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  1. Cheers, Gentlemen! Just a quick comparison between the fuselage as it looked after assembly and after a year and a half of work. Seems I'm a bit slow, but there is more than a few coats of primer and a bit of sanding between the two photos...
  2. That's more than cool - finally a reason for me to get one of these kits. Please keep us posted about the availability!
  3. Excellent model, Marcel - congratulations!
  4. I have also sanded mine but the paint still does not stick as I'd like it to...
  5. Besides the tedious and annoying job of adding groove lines and surface detail, I have added the viewfinder bulges in the radome. They were blanked over on most ERA-3Bs, so there is no need for any internal details. I have started with a 3D printed basic shape which was glued to the radome: The fairings were then sculpted with Magic Sculp. A view of the fuselage shows the use of vinyl for raised surface details. I am rather happy with the result, but paint does not stick very well to vinyl. I sadly haven't found any other self-adhesive material which cuts as nicely but is easier to paint. I you have any suggestions, your feedback would be highly appreciated! Bonus: a rare view of Dymo tape being used on one of my models. I am not a huge fan of that stuff but it is very handy as aguide to scribe compound curved parts.
  6. Very interesting subject, Iain! Sadly nothing for me, but should he ever release a US Navy / Marines related kit, I'll surely get one. I'll be following your progress with big interest!
  7. Excellent - makes me want one as well!
  8. Well, the seats were designed according to photos of real seats and the parachute packs they were fitted with looked pretty much like the ones I have made. More details will be added of course... I am in close contact with a former ERA-3B EWO who was also the ERA-3B NATOPS Officer and he did not complain about the seats so far.
  9. Cheers everyone! A few beers more and I started adding the NACA ducts and vents to the fuselage which meant cutting more holes... As usual, the parts were 3D printed. Drilling the window for the ECM evaluator's compartment was a bit more difficult than initially expected. The very brittle resin was shattered when I drilled the hole; not a huge problem though. Body filler, Magic Sculp and a stainless steel ring cut from a tube to obtain a perfectly circular and neat window frame and a bit of sanding.
  10. Mighty impressive what you did with that pig of a kit. The presentation is gorgeous as well - congratulations on an excellent model!
  11. Thanks Alex, I'm glad you like it! The wash is a simple mix of warm grey oil paint an white spirit; for moving parts such as the airbrakes, I added a bit of black to obtain slightly darker groove lines.
  12. Mighty impressive - I love the combination of classic scratchbuilding, 3D printing and a complex resin conversion. Excellent work so far!
  13. The fuselage looks like a Whale again - time for a beer! Now comes the interesting yet annoying part - adding surface detail. That's when a model comes to life. The firt panels were scribed and raised details were added. My Silhouette Protrait was very helpful to cut scribing templates and raised details. Some of the raised details will be replaced with plastic sheet whilst some will remain vinyl, such as the strengthening plates at the tail extension. I will now cut holes into the fuselage again to add some NACA ducts and vents. Then, I will add the closed camera bulges.
  14. Thanks Pete, same goes to your 1/16 T-38... which does notmean your other models are any less impressive! I do like helos at the moment... I have just printed another rather large, very important US Navy ASW helo... but that's another story. First things first. Keep up the great work, Pete!
  15. Thank you all - your positive comments have helped me to keep motivation high. Brian, no need to imagine that - the ERA-3B was never deployed to a carrier due to its weight. The carrier based versions like RA-3, EA-3 etc had turnable seats for the operators in the back.
  16. I usually use a width of 0,2mm and a depth of 0,4mm. This gives me enough room to sand the surface without destroying the groove lines.
  17. The only advantage of the of the crash is the fact that I can quite easily work on the ECM operator compartment. The fuselage is covered with fabric on the real a/c. I have used lead foil to simulate this: Seatbelts were added using lead foil and Verlinden PE belt buckles. A quick paintjob and that's how the seat looks now: Then, I built the forward part of the ECM operator's console from plasticart. No need for too much effort and the second operator's seat as most of it will be hidden. Now imagine the fuselage being closed and the canopy in situ... Some decals and (ugly) Eduard pre-printed PE should do the trick. With the rear compartment being finished, I can move on to the cockpit and front landing gear bay and then hopefully close the fuselage again soon. Stay tuned!
  18. Absolutely stunning, Pete. I was lucky to have a very close look at an Austrian UH-60 last year and your interior just perfectly represents the look of the real thing. What a stunner!
  19. Thank you all again for your encopuraging words. It's good to know someone out there knows my pain... whilst it's really annoying and I felt like crying as well, the split fuselage makes it actally easier for me to build a simple ECM operator compartment behind the cockpit which would have been very difficult with the fuselage closed. Just don't tell my wife... I have also drawn and printed a proper front landing gear bay which I will install very soon as well. Sadly, there is a small visible Z-axis layer shift, but with some careful sanding, this shouldn't be much of an issue in this area. Here is the newly printed tail extension.You can see the limitations of the LCD screen resolution when printing rounded parts; the steps look much worse than they actually are, though. They are easily sanded away. The ECM operator seats are very similar to the C-2 Grey hound seats I have printed a few years ago. I will only install one together with a rudimentary console as I have serious doubts any of this will remain visible with the canopy installed. It's an absolute horror to get the surface back to the same level it was before the crash - this will take several weeks at least. I was hoping to finish the Skywarrior for a show late March 2021, but this is definitely going to be dificult rigt now. We'll see.
  20. Great start, there's nothing not to love here! Can't wait to see more progress!
  21. Very cool project, I'll be following your progress closely!
  22. Thaks for your sympathiy... the Whale is currently being re-assembled. The printer is busy producing a new tail extension. Stuck for words at the moment, but it wasn't deliberate of course and I am not resentful. Life goes on. Sky, I am waiting for the Z-rail upgrade to be available again, it's sadly out of stock since quote some time. But I definitely need it to properly print large parts. The visible steps on theseats wer not due to the Z wobble but simply caused by the LCD screen resolution.
  23. Two minutes after my previous post, my wife asked me to come down. She absolutely had to move the workbench on which the Skywarrior was drying. Talk about reappearing cracks...
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