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    Here's the big preview of our new 1/48 Spit Mk.I decal. For the moment it's only 1/48, but we'll see what the future holds. Our previous Spitfires haven't sold terribly well in 1/32, and not at all in 1/72. This sheet covers the first RAF kills of WWII in October 1939 up through the end of the Mk.I's frontline service in 1941. These are not randomly chosen subjects - each one has a story that we will be providing in the instructions, and several of them have multiple kills attributed to them. Three airplanes have "nose art", and one has a name with no art, all pretty unusual for the RAF in 1939/40. Lots of variations in roundels and fin flashes. GR-Z is the aircraft in which Sqdn Leader Roger Bushell, "Big-X" of "The Great Escape" fame, was shot down in France. Most of these have never been seen in the model/decal world before! Coming in early 2019. J
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    Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1D, VBF-84, 12/26 update

    This will be a short whip. I have this mostly assembled. I painted this in black primer, then used black basing technique which lots of marbled shades under the paint. The effects are subtle. The gloss sea blue is Mission Models. I forgot to photograph ti cockpit before sticking it in the model and glueing it all up. I am using the Funkdecals sheet: Forgetting the unit number but tried to simulate the overspray on the group symbols, my strategy was to use a superfine masking tape about the scale of the tape used by navy, then mask leaving a gap like below. I think I have the lower wing group symbol on the wrong side, have to pay close attention here. I thought it wrapped around the wing but bottom g symbol is on left wing top symbol is on right wing. After that I just tried to do a bad paint job and this is what I got:
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    S-3B Viking - scratchbuilt

    Time is running and I am pushing hard to get the whole ting finished until Sunday... the Viking itself is ready. I have built a transport jig which will hopefully help to get it to BSMC without any damage. My friend Thomas has built a base and an incredible catwalk for me. I am doing my best to do it justice with a proper paintjob... pics of the base will follow after the show. I have finished one of my own CAD designed A/S32-A31A to fill up the space on the base. I will hopefully get the possibility to make my vehicles available soon, but more on that later. And a little one because I couldn't resist... The whole setting will be set up for the first time on Sunday. I hope I can take a few decent pics then which I will try to post next week.
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    P-47N wheels

    Here is a pic where you can see both faces of the wheels:
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    Starting to apply the markings, using Montex masks. With the surface detail on this kit, please don’t use decals! Cheers, Tom
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    MiG-29A in Luftwaffe Service

    Now that our power is restored, here are some photo's of the corrected half of the upper surface. You will notice the addition of fasteners, and some surface work in places where I felt it would add to texture of the model. These additions are not exact copies of what I can see on the reference material, but rather an interpretation of what I see. As my friend Nick likes to point out, one may have to exaggerate some details to make the model look more like the real thing! Here you can see the airbrake has also had some concave and convex shapes added (or subtracted in this case). A comparison between the worked and unworked sides. Here is the nose area. I did some stressed skin on this portion of the cockpit sides as well as above the main wheel wells. This is essentially how I start it, and the rest is done by sanding the panels to shape. I am quite pleased with the effect, and of course the upright cockpit sides. Now I am going to take a break from the fuselage, and fiddle with the HAD etched exhaust nozzles. This should be fun! Cheers, Sean
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    Alain Gadbois

    Bolingbroke in a barn!

    Hi! A couple months ago I went to visit the Montreal Aviation Museum, which is situated in an old barn at the western tip of the island. They are restoring a Bolingbroke for static display. I took a few pictures of the state of progress of the project. The museum is very small but they have some nice exhibits and they are also restoring a Norseman. The Airfix kit has just come out so the following pictures might be of help, while waiting for a larger scale one...
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    LSP Christmas Raffle 2018

    I'm in too guys - donor and entrant. I will donate a Revell 1/32 PA-18 Supercub - Kit number 04208. Thanks for organising this great event.
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    P-40K 1LT R. Johnson, Tunisia 1943.

    Again, more pictures
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    LSP Christmas Raffle 2018

    Here is my donation for the raffle There is a mask set in the box too, all to one recipient. Andrew
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    IT IS DONE!!! I like it, gots some buggers but I learned some new techniques and it’ll look decent on a shelf! Final build article link HERE!… Gave the model a name BTW THE STUDENT’S REVENGE See if you can figure out why…. Thanks for watching, Timmy!
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    Thanks guys. I'm happy with the progress myself It'll be a few weeks now till another update as I am off to my Mother in Laws inevitable funeral on Tuesday before flying to NZ to spend what will likely be a not so festive Christmas break. Rest assured, once I have finished the neck off I will be posting some pics. I am in the midst of painting the neck walls and finishing off the detailing to the front panels now. The roof of the bridge is current;y drying and should be able to be released from it's clamps tomorrow Thanks for showing an interest guys. I hope you all have a safe and merry Christmas break Till next time Si
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    Bolingbroke in a barn!

