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  1. airscale

    Airfix News Just in from Telford: 1/24 Hellcat!

    thats what I was thinking, but I think it is trying to reproduce the reflector that sat on top of the panel to aid night vision in all the period shots I can find the panel looks like this.. I can't assume all period shots were only nightfighters tho.. In non period it looks like this... ..so I am not sure if the reflector fitting was exclusively nightfighers, though as I said it is festooned with small red lamps which is a night vision thing and I think this is the part Airfix have captured. I suspect the normal IP is a clear part beneath this - that or ALL dash 5's had it... trying to unravel that little mystery... Peter
  2. airscale

    HK Lancaster B Mk. 1 Cockpit

    ahh, we have many more via the webstore, it was just show stock we sold out of
  3. airscale

    Full Colour Luftwaffe Instruments

    Thanks Mark well I guess that might work if I was needed - I did the instrument decals in Paul Fisher's Bugatti racer (prayers for him), and have been working with Airfix & HK in the past, but I suppose I need to be invited! Hi Ade - I just overlaid the 1/24 Luftwaffe set on the 109G PE master and yes, they fit - though they won't be released for a little while... TTFN Peter
  4. airscale

    Airfix News Just in from Telford: 1/24 Hellcat!

    i am just starting to learn about the airframe as I spoke to them about doing an IP set for it - it's got me curious though as the IP in the kit is actually just a reflector shroud that sat on top of the standard IP for only the F6F5N nightfighter - it had a load of dim red lamps on it and covered most of the instrumentation ..the odd thing is I can't see the big wing radar pod that went with this variant on the sprues, and even assuming there is a clear IP that sits under it (there were no clear sprues at Telford), I am still slightly baffled as to what's planned... ..I guess I will just do metal IPs and bespoke decals / placards when the test shot arrives and give the choice - shroud or no shroud.. Peter
  5. airscale

    HK Lancaster B Mk. 1 Cockpit

    hi Max - I will, we have virtually sold out so only a few left
  6. airscale

    HK Lancaster B Mk. 1 Cockpit

    congratulations to LSP member Wackyracer - our first ever Lancaster set customer! TTFN Peter
  7. Hi folks ...now I know when the US Nats are on, I can't wait for pics, so having just set up my stand I took a few of things that I saw on a 10 minute wander before it closed to traders - I figured crappy pics are better than no pics right? ..Hall 2 we are in here.. Neomega I16 conversion they also had this nice gear for the Walrus, but it was 1/48 - would be nice in 1/32.. ZM parts for the Hs129.. HpH's DC3 looks very impressive.. WNW and their fabulous Lanc nose section - this was Biblical... ..the LSP / 32SiG stand - note the big base at the front for a model to be revealed tomorrow !! Graham from Iconicair's superb Attacker.. ..looks like a late B17 from HK oh and airscale had something intersting on their stand I hope that whets the appetite - loads more to see tomorrow & look forward to catching up with old friends & making new ones TTFN Peter
  8. airscale

    HK Lancaster B Mk. 1 Cockpit

    Hi folks ..the full colour decals for the HK Models 1/32 Lancaster instrument set arrived today, so I made up a test shot - very happy with how they turned out released at Telford Scale Modelworld on 10th November at £18.95.. ..looking forward to seeing you there TTFN Peter
  9. airscale

    Full Colour Luftwaffe Instruments

    Hi Ade, yes, in all scales and yes they match the appropriate bezels Hi Max - no, these won't be at Telford, I have them with Ray at Fantasy Printshop for assessment so will be 6-8 weeks I expect - hopefully out before Christmas TTFN Peter
  10. airscale

    1/18 Fw 190a8

    how popular is this kit? the cogs are whirring in my head as I already do a 1/24 upgrade...
  11. Hi folks I always get a bit in the doldrums on my builds in the run up to Telford, so I made use of the time by re-mastering a full set of colour Luftwaffe instrumentation.. ..the set includes the colour rings denoting which aircraft system the instrument refers to and is either just the dial, the dial with the coloured ring, or just the coloured ring on it's own. ..real ones like this are tricky for modellers... ..so this should help.. ..all the main ones are covered, and now I do my own artwork I can replace the existing set with even more instruments and even more detail & colour hope you like TTFN Peter
  12. airscale

    1/32 HS293?

    I looked a few years ago as I wanted one for an Aeronavale Ju188 (that I got nowhere with..) I didn't find anything either so I think it is a scratchbuild job Peter
  13. airscale

    Aerotech Supermarine S5

    ooof, that looks bloody amazing Torben - sweating those details really paid off excellent job, bravo! Peter
  14. that came out brilliantlyJay - very nice job your cunning plan elevates you to the professor of cunning at cunning university can't wait to see what's next! Peter
  15. airscale

    I/32nd I.D Vacform RAAF Canberra B.20

    fabulous work Pip, I love this part of building where you need to cross reference & create rather than pulling a part out of the kit box. Your approach looks bang on and having spotted the plan error early you caught it nice and early Good luck with it, canopies are my least favourite part of any model - I struggle A LOT, but you look to have it nailed Peter