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  1. I pre-ordered a copy from Flying Tigers. Had good experience with them in the past, just patiently waiting for the kit to arrive. After reading this thread I am getting quit excited about this kit...
  2. I gues you mean 1:32? Nice work by the way. Thinking about getting one mesel, but would prefer 1:32 over 1:48....
  3. bit odd about the links, but then again, technology is fallable. Very nice work by the way, taking plenty of notes for when I will start mine (and I WILL start mine, just not sure when)
  4. think I got confused with this https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/PF32192P?result-token=t8199 pitty about Paul Fisher, hope he and his wife are recovering well from the disaster that befell them
  5. I seem to remember somwhere ther is AM for long and short nacelles.
  6. wishing you and your family strength in these trying times.
  7. Massive improvement. as you say, looking at the 'face' of the plane defines its character so it is important to get that right.
  8. Got this one for my Christmas. Only issue that I could find was a slightly crumpled corner on the top spine of the book. Otherwise very nice reference material indeed.
  9. here is the link, also posted how to find it in the future in the original build you asked the question in first.
  10. The completed group builds have their own RFI. This is created by the organiser for the group and can be found in the 'group build' general forum - usually called something in the line of 'group build "abc" Build Gallery'. here is the link for this one:
  11. My raffle donation is also winging its way to its new owner. Now patiently waiting for my winning to drop into me mailbox.... Come on postie, speed up or... (see me post re christmas raffle )
  12. I tend to agree. If you look at the blocks of the wheels they also have the appearance of gold bars. Cannae imagine ANY airforce using gold bars to keep their aiplanes from rolling off into the sunset...
  13. Good to know, got a Growler (Trumpeter) in the stash earlier this month so will be putting this back until I got a decent set of feet for this bird...
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