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  1. Looking good! I just edited your post to fix the image link. Kev
  2. Superb work, Mark! Really love the combination of materials you use. Kev
  3. Here's the thread I mentioned: Unfortunately most of the images have been Photobucketed. Kev
  4. What fantastic little publications those Kookaburra books were! I still have several, including that Fw 190 book. Kev
  5. I think the main issue you had with the panel lines is not leaving the sprue goo to cure for long enough. There's an old thread in the techniques forum where a member outlines his experiments with various melted sprue filler concoctions, and the general consensus was it had to be left alone for extraordinary lengths of time - weeks, sometimes! I'd have given yours a few days at least before attempting to scribe through it, John. Still, it's all looking pretty good! Kev
  6. Wonderful build, Max! It turned out brilliantly. Kev
  7. For all lacquers, enamels, and alcohol-based acrylics, I use lacquer thinners for clean up. Kev
  8. That looks like the typical gouge you get when clipping the parts of the sprues. I get 'em all the time, and they can sneak past you if you're not vigilant! Kev
  9. The numeric designation just represents the size in millitres of the bottle it comes in: It's all Mr. Color Thinner (Leveling or otherwise). Mine is 250 (being a 250ml bottle): Kev
  10. Brendan's method is excellent, and also shows that if you want to go from 1:1 to 1:32, simply divide the 1:1 measurement by 32 (or whatever scale you're aiming for). If you want a generic multiplier to work with, 1/32 scale is 1.5 times the linear size of 1/48 scale. So, simply multiply your 1/48 scale measurement by 1.5 (or 150%) to arrive at the 1/32 scale figure. This is especially useful if you have 1/48 scale plans, and want to enlarge them to 1/32 scale. Kev
  11. Thanks, Brett. My description refers to the model, rather than the aircraft itself. And for that story, I'll have to refer you to the build thread. It's a doozy! Kev
  12. Welcome aboard! I've just moved your thread over to the modelling Q&A section, where it more appropriately belongs. I reviewed a selection of the AKI Real Colors paints last year: https://www.largescaleplanes.com/reviews/review.php?rid=2206 Kev
  13. I used this approach on my own Franken-Corsair build, and it turned out pretty well. Here's an in-progress image: And a shot of the final result: I copied the multi-layer process Matt McDougall outlined on his blog. HTH, Kev
  14. You took those exact words right out of my mouth, Mark! Kev
  15. Lovely build, Colin! I've just amended your title with the correct aircraft name, just to avoid further confusion. Kev
  16. Welcome aboard, Mazi! That sure is a stunning Spitfire to debut with. Kev
  17. It's fascinating to watch your process, Dan. Very illuminating! Great work, too. Kev
  18. No, not that one; rather, the last of our monthly raffles that were part of our 20th Anniversary celebrations in 2019. December was (obviously) the last one, so now that it's done, I'm currently working on getting the GB raffle together. Hopefully I can announce the winners in the next couple of days. Kev
  19. Nicely done, John! The second attempt at the wing walkway looks much better. Kev
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