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  1. Ryan

    Fw 190D-11

    Milo I have always been a fan of your armor models, you sure have the same touch with AC models. Well done. Ryan
  2. Ryan

    LSP Christmas Raffle 2018

    I would like to be entered in the raffle. Ryan
  3. Ryan

    Large Scale Model Rubber Tires

    Hi Mike, When I slipped (stretched) them over the wheel hubs the stress of the action caused the future to fracture....so compress probably wasn't the right word. I will say I was able to touch up after the tires were in place. Ryan
  4. Ryan

    Large Scale Model Rubber Tires

    The Future will likely crack. Did this on a AMT 18 Wheeler to simulate Armor All on the tire....looked great until compressed. Ryan
  5. Ryan

    WNW Christmas Surprise

    Yes, sigh just as I took out a mortgage to buy one on Ebay..... You guys have me to thank for this. Ryan
  6. I actually hated the first gen looks, the looks of this one is better to my eye...Ridgeline that is. Funny fact the "bed" you see in the pics is just a panel line, the body is mostly one piece. I think the critics who tore apart the first one for being too Elcamino like forced this design que. Ryan
  7. Ryan

    The Next Airfix 1/24 Kit Will Be...

    Nah, as in English Electric!
  8. Here is my...yawn...Honda Ridgeline...yawn. Honda Ridgeline by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr Ryan
  9. Ryan

    HK B-17 Build 1/32nd

    Good to see you on the forum Jef, welcome. Ryan
  10. Ryan

    WNW Tripe, D.H.2, and Fokker E.II out!

    Mine too.
  11. Ryan


    Wait till they sell out and make it to eBay, it will make the Harry Tate kit look like a bargain.
  12. Ryan


    I wonder will there be a mad rush to cancel pre-orders for the HK kit? Ryan
  13. Ryan

    So, wingnut wings at Telford...

    I hear yah, i do love a discount myself! Model shows will typically hand out a flier for vendors (private or otherwise) stating that it is their responsibility to collect sales tax and pay the government when the show is over. I doubt many "closet clean out" sellers even bother at local shows, but a major retailer would be foolish not to collect.....no fun looking over your shoulder. (there probably is even a min amount you could sell and not report it.) One could argue the man power it would take to police each model show or reptile convention etc to catch these people would be enormous for little gain though. It's also a time saver too at the shows (to include sales tax), who wants to walk up to the vendor and watch him tap on his calculator when he could just included it in the sticker and take hit later.
  14. Ryan

    So, wingnut wings at Telford...

    Yes a 504 would be very welcome.