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  1. Could be a number of issues, and some have nothing to do with you. I have the same problem - some ictures I can see without issues, others only show a link-type line (i.e. underlind series of letters and numbers) but clicking it does not lead me anywhere. I can only assume that my firewall is blocking certain sites because they are deemed unsafe by this firewall. On other occasions it might be that a certain line of softwire is not supported by my browser (for instance, many browsers have stopped or are about to stop supporting flash player). I have just accepted this
  2. Looks like something used in wood working. Any stores that supply fittings for furniture making?
  3. I got both stands, as I do both 1/48 and 1/32 scales. Most of the smaller 1/32 planes - such as my Caudron - I could do on the smaller stand, but like you said, the 1/32-1/24 stand is massive and particularly useful for the jet-era, as these birds are typically much larger. For example, I coul do the Caudron on the smaller stand, but my current build (Fischer F9F-8T would be a bit too big for that stand - as would be the things like F-15 or A-10 in 1/32 as well as the larger birds in 1/48 such as Heinkel 111, PBY-5/a or Stratofortress the larger stand is much more useful. I also
  4. I got mine directly from JHmodels, as at the time there were no UK stockists who had it in stock. http://www.jhmodels.eu/plastic-models/model-stands/no-3201-stand-new/ I got the 1/48 and 1/32 stands as depicted in this thread. They also have a version more geared towards biplanes (now in BOTH scales, not just 1/48). Very pleased with the stands AND the service. Highly recommended
  5. I think you are right, it should start in June, not May, and last to Novermber 30th. Only in that schedule are all groups 6 months long + start evenly spread out over the year
  6. Not just for more aircraft, but also genericones - i.e. for things that have a similar font and font size that is used across a specific era/type, such as 'do not lift', 'do not walk', various cockpit checklists or stencils used within the cockpit/landing gear area, etc. I for sure would be getting them ASAP were they available.
  7. I think you mistyped. I got this https://exito.site/
  8. For your information, it is very possible that figures on Ebay priced as low as that are recasts of very poor quality. These pirates often use hte original manufacturer's pictures to aid in their selling, but all they do is make a poor cast of the original figure. A lot of the detail would be lost. On Planet Figure Iwhere I too am a member) there has been repeated threads and warnings about those.
  9. was about to mention this. Bought the small sander, very good service and happy with the tool.
  10. Hi Jim, I have the sitting pilot of kit #60234. I used the standing pilot for something else already. If you can use it you can have it. Just drop me a PM.
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