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  1. Hey Woody, @Archer Fine Transfers gonna give those a try, thanks for the link.
  2. Excellent model! Reminds me of my 1/1 929RR in my younger days....
  3. Yes we agree, my jab was at Takom for the Wiesel kit. You’d think the PZ II would be a better seller.
  4. Yeah when's that happening....you're telling me that the Wiesel IFV is more of a cash cow than the Pz II.....I think not.
  5. Ryan


    Maru, I'm a wealth of useless information.
  6. I might add that its good to periodically remove the magnification aides every once and a while to view the work at normally viewing lengths. The readers and other high mag helpers are brutally honest and with them removed the jagged paint line or glue spot doesn't seem as horrific.
  7. You can get high magnification readers, I use a +4 but I think they go all the way up to +8. They are cheap on eBay and allow for better viewing than any hood type optivisor (or otherwise) contraption.
  8. I like this direction also...in hopes of a Sherman series someday.
  9. Ryan


    You are my long lost brother. I couldn't have said it better for fear of getting too technical, thank you Landrotten unit. I love that movie btw. Sorry Denders, please continue.
  10. Ryan


    V-ger refers to the destructive Voyager probe that was in search of its creator in the movie “Star Trek the Motion Picture” from 1979….thats were my puns are coming from anyway!
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