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  1. Looks great, Randy! And welcome back! Kev
  2. Congrats on such a significant landmark in the build, Craig! Looking really good. Kev
  3. While probable and unfortunate, the reality is that all of our email addresses are readily available to any hacker via any number of easily obtainable databases. I personally receive around 200 spam emails daily. Kev
  4. Just expanding on the note above: the hackers triggered an admin function that sends an email notification to all members. As well as being supremely annoying, this also reached our daily quota of allowed emails within a couple of hours, and means that the forums can't send any more email notifications until the affected 24-hour period elapses. Kev
  5. That's because the hacker has already maxed out our allocated SMTP relays for the 24 hour period, so no more emails can go out for a good 20 hours or so. Kev
  6. Hi everyone, Many of you will be aware by now that we suffered a major hack some time in the last few hours. The only way I could regain control was to restore the forums from this morning's back up, but this means we've lost around 12 hours or so worth of posts. There was no way around this, unfortunately. It looks like many of use have lost our avatars, too. Hopefully the hackers have had their fun, and moved on. But there's also a chance they'll be back, so I recommend you all change your forum passwords just to be on the safe side, even though technically they're encrypted in the database. I have no idea how they got in, which makes it difficult to keep them out, but I'll do what I can to beef up security. This is our first major hack that I'm aware of in more than 20 years online. Kev
  7. Well, did that turn out terrifically! Great model, and the base looks great, too. Kev
  8. I'd say that's a fair summary of what they're aiming for. Though to be honest, I feel that Hasegawa kits are overpriced for what you get in the box these days. Kev
  9. Thanks, Chuck. I have the challenge of having to find a new house and move before I can really settle into things, but once I do, it'll be full steam ahead! Kev
  10. Howdy folks, I've just published the latest What's New update. Enjoy! Kev
  11. I'm just posting this on behalf of the folks over at HobbyLink Japan. There are over 7,000 items on sale RIGHT NOW at HobbyLink Japan -- but these discounts won't last forever! All in stock items are starting on sale, but sale quantities of each item are limited, so grab the hottest collectibles before they're gone! HobbyLink Japan's Summer Sale at HLJ.com starts at 11:00am, Thursday, September 16th, and runs to 11:00am Friday, September 24th (all Japan Standard Time, UTC + 9). To see what shipping methods are currently available to your area, please check out our shipping guide: https://www.hlj.com/shipping-from-hobbylink-japan https://www.hlj.com/fall-sale-2021 Kev
  12. Excellent progress, Brian! The Quinta details look great in place. My only doubt is the colouring of the seat belt hardware, but I'm sure they'll look fine on the finished model. Kev
  13. Just moved this here at Cal's request. Kev
  14. Fascinating project, Shogun! I built the Matchbox kit as a Mk 24 a few years back, and have another ready for the Freightdog Seafire conversion at some point, so I'll be following your progress with interest! You've already improved the look of the panel trenches dramatically. Kev
  15. Welcome back, Brian! I suspect the main issue you're seeing here is due to your image hosting being on an insecure server - which in this instance means one that isn't serving over HTTPS, but rather, plain old HTTP instead. What you're seeing is more of a browser issue than an LSP one; most modern browsers recently switched to not allowing mixed content by default, and by mixed content, I mean assets served via HTTP into a HTTPS page. Since LSP is served over HTTPS, your browser is refusing to load anything into it that is served over HTTP - such as your images. There's really only one way around this: get onto some secure hosting. Kev
  16. Excellent progress, Tom! What brand is the aerofoil tubing? Kev
  17. Oh, and if you want to remove those wings, just stick it in the freezer overnight. The cold will make the CA brittle, and the joins will snap like a twig. Kev
  18. Ouch! Does that mean you installed the flaps and ailerons on the wrong edge of the wings? Kev
  19. I don't see anything unrecoverable, Dave. What's up? Kev
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