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    Bf 110D-3 III./ZG26 North Africa/Sicily

    Looks great, Bill! Kev
  2. LSP_Kevin

    Scratch-built 1/24 Scale Fokker E.III

    Seriously good work, Bil! Kev
  3. LSP_Kevin

    Scratch-built 1/24 Scale Fokker E.III

    Done: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/70571-3d-printing/ Kev
  4. LSP_Kevin


    You did delete it somehow! Which is odd, because that's not supposed to be possible. Anyway, I've now restored it: Kev
  5. LSP_Kevin

    Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1A Corsair

    Welcome aboard, Robert! You're off to a pretty good start already with your Corsair. Kev
  6. LSP_Kevin

    Lockheed Martin F-16CJ Blk 50 1/32

    Nice work! Kev
  7. LSP_Kevin

    F-86F Hasegawa 1/32

    You did a fantastic job on that old kit! Kev
  8. LSP_Kevin

    F-100D Super Sabre 1/32 Trumpeter kit

    Welcome aboard, sir! Your F-100 is superb. Kev
  9. LSP_Kevin

    ICM 2019 Catalogue

    ICM has just published its 2019 catalogue: https://issuu.com/7727025/docs/catalogue_web_2019 It's quite expansive - I don't think I quite realised just how prolific ICM has been in recent years! Here's a peek at the LSP pages: Good to see them expanding their range of figure sets! Kev
  10. LSP_Kevin

    Airfix 1/24 Hawker Typhoon

    Terrific progress, Matt! Kev
  11. LSP_Kevin

    Rules of the Road

    Welcome to the Multi-Engine Group Build! This GB celebrates LSP's 20th anniversary, and will run from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019. It's open to any LSP kit that has more than one engine. The usual 25% rule applies, in that all entered models must be 25% or less complete at the time of starting the build thread. And since this is a special Group Build, we've organised a number of prizes, generously donated by our vendors and sponsors (listed elsewhere). The GB is definitely not a contest, so the prizes will be awarded by raffle at the completion of the Group Build, with completed builds being eligible for the draw. More details will be forthcoming about this at a later date. Note: to ensure that everybody who finishes a build gets a fair crack at a prize, each entrant will go into the draw only once, no matter how many builds they finish. In the meantime, start planning your builds, and get ready for January 1! Kev
  12. LSP_Kevin

    Hasegawa Nakajima Ki 84 Hayate

    That looks fantastic, Den! Kev
  13. LSP_Kevin

    Traders Board BS going on

    That's not strictly true, actually. We have a 25% allowance for non-LSP modelling-related items per post in the Traders Board. This allows folks a bit of latitude when selling their kits, but since our core focus has always been clear and obvious, it makes sense that it applies to the Traders Board too. Kev
  14. Howdy folks, I've just published the latest What's New update. Enjoy! Kev
  15. LSP_Kevin

    F-15c Desert Aggressor

    I don't see why not, so I can move it whenever you're ready. Kev
  16. LSP_Kevin

    F-15c Desert Aggressor

    That's a shame, Grant. But I hope your health is better now. We can move your thread into the WiP forum at the conclusion of the GB. Kev
  17. LSP_Kevin

    How would YOU do this camo?

    Dave's Emil is the result I get ... after trying to pre-shade. Kev
  18. LSP_Kevin

    How would YOU do this camo?

    Nice work, Dave! That's only easy to do if your hand doesn't shake around like a frog in a blender. Like mine. Kev
  19. LSP_Kevin

    How would YOU do this camo?

    If you go freehand, Brian, I'd definitely recommend John's suggestion of marking out the shapes with a pencil first. Put a small 'x' or dot inside each shape, so that you don't get confused about where the paint goes! See if you can find a coloured pencil that closely matches the green shade of the blobs, so that they're more likely to blend in with the final paint finish. But, I know my airbrush chops aren't up to doing a job like this, so I personally would be exploring the alternatives first. Kev
  20. LSP_Kevin

    How would YOU do this camo?

    My first thought would be to paint the green first, and then form the blobby shapes with Blu-tac masks, before painting the sand colour around them. Of course, this would work well enough on the wings, but not so much on the fuselage sides. My second thought would be to simply airbrush them freehand, but we all know the dangers and difficulties there! I think the best option would be to cut paper masks (even easier if you have a cutter) that conform to the shapes in the illustration, and lay them down using Blu-tac (or similar) to raise them from the surface slightly. This will give you the soft edge once you've laid down the green, but would likely require some touch-ups. Kev
  21. Northstar Models recently announced that they're no longer even going to ship to Australia! Quickboost all the way. Kev
  22. Howdy folks, I've just published my review of the first of three new Fw 190 wheel sets from Barracuda Studios: Barracuda Studios BR32358: 1/32 Scale Fw 190A-6 thru A-9, F, D Mainwheels - Ribbed Thanks to Roy at Barracuda Studios for the review sample. Enjoy! Kev
  23. Howdy folks, I've just published my review of the last of three new Fw 190 wheel sets from Barracuda Studios: Barracuda Studios BR32357: 1/32 Scale Fw 190A-1 thru A-5 Mainwheels Thanks to Roy at Barracuda Studios for the review sample. Enjoy! Kev