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  1. sigh...as I said it is a shame Tamiya as the Rolls Royce of aircraft modelling (apart from all the other brilliant stuff) does not issue more kits...in both 48 and 32 scale. Patience, patience...perhaps September?
  2. Please report to us what you see!!
  3. the schedule: https://www.tamiya.com/english/shs/shs2019/index.htm
  4. I agree with you and Jennings on ZM dropping some balls here and there. The Phantom (I have the J-model) is really nice, but the canopy and the backside shape is unfortunate. Correctable but unfortunate. BF-109..I pass as well. Still hope they do a 48-(Tomcat B/ late A) and 32 (P-38 or F-14A new tool). Maybe Tamiya relishes the Rolls Royce role too much...? But it sure would be nice if they surprise us this year.
  5. Yes, true true. I am now working on the TF-104G by Italeri. Wonderful we have the kit in 32-scale but a nightmare to get the surface detail nice and crisp. It is irregular everywhere (Mtachbox quality..thick, deep panel lines, missing / unfinished lines...)..but we have it as a kit.
  6. Although a lot here 'fear' the WNW may be more expensive, I look at it from the angle that you won't need to buy all the additional upgrade sets to correct all the flaws or improve the base kit. All the AM purchases cost a lot, and I mean a lot, of money.
  7. Z-M seem for sure in the 32 category taking over the lead for props (WWII) but jets they are trying 48 first it seems with their brilliant Phantoms
  8. I know, Brian is right of course... Still such a shame, such a brilliant company is not issuing more great planes...
  9. 3rd: F-14A Tomcat -new tool
  10. nice one! It will be an epic battle against the WNW and the HK models one...I am waiting for the WNW one
  11. Fascinating to read the desires in the thread some of us have. A DH Hornet is a pipedream of course... I still hope for a combo: P-38 or a P-47 prop and a jet (F-18E/F, F-16A/B/D series, new tool F-14). All money makers. Then in 48: F-14A late / B and prop ...who knows...
  12. or perhaps the missing F-14B (and late A) in the Tomcat line-up? But I still hope for a 1/32 surprise. Why not 2 kits like ZM seems to be able to do? A new F-14 1/32 and the P-38
  13. You are brave man!! (and persistent). Fun to watch the build despite having to reach the conclusion I am passing on purchasing this one...
  14. both Wars are interconnected / consequences of the circumstances surrounding the time when Europe was the Centre of the World. A good book about this: https://www.amazon.com/War-That-Ended-Peace-Road/dp/140006855X/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=margaret+world+war&qid=1553694208&s=gateway&sr=8-1 So, I'd say, Sir Peter can continue with WWI and then slide right to WWII...his company is Tamiya-like so all modellers would welcome it. The Lancaster (and hopefully the movie) is something I - as a jet-guy - am most interested in. The level of engineering is mind-blowing.
  15. Brassin seats I am using for the TF-104G. No problems with fith. Little works of art.
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