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  1. Beautiful Job! One quick question, how did you recover the lost rivet details on the forward fuselage?
  2. So are these corrected AIM 54 PALLETS for the Tamiya kit in 1/32 or for the Trumpeter kit?
  3. Totally Agree! Awesome, to see the Connie back on the bench again! Can hardly wait to see you hang those Engines on it!
  4. I Feel The Need, The Need For...………………………………….
  5. Nice pics of “Ghost Rider” !! It’s great to see this was the first of two regenerated BUFF’S from AMARG. Tom your build is really coming along nicely now! The end of the road is in sight would you say? Keep us updated! Michael
  6. Gorgeous build! Weathering looks spot on to me!
  7. What an amazing story and very inspirational to a lot of young people!
  8. Thanks for pointing those out Vandy! I think I will look into a couple of sets of those and see if I can mix and match the poses to make some different crews! Michael,
  9. Chuck with all the work you have done on this kit so far it has turned out amazing! But, to be totally honest with you after seeing all the “flaws” that are in this kit, personally I will stick with my old Hasegawa kit and do my best with that one. It will never be in the same caliber as yours but you sure have taken a cows ear and turned it into a silk purse!
  10. I think if you look at Josh’s eyes at the end of the video one was a little wonky like it was stuck from all the G’s they pulled!
  11. You got rid of your Guppy??? Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! It was looking so good, why?
  12. Nice finish to that beautiful 88! Just finished reading the entire build! A very good read.
  13. Wow, that 104 and Tomcat are stellar!
  14. Abe, you work with trains and you hate them? Oh my gosh my good man, why?
  15. Wow, that is very nice! Gorgeous finish and I like the markings you used on it too!
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