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  1. Oh My Gosh Carl! You Are Insane! First the PG Falcon! Now the VF-1??? You are going to have to clear out your side of the garage for sure and build a showroom for all your finished kits!
  2. Personally speaking, having received my set of Zacto Missiles. These are the finest on the market. Well made, well casted, and most of all, well researched!
  3. Oh that is so sweet! Great looking natural metal finish! Sure looks like it has weathered the storm a few times.
  4. Well, there goes the neighbourhood! Outstanding build once again Chuck, and I will be forwarding all my kits to you in the following days as I’m now looking at getting into something less stressful. Drooling! Thanks for sharing that beautiful MiG! Because I was inverted! Maverick
  5. Definitely going to be unique, for sure!
  6. Ouch, that’s not good! Hoping he pulls through Jennings!
  7. It’s the secret lair of HPH Models!
  8. Where did you find the gear for your HK Mitchell? I looked everywhere and had no luck.
  9. How did I miss this one? Gorgeous build!
  10. So, so shocked and saddened by this tragic loss.
  11. Spectacular build! I have to agree with Iain on this one, it seems like only yesterday they just started service and now........
  12. Where does one order this beautiful piece from please??? Thanks!
  13. Definitely after hours, no crowds and no photographers in sight! Who would miss this!
  14. Sorry for your loss Jennings. The best thing at this time is to remember is you got there to see her just before she passed. She was in good spirits and to think she probably wanted you to see her that way and to keep that memory of her. Time works in mystery ways and we don’t know why we are there for things, but this was probably one of those times. Michael
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