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  1. Thanks, Aaron! All credit goes to Kent for his amazing builds, though. May I quote you on the website? Kev
  2. Terrific work, John! Your stuff is just getting better and better. Kev
  3. There seems to be some confusion about what we're talking about here, Andriy. By "starting trolley", do you mean a launching dolly? To me, they're not the same thing, and I suspect other members aren't getting your meaning, either. The term "starting trolley" suggests something more like an airfield starter truck or similar, so it's a bit unclear what you mean exactly, I'm afraid. Kev
  4. I've just spoken very briefly with Robin about his Chipmunk kits, and apparently he's been caught out by COVID, and can't currently source enough casting materials to proceed with production. Once the situation allows it, I'm sure he'll be back in the swing of things. I guess we just have to be patient - like with everything else right now! Kev
  5. I’m pleased to announced that our latest Build Guide, Building the Fly Arado Ar 234 in 1/32 Scale, is now available! Written by Kent Karlsen, this 154-page eBook sees Kent build not one, but two examples of the Fly 1/32 scale Ar 234 kit—a superb diorama featuring an Ar 234B-2, and a no-less impression conversion to the four-engine Ar 234 V-6. The book costs 15 Australian dollars, and can be purchased and downloaded from our web store: https://www.klp.com.au/product/building-the-fly-arado-ar-234-in-1-32-scale/ Thanks as always for your support! Kev
  6. Looks great, Leo! Kev
  7. Wow! That's some amazing work, Jay. Kev
  8. Don't forget the Airfix kit! I have one in my display case that I mangled as my first-ever airliner build. Thinking of pulling it out and refurbishing it, actually. Kev
  9. Well, apparently my last name means "fodder for animals" in German. Sounds about right. Kev
  10. Not sure why, but I get a bit protective when I see Iain's name screwed up like that! Kev
  11. Those seats look brilliant, Kent! Very clever idea to print them as decals. Full steam ahead! Kev
  12. I’m pleased to announce that our eBook, Building the HpH Fw 189 ‘Uhu’ in 1/32 Scale by Jan Gabauer, has now been updated to version 1.2! v1.0 was first published back in June of 2018, we’ve now added a pair of appendices at the back of the book. One covers the only available aftermarket product for this already very complete kit, while the other lists as many relevant reference titles as we could find. Being a digital publication means this kind of update is very easy to do, and we will continue to update all our books in this fashion any time an applicable new product is released, or we find an error somewhere. This new update is free to download for anyone who has already purchased this book. If you have an account with us, simply log in and download a new copy of the book from Downloads section of your account. Otherwise, the download link contained in your original purchase notification email should still be valid. If neither of these scenarios applies to you, and you’d still like to download your updated copy, create a customer account here on the website, and then contact me so that I can associate your purchase with your new account. Once that is done, you can log in and download it from your purchase history. And of course, if you haven’t purchased Building the HpH Fw 189 ‘Uhu’ in 1/32 Scale at all yet, you’re more than welcome to do so! https://www.klp.com.au/product/building-the-hph-fw-189-uhu-in-132-scale/ Kev
  13. What an awesome cockpit! Kev
  14. What a clever idea, Pete! Brilliant, in fact. Kev
  15. Superb work, Jay! One of the best radial engines I've seen in any scale. Kev
  16. I haven't had any contact or information from Robin since my last update, unfortunately. I'll chase it up if I can. Kev
  17. We like to sneak an extra one in down under. Kev
  18. Howdy folks, A hefty What's New update today. Enjoy! Kev
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