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  1. Nice Rubi, I have a Gladiator Mojave.
  2. You know on the last rotary it came out too bright and in a fit of desperation I loaded my AB up the Tamiya brown panel liner and it took the sting right out of it. A thin veil of grime if you will. Ryan
  3. I've been there many times., perhaps some of these well done engines will spark interest!
  4. 72nd, sorry...but there are NO panel line washes on this model.
  5. Pencil works very well over a flat paint job, just be sure where you want it as there is no erasing it. Washes suck for many reasons, this being one of them.
  6. Here is its twin...get it. Honestly just happy they look like the same guy painted both of them, onto the push rods and other accessories.
  7. Yeah, seems a bit dry right now....
  8. Felton is the best, I can listen to him all day say "Herman Goering, Adolf Eichman, and the Fuhrer Bunker" No love for these folks but the way he pronounces words and phrases is awesome...not to mention his story telling ability.
  9. May I offer a different suggestion. 1. Spray the complete tire rim and all a rubber or NATO black color. 2. Dry brush your aluminum rim, this will ensure crisp lines. 3. Touch up the metal color on the tire with the same NATO or rubber paint. Works really well.
  10. ZM Ki-45 engines under construction.
  11. We are sliding away from the original topic, but I find the Twitter modeling community very friendly. Its awesome, a small paragraph, (4) pics and you post.
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