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  1. Yes and not one with a battery box or screws........
  2. 1/16th Sherman? Sorry, i'll show myself to the door.
  3. Is the needle fully seated into the nozzle opening? The other suggestions from Landrotten is spot on too.
  4. I reserved one, can't wait, It's going to be a while though......
  5. Looks like a Cyberpony in the background...lotta facets.
  6. I was thinking of starting this type of thread too. Sorry other than Sprue, I know of no other deals.
  7. Me as well, the first atmospheric shot is terrific.
  8. Awe there is plenty of room for others!
  9. Go see "The Lighthouse" and see if you can sit through that.
  10. Actually OOB stands for built out of the box.
  11. No, but thanks for the interest. Just being lazy, need to post more for sure. Ryan
  12. You lucky dogs, keep us updated!
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