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  1. Interesting project! Not quite an LSP, however, so I've just moved it here to the Non-LSP Works section. Kev
  2. I take it this is "just" a scratch-build project, and not an impending kit? Here's a slightly more direct version of Alain's link: https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=2513 Kev
  3. Hi Chuck, I've removed the errant link from your paragraph of text, but couldn't fix the image links because, as Gaz says, they give a 404 error (not found). The trick is to not use HTML text links, but only the direct URL to the image. Paste that in to the post edit window, and the forum software will automatically load the image for you. Kev
  4. Howdy folks, Just a small but well-formed What's New update today. Enjoy! Kev
  5. While I don't use it myself, I believe Flickr has a limit of 1000 images for free accounts. Bear in mind that for less money than you were paying for Photobucket, sites like ImageShack offer unlimited hosting, so I think that's worth investigating to be honest. Kev
  6. Howdy folks, Ray takes a look at the Yak-25M kit from LEM Kits: LEM Kits 32022: Yak-25M Thanks, Ray! Kev
  7. Imgur is the main free one, but I decided to go with a paid service after the Photobucket debacle (even though I had a paid account there, too). I figure a provider who only has paid accounts is less likely to repeat the stunt that PB pulled on us. I use ImageShack, too. I forget how much it is, but it's pretty cheap (maybe US$30 per year?). They're all web-based, so as long as your device OS supports modern browsers, they'll all work equally well (or poorly) on your Linux system. Kev
  8. Very exacting work as always, Wolf! I'm also sorry to hear about your layoff, but as you say, hopefully it's just a temporary thing. Oh, and you should lay off Photobucket, too! Any number of better choices around these days. Kev
  9. Looks great, Chuck! I also have plenty of left-overs if you need any. Kev
  10. There's also one from Hobby Boss. I have both, but have yet to build either. A few years ago, I did convert the ancient Monogram kit to an FM-2, however: This build got me excited for trying the same thing in 1/32 scale with the Revell kit. Still yet to do that, too. Kev
  11. That's up there with the best Corsair builds I've seen, Brett! Kev
  12. Maybe, Dale - maybe! Kev
  13. The special reboxes with the figures, and the weird Gotha GWD kits are the only ones I can think of. Kev
  14. I doubt it. I haven't received anything from them in over a year now. Kev
  15. Thanks, Ray. I've got a box of Revell Wildcats that equates to roughly 4-and-a-bit kits, so I should be OK. But I'll call on you if I need to. I'm pretty sure I even bought the correct Vector (or Quickboost?) engine in anticipation. Kev
  16. Welcome aboard, Gary! You've picked a great kit to debut with. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it! Kev
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