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  1. ICM has been cranking out a variety of Dornier designs the past few years with the earlier Do17Z variants and at least two variants of the Do 215. Now that they have the molds to do the 217 air frame one can only hope they will do the K and M variants. I would also like to see them do the earlier 17E and P variants as well but I'm probably dreaming there. Are those upward firing cannons on the top of the fuselage ? I'm surprised they would carry both the nose guns and the upper guns, no wonder it was considered under powered and sluggish !
  2. Watched it a couple days ago, interesting history and cool that it still is mostly original, I did get a little tired of him saying he hadn't been inside for years every few minutes, Looking forward to part two !
  3. I saw large plotters (for D and larger size drawings) work exactly the same way many years ago, even more bizarre to see it jump all over a huge page plotting out a bit here and a bit there. Could never understand the logic but when done it looked OK
  4. I suspect that in the case of the USPS that low volume shippers are being hit hard to make up for sweet heart deals given to high volume shippers like of Amazon.
  5. Had the HB kit come along first I probably would have gone with that, based on the couple HB kits I have built the HB kit would probably be an easier build. I not going to ditch the BC kit though. No one I know that will see it in person would recognize any of its faults and they are not enough to bother me. I suspect based on the wing/engine break down on the BC kit that it will be fiddly to build and require liberal amounts of putty. Thanks for the info !
  6. Better to spend 5 minutes doing that than hours or days dealing with unauthorized charges or identity theft !
  7. Good to hear, I have one inbound. Been waiting a long time for a decent kit of this in 1/48 !
  8. Very nice work ! That is an interesting boarding ramp/ladder in the first photo, never saw one like that before.
  9. Cool video, thanks for posting !
  10. I see the exhaust collectors on the Hercules engines referred to as copper a lot of places, yes they often obtain a coppery bronze color but this is just the effect of heat on the steel, the sort of thing you see on custom chrome headers where it starts out blue where it comes out of the exhaust port then as it gets farther away becomes a bronze color. These exhaust manifolds get hot enough to glow cherry red and it often gave the Beaufighters away when used as night fighters and resulted in them being given a special coating. Copper is too soft and would melt or fail at the temperatures hot enough to heat steel cherry red.
  11. Sprue Brothers carries the line and has most items in stock, I don't know how quickly they stock new products.
  12. I would assume these aircraft are equipped with an IFF system so they can squawk an ID code to controllers in friendly airspace when needed. I would think the airspace around Japan is crowded enough that it would be needed.
  13. That's not a model, its a work of art !
  14. Kermit weeks testing the fire suppression system in one of his hangers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6AWUgrggIQ Looks like it got quite deep !
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