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  1. Brilliant result, Bruce! Congrats on a well-crafted build. Kev
  2. Great to see this one back and in the home stretch, Kent! Kev
  3. Just brilliant, Bruce! Kev
  4. Wow, that pilot figure is starting to look really good! Kev
  5. Those landing gear bays are fantastic, Bryan! Kev
  6. Welcome aboard, Stefan! I can't help you with your question, but I'm sure many of our more knowledgeable members will be along shortly to help you. Rick has already given you a good start. Kev
  7. Thanks for pointing this out, Steve. I've gone back and removed this member's posts, and will follow suit with the member himself very shortly. And I think this thread is well past its use-by date, too! Kev
  8. Howdy folks, Kevin Williams takes a look at a new book covering the Tornado: HMH Publications Aircraft in detail #005: Panavia Tornado Thanks, Kevin! And thanks to HMH Publications for the review sample. Kev
  9. It was that particular member's very first post here, so perhaps that could explain it. Either they were lost, or they're a spammer posting randomly to see out the moderation period. Kev
  10. Fantastic progress, Matt. Inspirational paint work. Kev
  11. This is looking superb, Bruce! Kev
  12. Terrific work, Guy! Looks great so far. Kev
  13. Howdy folks, I've just published the latest What's New update. Enjoy! Kev
  14. Looks amazing, Chris! Congrats for bringing it over the line in such outstanding fashion. Actually, we prefer that you don't create RFI threads for GB entries, as they get their own entry in the dedicated GB Gallery thread. Kev
  15. Sad news indeed. Burl wasn't terribly active here, but did post occasionally. My condolences to his friends and family. Kev
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