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  1. Hi Jan, Just received my order yesterday! Beautiful pieces as always! Looking forward to seeing what you pop out next that I can use! All the best!
  2. Update from the Navy Wings Website: Sea Fury T.20 VX281 Update - Navy Wings
  3. I wonder if Viking Aircraft has actually tossed this idea around yet?
  4. Hi Chuck, if I can ask about Adriatic resin is this a "New" aftermarket company? I like the items he has done for the Hellcat and would like to get some of those bits for my build. (Eventually)
  5. What's wrong with MENG's Me 163?? I thought it was the rage when it came out.
  6. Hi Dave, I watched several videos yesterday from different angles and I really give kudos to this pilot for a) ditching in the water safely and quickly, and b) if you have seen any other videos from yesterday, prior to the actual water landing he actually pulled up slightly because he indeed spotted swimmers in his line of flight. This guy showed a text book water ditching in the TBM. Cheers,
  7. Absolutely a Show Stopper Pete! Was a real pleasure to watch you knock this one out of the park!
  8. Stellar Job Pete! Really hope this model gets some publication love for the rest of the world to see your incredible work!
  9. Thanks Norbert, That is exactly what I was hoping for on the changes for the two mentioned aircraft! All the best! Michael
  10. Hi Norbert, is it possible to do a US Air Force Pilot with the JHMCS version other than on the F-16 style body?? Would love one or two for the A-10 and the F-15C's. Thanks Kindly, Michael Waiting to receive my newest order placed!
  11. Hi Jennings, I got the main rotor and tail rotor set from Reskit and they are gorgeous! Do you have a link for the decal set of the rivets. I looked on Arma Models website and couldn’t find it. Also the parts you got from Russia. If you don’t mind. Thanks
  12. Looks amazing! Just one question for you, how do you keep the paint off of your jig?
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