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  1. Any pictures of the Whirlwind, Sea Fury and Typhoon?
  2. GT resin is working on a conversion kit slated for end of the year.
  3. fascinating but amen ‘no’
  4. 1250 USD...the nose/wing section / x-15 idea is pretty cool..and may sell more. Like the WNW Lancaster.
  5. 1250...Hobby out of control. Fascinating kit of course...and huge by any standard (the 48 version will already eclipse most 32 offerings out there)
  6. And do not forget the Hawker Sea Fury that is on Special Hobby's agenda...
  7. It is a long process...I wanted it already (my dad as well, although not his scale).
  8. this is John's rendition: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/127657-eebac-lightning-f6/
  9. indicative...in other words, depending on circumstances, progress. But 2020-2021 is the idea yes.
  10. To give some of the readers some background on the work that has been done for the next KH kits. A small group formed end of 2013 to look at the available F-84F and RF-84F kits. The focus first turned on the Streak and specialists Bruce and Harold were able to come up with a lot - and I mean a lot - of great info on the jet (photos, measurements, panel lines corrections). Luuk Boerman and I did the same from the other side of the pond and collected our materials. Fate also had it that I was able to get into touch with an architect / aviationist who has almost unlimited access to the Danish airforce jets. He was able to come up with the proper drawings (so, the R. Caruna ones are now obsolete). I know for a fact that reps of KH travelled to Denmark to see the Flash with their own eyes. All the information gathered for KH was stored and first other kits would be issued in order to improve and further learn about the proper 3d CAD processes (we speak of 2013-2014, so quite a few kits have now been issued and quality has improved). The Mirages will be the next in line and the chopper series (Blackhawk, little bird, Huey, etc). Given that KH asked the group to come alive again, we shall gather additional information to try to make sure the kits will be the best to date by KH. Glen is a huge fan of the Streak / Flash (and so are we in the group) so he wants to get it right. The Flash is first, the Streak follows thereafter. I myself shall go with a small group to the Brussels museum to make additional walk-arounds for the project, so stay tuned...and criticism is fine as long as it is constructive. Tim
  11. I'd still wait for the Z-M kit then...2021
  12. no, I am not...wishful thinking but who knows...
  13. Although a most likely stunning P-38 in the 48-scale will appear, let's look ahead and banter about a new tool 1/32 scale F-14A/D Tomcat. It will star in the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick movie next year. It will also be a good occassion since the first flight took place on 21 December 1970!!! Yes, people, 50 years ago! Upscaling the 48 Tomcat or using all that data to create a new 32-version should be a piece of cake for Tamiya... T
  14. Then I'll open one for a 1/32 Tomcat new tool as next year Top Gun (Topgun): Maverick is going to be releaased starring also the Old School Tomcat. Lightning may still pop-up in 32 in 5 years time from now.
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