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  1. Drug this off the shelf of doom to do some work on it... Base coated the pit and ip panel.
  2. Yes, i'm a dope....Peace Keeper! In fairness, it is the "aluminum overcast" in my shack.
  3. The Peace Keeper is what I use, its massive.
  4. Its from a new movie coming out.... The Fast and the Fuhrerious.
  5. Thats not from sagging torsion bars. Looks like a no direction build built by an intern, even the barrel is limp.
  6. Yes also any model worth presenting needs mold seam lines cleaned up too. Yes you can do this on the sprue but you wont get all of it. Too much risk and the short cut of no seam removal takes it out of consideration...for me anyway.
  7. I'm glad you showed me this. With the size of the model, a spray bomb my work great in conjuction with airbrushed highlites.
  8. Here is the seller. https://www.boomersbooks.net/quicksearch/all/Imperial Jaapanese Navy Air Force Suicide Attack Unit "Kamikaze"
  9. Yes certainly could do that, I'm just being dramatic. Bigger issue would be my painting style, black shadow cote and then primer red. If I wait till after I paint it to glue it could shift some of my shadows.
  10. Yes agreed loose until tracks and upper hull are on it for a visual inspection. This means I will have to finish out the suspension and tracks before I can paint the inards...sigh.
  11. When I post I copy the BBCode and then delete most of it like this: ******https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50392380232_a01fc23713_h.jpg********** (I placed the asteriks here for clarity) You then have to hit enter for the image to show up.
  12. Tom I post with flickr and havent had a any issue that I know about.
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