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  1. Sepp, if you can find a set, the G Factor legs are the best. The undercarriage and doors are the most difficult and frustrating area to do on the Hunter. Tim, it’s coming along beautifully!
  2. Please note all those who may be considering the Silhouette machine and home mask production route: Jenning’s problems are not typical of these machines, which have great potential to extend one’s modelling possibilities. K1 has created a separate forum here which gives advice, free masks for certain models and a bit of chat!
  3. Can’t really help I’m afraid because my “old” Silhouette doesn’t have that degree of sophistication, but it appears to be a “blade not locked into place” problem. Your settings appear to be fine, though have you actually taken the blade cartridge out and checked how much blade is showing?
  4. I would have said the He-51, because it took me a long time to find one, but I'm OK for all the SW kits right now thanks!
  5. How faded do you want it? This is the rather sad looking example in the aviation museum at Gweru, Gwelo as was: In fact all the aircraft were rather sad looking but interesting nonetheless!
  6. Hmmm, good luck with that! I assume you’re looking for accurate overall drawings of the whole aircraft with dimensions etc? That’s the Holy Grail, none apparently exist, or at least not in my experience. I have access to machine production drawings of every individual part right down to nuts and bolts, but not a general arrangement drawing amongst them…..and there must but a couple of thousand!
  7. I feel your pain Jennings, so b****y frustrating! I felt exactly the same waiting for my Nimrod from Lukgraph, except this one was nicked somewhere in Poland and never actually made it to the UK. Lukasz immediately replaced it and it arrived promptly.
  8. Great work on the port cockpit Paul; just one small point to think about - the control cables run through a slot on the side “flange” on the front seat, photos on the previous page show this clearly. Love your idea of bending the lower wing tabs, wish I’d thought of that!
  9. Thanks for the warning Glijn, both for how brittle the bits are and the amount of time it will take. You have made a really fantastic job of it, the finish is excellent.
  10. A truly staggering model + superb photography = an utterly convincing set of pictures. Well done Rod, from a fellow Bf110 fan!
  11. I use a narrow strip of Bare Metal foil wrapped around the oleo just enough to adhere.
  12. Yep, that is where the “forward slat control lever” isn’t, if that makes sense! As shown in my marked up picture on the previous page, it’s only in the aft cockpit.
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