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  1. The 1/48 kit from ARBA was the first resin kit I built so I'm looking forward to adding this one to my 1/32 collection !
  2. Nice work so far ! I'm looking forward to building mine. I have the Lone Star resin set which was designed for the old Monogram kit that I'm hoping I can modify for the fairings and the like. A couple notes, the drag chute and air brake mods on the night fighter version were designed to slow the plane down quickly so as to not overtake or run into their quarry. I believe the blister on the top of the fuselage covered the radio direction finding antenna and did not need to be optically transparent and I have seen photos where this was painted. Looking forward to seeing this one finished !
  3. Define "better kit", easier to build, more accurate detail wise ? The HobbyBoss kit, at least the non turret version they sell has some serious shape issues, the most glaring being the fact that there is no indication at all where the turret was located, just a smooth flowing fuselage. The fuselage should have the bulge for the turret even though it wasn't installed. The HobbyBoss kit it probably an easier build. The GWH kit has some detail issues but it's been a while since I looked at it and don't recall them but at least the major parts are better than the HobbyBoss kit so it would be my choice. Note: I have not built either of these.
  4. They will soon be stocking it, should make a lot of folks happy !
  5. Just saw a real one of these at the Thunder over Michigan airshow a couple of months ago, nice job !
  6. I find that the older I get the less inclined I am to go crazy with detailing and after market. I haven't finished a 1/32 kit in a couple of years as I have been plugging through a bunch of unfinished 1/48scale kits. Relatively few people ever see my collection in person and most who do wouldn't know the difference if the wings were on upside down, so detailing a hard to see location is mostly wasted. Yes, I know it's there but... I have a lot of kits in my stash that I really want to see built in what is left of my time on earth and spending crazy hours on a kit for details that aren't noticeable once in the display cabinet won't get me there. If built mostly out of box is heresy then so be it. I open kits that I bought several years ago and find the box stuffed with all sorts of after market and say to myself "What was I thinking" ? To me it's more fun to accomplish the goal of seeing a kit I've wanted for years complete and in the case more satisfying than spending countless hours super detailing. I still love seeing what some of the artists on this site accomplish and admire their work, it's just not for me.
  7. By mask I hope you are referring to a respirator with NIOSH rated filters to filter out the organic solvents and not a paper mask as those will only stop particulates. It's also important that the respirator fit tightly. If you can still smell the solvent with it on, it's not properly sealed or the filters need replaced !
  8. And not to forget for those that use Future or one of its derivatives that many hobby masks contain ammonia and will react with the Future and not in a good way.
  9. ICM has been cranking out a variety of Dornier designs the past few years with the earlier Do17Z variants and at least two variants of the Do 215. Now that they have the molds to do the 217 air frame one can only hope they will do the K and M variants. I would also like to see them do the earlier 17E and P variants as well but I'm probably dreaming there. Are those upward firing cannons on the top of the fuselage ? I'm surprised they would carry both the nose guns and the upper guns, no wonder it was considered under powered and sluggish !
  10. Watched it a couple days ago, interesting history and cool that it still is mostly original, I did get a little tired of him saying he hadn't been inside for years every few minutes, Looking forward to part two !
  11. I saw large plotters (for D and larger size drawings) work exactly the same way many years ago, even more bizarre to see it jump all over a huge page plotting out a bit here and a bit there. Could never understand the logic but when done it looked OK
  12. I suspect that in the case of the USPS that low volume shippers are being hit hard to make up for sweet heart deals given to high volume shippers like of Amazon.
  13. Better to spend 5 minutes doing that than hours or days dealing with unauthorized charges or identity theft !
  14. Very nice work ! That is an interesting boarding ramp/ladder in the first photo, never saw one like that before.
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