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  1. Hi friends at this topic I'll show my next project - Bulgarian Mi-4 ADT helicopter: Model is from trumpeter at 35 scale. Again - a lot of re-work mainly the interior and the engine bay. The kit engine is with only half part - 7 cylinders, the real is with 14. So I replicate several times one cylinder and rebuild the all thing For the paint, as always I've used tamiya and alclad. For the weathering - oils, filters, washes and acrylic pencils. And here it is: I hope you will like this big green beеtle Thank you as always for stopping by and Cheers friends.
  2. Hi Ernest, yes I've made the base from piece of wood, shaped the corners and angles with my motor-cutter. For the concrete imitation I've used 1mm styrene and painted with suitable colors and markings. I'm glad that you like all of it. Thanks
  3. Thanks friends Well, it will be nice, because it is so much work to convert Puma into Super Puma/Cougar . . . Also there are a lot of machines that can be delivered at 32/35 scale - Mi-1 or Mi-2 for example, not to mention for a big birds like MiG-25 or Su-33 . . . May be some day
  4. Hello friends Here is my next project. The inspiration is this beauty: The model is 1/32 scale old Matchbox since 1981, repacked from Revell with new decals and e few new parts. In the box we find a Puma SA 330, which is a good base to build a Cougar or Super Puma. There is no AM for that model, so for the build I've used a lot of polistyrol sheets, tamiya epoxy putty, plastic, resin, photo-etched parts for the scratch. So I reworked the all exterior/interior - almost every part was re-worked or replaced with new one. For painting I've used tamiya acrylics and alclads as always. For the minimal weathering - oils, filters and washes. And here is the beauty, hope you will like it: Thank you guys for stopping by, as always and Cheers
  5. Да Данчо, точно - капитан Петър Иванов с безпроизшествени 1000 часа във въздуха ! And for our friends - in English: this is the Mig-21 F-13-R of cap. Petar Ivanov with Non-accidental 1000 hours in the air ! Thank you my friend, but only the history remains . . .
  6. Hello friends This is my first model for 2022. Mig-21 F-13-R modification. The build is inspirited by this bird: This is BG F-13-R modification for recon - the Zenit camera was installed in right wing, replacing right landing light. I put mine/for film replacing / at upper wing part with pilot's helmet. The model is trumpeter kit at 32nd scale. For AM I've used reskit wheels, master pitot and dischargers, stencils from begemot. Also reworked almost all parts at cockpit and most of exterior to get closer to the real F-13. Paint is from tamiya, alclad 2, for weathering I've used acrlylic pencils and oils. This time the power-lifter and fuel tank are the only accessories for the base So here it is: Hope you will like it As always - thank you for stopping by. Cheers guys. P.S.: Special Greetings to my friend Dany Boy
  7. Hello friends And here are my LS planes for this year: Mig-29 A izd. 9.12 : Mig-21 BIS : Mig-21 UM: Mig-21 MF-R: AS 565 MBe Panther : And two non LSP birds, but still big machines: Ju-52 at 48 scale: B-2 Spirit of Alaska at 72 scale: Well, those were for that year up-coming a lot of LSP interesting projects like AS 532 Cougar, Mig-23 UB and Su-33, all at 32-nd scale So thank you as always for stopping by, Cheers and Happy New 2022 Year
  8. Hi friends at this topic I'll show one of ours Mig-21 MF, used for reconnaissance. The inspiration of the build is this bird: Those jets used a recon pods with three Zenit AFA-39 cameras. We've got those pods from Soviets Mig-21 R, so our Mig's become at MF-R's. For this project I've used the trumpeter MF kit at 32-nd scale. Also for better details, a lot of AM - BigED, resin nose-cone, air-scoops and antenas from quickboost, static-disschargers and pitot-tube from master, resin wheels from reskit and of course a lot of scratch - mainly the recon pod The paints as always are from tamiya, alclads for metal parts and some oils for the minor weathering. So here it is: Thank you always for stopping by and I hope you will like this beauty Cheers friends. P.S.: Special Greetings to my friend Dany Boy
  9. Thanks Alain Hi mc65, yes Alain Gadbois is pretty mush right. Mig-15/17/19 and early F-13's are with different color of cockpit. It's something like grey-blueish. You can use Medium Sea Grey or something similar of it. This is my Mig-15 Bis cockpit, you can see what the color is: Hope this will help you to start and finish your first Soviet Star Cheers
  10. Hi Youngtiger1, you're welcome Yes you can use Eduard 1/48 BIS for a reference, but know that - the fuselage-nose is from their 1/48 MF. Everything else is with correct shape But really sorry, I cannot recommend you any books, because I've access to the real Mig-21 Bis, MF, PFM, F-13 planes and I do not need books. Sorry once again my friend.
  11. HI Alain, well the nose-cone is wider than the MF's, not longer. I mean wider when write "larger". Sorry for that For fuselage-nose - yes it is wider than MF's also and the edge is "beveled". Maybe this is the right word. And for the spine - yes, wider and longer at the back side, where the tail it is. It ends almost where the parashute-tube starts.
  12. Thanks guys, well I do not like the "ready" colors sets from manufacturers. It's so far from truth. So every time I mix my own. About your question mc65, for "Russian cockpit green" I mix this two colors 50/50 ratio: And always you can change this mix, if you want more blueish or greenish shade of cockpit color. Cheers.
  13. Wow, Thank you guys everybody must feel excellent when people like his work Ok, no problem my friend. I've used a lot of 1mm polystirene and tamiya epoxy putty. First nose-cone: The exhaust and its "interior" : The re-worked fuselage-nose and MF back-spine: And start to shape the BIS spine: And already re-worked BIS spine, fuselage-nose and nose-cone: This was done maybe for five days, because the putty must be completely dry and hard. So hope this will be in your help at future bis projects Cheers
  14. Hi Alain and Thanks for kind words Well there are a lot of differences between MF and BIS, from outside First is the nose-cone, the Bis one is larger /got larger radar inside/, from there you've got a large nose. Second is the short nose, well it is not obvious, at 32 scale Bis nose is shorter with 1.87 mm than MF's one. Third is larger and longer Bis back side, the part after the canopy - the gargrot. Also it is with different shape. Fourth difference is between windscreens or un-removable part of canopy. The fifth - bis got a larger numbers of different antennas than MF - the obvious once are - one under the nose and one at the top of the tail. MF does not have them. Also there are differences between instrumental panel at cockpit, Bis got more gadgets At first look that is. If you want I will paste here some photos of two jets with pointed differences. Cheers my friend.
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