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  1. And it is painting time - first black primer, light the panels with some white, pre-shade the panel lines whit nato brown. And start with bottom side - aluminum, some hair spray and salt. After 20 minutes first layer of dark blue for pre-shade, after that the main light grey-blue color. When it dries completely I will cover al with high diluted main color. Also start with other parts: Thanks for watching guys. Cheers
  2. And the next update The door is fixed and detailed : Well if the door will be open, we need a ladder: The wheels from the kit are horrible - soft rubber , the "rims" - far from the truth, so I will use the resin wheels: Also scratched antennas, pitot tubes and screen-washers: Well that is for now Cheers guys.
  3. Hello my friends This is AN-72P at 1/72 scale of TOKO. I started this birdy many years ago and it is the only one abandoned project Why? Horrible plastic material, raised panel lines and no rivets . .. no details, horrible manual , etc etc So now it is time to put on the helmet and the body-armor and finish the Chebourashka: And this is one of the examples at this $%^t - the window clear part of the left-side door: But we will fix it Ok guys, thanks for watching as always and Cheers
  4. Aaand after a year later, this project is finished - we have a base and self-propelled ladder Thank you for watching friends, and hope you will like the new vision Cheers
  5. Hello my friends After four mounts this beauty is done. You can see the WIP here: WIP And here she is: Hope you will like her and as always Thank you for watching. Cheers my friends.
  6. Thank you my friends I'm very happy you like her. The whole thing was polished with micro-fiber plot. And after removing the masks, I started to assemble the different parts to the fuselage - gears, wheels, gear-doors, cannons, antennas, moving-windows: Cheers friends
  7. Thank you Spyros Continue with weathering - soft pastels, washes, filters - all self made by oil paints: That is for now. Marry Christmas my friends and big Cheers
  8. Thanks friends, I'm glad you like it so far After a few layers of gloss, put on the stencils and sealed with semi-gloss + some flat base. That is for now Thanks for watching and as always Cheers friends.
  9. Thanks guys Continue with engine mounting and test fit of the propeller, also paint the registrations on the fuselage and wings: And finally polished the paint and it is ready for clear varnish And as always Thank you for watching my friends. Cheers.
  10. Well it is time for the upper camo-painting - typical German camo - broken glass with rlm 70/71. Paint the upper wing tips with white and the lower side with white, green and red Imitating some weathering chips with a salt, also paint the walking zone with yellow stripes : Thanks for watching as always Cheers friends.
  11. Hi friends It is time for painting - first black primer and pre-lighning of every one of the panels. After that start to paint the aluminum spots - where the chips will be. Wet the spots with some water and cover with salt. And finally cover with rlm 65 and its shades. At the end remove the salt to reveal the chips: And that was for now. Thanks for watching as ever and Cheers guys
  12. Hi Andy well I foiled because with time the seam-line after painting get old and after years became visible. But when is protect with foil everything will be fine The gears, wheels, props and Jumo engine are painted and ready to be installed : Aaand just finished the priming of the plane - two and half hours just for the upper side of the monster . . . Maybe next weekend I'll continue with the lower part, because think I will destroy my air-compressor Cheers friends.
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