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  1. Yes more, pics, I have the 1/16 Jagdtiger, some day hoping to get churning on it. Ryan
  2. Fingers crossed the Lanc and the 0/400 could be at the Nationals, I’ll be picking up one of each. As far as cost, don’t really care. I don’t smoke or drink, golf, have a car restoration going on, have a boat, or any other vices or hobbies. Money well spent to me. Ryan
  3. I cheated on the control lines, just drilled through the part, it’s actually one line..so is the one passing by the stick. Here is the build thread https://forum.ww1aircraftmodels.com/index.php?topic=10344.0
  4. Anyone have a good contact for them? Ryan
  5. In the US it was very professional, fast and painless. Contact Volks USA in California. Ryan
  6. The pup is a nice kit, here are some shots of mine. Pup by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr Pup by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr Ryan
  7. Mine arrived Saturday, so stashed yes, built no.
  8. I used to but as I get older I just want to get one to the finish line OOB. Ryan
  9. Never had one of these, but man I miss my 929RR....never broke so many traffic laws in my life.
  10. Good man, washes really suck and I avoid them at all costs. A good practice is to preshade your parts to assist the wash blending, the wash doesn't have to work as hard to create the effect. If you really want to see a different approach to washes and emphasizing detail take a look a work from JM Villalba. He hardly uses washes and employees the airbrush to shade. And there is the rub, you trade controlling washes to controlling the airbrush! Its hard to argue with his results though. https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1GGRV_enUS754US754&biw=1920&bih=928&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=5osDXbTWFc-4sQWD25jQCA&q=jm+villalba+tips&oq=jm+villalba+tips&gs_l=img.3...34150.35511..36759...0.0..0.84.376.5......0....1..gws-wiz-img.......35i39.OdZouHnPkks#imgrc=AToXzTNORyVjnM: I like the outlining and style he uses and you see that in my work, but the only way I can pull it off is with the enamel wash and then surgical clean up. Red Baron by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr Untitled by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr Ryan
  11. Mike I took it the other way that he just wanted to tidy up the area, sorry for the miscommunication. Ryan
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