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  1. Looks great. Love the weathering.
  2. Well it's a pity you didn't inform us about it then. Luckily Dave had a different idea ...
  3. Portavi lacrimis, vale amicus.
  4. SpaceX has bought the entire stock and is launching them into orbit as we speak...
  5. That is not true, or at least it's not entirely true. The guards were US Military Police, aided by former soldiers from the Baltic states like Latvia and Estonia. It is true that these soldiers served in Waffen SS units, but it is widely recognised that they were not involved in the atrocities committed by regular SS units. These men guarded US facilities, the Palace of Justice, etc. , but not the german prisoners.
  6. Wait, WHAT ? There's English humour ??? But seriously, Of course we (THE) Belgians know history a lot better. In 2014 there was the Miss Belgium pageant show, during the interview with one of the candidates the following question was asked : "How long ago did the First World War start ?" The girl answered : "10 years ago !"
  7. Update : I used Humbrol 106 Ocean Grey applied with a sponge and a black spraycan. The grey was sanded to remove the gloss, the black received a matt coat and was then polished to give it a satin look. I was going for a "used" interior, quite happy with the result. The tubes for the radiators are dryfitted : Last photo shows that I need to touch up the black on the left side. Next step will be the fitting of the tubes that form the frame. Sincerely Pasc
  8. There's actually a huge difference between the 2, but this is a modeling forum so I'll keep it short : Ego CAN motivate you but it will bite you if you don't succeed. Pride WILL motivate you and can give you satisfaction no matter what the result is.
  9. Expectations are driven and judged by ego. Reality is driven and judged by pride. Or at least that's the way it should be. If you expect to be the best in everything you do, that's your ego talking bull. If you realize that it feels good to have done or tried something, that's your pride talking. I try everyday not to be driven by ego but by pride. For me, life is all about opportunities. When I try something new, I try not to think that I might not be good enough. Hell, it feels really good just to try something, just for the sake of
  10. Thx mates ! Something was way off, but I couldn't put my finger on it. With the help of some reference photos, I finally found the problem and it's a big one. The sides of the interior are way to wide : I used the Solido parts as a guide, but those are about double as wide as on the real car : If I paint these sides black, it will give the model a wrong look. The outer part of the sides need to be white like the body :
  11. Small update ,but a major leap towards saving this model from last friday's tragedy. In order to fit the new interior, I had to remove almost 5 mm of plastic from the inside of the wheel wells : The tubes (aluminium wire from the flower shop) have had their yellow coating removed. Dryfit in the new interior : Dryfit with some of the scratchbuild / modified parts : I used self adhesive felt to cover the inside of the seat :
  12. So, friday was a total disaster... But I've worked a lot of hours during the past 3 days, this is the result sofar : Strange how this photo makes it all look bent and crooked : Started making the fire extinguishers : Used some self-adhesive bandage to wrap around the seat : When the bandage will be painted black it will look just like the rough surface on the seat of the real car :
  13. When Murphy strikes, he strikes hard ! If you put a primed piece of plastic (in this case the interior in an oven, you get a nice hard painted finish. BUT, if your oven turns out to be a grill (heating tubes bottom and top side), you get a completely deformed piece of plastic : I asked Solido if I could buy a replacement part, guess what the answer was... It's a shame that so many diecast companies refuse to help their customers. I can buy nearly every single sprue from Tamiya, even if t
  14. Nice video and nice work. Curious to find out how the fit will be between the top of the nose/fuselage and the nose itself.
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