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  1. I've just finished a marathon series of editing sessions to collate this thread into an article for the website: https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=3565 Kev
  2. Good news! Pete and I will be collaborating on producing an eBook of his build for KLP Publishing. It won't be super soon, as I have a number of projects ahead of it in the queue, but we've already got the cover nailed, so the rest should be easy! Stay tuned to the KLP website or Facebook page (and here on LSP) for more news as it happens. Kev
  3. That looks fantastic, Alex! In order to avoid the white fringing from the undercoat, I would have sprayed the silver paint last, after having painted and masked off all the coloured areas. Kev
  4. Amazing stuff, Geoff. Kev
  5. Looks great, Matt! I haven't generally liked the results I've seen online so far from those texture masks, but yours looks really good. Kev
  6. Very nicely done as always, Mike. Kev
  7. That looks great, Jeff! Love the paint and weathering on the prop and landing gear. Kev
  8. Just popping in with photographic evidence of my reattached engines: You can see the white acrylic putty (Vallejo) that I've used to fill the gaps around the reattached engine fronts. I've also attached the landing gear (sans wheels), but I reckon I might have messed up the nose gear, as the model sits a little nose high. Perhaps fitting the wheels will address this. This is really never going to be a very good model, but I'm hoping no one will notice by the time it's done. Kev
  9. Lovely work, Andy! The Corsair looks so cool in that scheme. Kev
  10. Well, just when I thought I was ready to make the leap to the painting stage with this one, and finally push one of my builds along, I notice that I'd glued all 4 engine fronts on upside down! I suppose I should be thankful that I noticed before it was too late to fix them, as I've now sawed them off and reattached them in the correct orientation. They're all a bit of a mess, however, so I'll let the glue set overnight for a stronger bond, and then take to repairing the joins tomorrow. No photos at this stage, but I'm hoping to show some paint on this one soon. Kev
  11. Howdy folks, I've just published the latest What's New update. Enjoy! Kev
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