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  1. Very nice work Max. Where can one buy that figure ? Sincerely Pascal
  2. When you have the honor to work at a WW2 American Cemetery, every day is special. But every now and then something truly remarkable happens. The following is taken from the dpaa.mil website : In September 1944, Mills was a member of the 319th Glider Field Artillery Battalion, 82nd Airborne Division, which participated in Operation Market Garden, the invasion of the German-occupied Netherlands. On Sept. 18, 1944, Mills was reported missing in action in the vicinity of Wyler and Zyfflich, Germany. Because of enemy control of the area, an immediate search for Mills was not possible. After the war, the Army found no evidence that Mills had survived the landing or been captured. Following the end of hostilities, the American Graves Registration Command (AGRC), U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps, was tasked with investigating and recovering deceased and missing American personnel in the European Theater. During the course of these operations, units recovered thousands of unknown sets of remains. One set, designated Unknown X-2566 Neuville, was recovered from an isolated grave near a downed glider. The remains could not be identified and were subsequently buried as an Unknown at the Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and Memorial in Hombourg, Belgium. Following thorough analysis of military records and AGRC documentation by DPAA historians and scientists, which suggested a strong association between X-2566 Neuville and Mills, the remains were disinterred in June 2017 and sent to DPAA for analysis. PFC Clifford Mills had been resting at Henri-Chapelle since august 2nd 1950. He was in Plot G, Row 8, Grave 72. I'm deeply humbled to be able to stand on the shoulders of giants like him and I'm very happy that he was indentified and that he returned home. Rest in peace, your sacrifice will never be forgotten. Sincerely Pascal
  3. Funny, I spent a couple of hours reading your wip this afternoon. This is what I found on Dixie Boy : 2012: Feb, repaint, 361st FG, 375th FS colours and new name of "Miss Kandy" : For reference purpose only Most recent photos that I found are from 2015, apparently it was owned by Darren Morre, Torrence California, Reg. No. N5444V There's also this (but I have no idea what it means) : 1 February 2017 To Darren C. Morre Trustee, RCH Palos VRD, CA.
  4. Hi Danny, where do you order those sheets ? Sincerely Pascal
  5. Just saw this on the Red Pegasus Decals website : Thank you for your interest in Red Pegasus Decals! The decal catalog of Red Pegasus Decals has been transferred to Greg Drawbaugh who operates DRAW Decals. As time permits, Mr. Drawbaugh will be updating the Red Pegasus art to their current process to provide the highest quality product. We are very happy that Mr. Drawbaugh has agreed to preserve the work of the late Keith Davidson and breathe new life into his artwork. DRAW Decal’s website is: drawdecal.com.
  6. I hope to have more free time in 2019, really would like to finish this build this year. One of the things that make this car unique are the vertical "fins" that are located just behind the front wheels : The fins come with this little PE-set from Legende Miniatures : There's no way I can glue these little pieces of flat PE to the body. So I soldered a couple of metal strips to the top and bottom : To hold the metal pieces in place, I clamped them on a piece of aluminium plate that was bend in a 90° angle. This way it was just a matter of putting some flux and solder on the joint, use the "creme brulee" torch and voila : a solid bond : Dryfit on the body : At the rear the shocks are attached to a "kidney" shaped piece of black plastic. The rod ends and tubes that I made earlier were to big, I couldn't fit them on the rear suspension without hitting the driveshaft. This time I used a tube of smaller diameter (about half of the first version) and soldered a tiny brass ring to a piece of copper wire to make the rod ends. I'll have to make a couple more cause the copper wire is not in the middle of the brass ring : The kidney shaped part received another hole, this will hold a hexgonal bolt : Turned the lid (3mm diameter) from an aluminium rod with my lathe : A dryfit shows the hexagonal bolt in the lid. The head of the bolt is 1mm wide, but's it's to big. I will replace it with a 0,8mm bolt : In the end, it should look like this : Sincerely Pascal
  7. I use my dremel 300 series on plastics, metals and wood. My trick to prevent the plastic from melting, is using moderate to high speed but letting the business end of the tool only touch the plastic for a couple of seconds. I mostly use diamond coated toolbits. The ball shaped ones are great for thinning plastic. Just make sure you move it around a lot, so it can "scrape" the plastic instead of "biting" into it. Sincerely Pascal
  8. Hi Roy, I've been using a couple of Dremel tools (with the flexible shaft) for over 10 years. They work great for sanding and drilling plastic and resin. In my opinion it's not the high rpm that causes the melting, it's the amount of pressure that you apply. For drilling I apply just a little pressure and let the drillbit do it's job. For sanding I never let the sanding tool stay in contact with plastic / resin for more then a few seconds. HTH Sincerely Pascal
  9. No need to apologize Kev. This fantastic forum is online 365 days a year, I'm sure we can all manage a 12 hour breakdown. Thank you and all the admins and moderators for all that you do everyday to make this forum our second home. Sincerely Pascal
  10. 1/24 ? Hmmm, ..... Jaguar D-type ? Triumph Spitfire ? Ok, I'll let myself out.
  11. Yes I need artwork to cut masks or to have decals printed for this Spitfire in scale 1/32 : for reference only PS : I have the logo and the Cogea letters, I need the blue lines and the OO-ARA.
  12. I'm looking for someone that can make some artwork. The artwork are some lines that end in a kind of "sharktail". I have a set of decals that has 90% of the artwork. Can anyone help me ? Sincerely Pascal
  13. Great to see you're doing well ! LSP stands for Large Scale Pals
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