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  1. What about this one ? Are those bulges inside the roundels ? : Very visible in this photo :
  2. No bump here, caption says HMS Eagle bound for Malta 1942. Or is this a B-wing ? : But on this one, there's something that looks like a bump (USS Wasp, no date) : Not the greatest photo, but no bumps here : Colorised from a B/W photo I presume, but interesting :
  3. Got a reply on facebook from Merlins Over Malta : BS110 roundel blue. What do you guys use for roundel blue ? Tamiya, Vallejo, Humbrol ?
  4. Nice video. Anyone has an idea what type of blue (and what modelling color would be a match) was used on BM597 for Merlins over Malta ? Sincerely Pascal
  5. Stunning performance by Malea Emma. You don't even have to be an american to appreciate the US National Anthem. It's one of the most beautiful anthems in the world and played and sung very often here in Belgium.
  6. Thx for the replies, highly appreciated. Progress is very slow because - despite all models being Bburago's - there are quite a few tiny differences between each model. So every part that I make, has to be tailored to a specific model. Used some plasticard to enlarge a part of the body : With some plastic strips and putty, I made the top of the beams round, needs a bit more sanding : Here's my handmade frame, every frame is a bit wider, lower or higher depending on which model it will be fixed to :
  7. Lovely build Kev. Who wouldn't want something like that on his desk. Interesting subject and very nice work. Sincerely Pascal
  8. Thank you gentlemen, much appreciated
  9. And finally, the update of today : I applied a lot of putty to the F-40's, while the putty is hardening I did some work on this 250 Bertone. The way this model is designed, the windows are never gonna fit properly : you have to glue a PE border to the clear plastic and glue that to the body. No way this is gonna give a good result. So after much head scratching I came up with a solution that might work : I'll use a 2 x 2 mm plastic H-profile that I will glue to the body. This will replace the PE border and give the clear plastic something to fit into (at lea
  10. Last update from 2019 : Did some work on the side windows, took me days to get the windows to kind of fit. Still a lot of work left to get the fit right : The other side was just as bad, but slowly we're getting some results : The louvres behind the side windows will have to be rebuild, I might try scribing them a bit deeper using a comb as a guide. We'll see. Sincerely Pascal
  11. The interior will be completely changed, this is how it looked when the model arrived : I started with this part, it's warped and the left side is much longer then the right side : Set by step : The red paint and self-adhesive felt was removed, the area behind the seat was rebuild. Here's a dryfit : 1/1 scale reference : Sincerely Pascal
  12. I got tired fixing the problems with the windows, so i turned my attention to the backside of the body (sounds a bit raunchy). A prominent feature of the backside are the lights. A close inspection revealed that the holes for the lights aren't round and they're not on the same height : I started with drilling the holes : Then glued a piece of tubing inside the hole. This will be sanded flush, so that the holes are perfectly round : A piece of alu tubing will form the rim for the lights. The alu
  13. This is another older update, most of the work shown here had to be undone later : Here we go. If this was a zamac or styrene body, I would use my Dremel. But all the parts are resin, so out came the knives and files. Started carving a groove to hold the windscreen and added a few styrene strips : More strips and more CA + flour : Windscreen dryfit, still a lot of gaps everywhere : The photos above are the result of a couple of weeks (or was it
  14. Hmm, It seems I forgot to post one of my side-projects. So here we go, work was started april 2019 : Last year I got an email from a collector. He told me that he had a partially build resin kit of the Ferrari 250 Bertone GT. The Ferrari 250 Bertone GT is a "one-off" car that was recently restored : The collector bought this kit second hand. He had no idea who the maker was, but he send me some photos of the partially build kit :
  15. I wish there was the same amount of aftermarket parts available for large scale cars. Especially in the 1/18 scale. 1/18 scale cars are basically ready made models, either mostly metal (diecast zamac), or resin. That means that before you can do any work on your model, you have to disassemble it, remove glue and paint, then start from zero. As for the aftermarket parts for aircraft models : In my opnion it is a good thing that the aftermarket industry keeps coming up with better and easier-to-use / install parts. Some people like to spend hours making every
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