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  1. afternoon folks Hi Craig - thanks for joining Patreon! hope you are enjoying the videos the bull nose was just formed by anneling the metal and running it over the skin panel underneath - by having an overlap the metal forms a nice stiff line when worked into it... Thanks Ray & Two Hands - got the info, very helpful in building up a picture Thanks Matt - no issues, I generally sand the panels flat underneath so there is very little variation / undulation by the time it g
  2. wow - nice work Craig you are about to enter the twilight zone and boy is it satisfying making your own parts like this is soooo rewarding love it peter
  3. Oooh, I have always wondered what was in the box having heard so much about the WH conversion following along even though I mainly like things with props on - this is too interesting to miss in such good hands Peter
  4. Hey folks Bit more Fw190 action.. I have been hopping about trying to phase things so I don’t for example do the interior then bash it about while trying to do some heavy engineering on the wings, but in some ways some of it doesn’t matter as any part you pick, ultimately has to be done sometime.. I thought I would get the tailplanes out of the way, so scaled the Bentley plans and made a 2mm card blank – let in and added a rod spar that is located where there is a tube now in the fuselage.. ..by doing it as one part it ensures alig
  5. I went to school in Chichester a few miles away from Tangmere and my Science teacher Mr Murch was an integral part of the museum back in the day - if you see any sectioned engines or interactive gadgets he would have been the guy He used to hold an after school thing where we flew electric planes around a pole - brings back memories- enjoy it Peter
  6. Well, I don't know they were fitted and in fact since I made them, a pretty convincing argument has developed to say they were not. As you say the inline D series didn't have them and while I know the fuselage of V18 was an early A model, the wings as a bolt-on unit could be A or D based I think the compelling reason they were likely not there is that there is a chuffing great big pipe that comes out of the bay at the rear spar and feeds into the big scoop under the fuselage and when I mocked this up in the bay the pipe clashes with the dimpled roof parts..
  7. fab job Brian, looks superb ..more importantly, you really seem to be having a good time with it after the difficulties with recent builds (not of your making I might add) - great to see your mojo back Peter
  8. afternoon my friends Something arrived in the post this week which has meant I could crack on with my favourite part of any build.. ..this stack are the custom decals for the 190 that I had in the corner of a layout sheet for an airscale restock. The good thing is they are super high quality decals, the bad thing is I have 75 copies as that was the sheet order size for one of the layouts… I only need one of any decal on the sheet as I have so many copies and it keeps the sheet size down, plus there are a few bits on there for friends
  9. well Neil is sending me a sample so I can check - the set I already do has the panel & engineer panels but will see if anything else needs doing
  10. Neil just sent me some nice CAD - looks like it did on the factory floor....
  11. interesting question that one.. I have zero stash, so that's not an issue and I only finish one model every 2 years so there won't be many (as such) to have to deal with One thing i might do as i can only really display 2 in my home office at a time (they are big - 1/18 scale) is to donate or house them while I am still around. When I finish the 190 I am working on either the Spit or the P51 will need to go, so at least if I do it, I have some say in where they go - eg i would like my P51 to go with the real one when it retires from flying and maybe the Spit to Bob Jens
  12. happy days Don't forget we do one of these... I was quite looking forward to researching a new kit, but this I think was one of our best.. Peter
  13. ooof those exhausts look like fun... no doubt you will be up to the challenge Jay looking forward to seeing how you go about it Peter
  14. Afternoon gentlemen ..thanks for the vote of confidence on the RLM66 colour - I will stick with this one Some Fw190 bobbins for your entertainment.. ..I painted the layers of PE for the instrument panel – there is a backplate (not shown), a layer with just the bezel surrounds and the blanked instrument in black, and the detail layer in RLM66.. The lower panel has some colour coding (thanks Roger) for the instruments that are on their way and should be here next week.. ..also made the ‘Ausgleichsgefäss’
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