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  1. Hmmm, not really Paul. There’s a section headed “Foreign Service” which is only three pages and contains photos of Ansons in Irish, Greek, Israeli, Turkish, Portuguese, American and Egyptian service. Mostly one example of each so a bit superficial.
  2. A few samples from the Wingleader Anson book: There are a lot of excellent photographs of Ansons including some internal cabin ones so the book is very good value for money, but I’m slightly disappointed that there aren’t more explanatory detail shots of some of the areas, the cowlings for example or the undercarriage and its construction. Good addition to the library nonetheless.
  3. Oh I agree completely Quang, but sometimes you have to be satisfied with what you’ve got and just “go with the flow”!
  4. This old, and sometimes wise one would say “Who’s going to know if you’re wrong?”
  5. Although we’re in email contact Pete, alas I have zero influence with Mark! I would have thought though that a Wellington profile book must be very likely especially since they have already done the Manchester, Lancaster x2 and Stirling x2. The good old Wimpey is a glaring omission.
  6. Unlikely to happen Paul but perhaps it will spur me on to finish my vac one! Correction: next up after the vac Hunter is finished WILL be the vac Anson!
  7. https://wingleader.co.uk/books/ansonmk1/
  8. That must be so gratifying to see everything coming together in such s meaningful way Tony, the fruits of your considerable labours are “ripening on the bough”! Eureka!!
  9. Yep, they’re good to watch. Mark also made one of his flight in the twin-seat Hurricane with some excellent footage, brings back very happy memories. He has also recently confirmed to me that their next profile book release will be of the Avro Anson Mk 1, not far away apparently!
  10. I’d assumed that Loic but it’s good to have it confirmed.
  11. Just caught up on this Tony, very very impressed with ALL aspects of what is going into the production of surely THE definitive Wasp model.
  12. Soooo sorry to see this Andy, I’ve had the same in the past with Tamiya flat clear. You didn’t spray it straight from the bottle I hope?
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