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  1. Excellent work, mate! I can't wait to see it in the flesh!
  2. Looks great! I'd say you changed to the fast lane and passed me lightning fast... Your model makes me want to get back to mine. Excellent work!
  3. Almost no progress at the moment due to a severe lack of time... the rear of the fuselage requires a bit more attention, but we're getting there. The transition between fuselage and wings was pretty complex to design but I think I finally got ir more or less right.
  4. You are welcome. The Rhino ones are one-part intakes. No idea about the GT ones; having seen some of their other parts, I am not going to spend any money on their intakes.
  5. I don't have any for sale but I have some information - the DMold ones are restocked from time to time and the concept seems to ease painting, but the parts dont fit that well, causing a step between the front part and the intake trunks. The Rhino ones are one-part intakes which makes painting more difficult; the problem with them is the fact that the mesh pattern is not properly molded. I will probably use Eduard PE meshes on the Rhino intakes.
  6. This one is not forgotten either. I have put quite some effort into the previously printed fuselage - i.e. hours of sanding to tweak the shape - but I decided it would make much more sense to redo the entire aircraft from scratch. As you may remember, I was lucky to get my hands on drawings use by the Grumman model shop to build their own in-house Greyhound scale models which I will be using for my model. Those probably the most accurate references one can obtain at the moment as the factory drawings of the real thing are still pretty much secret as the Greyhound is still in active service. The aim is to obtain surfaces as close to perfection as possible. This requires many individual sketches and a lot of tweaking. The Greyhound fuselage is defined by many characteristic curves which need to be spot on to capture the look of the real a/c. The experience gained with the Vigi (which will be finished as well!) has helped a lot. The engine nacelles will be fun as well - but they will come in handy for my Hawkeye (which is still sitting on the shelf of doom as well...).
  7. Great work so far! But, if I may, do yourself a favour and get an all-metal landing gear. I know from experience that the kit landing gear does not support the weight of the model as time passses. My first Hornet was sitting on its tail after several years.
  8. Involves labour is close to 0. They just close a turn gate before injecting the parts . This cuts off the parts which are not required.
  9. Printed clear parts need a lot of attention, at least the ones I did so far. Here's a little comparison between the part coming from the printer (with supports removed) and an identical part after several weeks of sanding and polishing.
  10. Nothing too special - an italian Tornado IDS for a magazine. No idea how I got myself into building something like that... but it's fun, actually.
  11. Hi everybody, it's been a while - sorry for replying so late! I actually had the dubious pleasure of getting Covid after the show (probably even caught it there, luckily none of my buddies were affected...) and did not do any digital modelling since. Working on a computer somehow was too much for my brain... but it's getting better. On the other hand, I have spent some 110 hours at my workbench during my 9 days of confinement which enabled me to make some serious progress on anotehr project... but more on that later. I first have to catch up a lot of work in the office, once that's done and dusted I'll get back to the Vigi. The new wings will require quite a bit of work but that should be no problem. Mattcour, the canopies will 3D printed using clear resin. Engage, there are no plans to sell the STLs (which is totally out of question) nor to print and sell the parts. 120 hours printing time rfor the fuselage parts alone... If you buy me two new printers, say a Sonic Mighty 8 K for the large parts and a Mini 8K for the small parts, I may change my mind though...
  12. Excellent work so far, I love it! One thing you may want to correct are the louvers on top of the fuselage which are the wrong way 'round on your model - on the real a/c, these are air exits while yours would work as intakes. Keep those updates coming!
  13. Thanks for sharing your photos - it was a pleasure to meet you! Just to clarify, not all of these models were made by me - you already mentioned the incredible 1/48th scale Enterprise parts built by Thomas Matzer. The AU-1 was built by Stephan Ortmann, The F-4J and the F-14A were built by Frank Löchte, the F-5F and the A-4E were built by Daniel Dietrich and the F-4S and the A-6E were built by our very own @Marcel111! ... and I didn't even bring half of the stuff I've started! That's actually already the Mk2 version...
  14. Brilliant work Pete, I love every bit of it - but the super dynamic presentation is what stands out most. Stunning!
  15. Not a lot of progress this week, I'm busy preparing for a big model show in Germany this weekend - Euro Model Expo at Heiden. I managed to paint the cockpit and to add tons of Anyz knobs. In addition, the fuselage was closed. Besides that, I am busy redoing the wings again. @Richard J was kind enough to point out some errors and to provide extremely useful information which enables me to make the 3D model significantly more accurate. Thanks again for that, Richard! And here's what I did over the last few days: And last but not least, a crappy pic of the assembled fuselage.
  16. Couldn't agree more. Vigi radomes have to be white or tan.
  17. I absolutely love it, great job Pete! So there are at least two 32nd scale Prowlers around now!
  18. The white tail is nice, but black noses on Vigis are a no-no IMO.
  19. Thanks for your great proposals! The RVAH-14 markings are brilliant, but were worn by early RA-5Cs only to my understanding - curved intake lips, short LERX and short nozzles. Mine is a late one, so that's sadly not an option. Thierry, did you know RVAH-14'S BuNo 150833 even visited Bierset in June 1969? Well, 'short' is relative - I have no exact numbers, but the CAD files alone have taken me not far from 300 hours until now...
  20. This happens very rarely, but I am actually not quite sure about the markings at the moment. I have two favourites at the moment - RVAH-7 aboard USS Kitty Hawk, Westpac 1973/74: I have soft spot for aircraft based aboard Kitty Hawk and these are the markings included in the old Revell kit I built as a kid and which laid the foundation for my love for the Vigi. My second favourite option are late RVAH-3 markings. I love the tail and the flash on the nose, but I'm not too keen on the position of the modex number which looks very odd IMO. Please feel free to post your proposals - preferably with photos. I'd love to see them!
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