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  1. Michael931080

    Hawker Hunter Revell 1:32

    Nicely done, really like the subtle weathering on the model.
  2. Michael931080

    Second mirage pilot, stepping out, by Reedoak

    Any chance Norbert for a Swiss Pilot?
  3. Michael931080

    Just ‘cause it’s purdy....

    I'm in Heaven! More please!
  4. Michael931080

    Just ‘cause it’s purdy....

    Very nice indeed! Any more Rhino's in these color's you wish to share with us Jennings?? Please!
  5. Michael931080

    Second mirage pilot, stepping out, by Reedoak

    Any chances of doing a Swiss Version of the Mirage Pilot Norbert?
  6. Michael931080

    FIAT G.91 R/1B 1/32nd DAYGLO MODELS

    What a beautiful masterpiece you have built Piero! Truly something you can proudly add next to your amazing collection of Harrier’s! I’m in awe of your talent.
  7. Michael931080

    Plane Savers

    Thanks for posting this - enjoyed the first episodes!
  8. Michael931080

    "They Shall Not Grow Old" - wow!!

    Took my Father-in-law to see this on the 27th. His Father was in the First World War, and he came away himself with a new respect for his own Father. Quite a moving piece and the thirty minute doc that followed was very well received by those that stayed.
  9. Michael931080

    Cold War Studio

    Hi, thank you for the quick response and to you as well a very Happy New Year!
  10. Michael931080

    Cold War Studio

    Hi CW, do you have a timeframe yet on the MiG 29UB Cockpit set?
  11. Michael931080

    Make the others jealous

    Geeez Carl, you could strap the PG Millennium Falcon to that Lanc when it’s done and call it a day!
  12. Michael931080

    Lethal B2

    Knock, Knock,.........who’s there?..................BOOOOOOOM!!
  13. Michael931080

    IAF F-4E Peace Jack

    Oooops, did not see that! Thnx!
  14. Michael931080

    IAF F-4E Peace Jack

    Gary, when are you possibly thinking of releasing this set?
  15. Michael931080

    Pilot forgets to strap passenger to hang glider

    They just had a court case in British Columbia with the exact same situation but unfortunately the passenger a young female perished because the Glider Pilot, an instructor did not check that she was secured properly and she fell to her death. Very tragic.