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  1. Might have been doing some runs up to Holloman to engage some QF-16’s now that the 4’s are all gone.
  2. Nicely Done! Much better turn out than the actual photograph of the real deal!
  3. Stunning Finish! My favourite scheme of the CF-18’s that we have done to date!
  4. How low can you go, how low can you go!
  5. Jake, how much info did you manage to get on the QF-16’s?
  6. Incredible to see what he accomplished, but you have to wonder what happened to the man himself?
  7. Tim, where did you hear this about a correction for the ZM kit? I’m really curious on that one because I have one in the stash. Thanks,
  8. Ah Bill, go against the grain buddy! Grow some **lls and build the Super Hornet! Or just be normal and build want you want to build.
  9. Thank you kindly for that information. I checked out the website. Wow, what a lot of different aircraft listed on there. Again thanks for the help!
  10. Incredible build, I like how you showed the use of the Barracuda correction sets. I have one question for you on the wings. Where did you find the information about the length of the wings to correct the short comings of the kit? Thanks!
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