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  1. Hello again friends with some update The photo-etched parts for mig-29 A/UB 1/32 scale are done. The set will include also a few resin parts and when they are ready this set will appear for order at CWS site. Here some new photos of etched parts: Cheers guys
  2. Hello guys Some shots of test dry fit of new photo-etched parts for mig-29 1/32 : And new 3d-printings: Cheers friends
  3. First test print for the MIG-29 wheel wells in 1/32 scale: And some "WIP" pictures of how to take of the right measurements for new mig-21 1/32 goodies
  4. Hello friends, here it is the project of the BG Air Force MIG-15 BIS, ground transported with a truck and trailer to the museum Here you can see the WIP: MIG WIP And here are the photos: Once again - thanks friends for watching and the support Hope you will like it. Cheers
  5. Hello friends This "convoy" is done : Continue at RFI section Cheers and thank you for watching and support
  6. Hello again friends The first sample of photo-etched set is already done. Here are some pics of the product: Well, the final product will be separated of two sets - for A and for UB, and will be ready for purchase after two/three weeks. Cheers guys
  7. Hello friends Continue with decals and weathering over the aluminium wings and fuselage with filters, panel liners and oils : And some details to the truck and trailer: Hope you like it Cheers guys
  8. Well here is a "beta" or "demo" version of photo-etched parts for interior/exterior of Mig-29 A/UB 1/32 scale for trumpeter kit: When the final etched product is ready I will upload more pics P.S.: Many Thanks Luca for your support but for now this project is under "freezzz" because new trump kits are much better than revell one . . .
  9. Hi guys continue with painting and weathering of truck and trailer : Aaand tires, a lot of tires Maybe for that part of the build I must open new topic at NON LSP section - question for admins of the forum Cheers guys
  10. Hello friends, it is time for some WIP pics These are shots of the 3D project for the MIG-29 wheel wells in 32'nd scale - both for Trumpeter and Revell kits.These are basic structures. More details will be added and then printed. After that it is time for clean up and assembly Cheers friends
  11. Hi friends :) The work over the tractor is done, and everything is ready for paint: And the main idea starts to take a shape: Cheers guys :)
  12. Hi fellas, it is time for the next update I've made some wooden stands for the wings: Also start with the tractor for our plane: Cheers guys
  13. And here is a "trolley" for our mig Cheers guys
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