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  1. Also check eBay as there are dedicated kit breakers that will sell off sprues.
  2. Well it wont be in the handbook, but I don't see any reason to curb a members creativity.
  3. Never a more true statement.
  4. That's a good figure Pete, that's one area of modeling I would like to venture in some day.
  5. The Shermans are now sold out, but he says there are a few left coming this way (US). He's off to a great start with this venture and it could turn into a WNW style cult. Ryan
  6. Wingnut Wangs......Sounds like a possible new company from Sir Peter.
  7. Any US buyers know what the postage cost is when buying direct from Kotare?
  8. Thanks, its sitting on its suspensions arms...a great milestone but not before I snapped a shock connecting road and had to rebuild!
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