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  1. Business Debt Hibernation scheme.
  2. don't give up on WNW. They may enter into BDH
  3. an exception to your rule of rubbish is the Fokker G.1...now that would be something in 1/32...the forerunner of the P-38 in certain aspects (although that was pure fighter (Pursuit) of course)
  4. Read this under the Hornet Topic today. This would be a great idea!!! Since we are waiting for ages for Tamiya to do anything.... T
  5. As one of the data contributors to the Thunderstreak / Thunderflash project, I would also really really like to see this come to life...in 2020
  6. onwards to the Sea Fury Nice kit this Whirlwind
  7. Saw this too. With 3 detail sets this was for sale for €890 (!) about 980 USD!!!! Beautiful but....wow...too much
  8. Any pictures of the Whirlwind, Sea Fury and Typhoon?
  9. GT resin is working on a conversion kit slated for end of the year.
  10. 1250 USD...the nose/wing section / x-15 idea is pretty cool..and may sell more. Like the WNW Lancaster.
  11. 1250...Hobby out of control. Fascinating kit of course...and huge by any standard (the 48 version will already eclipse most 32 offerings out there)
  12. And do not forget the Hawker Sea Fury that is on Special Hobby's agenda...
  13. It is a long process...I wanted it already (my dad as well, although not his scale).
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