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  1. All I remember is the smell of this new masking set - a bit like a new car, but different. Bring on the KIT....
  2. Don't worry about it lads, taking track of things so far has been easier then I thought. Thanks for the quick payment, envelopes will be delivered at the PO on Monday first thing, as I do not like them sitting in the local box over the weekend.
  3. OK galls and girls, I have all the addresses, and the masks are in their respective envelopes ready to be posted. You each received a PM with the breakdown of cost + PP address. Forgot to ask in the PM, but I would appreciate if you provide your screenname in a note on PP, so it is easier for me to see who has passed the funds. Slainte. L.H.
  4. I have no problems weeing the pics from Vincent. Wonderful work indood indeed.
  5. I do not. Closed and deleted the thing without any regrets whatsoever. The more I read about how this thing works, to more secure I am that I made the right decision.
  6. Just seem to remember that one of us ordered 2 sets of masks - so pls let me know who (got 12 sets in total)
  7. Qapla'!!!!!! The Viggen camo masks have arrived. To all UK people who took advantage of the offer, please PM me your address so I can calculate shipping costs. L.H.
  8. I think I could come up with the motivation to support you in this. Let us know if and when you proceed
  9. very nice. One can almost see the (scaled down) brush used to paint this surface.
  10. That is why I suggested dropping off some paint using a tooth pick in the other thread. That way you can always add - provided you start with a little.
  11. copy that. Enquiring minds want to know...
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