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  1. Hi friends, my next scratch work is done - Air Force APA-5D based at Ural truck. The model is 1/35 scale from old Alanger, repacked by Revell. I do not like the HAD conversion for this machine, so scratched my own: As always thanks for stopping by Hope you will like it. Cheers friends.
  2. Hi friends This is the end of this project: Thanks for watching as always Stay safe my friends. Cheers
  3. Hello friends this my next "quarantine" build. The model is new Zvezda YAK-130 at 48'th scale. The kit itself is excellent, with perfect detailed almost everything, no need AM. But well ... I've ordered BIGEd and Reskit Wheels before the kit. But if you want you can build a great model without this extras, and the big PLUS is the decals printed by Begemot for Zvezda, that you can find in the box Well I want to add an extra detailing, so I made the rivet lines over the fuselage and add cables and tubes at the gears. Oh and printed some "tail-art" Also for more interesting base I've added some trolleys for fuel-tanks, rocket pods, ammo-boxes and wheels. But lets stop talking, here are the photos: I hope you will like it Thank you for watching as always. Cheers friends.
  4. Yep, there will be a lot of wires and pipes
  5. No no, without reinforce, the plastic is very thick
  6. Well Brian, the gear bays will fit, but the nose cone is a bit different at 29's UB It is shaped with a lot of sanding and re-scribing new panels and lines
  7. Well, here are some photos from WIP of the masters: The main gear bays are 3d printed with some additional scratch elements, the front bay is photo-etched with scratched details. All will be cast from a resin with a manual for download, but this covid-situation slows everythig here in BG also. So THNAK YOU for support, kind words and great patience/which is not typical for us LSP builders for the patience I mean Cheers friends and stay safe.
  8. Hi Martin, well still working at wheel bays-master and also correct engine covers shape from the top part of the fuselage/for trumpeter kit/
  9. Thanks Maru ;) Well the interior is ready: Also imitate some welding at the front armor plate: And the base is almost done: Thank you always for stopping by :) Cheers guys.
  10. Hi guys, I'm glad you like it so far :) Now - start with painting the interior - brown primer, hair-spray, base off-white color, chip the paint and weatherin with oil paints, a lot of dir, isn't it ;) Also start work of the base: That is for today :) Cheers friends.
  11. Hi guys, this will be my next project as the topic says The model is from trumpeter at 35 scale. Will use a lot of parts from spare-box and a lot of scratch-work: Well that is for now. Hope you will like this project and thanks for watching as always friends. Cheers
  12. Hi friends, this is my last finished project - ATV Soviet UAZ 469 used by our army forces. The model is 1/35 scale by trumpeter. This vehicle is a parade one, that the general leads the troops from. I removed the passenger's seat and replaced with a microphone platform. Also put down the front screen and remove the upper side /windows part/ of the doors. Hope you will like it: Thank you for watching friends. Stay safe and live Cheers
  13. Yep, on my new inkjet. Thank you for kind words as always.
  14. Hello friends this is my next complete project - Airbus helicopter H 145 M, recently delivered for Republic of Serbia Air Force. The model is from Revel of Germany at 1/32 scale. There is no after-market for that model, so to convert the heli from police to army I have used a lot of scratch - photo-etched, plastic materials and also parts from spare box. I know that there is a military ver. at the market but I did not find it at local hobby stores, so I got the police one and re-worked it. The work at this model was a pleasure, because it is a new item - from 2016-2017 and all parts fits like a Lego So here she is: And I hope you will like this birdy Cheers guys and as always thank you for watching.
  15. Hi friends, after a long process of masking and painting, she is done: Hope you will like her and thanks for watching as ever Cheers
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