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  1. I was going through the handbook : online version https://www.harder-airbrush.eu/files/downloads/manuals/Evolution Manual.pdf It said on page 11 of 36 (downloaded the pdf file): Air pockets or bubbling in the paint cup (D): a) Tighten the air head (B) more fi rmly into position b) Clean the nozzle/nozzle seal (C) c) Replace the nozzle/nozzle seal (C) I suspect there are a few airholes in the nozzle that are blocked by dried-up paint. Submerging this component overnight in paint thinner or Dettol might do the trick (when using Dettol make sure to be in a well ventilated area when rinsing thouroughly the following day) hope this helps
  2. I would like to enter this raffle as a raffle entrant, not a donor.
  3. I could be interested in the Training group build, if I can find a Fouga Magister in 1:32. Will appreciate any help in this matter
  4. I do not know if you ever got an answer to that question, but I do figure painting and ofter when sculpting 'busts' from scratch, some steel balls as used in ball bearings are used for eyes. You should be able to find them in any dimension you need.
  5. I recently bought the ZM F-4S in 1/48 - working on some other projects at the moment, but when these are finished I am planning on starting on this one. Will need to do a fair bit of research to see where this kit can be made more accurate, and reading your post makes me wonder if the shape of the S variant is much different to that of the D.
  6. Enjoy the trip. NZ... on my wishlist to visit.
  7. Thanks for posting this news/video. Agree with the sentiments the flight maneuvres were a bit beyong 'first flight', but hey.... Also love what other neat stuff they have in that hangar of theirs. Wonder where it is...........
  8. bummer to read you never finished this build. It is on my wishlisht and will be the 2nd or 3rd of the LSPs I am planning. I got enamoured by the wya ZM have designed this kit, allowing for the type of cutaways you mentioned, so by the time I start I will have a clear idea of where I want to end. Will start my own build log when the time comes.
  9. If the oil caps do not seal all in order to vent gasses, then the oil would be drawn upwards through the gap when in flight (upper side of wing is subject to lower pressure air - which is what generates 'lift'). In my opinion not thw smartest thing to do (you can suck out all oil through the vent that way) but who knows what happens with economics due to the pressures generated by a war?
  10. It appears to me that the dark stains run all the way from the exhaust pipes and over the wing. If this is indeed the case than it is most likely soot from the burnt exhaust fumes rather than wet oil.
  11. Thanks for the information. Will keep me eye out....
  12. I like what has been done. Can anybody inform me where I can purchase this kit?
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