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  1. Ryan


    Would be nice to have a kit of these. Ryan
  2. Ryan

    Revell Bug

    Sure looks nice in that shot Mark. Ryan
  3. Build them both man, start with Tamiya. Ryan
  4. Ryan


    Yes. Only because the Musk is involved with both companies I mention this too......recently was totally amazed to find out that you can order a Tesla with a option to have your car find YOU in parking lot. Not Falcon booster landing, but still pretty cool.
  5. Ryan


    The whole affair took something like 33 minutes to hit 27,000 mph, place the satellite in orbit (400 miles up), and return these boosters to earth. Just fantastic.
  6. Ryan


    I will never get tired of seeing those Falcon boosters touching down upright. Ryan
  7. Fantastic result Mr. Bear. Ryan
  8. Guy the pics don't lie, very good result. Ryan
  9. I have the set, the French one is very cool. The kit provided Spirit of 76" scheme is nice too.
  10. I find the PayPal no interest over $99.00 deal very appealing, for these situations.
  11. Certainly this route will be at wholesale prices, and rightfully so.
  12. Lots of Models and Victory Models also buy collections....
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