    Bolingbroke was the name it was given in Canada for Candian built versions of the Blenheim. The flying version at Duxford actually started life as a Bolingroke with the bigger nose - effectively a Blenheim IV. It was restored after another Blenhiem IV crashed and was written off. I went to see it in the early 90's for it's maiden flight as a Blenheim IV night fighter. It then had various schemes until it was damaged again and they found an early MK1 front end so now it's a Blenheim MK1. Current MK1 at Duxford. https://www.aircraftrestorationcompany.com/blenheim/ History of it's restoration: http://vintageaviationecho.com/arco-blenheim/
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    LSP Christmas Raffle 2018

    ok im in i will go tru the stash to take a look what im going to trow in will post later what it will be Mark
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    Max, I think you meant light blue RLM76 and RLM 75 Grey Violet! Here is the technique I am talking about, shown on the 219 at the Smithsonian museum. A solid coat of 75 over the top surfaces, then wavy 76 lines to leave 75 spots. There are photos of wrecked new 110 with just the solid 75 upper surface. Note the original (darker) paint at the wing root on the 219. You see the style of the original painter was well respected.
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    Dragon's Sturmpanzer IV- 27/Dec/18

    For some shapes and patterns of Zimmerit, my modelling paste would not do. This time, I needed Milliput: Milliput has one some unique properties which can be harnessed for certain areas and patterns. The property I speak of is it's ability to stay workable as long as you keep it wet. It took five pressings to get the milliput thin enough to make the desired patterns you see. With zimmerit, if it's too thick and looks wrong, it's the modellers fault. However, if it isn't too thick and looks non-standard, you can point to any wartime photo of zimmerit and show how many faults there are on real panzers. It took more than a couple hours to get these five and a half circles the way I wanted them. I think the hardest zimmerit task to face would be going around the large bolt heads on the Ferdinand. ...that one is yet to come. Thanks for looking! Gaz
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    It's even better to be inside it when the engines fire up! I didn't fly in the 24, had to choose one and went for the B-17 when the two came to Salem, OR. Was a great flight; they went directly over my house, took a pic from waist gunner position. Stuck my head out the navigator's roof window into the slipstream. Went down to the bombardier's position - what a view! Definitely an experience I would recommend if you can fork over the cost of a B-24 kit - it was worth it.
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    VF-1 Tomcat decals!!

    I'm hoping this might be a sign that Tamiya will upscale their 1/48 tomcat!
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    Yak 9 M/T Silver wings 1/32

    Hi guys, I had some friends ask for photos of the kit, so I've made an online album of the Yak parts. Running around like a headless chicken today and don't have time to type up a review, but here's what you gt in the kit https://imgur.com/a/ZDi2ThS
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    Big step made today with Fug 220 array instaaled followed by a light coat of flat varnish and with baited breath removed all cockpit masking and to my relief all was well....phew!! So final bits like hatches, D/F loop, aerial, pitot and propellers need adding and I'll be calling this one done. Regards. Andy
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    Thanks very much guys. Hope you don't get too bored with it as I am not a terribly fast builder I did a lighting test tonight of the bridge and I am happy with how it turned out. I made a number of mistakes on the internals and had numerous electrical issues but I got there in the end. I've also been cutting away at the body to accommodate the fibers. I've actually finished the whole top but just haven't taken any pics yet because it's not daylight Anyway, I just wanted to share the results of the lighting. I'm really happy with how it came out. Till next time Si
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    MiG-29A in Luftwaffe Service

    One has to look at a LOT of photographs to get an idea of the shape of an aircraft, particularly if there isn't a real one handy to study. I was lucky enough to clamber around a real MiG-29 when the Design Bureau brought one out to South Africa for our Air Force to evaluate (and I assume hopefully to purchase). I recall being amazed at how industrial it appeared next to our delicate Mirages, and wanted to capture some of that in rendering the model. Look at how much dimpling you can actually see on the surface of the skin, as well as the amount of fasteners! The lighting of this shot gives a good insight into the shape of things, and helped me get to this point - where I have modified half of the upper surface. The left engine bulge has been flattened as much as I dare on top, and the sides filled with Tamiya epoxy putty (nice stuff to work with by the way). Here you can see my plan for the front. I basically cut the panel lines above the grilles (since I want to preserve that detail), and then put in styrene shims to angle the LERX slightly flatter as well as giving me some material to shape round in the blend between fuselage and LERX. Here is the missing part of the LERX, shaded in pencil... which I simply regained by cutting a line behind the shape, and bending the styrene outwards. The gun port need a bit of twisting to get it flatter and closer to its real shape. I will have to put some styrene between the fuselage halves to flesh out the LERX that are a bit emaciated in the kit. Here it is after my plastic surgery. And the behind the scenes support. One of the tricky parts of this kind of surgery is the redoing of panel lines. I'm sure there aren't many modellers who enjoy this, but the right tools make it easier. I have found that for my taste the Tamiya panel line saws and the RB Productions Scribe-R are the bees knees. I used to use Dymo tape, but nowadays I find this flexi tape to be just fine for lining up the cut. I'll post some photo's of the completed half just after our electricity "load-shedding" has ended for the day. It's a long story.
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    If the box art is any indication, Id not get my hopes up. That is some of the worst box top art Ive seen on a model kit in a long time. The perspective just looks really off.
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    S-3B Viking - scratchbuilt

    Jack, great to see you're back - I hope all issues have been solved! If you come to BSMC show in Putte on December 9th, you should be able to see it on the competition table if everything goes to plan. I have spent quite some time painting and slightly modifying some Reedoak figures during the weekend. I'm not a good figure painter, but at least they are better than the last ones I've made... They are not yet finished, the plane captain needs to get his helmet codes and the pilot needs to get another harness below his survival vest. A second pilot figure is still in progress.
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    Hello guys After of nearly one month of putting-sanding, putting-sanding . . . etc. we finally got something that looks like a plane Cheers guys