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  1. Thanks all! I use wash set from Ammo Mig - IJN aircraft
  2. Model number 14 in this year. Project 11. 1/32 Tamiya Model, HGW seat belts & wet transfers, All colours MRP
  3. Bf 109 Number 13. in this year. Project 14. 1/32 Reverll model Hasegawa gun cover & bulges, Aires wheels, exhaust & cockpit Eduard instrument panel Look Painting mask homemade & Propeller 77 All colours MRP
  4. Thaks! Hasegawa is simple. Sufficient as a model for a showcase. Revel is more detailed, but some corrections are needed. I'm finishing the G-6, on which I used the weapon cover and bulge from the G-6 Hasegawa model. You will see the result. Maybe I'll have photos by the end of the week.
  5. Bf 109 Number 12. in this year. Project 15. 1/32 Revell model, AMUR update set for Erla cowling, Aires cockpit, Eduard exhaust, Barracuda wheels, Painting mask homemade & Propeller 77, All colours MRP
  6. Thanks all! I used only stencils. For marking I used homemade painting mask.
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