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  1. Pascal

    F-14A bu/no 158988

    Thx Maxim, Could it be a block 70 ? With the second beaver tail in this drawing ? for reference purposes only
  2. Pascal

    F-14A bu/no 158988

    Hi, I bought these decals for a future 1/32 scale F-14A tomcat project : Did a search on the WWW to find photos of this aircraft with these markings, but came up short. I DID find 1 photo in a book (Grumman F-14 Tomcat Shipborne superfighter, Warplane Classics / World Airpower Journal), the caption under the photo says : "Seen in august 1977, this "Bullets" F-14A wears a variation of the original squadron colour scheme with the traditional squadron badge displacing the tailcodes onto the inner faces of the tailfins." But the photo clearly shows that the text : USS Enterprise is on the inner side of the fins. Can anyone help me with photos of this aircraft in these markings, and can anyone tell me what "block" this F-14A is ? All help is welcome. Sincerely Pascal
  3. Pascal

    It’s like Roseanne Rosannadanna once said...

    Best of luck to the both of you . Speedy recovery Trooper.
  4. Pascal

    Bad news

    Sorry to hear this Harvey, my condolences.
  5. If the opening scene of Top Gun Maverick, is anything like this, it will definitely be worth watching :
  6. Pascal

    1/48 Kinetic Hawker Harrier T4

    A beauty ! Well done ! Are the FOD covers scratch build ?
  7. Pascal

    Bandai 1/12 BB8

    Nice work, terrific paintjob !
  8. Pascal

    Happy 4th

    Happy 4th !
  9. Pascal

    Neko-Works GT350 Mustang (Toon)FINISHED

    Came out very nice indeed, looks adorable.
  10. Pascal

    B-29 Restored from the Boneyard.

    God speed Doc, blue skies all the way. Thx for the great video Maru !
  11. Pascal

    Looking for photos of a P-38

    Thx Maru, But I'm looking for photos of a specific P-38J-20, S/N 44-23521
  12. Pascal

    Looking for photos of a P-38

    Thank you Gazzas !
  13. I'm looking for photos of this P-38 : Serialnumber: 44-23521 Type: P-38J-20 Flown by Lt Col Morris C. Crossen US Army Air Forces Headquarters, 367th Figther Group.
  14. Pascal

    Bravo Revell Germany P-51D Canopy Replacement

    I've received replacement parts from Revell more times then I can remember. Some were sent from Germany, others from the US. They always arrived in a cardboard box (like the one you got), but the box was never wrapped in a plastic bag. You might wanna contact US customs or US postal services. I think the red stamp is from one of them.
  15. Pascal

    Memorial Day 2018 in Belgium

    Saturday, may 26th, 10AM, Memorial Day at Ardennes American Cemetery at Neupré. I had the distinct honor to work that day. Close to 2.000 people attended the ceremony. I'm deeply humbled to see that the reverence and the gratitude of the belgian people is as strong today as it was in 1944-45. We belgians will never forget the sacrifice of so many brave young americans. We will never forget the price of freedom. May God bless the men and women of the United States Armed Forces, and may God continue to bless the United States of America. After closing time, the visitors had left, the music and gun salutes had gone quiet, but the magic of the cemetery was as real as ever. May we always remember the price that was paid by so many for our freedom. Sincerely Pascal