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  1. sigh...where is the F-16A, B, MLU...F-14 new tool, F-22, F/A-18E/F and so on...And a Hellcat, P-38 in 32-scale...it would be amazing But if this rumour is true then it is a positive sign Tamiya is still in the 32-market and cracking the Luftwaffe topics...Focke Wulf next?
  2. I agree. Waiting for this one from Zoukei Mura as well. In the meantime I worked on flight jacket art...sketching the nose art.
  3. Very true, just a shame it was the wrong scale re the P-38
  4. I ordered one. This was a jet in the running to replace the 104 for the Netherlands back then...of course we chose the F-16, but years later a few rotations took place. One Viggen is on display in the Netherlands at the Aviodrome museum in Lelystad. A fascinating design. Maybe they will tackle another Swedish one: the Draken?
  5. I believe that is what he means as you describe Dave. I started a bit and it seems to work. Again, I am dreading the task but what this shows is that it can be done. The softness of the panelling disappears and a more realistic 'sharper' look appears. Also recommended: wet sanding and a facemask (although we are probably used to those by now :)). T
  6. I agree with youDave. The panel lines and plastic seem eerily the same quality as the 104. This means rescribing the whole lot. There is a good tutorial on LSP by an F-8 builder, but I am dreading the 104-exercise which I recently started. Painstakingly slow as I do not want to screw up the kit...The Tonka will need the same treatment I am afraid. That said, still great to see a new tool Tornado. This is also helpful: https://www.themodellingnews.com/2020/08/build-review-pt-ii-kitty-hawks-32nd_22.html#more
  7. Next: P-38, Hellcat, or retool F-14 or F-16D. I.e. : a ton of profit
  8. Business Debt Hibernation scheme.
  9. don't give up on WNW. They may enter into BDH
  10. an exception to your rule of rubbish is the Fokker G.1...now that would be something in 1/32...the forerunner of the P-38 in certain aspects (although that was pure fighter (Pursuit) of course)
  11. Read this under the Hornet Topic today. This would be a great idea!!! Since we are waiting for ages for Tamiya to do anything.... T
  12. As one of the data contributors to the Thunderstreak / Thunderflash project, I would also really really like to see this come to life...in 2020
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