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  1. timvkampen

    Kitty Hawk 1/32 F-5F

    wow! No, I meant that Kittyhawk could now tackle the F-5A/B series and the T-38 since we all know that Tan model will not be able to get that done...unless we are surprised/
  2. timvkampen

    F-11F Tiger 1/32 revival!!!

    Paul, the Fury and Tiger are missing in the line-up...apart from the Brit Firefly would you consider the Tiger (amd/or Fury)? a Blue Angels F-11F....sigh best Tim
  3. timvkampen

    Kitty Hawk 1/32 F-5F

    that is another nice one the Talon!
  4. now onwards to the (N)(C)F-5A/B series!!
  5. timvkampen

    TF-104G and (R)F-104G Italeri 1/32 on their way...

    Luuk Boerman has done a tremendous job for builders of Dutch military aviation. Same applies for all specialized decal makers. Danny Coremans of Daco has been a major driver for the 104s of Italeri I believe! And his conversion set for the Hasegawa Zippers is beautiful!!!
  6. timvkampen

    TF-104G and (R)F-104G Italeri 1/32 on their way...

    ...and finally after almost 30 years building a 1/32 scale 2-seat Zipper...to complement the 1/72 conversion (Esci) I made when I was 15!! A big thank you to Pieter Posthumus who designed a conversion process for the 1/32 2-seat Zipper in 1987!! First picture: Pieter Posthumus rendition (the canopies are made from a "spare" F-14 Tamiya canopy!; I did it the same for 1/72 scale from an Italeri F-14 canopy!). Second picture is my 1/72 scale 2-Zipper. Looking forward to Italeri's kit!!
  7. timvkampen

    Revell MiG-29UB/GT

    I can only support what the others already mentioned: ditch this one as fast as lightning. I got my Trumpy and sold off the Revell kits (one and twoseater)...probably the worst kits in this scale to have appeared but it was also in the time the MIG_29 was hot and the wall just fell...etc etc...quick release sort of thing I think. Zactoman's conversion I kept Great stuff!
  8. timvkampen

    ZM New Old Man Blog is up in english

    thanks! They do have some interesting things in the pipeline. I sure hope they are also venturing into jets in 32-scale (yes, the Horten is one, but I mean: F-4s, F-14, F-16, F/A-18...)
  9. timvkampen

    Italeri TF-104

    and my 1/72rendition based on Pieter's conversion process. I built it when I was 15 (!!). Conversion of the Esci 1/72 kit (before Hasegawa crashed the scene :)). Still proud of it and now onwards to the 1/32 kit!! Wonderful times for the big scale modellers!!
  10. timvkampen

    Italeri TF-104

    Pieter Posthumus:
  11. timvkampen

    Italeri TF-104

    I did do it for the 1/48 scale Zipper of Monogram and it worked. Of course Hasegawa then arrived on the scene...For the 32 scale conversion you had to chop up a Tamiya F-14 cockpit hood to make the 2 parts for the zipper...in 48 scale the same recipe applied...nerves of steel. A Dutch modeller (Pieter Posthumus) was the one who invented the conversion process actually for the 32 2-seat Zipper. Jef copied this quite well.
  12. timvkampen

    Italeri TF-104

    me as well:)
  13. timvkampen

    Kitty Hawk has announced an Fw 190A-5

    Tan Model? never gonna happen. KH: FW 190A-5: cash cow, maybe, if they beat ZM to the punch and are seriously cheaper. And Tamiya is not jumping in the race... A link to the ZM efforts, dates back from 2014 (rumours in 2012!!) and I think it indeed has something to do with the F-4 Series in 48-scale. Those are quite spectacular (I think). https://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/2860-z-m-fw-190-series-in-132/
  14. timvkampen

    Kitty Hawk has announced an Fw 190A-5

    the CAD is a market-feeler in my opinion. If I were KH I would not go there...ZM will come with a better offering, unless Tamiya decides to go nuts on us and surprises us next year... :)