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  1. There I go again, picking up me bloomin jaw of the floor with my disabled pick-up thingy....
  2. You $%*&#*&%£!, now I have to purchase two more kits
  3. Parcel was deliverd today. No extra costs, which makes me happy. Thanks for the pleasant transaction.
  4. In the Star Trek universe these would be classed as gaseous anomalies....
  5. can you double check your statement, as it confuses me a bit (easily done, confusing me.... what was I talking about again)
  6. If I remember correctly, the blogs were stating that the kit's rivetting was inacurate -i.e. in the wrong place / following an incorrect pattern. Removing this pattern and replacing it with aftermarket rivets following careful research deals with this issue. At the end of the day it is the modellers choice...
  7. best thing to do is take this attitude: One can but hope...
  8. As an ex pilot this has always been on my wishlist. However, due to the fact that I cannot turn my head or torso, and am unable to bend without falling over I am afraid this will always be a 'wish I could'...
  9. I propose we add another emoji for this build that we can click: one with a dropped jaw... blooming anoying when you can't bend you back and you have to pick up the damn thing every time I read an update...
  10. One to look out for. Thanks for your generosity in sharing your knowledge - first in this build log, and now in the new ebook.
  11. Reedoak has a nice selection: http://reedoak.com/#!/Figures-figurines/c/13281234
  12. funnily enough, I already have the walking female jet pilot - she will also be included in the little diorama. However, the pilot I am converting has the WWII uniform of ATA, so will require little work (just add some female features at the upper front and lower rear + a more suitable hairdo).
  13. A bit late perhaps, but here's a link to a Guardian article. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/jan/10/raf-spitfire-woman-eleanor-wadsworth-dies-at-103 I knew about the work of the ATA and admire these people's courage flying unarmed aircraft with minimum training to the front line, risking their lives on a daily basis - often flying in weather 'normal' pilots considered unflyable. I am painting a variety of pilots in 1:32 with a view of grouping them together as if looking at aircraft/airshow etc (the first one can be seen in my Finnish Caudron build) and am now in the
  14. You can make a reservation either via their website or via email (https://www.jetmads.com/what-s-next) They will let you know when reservations need to be converted into orders nearer the time. I did it for the Viggen, was an easy process and we are being kept up-to-date via email once a month - helpful when you are not on farcebook like myself.
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