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  1. Beautiful Danny. Great way to display it too.
  2. Whitey

    Tamiya A6M2 Type 21 - Mojo Reisen

    Wonderful Zero Tom. Here is mine from a few years ago - same aircraft with a bit more history. His real name was not discovered until after the war ended.
  3. Whitey

    B-17G + all detail sets from Eduard

    This forum is Large Scale Planes, not medium or small scale planes Clio. 1/72 and 1/48 modellers live at the other end of the internet.
  4. Whitey

    Monogram Piper Tri Pacer Finished!

    A gOLDen OLDie mate.
  5. Whitey

    Anyone for an RNZAF Skyhawk 'Kahu' panel and HUD?

    What is the story with the IP parts please guys? Can we order them yet and from whom please? cheers, Peter
  6. Whitey

    Bristol Crocodile

    Beautiful work Karim.
  7. Whitey

    Anyone for an RNZAF Skyhawk 'Kahu' panel and HUD?

    Count me in too please Anthony.
  8. Whitey

    Aus Model Expo Pics

    It's the Tamiya MK IX Troy.
  9. Whitey

    N66573 B-17G

    Wow, what a great concept for a model. Looking forward to seeing how it comes along.
  10. Whitey

    Hasegawa P-26A.....Finished!

    This was the best model displayed in this category at Australian Model Expo 2018.
  11. I would like to see a picture of the real undercarriage leg - I bet it is not that thick.
  12. Whitey

    vintage helicopter pilot by Reedoak

    Some glider pilots for the Revell kits would be special. The silence is deafening - even at 60 kts.
  13. Whitey

    1/32 Trumpeter p47 Thunderbolt

    Wow, that is sensational. Would love to see a tutorial on how you did the chequers on the cowling. Fantastic work.
  14. Whitey

    Mirage IIIC "Djibouti" Italieri 1:32

    Very nicely done.