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  1. Michael931080

    Cy 57

    Really like the new paint scheme on them!
  2. Michael931080

    Scale Modelworld Telford 2018

    Geeezzz! Look at that Hellcat! That is a shocker from Airfix for sure.
  3. Michael931080

    Scale Modelworld Telford 2018

    Wow, wish I was there! Remember folks, take lots of pictures and not just of LSP! But of everything, so those of us not there can cry in our spilt beer and glue!
  4. Michael931080

    The "wants" list...

    Well, Mike like you I too was looking forward to the release of the 1/35 Dragon AT-AT but sadly they lost the rights to Star Wars prouducts so the Walkers have been obliterated.
  5. Michael931080

    Telford - HELP! Favour!

    Thanks folks for the replies, someone has been kind enough to help me out with what I needed. Someday, I hope to repay the favour for to someone when I go over to Telford.
  6. Michael931080

    L-39 gear up landing

    Glad you and the student are okay Pete but sorry the plane got scratched up like this! Goes to show all your training has paid off and your nerves of steel prevailed. How soon do you think you will have the plane flying again?
  7. Michael931080

    Telford - HELP! Favour!

    I’m looking for someone to “help” me out with a big favour at the show. Unfortunately living on this side of the pond and not being able to attend this show I would like to purchase something from a vendor that is going to be there, so I really need to ask a BIG Favour of our English Members if they can help me out on this. If you are definitely going on Saturday to the show can you please contact me off board so we can discuss the details. Thanks greatly,
  8. Michael931080

    Make the others jealous

    No Carl, not the Falcon!
  9. Got my two sets today! Absolutely stunning work. Looking forward to using these on a future F-4 build. On a side note, the casting are absolutely impeccable! The cleanest I have seen in a very long time. Cheers,
  10. Michael931080

    AIMS Products

    Has anyone had any luck contacting AIMS lately? I have tried through Facebook, here and have no luck with either messaging system. I’m trying to find out about a couple of their products to purchase. Any help in contacting them would be greatly appreciative!
  11. Totally Gobsmacked!
  12. Besides a arm, leg and possibly a kidney who knows Mike? I know I read somewhere a few months back that some company was interested in doing a new cad version/resin conversion of the F4H-1, but nothing since.
  13. Michael931080

    Make the others jealous

    Carl, the Dog is giving you the look of "guilt" on your purchases!
  14. Michael931080

    AFV Club is doing a new 1/48 U-2A!!

    Just a Lovely (Dragon)Lady!
  15. Michael931080

    Anyone for an RNZAF Skyhawk 'Kahu' panel and HUD?

    WOWZER! This looks more and more amazing every time you post pics! I can hardly wait for the end product!