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  1. Pascal

    1/18 Ferrari 333SP, Daytona 24hrs 1998

    Thx mate ! Update : The 333SP has a diagonal bar that sits in front of the big airscoop : Hotwheels made this bar run thru the airscoop in stead of in front of it. First task was to plug the hole : Then remove enough plastic to make room for the bar : I drilled a hole on the left side, made the strange contraption that holds the bar on the right side : Looks rough, needs some filler and sanding : Dryfit with the new bar : This (the clear part) is all that remains of the original Hotwheels side-window, I used my mill to make a ledge that will hold the new side-window : Sincerely Pascal
  2. Pascal

    1/18 Ferrari 333SP, Daytona 24hrs 1998

    Update. No matter how much detail you add to a model, the thing that will always draw everyone's attention is the body. Spend a lot of hour getting the fit between the engine lid and the body as tight as possible. The tiny gaps that are still there will be filled by the primer, paint and clear coats : I didn't like the way Hotwheels fixed the big plastic airscoop to the body. It was sealed to the body using heat, but it was fixed about 1,5 mm to far aft. I did quite a few modifications to the plastic airscoop (it's black plastic) and glued it in place. Then followed a couple of rounds of putty and sanding. It needs a bit more sanding to smooth out the gaps : Removal of more unwanted zamac. Before : And after : Small update, but the result of endless dryfitting and modifying. Sincerely Pascal
  3. Pascal

    Kids and the future of modelling

    Well done Tom !
  4. Hakata has these colors : HTK-A154 – White Grey – FS36628, used in so-called „Blizzard” and „Digital Splinter” schemes of USAF aggressors’ F-16s and F-15s HTK-A155 - Air Superiority Blue – FS35450, used in so-called „Blue Flanker” scheme of F-16s of 18th and 64th and F-15s of 65th USAF Aggressor Sqdns HTK-A054 – Grey – FS36270, used in so-called „Blue Flanker” and „Blizzard” schemes of USAF aggressors’ F-16s (18th and 64th AGRS) HTK-A156 – Aggressor Blue – FS35109, used in „Blue Flanker”, „Blizzard” and „Digital Splinter” schemes of USAF aggressors’ F-15s and F-16s HTK-A157 – Aggressor Grey – FS36251, used in „Digital Splinter” (F-15), „Blue Flanker” (F-15 leading edges, F-16 radome) and „Blizzard” (F-16) schemes HTK-A158 – Mod Eagle Grey – FS36176, colour of radome in so-called „Blue Flanker” and „Digital Splinter” schemes of USAF aggressors’ F-15s
  5. Pascal

    F-104G Seat

    I found this on German Starfighters : The contract to change from C2 to GQ-7 was signed on march 8th 1967. The actual change took about 1 year. First German ejection with a GQ-7 was on september 24th 1968.
  6. Pascal

    Revell USA rises like a Phoenix....

    Indeed they are ! I just bought an original Monogram 1/48 F-14A Tomcat. Got the same kit from my mom in 1984 while we were visiting our uncle at Rammstein Airbase in Germany. Brings back some great memories.
  7. Pascal

    reccommended 1/48 phantom kits and intakes

    I like the Monogram F-4 kits. They need a fair amount of TLC, but they still build into a nice model.
  8. Pascal

    Beware naked images

    Great photos Tony. A Beech 18 in 1/32 would be nice !
  9. Pascal

    happy B-day Out2gtcha

    Happy Birthday Brian !
  10. Pascal

    Is there a good 1/32 jeep?

    New Ray makes this :
  11. Pascal

    Funny on me.....and a plug for LSP!

    Thank you for your service Tim.
  12. Pascal

    F-14A bu/no 158988

    Thx for the photo Maxim. Yes the gun gas vents and wide boat tail, I got that from your earlier post. This photo clearly shows the differences the aicraft markings and the decal sheet. (No black paint around the canopy, etc.) I dont see any white paint on the aircraft (the one to the left clearly shows the white on the bottom part of Navy) Could 158998 have been painted without the white undersides ? And would the color be the same as on the topside of the airplane ?
  13. Pascal

    F-14A bu/no 158988

    Thx for the tip Jen. What I've found sofar is that in 1977 some VF-2 tomcats were working with VX-4 do to some tests. There's quite a lot of differences between the decals and the 1 photo that I've got. I will ask camdecals if they have photos on which they based their decals.
  14. Pascal

    F-14A bu/no 158988

    Thx Maxim, Could it be a block 70 ? With the second beaver tail in this drawing ? for reference purposes only
  15. Pascal

    F-14A bu/no 158988

    Hi, I bought these decals for a future 1/32 scale F-14A tomcat project : Did a search on the WWW to find photos of this aircraft with these markings, but came up short. I DID find 1 photo in a book (Grumman F-14 Tomcat Shipborne superfighter, Warplane Classics / World Airpower Journal), the caption under the photo says : "Seen in august 1977, this "Bullets" F-14A wears a variation of the original squadron colour scheme with the traditional squadron badge displacing the tailcodes onto the inner faces of the tailfins." But the photo clearly shows that the text : USS Enterprise is on the inner side of the fins. Can anyone help me with photos of this aircraft in these markings, and can anyone tell me what "block" this F-14A is ? All help is welcome. Sincerely Pascal