weather-wise but it meant I managed some modelling! Progress with the Fury: and John "Tigger" Wilkes managed to pull some canopies for me for my Echelon Lightning: so I can start the final stages with that now too!
  8. Thanks for the thought Chris, much appreciated!
  9. The fuselage halves took some work Andy, quite a bit of filling and sanding to get a reasonable finish. Yes Peter, such a contrast to my fragile handle-with-extreme-care SW Tiger Moth!
  10. It's been a while, for which my apologies. The build has been progressing slowly and I know will not be finished before the GB end time (again!), but I'm pleased with the over all look of this beautiful fighter. The fuselage and lower wings are firmly glued, the top wing just resting on the cabane struts for now. The construction is very sturdy which, for a biplane model, is reassuring! The two Hawkers, with the T7 Hunter in the background are separated by what, 20 - 30 years but light years in design and complexity.
  11. Excellent Rick, congratulations to you and Ernie.
  12. Sorry indeed, a great loss to our community.
  13. Not seen that before Tom, very interesting! As a complete dunce at maths, I wonder how often the “aircrew” had to use the maths they were tortured by in the book shown? Navigator, sure, pilot, for sure......air gunner? Hmmmm.
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