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  1. The French Blue Mirages are certainly pretty. Very nice jet Discus.
  2. Well done Eric, it looks really good.
  3. Nice model Mike, but no bananas for perfection. The Kiwis used their own style marking in locations where the US stars and bars did not exist, but just overpainted the stars and not the bars where they did exist, ie on each opposite wing as per US standard. The dark blue surrounding on the existing bar is the give-away in the black and white photos available online. Sensational work on your model though. Sorry.
  4. Construction completed but still some weathering and general touch-ups to add a bit more character. Its a lovely little model that is well engineered but you still have to think about the order to do things. I am really pleased with the over-painted French roundels on the top wing. As per the early deliveries to the Italians. I am also pleased with the appearance of the ribs. Achieved just by adding a heavier coat of paint over them and patchy spray work between them. The prop is done with a coat of Tamiya Acrylic Dark Yellow with some mottled Tamiya Acrylic Red Brown followed by clear orange coat sprayed. Still to add some brass paint for fittings.
  5. Very nice mate, your colours look fantastic.
  6. Rigging well underway with Ezi-Line and Gaspatch metal eyelets. Thought it would be easier to do as much as possible before putting the top wing on. The struts were set up place with top wing attached to ensure alignment before starting on the rigging.
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