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  1. Looks like that image is not being found currently. What kit is it? Kev
  2. And we're away! https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/forum/113-turning-japanese/ Kev
  3. Welcome to the Turning Japanese Group Build! This runs from 1 December 2022 until 31 May 2023, and encompasses any and all aircraft in Japanese markings. Captured aircraft in Japanese markings and those on the civil register are included. The LSP GB eligibility criteria are in effect for this one, meaning that entered builds must be less than 25% complete at the time of entry, and the kit must be 1/35 scale or larger. Have fun! Kev
  4. I can only speak to the product I use, which is AK Interactive's 'Black Widow' CA. It contains a small amount of rubber, and you'll sometimes see such CA formulations listed as 'rubberised'. This makes the cured product less hard and far less brittle, but also (in my experience) makes it a little stringy in application. I've only ever used it to fill gaps and panel lines, where its softer curing hardness and superior visibility make it a clear improvement over standard CA. I haven't been able to bring myself to trust it for joining parts, however, so its bond strength remains untested by me. Kev
  5. Jim, you could always sell the source STL files directly on a site such as CGTrader, without having to worry about the expense of getting Shapeways to print physical copies. Or just do both to cater to both markets. For those of us who already own printers, it's usually cheaper and more convenient to purchase the STL files and print the things ourselves. Kev
  6. As far as I'm aware, I have the only production copy that Robin produced before suffering a hand injury that prevented him from making any more. My most recent correspondences with him indicated that he had decided to remaster the kit to fix a few inaccuracies, but was struggling to acquire the necessary materials due to the pandemic. I really don't know where the project stands right now, and I really should pull out the kit I have and build it! Kev
  7. Good to see it back on the bench, Denzil! I've just merged your two previous threads into this one, so that we can preserve some continuity. Kev
  8. Thanks, fellas. @treker_ed: Volume 2 of the British Phantom series will be next, and should be available by the end of January! Kev
  9. Great model, Kriss. That paint job is so impressive. Kev
  10. Well done with that vac canopy, Andy! It's designed for the old Hasegawa kit, it's great that it fits the Revell kit too. Kev
  11. Fantastic stuff, Kent - and the base and figures set it off beautifully. Kev
  12. I’m pleased to announce that our next title, Building the Airfix F6F-5 Hellcat in 1/24 Scale by our own Chuck Sawyer, has now reached the first draft stage, and is on schedule for publication in the next two weeks. I appreciate that “first draft” sounds like “half way”, but in reality, the book only needs a few tweaks and some spit and polish at this point. Stay tuned for a release announcement soon! Kev
  13. Great work, Tomas! The subtle highlighting you do in your paint work is both impressive and effective. Kev
  14. I think @Andreas Beck already hinted that a Mk I is planned. Kev
  15. OK fellas, I've gone and done just that. Most of the early gnashing of teeth over the dihedral has been cleaned up, and those posts that veered into discussing the Hurricane more broadly have been moved into the following thread in Aviation Discussion: This is necessarily an imperfect process, so I apologise if I've butchered any of the content at either end. But the upshot is this: please continue discussion of the new Revell Hurricane in this thread, and the pursuit of information regarding the Hawker Hurricane generally in the new one linked above. Kev
  16. Looks great, Mike! Love the weathering up front. Kev
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