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  1. morning everyone thank you so much - very kind Hi Rainer - thanks for dropping in I guess it's never say never - I have toyed with the idea as early jets lend themselves so well to NMF finishes - I might well do something in the future.. Hi Clark - yes, thank you, i have a subscription and was very pleased to see it thanks for the offer though right, picking up where we left off.. Elevators were cut from brass sheet and scored for rib positions.. ..ribs & leading edges added
  2. I always found balsa too hard to fully refine, so now I use it to make the master and resin cast the real one from it You can easily refine the resin version Peter
  3. love it! I get nostalgic every time I check in such a beautiful bird and you are absolutely nailing it Peter
  4. wow, that has come together really well - you are clearly very talented! your detail painting is supercool and what an interesting aircraft how does the surface detail hold up, will it need rivetting/scribing after the prep work? Peter
  5. Hi again folks That feeling is entirely mutual Wolf welcome back and I have to say there is a queue for that stake and you are at the front of it long weekend for me as I have some leave to take before year end in April, so got the stabiliser done today first a look at what we are trying to do... here you can see the complex arrangement where there are tubes supporting the fin, and between them goes the one-piece elevator spar tube.. ..there are also cut-outs in the fabric for the control wires, and mount points you can't see
  6. Hi Kev thanks, it's just thin plastic card, like paper thin.. I need to figure out what to do about rib tapes etc, might try and find some thick decal film Peter
  7. crikey! that last pic is indistinguishable from reality Jay, absolutely spectacular Your love and knowledge of your subject just shines through, and the research time alone would be equivalent to a normal model build.. ..but then that is why I tune in, this is no normal model build Peter
  8. evening everyone thank you so much for your kind comments, they really do mean a great deal and inspire me to better myself Thank you Clark I am afraid I have no idea, perhaps if Tim sees this he can answer so, lets start with some little bits.. I added the coloured raised instrument bezels on the instrument panel in advance of getting the instrument decals at the end of the month.. ..also made up the compass ready for it's dial.. ..and it's bracket & stand..
  9. just so full of awsomeness I love this - you always inspire me to think nothing is impossible Peter
  10. Hi lads & lasses the Fury is moving along at a glacial pace - the next bit to do was the upper U/C strut seen here in all it's aerodynamic glory, along with many details that need reproducing.. ..note the different fixings, the bracket mounting it to the fuselage lug and the big nut at the front.. ..I started with the 3D printed parts I did - it was beyond me to get the curved fairing at the top so I did a flat profile outline and set about sanding them to shape. First up some tape to define the boundary and allow a scribed reference line..
  11. just staggeringly good Tom, really captures the old girl's essence I too cannot get over the sheer size (and ambition) of your projects! Peter
  12. Howdy friends hope all are well & back with some more Fury stuff.. wanted to get some stuff done while I wait for the instrument decals so i can start building up the cockpit and ultimately close the fuselage.. ..there were a few bits that lend themselves well to 3D - things like the wheels... ..I nearly got caught out as the few drawings I have are for Danish Nimrods, well it turns out Nimrods have slightly bigger wheels - not sure what the one on K5674 in Duxford was, but the hub pattern is common to period Fury photo's I have seen, so I w
  13. So I asked him about the aircraft - he said it was a monstrosity to fly, old systems & tech borrowed from the Bristol Britannia and its sole purpose was to be able to get a tank from A to B. he said it was heavy and underpowered, could not fly high or very far, in fact fully loaded only 800 miles which is nothing for a 'Strategic' heavylifter.. That said he said it was an interesting aeroplane and time in his life, as unlike VC10 jocks who could flit around the world in a heartbeat, he had to nightstop in most places so he got to see and experience many things he otherwise woul
  14. there were 10 made and they went on to lead useful lives afterwards with folks like HeavyLift. I will ask him to check his logbook as I expect he has flown all of them - it wasn't like the Battle of Britain where you have 'your' aircraft, they were just assigned on what was on the line I expect he had a favourite, there were always some that flew better than others Wikipedia has all the names & histories: Samson - RAF Serial XR362 (used registration G-ASKE for overseas test flight), sold as G-BEPE then scrapped Goliath - RAF Serial XR36
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