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  1. What happened to Zotz Decals? Did he close up shop?
  2. Hey there!!! Real locomotives had rivets, lots of rivets!!! And a boiler just like the Titanic!!
  3. I'm trying to find the manufacturer who makes Resin Switches and Knobs in both 1/32 and 1/48 scale. These were ideal for cockpit detailing in both scales. I also think they made connectors and spark plugs as well in both scales. Thanks
  4. Fantastic News!!!! I'm really happy you finished this project as too many folks start and announce items that unfortunately never seem to reach the 'Finish' line. I can honestly say that I will be definitely getting this upgrade as I have always had the proverbial 'soft spot' for anything A-4 Down Under wise!
  5. Hi, Sometime ago here on the boards I was reading that someone was doing an update set for doing Aussie/New Zealand A-4 ‘Scooters’ that was going to have the corrected cockpit instrument panel and a few other bits and bobs. What ever happened with this? Does anyone know?? I was very interested in getting these sets. Thanks
  6. Hi Pup7309, I saw that exact same documentary that you are talking about. My wife actually brought it to my attention when she came across it. Fascinating how they showed pictures of the Titanic and the “scorch/burn” marks clearly in said pictures as she left port on that faithful voyage. Something which will never be proven after all these years. But still nice to see this kit finally released.
  7. Have you considered doing a 1/48 OV-10 gear set? This would be ideal for the older Testors kit!
  8. Wheels and Wings in Toronto, Ontario Canada carries them. Hannants as well. I know for sure about Wheels and Wings as I have bought them there. My mistake about Sprue Bro’s. HTH
  9. Nice pics of the Ex-Thunderbird! And of the Pima bird details.
  10. Nice selection of markings! And you even have -5N on the sheet too! That would work nicely with the conversion that’s available too!
  11. That’s a really simple and neat conversion! Hmmmm, might be something I might consider for my Hellcat!
  12. The HMH Book is the definite book to get, hands down. The Kagero Topshots Book was/is good for its time of the first batch of Typhoons. The other suggestion I would personally make to give you some different angles is the internet for pictures taken from places like MACH Loop. I must have amassed hundreds of pictures of Typhoons from all over showing great head-on shots, looking down from above, and finally end of the runway shots with and without load outs!
  13. Is this the jet known as “Dark Vader”?? If so I might be interested in a set.
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