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  1. According to Jack Crawford (in Silence of the Lambs) when you ASSUME, you make an ASS out of U and ME
  2. wish they made THAT one as kit - any prodution method would do me just fine... It is so ugly it has become beautiful (I know, I have strange tastes...)
  3. The kit was released, butonly n the Italian version. No plans to produce (for them) foreign versions. Planning on buying the kit for me shortly after Hogmanay.
  4. Study work has taken over over the past few weeks, and this will continue for another few weeks at least. So I will be unable to complete this model in the timeframe of this GB. Can moderators move it to WIP, I shall continue once the homework for the uni has been completed.
  5. My experience with the one cockpit so far is that they are pretty robust when on the backing paper, but once removed they become a bit more fragile - particulalry when you need to reposition. In order to get the pieces adhere strongly Ii had to apply contact cement, but I do believe there are alternative options available that allow for a longer dryng period and therefore the capability to reposition.
  6. Thanks Maru, life has been getting in the way. now about to be working on completing a radio-telescope observation session to gather data. Will see if I can get the final bits installed AND get the bird dirtied up a bit in time for this GB, but maybe not - we shall see what comes our way. Used some flory wash to begin with, will need to work with pastels and oils next
  7. Actually a moth. Butterflies sit with their wings closed, moths with their wings open. Anyway, beautiful specimen (both the moth and the model)
  8. Hi lasses and lassies, just saw this on the BBC news website. A group of retired enthusasts manufactured and built a Sopwith Strutter from scratch - as per manufacturng drawings - and hope to see it fly sometime in 2023. Keeping an eye on this, as I may convince myself to go and have a peek when it happens https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-63584737
  9. I was not going to bite seeiing as I got the 1/48 offering (and it is indeed very big), but for that price I may be convinced otherwise
  10. Just saw online a small video in an article of a Belgian newspaper. Looks like a a P-63 flew through a B-17 just aft of the wings, and the detached rear fuselage of the B-17 can be seen falling just before the rest of the B-17 exploded in a large fireball. The article itself is in Dutch, but the video images are universal: https://www.nieuwsblad.be/cnt/dmf20221112_97534743 (and no paywall)
  11. Y'all been looking at The Shoe Guys' store? All his shoe models start with MR.. BTW, I do have 3 pairs of these high qualty shoes, and I highly recommend both for the product AND for the creator, Simon Bourne
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