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  1. Not something you want to see as a passenger. Great Job to the Flight Crew!
  2. Hi Greg, Sorry to hear about you not feeling well and the surgery! Glad you're on the mend and enjoying the relaxing time! Just take your time and enjoy. All the best, Michael
  3. Hi GDW, any recent updates on your EggPlane Phantom???
  4. What a Great Set of Photo's!!! Thanks for sharing them.
  5. Sweet Geez Pete!!! That is a show stopper right there!
  6. Damn Pete! That is incredible! Where are you going to put it when you're done?
  7. What an absolute stellar build! That is one very beautiful KURNASS!
  8. Nice Kit! I have the same one also. I would hate to see this beast scaled up to 1/48 or larger! Maybe 1/72, as it is bigger than the B-1B might make for a bit of a space monger!
  9. It really depends on what you are looking for. Can you be more specific please?
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