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  1. Also the mask-markings are ready to apply: And start the fun part - first black primer, followed by some different color pre-shade: The fuel tanks is all-aluminium no camo over it: The sky-grey-blue-ishh belly And like I love to say - frog-green-brown camouflage: The final result must be something like this: Cheers friends and thanks for stopping by
  2. Hello guys At this topic I will show one of our soviets training jets - Mig-21 UM. The model is trumpeter 1/32 scale as you know. it will be project straight from the box, with no aftermarket. I will use only scratch re-works and improvements Start with interior - cockpit and the exhaust :
  3. Well THANK YOU friends for ALL kind words and posts here I'm glad that you like the cold war soviet jet. So continue with the front part of the canopy - first polished with tamiya compounds, paint with armor-glass from alclad, and after 24 hours polished again with blue and black tamiya compounds and finished with 3M wax. And for final touch I add the front antennas at the screen. Some work on the plane itself - mounted the air intakes, vertical stabs, and all moving parts of the half-wings. And tha
  4. And finally put to gather the two halves of the fuselage: And start to looks like a jet: Thanks for stopping by guys and always thanks for watching Cheers
  5. Start painting the interior with tamiya acrilics, weathered with oils and acrilic pencils: Add some pink rubber at canopy frame:
  6. The air-brake it is very interesting "thing" without a fuselage: Some modifications at ptb 1500 fuel tank - looks like a submarine Also detailing the gears with some wires and add the Armory resin wheels: The canopy frame is also made from plastic parts, CWS set and Eduard Set:
  7. Thanks Brian, stay to see , more to follow
  8. Lets start the cockpit - very complex thing I ised parts from the kit, photo-etched sets from eduard and CWS and some resin parts from CWS cockpit set: Fits like a LEGO Add some wires and tubes to engine for detailing: And scratch some avionics
  9. Hello my friends, at this topic i will try to build trumpeter's mig-29 A izdelie 9.12 at 32 scale. The machine serve in Bulgarian Air Force and it wears an standart russian camouflage for this type of birds. But here the weathering will be the fun part. Well lets start it First of all we must fix some shapes and start with nose cone: At the background is quickboost nose cone, but I still prefer to make my own Continue with shaping the engine covers: And lets open some space for the avionics and engin
  10. Ha ha, no problem Troy thanks , I'm glad you like it
  11. Hi friends, this my next finished project - Huey from Academy at 1/35 scale. For this project I used a lot of photo-etched and resin sets and parts. Painted with tamiya acrilic paints, weathered with oils, washes and dry brush - nothing new for us Put the girl-pilot next to "the choppa" just for fun Hope you will like it And as always thank y
  12. Hi friends And this bird is ready for flight: Thanks for watching friends Cheers
  13. Thanks Tim and Chris Now continue with adding more details to fuselage: Cheers friends
  14. Thanks guys Now continue with some weathered burnt paint over the half-wings: Cheers friends
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