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  1. No problem chirsh - cool joke like it
  2. Hello guys Here I show you my next non-LSP "small" vignette. The model is 1/24 meng Ford F350 pickup truck, build it from the box, without any AM and re-works. Perfect model, just like a lego, everything fits perfectly The girl with a chainsaw is 1/24 scale from hasegawa kit, and dogy is MB kit. As always the paint is acrylic tamiya, acrylic pencils and oils. So here are the pics:
  3. Well Chris, you know - practice, practice and many ruined models / at small scale of course /
  4. Hello guys as a little brake from 32'nd scale planes I've made a "small" 1/6 scale vignette inspirited from STALKER game. The girl and robot-dog are resin figures painted with tamiya acrylics, weapons are 3D printed, also painted with acrylics and weathered with acrylic pencils, soft-pastels and oils. The flora at the base is from local flower shop Hope you will like it: Thanks for watching
  5. Thanks Confusionreigns178 I'm happy you love her Cheers mate
  6. Yes Martinnfb, just like the real one - that was the idea as always at our hobby
  7. Yes you can open and close it by a hand
  8. Hi friends Here I will show something different from airplanes or armor vehicles. This is the figure inspirited by famous cello player Tina Guo. So the figure is 1/6 scale resin. I add a lot of reworks and scratch, as always. The cello I made from wood and plastic sheet and profiles. The strings are fishing wires - another great hobby by the way. The paints are tamiya acrylics and aqua pencils. So here she is and hope you will like her:
  9. Hi friends Here is the last Bulgarian mig-21 UM that was in flight The build was inspirited by this plane: The model is 1/32 scale trumpeter kit. I build the bird without any AM, used only re-works and scrach. The paints are from tamiya, aqua-gunze, alclads, oils and acrylic pencils. The cyrilic label over all of the back means: "50 years in the service of Bulgaria" Unfortunately no more flying 21's here at BG . . . How ever, here are the pics of the birdy. Hope you will like her:
  10. Hello friends This bird is done. The model is trumpeter, 1/32 scale, for the build I've used CWS cockpit and exterior, AM from reskit, master, BigEd from eduard, aires and a lot of re-works. It's painted with tamiya, gunze acrylics, alclads, for weathering I used oil paints and acrylic pencils. And here she is:
  11. Thank you Brian I really appreciate it. This is the fastest build model at 32-nd scale that I've ever made - only a mount, because it is for a birth day present and I've got a dead-line
  12. And part two: Thanks for watching my friends as always Cheers
  13. Hi guys It is time to final assemble of this birdy:
  14. Let continue with exhaust burn metal paint: After that the decals are on: After sealing the paint and decals it is time for some weathering with oils and filters: The gears are also ready with the wheels: Some "Christmas present" after removing the masks from clear parts: And it is the same with the cockpit : And the KM-1 seats are on: Thanks for watch
  15. Also the mask-markings are ready to apply: And start the fun part - first black primer, followed by some different color pre-shade: The fuel tanks is all-aluminium no camo over it: The sky-grey-blue-ishh belly And like I love to say - frog-green-brown camouflage: The final result must be something like this: Cheers friends and thanks for stopping by
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