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  1. Hi friends, after a long process of masking and painting, she is done: Hope you will like her and thanks for watching as ever Cheers
  2. Thanks man, yep, there is no such thing, I think, but is important for the final vision
  3. Hi guys, start my next non-plane project She is 1/6 scale GK and will re-work her into a sports-ice-hockey girl. And here we start with paint, the assemble is for the end. Fist is the skin tone, make-up and some tattoos: And the hockey attributes are also scratched from some plastic sheets and photo-etched material: For now everithing is sealed with several layers of matt clear. Next is a long process of masking to start painting the shorts and shirt Hope you will like her. Cheers my friends.
  4. Hello guys For a short break from flying birds, I build this birdy The model is resin GK, 1:9 scale, with a lot of re-works and scratches. The blue cap is from milliput, a lot of scratch-work for the pistol, bayonette and the aks-74u build from 2mm plastic sheet and photo-etched parts from spare box And here she is: Hope you will like her Thank you always for watching. Cheers friends.
  5. Wow Thank you fellas, I'm really happy you like this build. The kit it self is a terrible-horror but the final result is good. I hope in near/far future , some of the companies to make this bird with a better quality Cheers my friends
  6. Hello guys, everything is assemble - antennas, weapons, gears and wheels: Thanks for watching friends as always Cheers
  7. Next step - decals, sealing, weathering, sealing: Till the next update friends Cheers
  8. Hi friends, continue with the upper side of Chebourashka - camo with 50K shades of green :) :) And the weathered lower side of the camo: Well that is for now. The bird is sealed with gloss clear for decals work. When all decals will be on place, we will continue with upper weathering ;) Cheers guys
  9. And it is painting time - first black primer, light the panels with some white, pre-shade the panel lines whit nato brown. And start with bottom side - aluminum, some hair spray and salt. After 20 minutes first layer of dark blue for pre-shade, after that the main light grey-blue color. When it dries completely I will cover al with high diluted main color. Also start with other parts: Thanks for watching guys. Cheers
  10. And the next update The door is fixed and detailed : Well if the door will be open, we need a ladder: The wheels from the kit are horrible - soft rubber , the "rims" - far from the truth, so I will use the resin wheels: Also scratched antennas, pitot tubes and screen-washers: Well that is for now Cheers guys.
  11. Hello my friends This is AN-72P at 1/72 scale of TOKO. I started this birdy many years ago and it is the only one abandoned project Why? Horrible plastic material, raised panel lines and no rivets . .. no details, horrible manual , etc etc So now it is time to put on the helmet and the body-armor and finish the Chebourashka: And this is one of the examples at this $%^t - the window clear part of the left-side door: But we will fix it Ok guys, thanks for watching as always and Cheers
  12. Aaand after a year later, this project is finished - we have a base and self-propelled ladder Thank you for watching friends, and hope you will like the new vision Cheers
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