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  1. As my P51C is nearly finished, I wanted to start on a new project. This is the Focke-Wulf Fw190C V18, about which Wikipedia says: "The C model's use of the longer DB 603 engine required more extensive changes to the airframe. As the weight was distributed further forward, the tail of the aircraft had to be lengthened in order to maintain the desired centre of gravity. To test these changes, several examples of otherwise standard 190 As were re-engined with a supercharged DB 603 to experiment with this engine. Prototypes V13 – V16 tested various PS and DB603 engines until the V18 followed, the first to feature the full high-altitude suite of features, including the pressurized cockpit, longer wings, a 603G engine driving a new four-blade propeller, and a Hirth 9-2281 turbocharger. Unlike the experimental B models, V18 had a cleaner turbocharger installation, running the required piping along the wing root, partially buried in the fillet, and installing both the turbocharger air intake and intercooler in a substantially sized teardrop shaped fairing under the cockpit.[36] This "pouch" led to the "Känguruh" (Kangaroo) nickname for these models." I was drawn to it as I have always loved the 190 series, particularly the ‘Langnase’ D models and in particular, this airframe had about as much natural metal as I could find on any variant which is my penchant for showing. There are a number of period photo’s walking round the airframe so let’s take a look at the challenge ahead.. I also found some very nice shots of a built-up model – no idea whose or what scale, but credit to them.. As for the basis of the model, I found the range of 21st Century Toys 1/18 models online, which feature ‘toylike’ things such as spinning props, retractable U/C, moveable flying surfaces, but at their heart are actually very accurate replica’s of the airframes covered (at least the Fw190D is..).. A quick tour of the model – this was £160 on ebay – probably well overpriced, but when I see what I want, I pay for it.. So my take is this is a great basis for my next project. I have been busy collecting reference online, have a 1/48 Eduard ProfiPack Fw190D kit as a reference mule, a CD of works drawings on their way from ebay, had Arthur Bentley run me up a fabulous set of 1/18 plans and started some rudimentary artwork for some of the Photo-Etch components that will need to be developed, plus a very healthy dose of excitement and trepidation I am going to need all the help I can get in interpreting Luftwaffe colours etc and I know we have ‘experten’ on hand, so please get involved One thing that is different for this build though is a new thing I am trying called Patreon. This is an online platform where I get to share WIP content to ‘patrons’ who support me. It means nothing in terms of my forum posts here as they will continue with the regularity and scope they always did, but what it does mean is I can bring video to the build and in some ways ‘exclusives’ to those who choose to support me – this is an expensive hobby, I think my P51 netted out at about £1.8k all in and I am simply trying to find ways to offset that via the content I create for people to enjoy. Anyways, no-one has to do it, but there is a welcome video with a walkaround of my P51C that anyone can see, so if you are interested take a look at that at least! In addition, there are already Fw190C videos up Here is the link to my Patreon page I hope you will join me on my next journey and next time I will have this 'toy' broken down into a bunch of expensive parts TTFN Peter
  2. Hi folks I am looking around for my next subject and I can't seem to get hold of Mirek at HpH (hope all is well with them) so googled 1/18 kits and came up with these Ultimate Soldier kits. I assume these are the 21st Century moulds, but I don't know anything about them either Anyone got one? are they just built up plastic kits? ie lend themselves well to chopping around and re-detailing - are these the kits seen in some of the WIPs JayW has been doing? As a canvas, I quite fancy an all metal P40C thoughts? Thanks Peter
  3. YEY!! welcome back Craig - we have missed you round here I always look at restarts and think 'would I have done that?' simply as I am inherently lazy, but now I see the side by side I can see why you took the brave decision to take the nose to date as training and your inner drive to get it right takes over Brilliant stuff - one of my favourite builds ever.. Peter
  4. welcome! you can't have enough Spits Looking forward to your build Peter
  5. evening all I trust I find you all well in these difficult times and if anything it gives you a chance to either do some modelling or if not, enjoy the work of others who do I find myself confined to quarters, not through illness, but through trying to stay safe - I am fortunate I can work from home and just do emails and conference calls for my day job rather than sweat it into London.. I think you are right Chuck - I have had a go at better alignment and am now in limits of whats possible so will leave as is now - pics next time So, where were we - elevators... always seem to be the last thing I do, don't know why here is a nice shot of Lopes Hope which shows there is more to them than meets the eye notice the rib tapes, the visible structure underneath, the many eyelet sort of 'polo mint' fixings and the four mounts for the mass balance weights.. ..I started with a brass sheet blank, cut from scaled plans and scribed