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  1. You can also look at the '75mm' scale as this roughly corresponds to 1/24. few links: https://elan13.co.uk/Fleet-Air-Arm-Pilot-WW2-1/24-scale-75mm https://elan13.co.uk/RAF-Pilot-With-Dog-WW2-75mm-1/24 https://www.largescaleplanes.com/reviews/review.php?rid=2216 https://www.planetfigure.com/threads/luftwaffe-pilot-ww2-75mm-from-elan13-miniatures.160848/ gives you some other nationalities too.
  2. wot 'e said, family comes first - the hobby is just that, a hobby
  3. Will be following as well, as this kit is on my must have list (will order it next batch). Regarding the seats, might be worth having a little search as to what leather dyes were available at the time. I seem to recall lots of leather furniture was a dark brown, but that might have been different for transport uses.
  4. Got myself this book when I participated in this year's first GB. Very enjoyable book on a rather less discussed subject and well worth the investment.
  5. here is hoping you stay safe. as for t***s, some people have been born with a defective brain methinks, or else seriously lack an education.
  6. Am in as well. Tend to prefer the green splinter scheme, but some of hte other schemes show the lines much better...... choices, choices, choices
  7. I too received the replacement section. Seeing as you put all this work in the other section, how do you think they compare - is the new sectoin closer to the real thing, or are there still some major surgaries needed? Ta, L.H.
  8. mostly after a visit to the pub, I would imagine?
  9. Except that I left years ago and rarely used it before
  10. that, and the amount of false information has made me step away from that so-called social media.
  11. Depends on where you live, I guess. I have received a number of packages form across the globe without too much hassle - but that might change in very short notice.
  12. Love to get me hands on one of those....
  13. I got mine through Amazon - came directly from Japan.
  14. Just looked at their website, and both versions sold out. Anybody know if other versions will be manufactured? Asking because me wanting some
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