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  1. There is not even a single CAD image or let alone testshot available and there is already a whining start and diversion to the Voodoo...stay on topic: Streak and Flash. Things KH needs to get right for sure (apart from everything and it has to be perfect to some here WTH, wake up): *Flash: obviously, the Recce nose and the intakes in the wings * Streak: intake. All 48-offerings sort of botched this and it will take some clever engineering to get this right. So, let's wait and see. This has been in the works since 2014 by the way. KH decided at the time to first tackle some other subjects and experiment with 3D scanning for CAD design. The Mirage 2000 is going to be a good test to see how good the Streak and Flash could become.
  2. I would be in for some Tamiya - Zactoman style pallets!! I have 2 Cats waiting.
  3. Gary, you have my suppport!! Tamiya should be the donor kit here, not the Academy one...I had one to compare with the Tamiya one and sold the Academy one. Only plus was the Greek parabrake housing (albeit not correct). So, I also hope you do an F-16A (MLU) conversion with the tail options (parabrake, ADF etc). best Tim
  4. I don't care. I am just going for one I think. It looks really amazing from these test shots already
  5. Hi Gary, thanks. One question: how does one find out whether a particular Eagle flew with Michelin or Goodyear? For instance the Soesterberg AB, NL F-15s (C/D models and A/B were flown there). Same for Bitburg, germany.
  6. no, also pondering whether to get them actually...
  7. and end of year availability is the target (but not set in stone)
  8. That would be help to see your progress. And yes, combining a job like that makes things more challenging for sure. Same for me when it comes to writing and building. Makes sense to use the Canopy of the Academy / AFV Viper. Count me in for 2 sets of the D!! And the A/B (MLU)-versions should be do-able. Good luck preparing. Hope they turn out in 2020!! HTH Tim
  9. makes sense and solves an issue. A full twoseat and MLU conversion is something many have discussed; I had a discussion with Mike from SierraHotel, but it is a bit silent at the moment. There is a market for sure. In Europe alone we are jumping up and down for a proper conversion. Paying 600 USD for the Thunderbirds kit of Tamiya is a bridge too far for many of us So, Looking forward to this, also because the Viper in Europe are slowly being replaced by the F-35...
  10. You'd make a lot of us here happy! I am in! Checking out the intakes now.
  11. or I think @Zactoman may start considering actually making the small mouth intake for the regular F-16CJ which is still available in good quantities..and throw in the landing gear and wheel doors as well. Would be marketable I think.
  12. So...P-38...rumours getting stronger. Re-issue F-16C Thunderbirds or do an F-16C/N Aggressor pack like in 48 scale and new tool F-14 . @Zactoman Never gonna happen...but deep sighs...
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