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  1. Oh come on now! That will definitely.............................................. Never Mind!
  2. Hi Tom, Really suffering BUFF withdraw over here!!! Any news or updates on this beauty?? Thanks and Keep Well!
  3. I have good friends in Cali and Oregon all being heavily effected by this! My prayers are for everyone being involved in this national tragedy. It reminds me especially of one of our members here, Paul Fisher who lost everything in Paradise, California.
  4. Whoa! Serious modelling transformation!
  5. You won't regret the purchase of this book from DACO.
  6. Sorry, but count me out after I see the price conversion of over $200.00! I think I will still keep my older kit and its resin bits to build.
  7. Stellar Build! How did you like using the Quinta Decals?
  8. Phabulous! Stellar job on your workmanship! That will look so nice when finished off and sitting on my "Shelf"!
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