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  1. Intrusive indeed. Well played Mike its a ripper.
  2. I used them on an F-4J and they are fine. Got a set ready for an F-4E build too. Highly recommended.
  3. Now that the Kingfisher is in the cabinet - time to get stuck into the Growler. Got the cockpit to a happy stage then spent about 4 hours today dry fitting the main fuselage parts until finally happy enough to start adding some glue, mainly superglue to ensure that things stayed aligned. A bit bare in the backseat so far. I had to split the front cockpit from the rear to make it fit properly with the front instrument panel within the instrument coaming so had to add a bit of plastic to fill the gap. Haven't painted that yet, no rush - the entire cockpit will be masked off shortly a
  4. Bad and mean and mighty unclean. Very nice indeed.
  5. Here is my 1/32 Kitty Hawk OS2U Kingfisher in the guise of RAAF A48-13, Antarctic Flight 1948. The RAAF operated 24 Kingfishers during WWII for seaplane training and coastal surveillance. Early in 1948 A48-13, resplendent in high visibility yellow paint was transported to Antarctica on Australia's first post-war expedition to Australian Antarctic Territory onboard an elderly HMAS Wyatt Earp. 55 hours flying was undertaken in Antarctic waters but the difficulty in launching and retrieving it from a small ship limited the use of the Kingfisher. The severe conditions and
  6. Looking good. Flying Leathernecks do a detcord for the Harrier.
  7. Seamless intakes, tsk tsk tsk mate. Looks the goods and looking forward to some great tales from Homer.
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