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  1. Is this the full wingspan or half wingspan? Maybe need to half the amount you need to prop up each wingtip.
  2. Sensational metallic finish and great model.
  3. I am pretty pleased with this filthy little beasty. ICM's lovely Rata. I saw one of these at the Flying Heritage Museum in Seattle a few years ago. I think this example came from New Zealand where it flew for many years, and still flies in Seattle. And then another in the Spanish Air Force Museum in Madrid last year. So thought I would do a Spanish Rata to add to the collection. The kit is really nice. It goes together well with the only real issue to sort out being the exhaust stubs and getting them in the
  4. Ambulating along nicely Kev. Looks fantastic.
  5. Very nice work with that panel Kev. Looks very convincing indeed.
  6. Aren't all the model parts attached to the sprues pre-made for us to cut off and then put together and paint with pre-made paints?. You know Part No 1 goes on Part No 34.........clean the resin....... spray FS324987567 on top. Or would an airbrushed finish earn less points than a really well done brush paint finish? and the rest is up to us.
  7. Looking forward to seeing some home grown product put to good effect Kev. Have fun.
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