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  1. After procrastinating a long time I bought a sample of colors from Sprue Brothers, as everyone says it sprays great but two of the colors I got just don't look right to me, one was bronze green which doesn't look like any representation I've ever seen of bronze green (maybe all the others were wrong ?) Looks more like an aqua green to me, the other was RAF marking red, looks more orange or rust color than what I was expecting. The other colors I got, salmon pink, tyre rubber and RLM 24 all met with my expectations, so I'm a bit hesitant to invest in a larger color range. A color chart from the
  2. May just be me but it looks like the guy on the wing has his head inside a round access panel looking back towards his hand which can't seen but may be in another access hole
  3. Total failure of the fan disk, not just a lost blade, everything ahead of the fixed stater vanes disintegrated, pieces blew clear through the fuselage and out the other side, shrapnel severed electrical cables cutting power to the instruments, wing spoilers, and braking systems, the reason for the over run. Very fortunate that no one was injured.
  4. I have not participated in a group build on this site but have on others with mixed results as far as completions go. My issue is I really don't like deadlines. It's also easy to get sucked in if you have a kit that fits the topic but all too often I find I'm not motivated to build that particular kit at that time so it ends up on the shelf of delay.
  5. Since the craft is quite capable of operating without a crew they are for the most part just along for the ride unless something major fails. Seems to me they need to give the crew (passengers) something to do as they seemed to be quite bored during the countdown. I also found it interesting that they wait so late in the countdown to fuel up although I assume that saves money as they will lose less LOX due to venting.
  6. Since these molds were not Eduard's originally it's a little unfair to blame them for this omission and the work to correct may have been more than they wished to spend time and money on.
  7. Great build, lovely paint work !
  8. Your weathering reminds me much of the appearance of the Mossies used in the movie The Purple Plain which took place in India, very convincing
  9. Where are you getting your MRP paint that it takes weeks to get, Sprue Brothers has a good stock and even with CV-19 it shouldn't take more than 3 o4 days.
  10. Lovely work ! The figures make the model really pop !
  11. A local auto body repair shop's ads where they are constantly whining about arguing with insurance companies to fix cars right always ends the ad by saying " Remember, they are not on your side, they are not your good neighbor and you are not in good hands"
  12. Very nice, I like your weathering effects !
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