with all the internal structure (also making most of the cuts for the trim tabs so they can be broken out later) - from there plastic strip was used to bulk it out and coffee stirrer sticks for the ribs. I use these as they are wood and the solartex RC covering sticks well to it.. ..soon both elevators were done top and bottom... there is a double wall where the trim tabs are ..then the bulk of the structural additions were dremelled off and sanded to final profile - once complete the trim tabs were removed.. ..after covering with solartex and wicking CA on the edges, the eyelet things were added - these are tiny brass washers, the bigger ones punched out of litho.. ..these were then covered with the rib tapes again scaled from plans - the tapes are made from foil plumbers tape (like bare metal foil just cheaper) with a riveter run along a straight edge and a scalpel cut along the holes to get pinked edges.. ..they cover all the eyelets well - although in this shot there is still a big panel of tape to go over the trim tab area.. ..a shot of primer show the fabric effect I was after.. ..trim tabs made from litho with the core from the original structure.. ..then the mass balance weights were made from left over resin casting blocks.. ..and shot with MRP super matt black - also added the trim tab actuating rods to elevators & rudder and gave them all a dusting of MIG powders.. ..all the tailfeather surfaces were attached with hinge rods and are now complete.. ..and a last shot in the evening sun so you can see the contrasts... ..thats it for now - more bits and bobs to go including the Drop Tanks that Steve at Model Monkey has kindly enlarged from his 1/32 set and 3D printed in 1/18 for me stay safe everyone and see you next time TTFN Peter
  6. howdy chaps Thank you so much for all your positive comments, I really appreciate them and in fact it is you all I try so hard to please which in itself has raised my own standards so it is a win win Hi Jay, again thank you so much for chiming in - I really value having an experienced wingman keeping an eye on what I am doing and asking all the right questions of me.. I have tried to compare some pics to get a feel for how the two compare - a real wheel / door and the model. The braces that hold them were made from drawings, but the banjo fitting at one end may be ever so slightly longer than the real one, but I felt the difference was negligable.. here is a real set vs the model ..I can now see the angle of the link is a bit off, but the gap seems to look comparable, or at least good enough for government work? ..the side view seems to show mine has lighter loading ie it is higher, but I guess I can get away with this as I assume the travel changes depending on aircraft weight, so again while I can see differences I don't think it is worth trying to correct it - the geometry is what it is and would be quite some task to change.. always a problem these - I wish RB Motion or Hiroboy would just make some (for cars) - the ones on the gear legs are just slivers of albion alloys tube which is then wrapped with a thin strip of aluminium plumbers tape.. Wow Antinio, again you give me gold - Don Lopez was quite a guy and here seeing him with a black tailed, dorsal finned P51C (note the flat antenna mount too on the fuselage spine) means all the assumptions I made turned out to be valid that is priceless stuff to me thank you Dave, that there is one comment I am going to ignore on the basis it is utter bo!!ocks... TTFN Peter
  7. absolutely brilliant & fascinating thread - this will be the go-to reference when I one day do a Zero thanks for doing so much more than just building it Peter
  8. afternoon ladies Thanks Ben - the end is surprisingly near as will be seen Hi there - I got them from 4D Modelshop - I provided my own artwork, if you need that too it would be even more expensive ..so with a few days off, it seems like I have powered through a lot of the 'to do' list.. ...the main job was getting the model on it's undercarriage and getting the gear doors on - I made up the big links the hold them on and spent ages getting it all to line up - hopefully the sit is right.. ..also the tailwheel & doors were added with the retraction links and the aerial loop on the rear fuselage.. ..then the prop and flaps.. ..and it's ready for a quick walk around - the canopy parts are not fitted so are just resting (badly..)... ..any comments on the 'sit' or any of the details if they look off, please don't be shy - say something here. I am aware the P51 is so iconic that it must look bang on to pull it off.. ..I still have to make the elevators, sort the other aerial and make the wing drop tanks (plus light weathering) so still some to go TTFN Peter
  9. Hi Kev, I can only echo what others have voiced - we are all eternally grateful for what you helped create here. your DNA is all over this site which is what makes it unique and home from home for all of us I hope you do stick around in some capacity and post some WIPs, and look forward to seeing KLP Publishing go from strength to strength. I should also thank you for my Spitfire book, I am super proud of that and without you it not only would never have happened, but without your hand on the tiller it would have been a bit of a mess most likely All the best Peter
  10. staggeringly good it's been an absolute pleasure watching this come together big question for me is what is next? Peter
