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  1. This is an incredible build Tom! Each posting is amazing and your showing such detail in this.
  2. How is the Eurofighter Typhoon book? I’ve been on the fence about buying it ever since I got stung on one of their other titles being really badly done.
  3. WOW! What an incredible series of updates Tom, and now I'm sadden to hear it will slow down for a while. This has been a real joy and inspiration to watch these last few days. I truly hope you can get back to this soon. Michael
  4. So who does a corrected prop for the HK B-25’s then? Nice work so far on this build Thomas!
  5. Incredible progress Tom, you’re really making good headway on this now!
  6. Nice kits, did you buy these online or from a sale?
  7. ‘Have to agree with you, I picked one up a couple of years ago at a show and I’m glad I did.
  8. It’s really starting to take on its own life now Tom. Pretty soon you’re going to be posting pictures of it sitting on the gear, and saying it really wasn’t all that bad after all!
  9. Might have been doing some runs up to Holloman to engage some QF-16’s now that the 4’s are all gone.
  10. That looks incredible - and pretty much spot on!
  11. Nicely Done! Much better turn out than the actual photograph of the real deal!
  12. Stunning Finish! My favourite scheme of the CF-18’s that we have done to date!
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