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  1. It's supposed to be very dark grey to differentiate the ball in the artificial horizon- not sure what has happened but looks like I need a word with the printer Peter
  2. very nice job Brian - must have been a nice a contrast to your recent subjects doing a diddy little tripe Peter
  3. sigh of relief here ..I love warbirds and am glad we have them. However, while they are viable as models as they are aeroplanes and we do model reality as best we can, there is something of a turn off when I see it attempted.. ..others mileage may vary.. Peter
  4. man that is a fabulous finish - one day I want to grow up and be able to paint like that Peter
  5. evening chaps, hope you are having a great weekend at the bench ..bit more Fury mayhem... ..attached the lower wings - I replaced the carbon rod spars (two of which had snapped off anyway as I had to partially cut them after realising there was dihedral..). Basically I drilled out the first inch or so and put brass spars through the tubes in the fuselage (already part of the cockpit frame) and slid the wings on - I also perforated the mating face on the wing itself for better adhesion as all the time I had been concerned with the strength of those carbon spars after i
  6. that Instrument Panel looks amazing Chuck! superb! It's funny when I sit there designing parts for our sets, I try and get in the mind of the modeller and think what would I want this to look like, how would I want this to assemble, what would be straightforward and what would be challenging, and most importantly does this look like the original ..when I see the output in hands like yours, it makes all that thinking, designing and production time so worthwhile - gifting a set like this is a return on investment for me as I get the tingling feeling seeing what could be d
  7. always been tempted to do a Bearcat, will pull up a chair for this one Peter
  8. recovered! red over black means the shade is a touch darker than I would like and I guess I will need to repeat the mistake on the upper wing stripes to keep it the same, but at least it's done without too much drama TTFN Peter
  9. thank you my friends however, all is not well in Furytown.. Fortunately for me, a chap over on Britmodeller questioned my use of black for the stripes as 1 Sqn aircraft had red stripes (which I knew but reasoned away as I wanted a black striped model..) I quote my response... Nick, you are of course right - 1 Sqn's markings are red, but I had convinced myself and assumed the photo was mislabelled as No 1 Sqn as the stripe PATTERN looked like 25 Sqn in tighter spaced lines and therefore if it really was a 25 Sqn aeroplane then they were black
  10. amazing start - those first pics look like they are from the maintenance manual - incredible! ..love the nose job too, really looks the part Peter
  11. I love seeing the birth of a project I am on my first scratchbuild, and the freedom of thinking it gives is amazing - anything could be next, you are only limited by imagination, not kit manufacturers ..this is going to be something very special Peter
  12. evening folks & thanks for all your encouragement, it really means a lot to me I was thinking about that Matt - I figured the roundels were added at the factory but the flight markings on the airfield so should be different - that said, I have resprayed the blue with an MRP shade but more on that later.. Hi Jens - it's called 'Experts Choice' and comes in clear or white - it's great for this, but if it were it's intended use as actual markings it's a bit clumsy and doesn't hold paint very well.. ..as far as progress goes, I st
  13. I did a couple of tutorials a few years back Skinning 1/32 models in metal - a tutorial Skinning models in metal - tutorial on compound curves both are now blighted by the photobucket watermark as i moved to imageshack, but may still be useful Peter
  14. sweet! wonderful to see airscale stuff in action and in your hands Chuck, I am sure I am in for a treat really looking forward to a step up in scale too - hopefully you get hooked Peter
  15. that is frighteningly georgeous Rainer - such supreme metal work it could be sat on the factory floor at SAAB ..quite incredible Peter
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