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  1. Hi again friends Continue with the inner pipe-construction of the "canopy" Using 0.4 wire and super glue: And the three main parts of the interior - pilots, passengers and radio-gunners "room" : Well, now it is time to riveting the outer fuselage, and after that will start to detailing the inner walls Thanks for watching guys and CHEERS
  2. Yep, it is self adhesive aluminum foil for AC systems. I buy it from a local hardware store. It's with a different thickness - 40 and 80 microns. And the most important - it is with paper, gloss base. I do not have a youtube channel , but will try to make some tutorial - how to aluminum foil over clear parts Cheers my friend
  3. Well, the pilots interior is done / assembled, not painted yet Thank you for watching as always and Cheers guys
  4. Hi guys Continue with framing and riveting of clear parts. I used aluminum foil and rivet-tool: And start with pilot's interior - cmk resin set, combined with plastic parts from the kit, because some (main) resin parts are shrink and too small : Thanks for watching as always and Cheers guys
  5. Hi guys Continue with the work over the Jumo engine and its nest The half-wings are ready also: Cheers friends
  6. Hi guys Here I will try to simulate the upper side of fuel-tank with some plastic sheet and metal caps : And 2 hours for riveted the upper half of the wing : Thank you for watching friends Cheers
  7. Assembling the air-intakes and intercoolers of Jumo engines: Thank you for watching as always
  8. Thanks my friend Well for the rivets - I use trumpeter-rivet-tool, but only the wheels. I thing the wheels are good enough and with a hand-made handle, the things happening The plastic trumpeter handle is a $%^%T . . .
  9. Thanks guys I'm glad you like it Well Gaz, first drill the holes and super-guled the lines there. I use 1mm stripes from self-adhesive aluminium foil to hold them to the LG
  10. Continue with glueing the resin cmk engine covers, not so good shape of the resin and very hard to take the right forms - with boiling water: Cheers friends
  11. Hi my friend, yep, something like that, but with other registration and some modifications
  12. Hello friends Continue with pipe-ing of main gears: And start to replace the fuel-covers with the photo-etched once. Start with remove the plastic once, glue aluminium foil or plastic card at the other/inner side of the wing, full the hole with milliput and placed the etched cover at the top. That is mine way to glued the etched parts at one level with the plastic: And start riveting the thing Thanks for watching friends Cheers
  13. Thanks friends yes it is a little bit different plane as the ordinary He-111 This is one of a few pics of this transport plane: Yep there is no machine gun at ventral gondola, also the upper one is missing There is no bomb-bay, must be re-work with the passengers seats and tables, the left and right MG's are MG 81 double barrel and the nose one must be MG FF. Cheers friends
  14. Hello friends This is the new project - Heinkel He-111 H-16 german middle bomber. But this one will be re-worked for VIP transportation and civil registration The model is 1:32 scale from Revell of Germany, with a lot of aftermarket from Eduard, Quikboost and CMK. And here we go : Thanks for watching as ever and let see how far this project will go Cheers guys
  15. Hi Tomcatfreak for now testing new 3d printer for better masters
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