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  1. And to think of it: their 48-renditions (and 72) are quite good. So basic research is there. It should be much more accurate than the Trumpeter effort.
  2. I sent Airfix a suggestion to issue the EE / BAC Lightning in 1/32 scale. That may be solving these problems It would be a great entrance in the 32-market for them.
  3. sigh...where is the F-16A, B, MLU...F-14 new tool, F-22, F/A-18E/F and so on...And a Hellcat, P-38 in 32-scale...it would be amazing But if this rumour is true then it is a positive sign Tamiya is still in the 32-market and cracking the Luftwaffe topics...Focke Wulf next?
  4. I agree. Waiting for this one from Zoukei Mura as well. In the meantime I worked on flight jacket art...sketching the nose art.
  5. Very true, just a shame it was the wrong scale re the P-38
  6. I ordered one. This was a jet in the running to replace the 104 for the Netherlands back then...of course we chose the F-16, but years later a few rotations took place. One Viggen is on display in the Netherlands at the Aviodrome museum in Lelystad. A fascinating design. Maybe they will tackle another Swedish one: the Draken?
  7. I believe that is what he means as you describe Dave. I started a bit and it seems to work. Again, I am dreading the task but what this shows is that it can be done. The softness of the panelling disappears and a more realistic 'sharper' look appears. Also recommended: wet sanding and a facemask (although we are probably used to those by now :)). T
  8. I agree with youDave. The panel lines and plastic seem eerily the same quality as the 104. This means rescribing the whole lot. There is a good tutorial on LSP by an F-8 builder, but I am dreading the 104-exercise which I recently started. Painstakingly slow as I do not want to screw up the kit...The Tonka will need the same treatment I am afraid. That said, still great to see a new tool Tornado. This is also helpful: https://www.themodellingnews.com/2020/08/build-review-pt-ii-kitty-hawks-32nd_22.html#more
  9. Next: P-38, Hellcat, or retool F-14 or F-16D. I.e. : a ton of profit
  10. Business Debt Hibernation scheme.
  11. don't give up on WNW. They may enter into BDH
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