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  1. ShelbyGT500

    TU-134 A BG Air Force A-Model 1/72

    Hi friends, continue with this project : masking and painting, the most interesting part of our hobby, because when you remove the masks, it is something like to open a Christmas present Hope you like her Cheers friends
  2. ShelbyGT500

    Cold War Studio

    Hi Kagemusha, thanks for the feedback. Your clear parts should be ok, but check it, just in case. Thank you
  3. ShelbyGT500

    Cold War Studio

    Hello friends FINALLY the crisis with the MiG-29 clear resin canopies in 1/32 scale for Trumpeter is over! The remaining pre-orders will be shipped tomorrow and the coming Tuesday. Thank you for your patience! Now the CWS32003 - MiG-29 9.12 cockpit for the Trumpeter kit in 1/32 scale is officially available.
  4. ShelbyGT500

    T-72 BG Army Zvezda/Trumpeter 1/35

    Me too , brother... Most of our AFV are still Russians - MTLB, BTR-60PB, T-72's, Kraz, Maz, Uaz and Ural trucks. About aircrafts - Mi and Migs. We've got a few Spartans transporter planes for an "NATO planes" Before 14 years NATO said - you must destroy all of yours mig-23's . . . no one left And now our government wants to buy the latest modifications of F-16 for main fighter jet of BG AirForce . . . so sad.
  5. ShelbyGT500

    T-72 BG Army Zvezda/Trumpeter 1/35

    Thanks Gaz
  6. ShelbyGT500

    T-72 BG Army Zvezda/Trumpeter 1/35

    Thank you Dancho Yes, like this camo from your picture of our t-72's and I've got some future flying project with this "BG-NATO" camouflage
  7. ShelbyGT500

    T-72 BG Army Zvezda/Trumpeter 1/35

    Hi guys Here is another not-a-LSP project - an BG army MBT T-72. The project is a kit-bash between zvezda and trumpeter kits, photo-etched parts from voyager and a lot of scratch of course. This is my first tank from 5 or 6 years and the result it is not so bad I think So here it is the green beast: Hope you will like it Cheers friends
  8. ShelbyGT500

    MH-47G 160th SOAR Nightstalkers . FINISHED

    Hi David, this is huge beautiful Heli you have got here. I am following this build from the start and I like it a lot. Just one thing - add the wipers at front pilot's windows Everything else is superb. Congratulations
  9. ShelbyGT500

    1/10 Young Miniatures Crusader bust

    He looks like Eric Bana in dark ages
  10. ShelbyGT500

    DC Poison Ivy 1/4

    Thank you Shawn really appreciate it well the clothes are made from lycra - very thin elastic spandex with appropriate texture for 1/4 scale.
  11. ShelbyGT500

    DC Poison Ivy 1/4

    Thanks guys , I'm glad you like her Well Gerhard, you can try with e2046.com they have a lot of GK figures at large scales It is a Chinese e-mag, but they are really reliable with excellent packaging and service and also I'm pretty sure I saw an animated version of Harley there Cheers friends
  12. ShelbyGT500

    DC Poison Ivy 1/4

    Well for a little break from flying beauties, I build another one I love comics heroes and this figure is one of them - DC Poison Ivy at 1/4 scale. I build/paint the figure for a week and it was great enjoy it is a GK glued with some epoxy, painted with tamiya acrylics. Hope you will like her: Another Cheers guys
  13. ShelbyGT500

    TU-134 A BG Air Force A-Model 1/72

    Hi guys the time for paint has come First tamiya primer, after that - panel lightning with white spots and final panel and rivets shading. And start with grey over the wings, flaps and stabs : Cheers friends
  14. ShelbyGT500

    TU-134 A BG Air Force A-Model 1/72

    Hi again guys It is time for some detailing over the plane, before masking and start to paint And some spare parts I will use here, from old projects and kits Cheers friends
  15. ShelbyGT500

    TU-134 A BG Air Force A-Model 1/72

    Hello guys After of nearly one month of putting-sanding, putting-sanding . . . etc. we finally got something that looks like a plane Cheers guys