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  1. A B-24 they will never do even though it would be the ultimate shock for the LSP community....then again, WNW, Lancaster...?
  2. i hope they break the prop-pattern
  3. I would say that is correct! The basic Academy F-16CJ has that as well.
  4. P-38 would be great. Of course the Fokker G.1 was the best twin-forked devil The Me-109...also possible. Or how about a Hurricane? Jets: as mentioned by a lot of us. Re-issue the Thunderbirds kit, A (MLU) model and a twoseater. New F-14A/B/D in light of TopGun2 (Maverick)...or go for the Super Hornet?
  5. Any predictions for this year? A prop or a jet?
  6. Nice try. Overpriced like the AFV Club twoseater. And we all know that Tamiya should hit the market with the twoseater
  7. that one turned out nicely! Well done!
  8. I think the whole fuss is about nothing and the spine seems ok to me. Perhaps if it reallllllly is sooooo bad, Zactoman?
  9. Really!? Well, that is a relief. Some of the work is still relevant and most useful today. Any idea if they are going to issue some of it again?
  10. seems the black base is non-gloss and causes the coarse-ness? Did you use matt black? or gloss? Gloss black is the way to go. Alclad has a good baselayer as well as Mr. Color
  11. Great job! I like the way you attacked the recessed panelling on this jet. I am going to try it on the TF-104G by Italeri which suffers from the same issue. Will take time and patience but looking at your effort, it seems worth it. Great Franken-cockpit also by the way!
  12. I see. So, the company ended in bankruptcy? or filed for it? It is a strange way to operate: destroy what is of potential tremendous value. I read that the legacy PE/Resin/Books company Verlinden also finished business. There were no interested parties to buy it (or parts of the valuables (goodwill, masters etc), so they closed shop and destroyed the remaining stock and masters...a crying shame. Good you decided to jump in the hole left behind!!! Now...how about the F-16A./B conversions in 48 and 32? LOL
  13. And he measured the beast itself. I do wonder where the original molds ended up. That would help a company further that would be willing to take this further. Until then, not much alternatives, my price lowered a bit . ZM is still my best bet I think
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