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  1. Thanks Tom, yes oils. It was a wet technique that took a few tries to perfect! Ryan
  2. Some stuff I must finish.
  3. The one with the chattering teeth really bothered me, plus the whole skinless dealio with Frank and later the other gal...yuck. Seems like you could have mounted the piece and dry brushed it gold with reasonable results. Looks the part the way you are doing it. Ryan
  4. Hehe, thanks a bunch, I'm ready to get something on the board.
  5. thanks, yes i'm back on it for now.
  6. Some beauty shots of the engine, finally got it washed and satin cote sealed.
  7. Drug this off the shelf of doom to do some work on it... Base coated the pit and ip panel.
  8. Yes, i'm a dope....Peace Keeper! In fairness, it is the "aluminum overcast" in my shack.
  9. The Peace Keeper is what I use, its massive.
  10. Its from a new movie coming out.... The Fast and the Fuhrerious.
  11. Thats not from sagging torsion bars. Looks like a no direction build built by an intern, even the barrel is limp.
  12. Yes also any model worth presenting needs mold seam lines cleaned up too. Yes you can do this on the sprue but you wont get all of it. Too much risk and the short cut of no seam removal takes it out of consideration...for me anyway.
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