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  1. Everything it's my design Andy, for all of my projects include this one Hi Dancho, I can't wait also, but ... you now - good stuff happens too slowly
  2. Hi guys, continue with the camo: Thanks for watching Cheers
  3. After some polishing of the pre-shading and masking the white spots , start with the first color of camo - rlm 65: Decals are also ready: Cheers guys
  4. Hi guys and thank you for nice comments, I'm glad you like my work so far. Now continue with pre-shading of panels and rivets : Also add more details to the gears: And the base is done: Thanks for watching
  5. Hello guys Continue with the paint job: Also start working over the base: Cheers friends
  6. Thanks Gaz, Kev and Michael :) after short break I think it is time to finish this project ;) So continue with detailing the fuselage: Wheels, rims and gears are painted and weathered: And the prop is ready for decals :) Cheers friends :)
  7. Lets continue with this build The interior and the engine are done - painted and weathered: Also paint the propeller, but still not weathered yet The wheels bays : And to assemble the units into one fuselage and half-wings Cheers guys
  8. Well the good news from Stan are that he will rework this set for the Revell kit and also start 3D project of correct nose shape
  9. Hi friends The manual .pdf file for the photo-etched set is already done: CLICK and also a nice walkaround pictures at the same link. Cheers guys
  10. Hello friends The main parts are assemble and ready for paint: Cheers friends
  11. Hi Hartmann52, this is just dry fit of the engine and cockpit Of course I will install cannons when everything is in color Cheers
  12. Hi again friends The moving parts of the wings and tail are ready: Add some details of engine up-cover and lower part of the fuselage-wings: Also re-worked the prop: Aaand we have a Mercedes logo Cheers friends
  13. Thanks Kev Now lets detailing the lower part of the engine: Also gear-bays detailing - imitation of leather covers for protection from dust and dirt: Add some missing rivets of the upper part of the wings: And the instrumental panel from Yaho is awesome : Cheers guys
  14. More "photo-etched news" from Stan - if some one of us want to use the plastic engine nozzles, Stan will offers great etched set for plastic parts from trumpeter MIG-29 A/UB at 32 scale.: Click on images to enlarge and see the excellent details and hexagonal rivets
  15. Hi friends, thank you for kind words and I'm glad you like my work so far Now continue with more brass and led parts for detailing the interior and engine: Thanks for watching again Cheers guys
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