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  1. A local auto body repair shop's ads where they are constantly whining about arguing with insurance companies to fix cars right always ends the ad by saying " Remember, they are not on your side, they are not your good neighbor and you are not in good hands"
  2. Very nice, I like your weathering effects !
  3. Airbus originally won the contract for these with an aircraft that was already air worthy and Boeing sued to get the contract, looks like we should have went with Airbus. Maybe not American made but IIRC part of the work would have been done here and we would most likely have a mission ready aircraft in service.
  4. Some invisible thread or small diameter nylon fishing line threaded through the tubing before cutting will constrain the cut offs from flying away !
  5. Or in my case, now in my 70s, a hope for a longer than normal life span
  6. Probably just paranoia on my part but I can't help believing, at least for my generation (baby boomer), that all of the above ground nuclear testing that went on during my early years and blanketed the earth with radioactive fall out, is responsible for the cancer that has flourished in folks of my age. It ended up most every where, in the water, our food chain and in the air. I remember as a child mothers being told not to give their children milk at certain times due to the cows eating grass with fallout on it.
  7. I have never tried them but if storage time is an issue I won't bother. Decals, like most other after market items, tend to be available only for a limited time so if you don't buy them when available good luck on finding them. I usually try to by detailing products when available even if the kit I'm getting them for may not be built for years. The other issue is how do you know how long the item has been in stock with the vendor you are purchasing from.
  8. A Yak-28P, the two man interceptor version, was released under the Bobcat label almost three years ago. I'm no expert so if it had shape issues I would be clueless but I have the kit and it looks pretty good in the box. I wonder if this kit is a new tool or just a reworked tool to make the bomber version ?
  9. When I got back into modelling over a dozen years ago and started poking around on the net I found a number of sites doing (mostly) inbox reviews. I found them moderately helpful for a guy who had been away from the hobby for 30 years. The one thing I found frustrating was that for many of the kits I was interested in I couldn't find any reviews at all and that prompted me to start my own site and for a number of years I cranked out inbox reviews of kits for which I couldn't find reviews. After a while I started doing some main stream kits as well but in the past few years sites doing reviews of all types have multiplied and after a while it became pointless to continue. I still do an occasional one if it's something I passionate about or I'm not impressed with other reviews of the kit. I still read reviews (or look sees) of new kits just to get a feel for them and for the most part these days they are not much different than the product reviews on Amazon, some like, some hate so I tend to take them with a grain of salt. The ones I have really grown to dislike are video reviews. Most of these folks seem to like to hear themselves talk and I really don't need to watch them unpacking and opening the kit nor is the blather helpful if the reviewer states right off that he isn't the least bit familiar with the subject he reviewing. I don't think most people realize just how much work and time consuming it is to do a good review. There have been times when I felt I could have built the kit in less time than it took to do a review. Trying to cater to what everyone likes and dislikes isn't really possible and last year while shopping for a new vehicle I found many of the same caveats in car reviews that I have found in the past in kit reviews.
  10. I, like you have several sets in my stash and they have always been stored in an air conditioned space in their original bags. I have not used any of them either but in looking them over after reading your post I found some with no shrinkage and several that had considerable shrinkage, enough that it may affect how they fit the intended subject. Why the difference I have no clue unless it was related to the temperature and climate at the time they were cut or they were cut from different materials.
  11. Very nice and different as well, love the paint and markings !
  12. No cockpit at all, just a pilots head to put under the canopy...
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