  11. evening folks thanks for that pic Antonio, I haven't seen it before - interesting it doesn't show the black tail - I assume that came later. Also very little exhaust staining so that will save me trying to do that badly thanks again - great find! Hey Juraj - no the canopy stays as is - i would need to start again and well I just don't want to (plus I only have one set of PE parts which would be destroyed trying to disasseble it.. And as for seeing it, yes if you are at Telford again, it will be there ..so, as I said before it's the bitty stage in trying to get around the airframe in a logical order and get it finished, ..I covered the whole model and sub assemblies in flory wash and wiped down to give some definition to the rivet & panel detail (especially on the painted wings).. I removed the decal stencils and replaced them with rub down ones I had custom made - £60 for an A5 sheet so not cheap, but then a great improvement over the unavoidable decal film on natural aluminium.. ..these gun panels will be weathered & chipped when it's on it's wheels.. ..this vent door was added, the larger rear one will follow when I have finished the landing gear & doors.. ..the cockpit sill was added and the canopy panel that hangs here finished.. ..massive moment - the landing gear legs were fixed with JB Weld - funny story, about an hour after fitting them when the model was in a jig, I walked past it and thought 'I will just check a photo to make sure it's right' - well I looked and I had mounted them the wrong way around with the torque links facing forwards! A mad panic ensued, but as JB Weld takes 5 hours to cure I could just re-do them correctly (Thank God..).. ..the inner gear door hinges were fabricated and added - they are the two black structures on the centre rib at the top of each end.. ..the corresponding lugs were added to the doors.. ..and the doors were hung... I know there is a debate about having these up or down on the ground, but I made them and everything under them so I want to be able to see it - so these are down ..you can also see the retracting link assembly on the right connected to the door and piston, and a cable with fixings on the left which I assume stops them opening too far (?) although they are loose like this in refs I have so maybe not.. ..outer doors next, and as I found I have a load of leave to take from my day job before April 1st, I hope to have it finshed by the end of the month TTFN Peter
  12. aww shucks, thanks folks Thanks Mark - I will have to get me some of that - you can never have too many choices when it comes to transparencies Thanks Ben - I did find someone online and got an A5 set made for £60 - still expensive, but hey I only build one model every 2 years Interesting question Jay - I think there is only one big thing that needs fabrication - the elevators, the rest is mostly made but needs adding - working from front to back: Prop blades need fixing into the spinner All stencil data needs adding exhausts need adding and sooty streaks L/H canopy glazing & cockpit sill needs finishing Aerials Flaps need attaching LG needs attaching along with all plumbing LG door hinges need fabrication & doors adding with all fittings Tailwheel and doors need adding Rudder needs adding Elevators need making, painting & adding Rad exhaust door needs adding Radio loop needs adding couple of small airscoop fairings on the fuselage need adding whole airframe needs weathering Once thats done it will be complete It's actually not too much more work, so it's more about when I get the opportunity to do it that determines the when - no more than a couple of months... Hi Craig - been missing you round here please get back to your build soon! If you think it compares well to the real one I am a happy man TTFN Peter
  13. that is quite simply superb! I know how hard skinning like that is to do and you are giving a masterclass - it looks brilliant Peter
  14. afternoon all ..that is a superb idea - I did look at doing it with my Spitfire and could only find one place in Canada that did small run and it was very expensive. I will look again though and if anyone has any ideas please let me know ..bit more done this weekend.. ..the First Aid kit and gunsight pad were made from milliput and lead wire, with brass for the straps (as they are held taught and need to loom like it..) ..I am not good at organic things like this.. ..painted up and although not great, I think they will have to do.. ..then moved on to the side and upper windows - all the catches & latches were prepared and two tiny pins added so I can pin one to the other at the right angle.. it has been a fraught day as I HATE working with transparencies - the knife edge of a terminal ****-up being so easy to do just frays my nerves.. ..I had left the protective film on so it was fairly straightforward to prep them and paint them.. ..also weathered a bit by rubbing wire wool and scuffing them a bit.. ..and with the film removed - there is a flaw in the top canopy where it didn't like bending to shape that has only been seen now the covers are off, but it just looks like a small crack so I am going to have to live with it.. ..and pinned together.. ..a few more bits need adding like hinges and some rubbing pads, but this is pretty much done so a quick dry fit.. ..the First Aid kit looks ok I guess.. that's it for now.. TTFN Peter
  15. God I hope I see this at Telford or in person some day.. simply exquisite ..there are few models of this quality that litterally started as absolutely nothing bravo! Peter
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