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  1. Didn't for one instant think you had Iain, I can wait but I also want to extend my skills and experience so might well try a bit of vacuforming.
  2. Hello! Remember me!! Hubert Boillot, late of this Forum, contacted me to say that a company called "Gomix/Fly" made a 1/33 scale paper Lightning and that maybe the canopy produced for that model (sold separately) might fit my Echelon Lightning. It took a lot of research and quite a bit of hassle, not to mention expense, to get one but sadly it's very wrong! Compare the Echelon shape (rear) with the Gomix/Fly one: The shape and proportions are not at all right......so that little episode is a write-off! The yellowed Echelon one doe
  3. Well as Alain predicted, the rudder cable control horns didn't last long! One went pinging off to oblivion yesterday evening, so today it was out with the bras sheet to fashion a new arrangement, both sides on a single strip that slid conveniently through the fuselage. It gives me the opportunity to centre them in the slot rather than at the very aft end, worked out well I think. Oh, and the errant IP is back in place too!
  4. Wow! Yours STILL not arrived Anthony, that is so surprising......or is it? NZ is a long way, but even so......... I’ve only had a short time on it today, and that was sanding, sanding.....
  5. Yes they are Alain, should be a challenge getting the IP back in!
  6. I used to use Vallejo but to be honest never really got on that well with them, air brush clogging and spitting was my main issue. You have to get the thinning just right, but give me MRP straight out of the bottle every time.
  7. OK, I'm "moth'd out" for today!! The two halves ready for joining apart from the front IP in the starboard half, of which more later. With hindsight I'm not sure fitting some bits in one half and others in t'other was the most brilliant idea because trial dry fits were difficult to the point of impossible, the key factor being the exhaust pipe, so I eased it off for fitting later. Things then became much easier and the top join is acceptable at this point: though I wasn't happy with the front IP which was a bit skewed......so I took it out.
  8. Thank you Lothar and Joachim, meine deutschen Freunde! I’ve had a few hours bench time today since it’s been raining all day so no golf, no gardening, no walking! So the engine’s in place, all of the cockpit items too and everything is set ready for closing her up. I’ve drilled a couple of holes ready for some wires later in the build. The next bit is nerve-wracking.....
  9. The fuselage is coming together, though the cockpit framework is impractical (at my skill level) to make as per kit instructions! The combination of some warping, of tight tolerances and incompetence means that I'm taking a pragmatic approach of not bothering with the cross members (all the bits at the top) which in truth won't be seen but which are there to give structural strength......in theory.) So I'm just doing the two side frameworks with seats attached and that does away with all my lining up/squareness issues.
  10. We got down in one piece Mike, tough old bird the Tiger Moth! I was just relieved to discover my Go-pro dangling from my intercom lead on the back of my helmet, I really feared I’d lost it in the wilds of Somerset or even worse “somewhere” inside the plane with the risk of control jamming!
  11. Clive was a good instructor, but the intensity of a 45 minute lesson always left me feeling worn out!! I've been making a few refinements. Firstly the rubbing strip along the fuselage, it was there to take the wear from pulling the blind flying hood backwards and forwards: but my subject "202" isn't fitted with a hood nor, from what I can see, the rubbing strip, so off it comes! I wasn't very happy with the footstep at the front of the nose, it needs a metal surround and should be deeper. The inner part is leather:
  12. I like it Alain, a wise move that little "tongue" on the fin to help stabilise it. Enjoying your thoughtful build enormously.
  13. Engine with its initial coat, and some work on the Sutton harnesses. These are the PE ones supplied with the kit which don't actually need to be that flexible because I know from experience how thick and unyielding the leather sections are! And a little "in-cockpit" entertainment of one of my training flights!! PS Should you have the patience to watch most of this, ignore the last 7 minutes or so because my Go-Pro fell off my helmet!!
  14. All the very best Maru, wherever you may be!
  15. I have 3 SW Tiger Moths to build Alain, at least one other will get “the works”! Glad you liked the photos, I took them from a modellers’ point of view.....what do I need to see.
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