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    Strong interest in B-17(Father flew B-17's in the war), as well as Bf 109 & FW 190 camouflage & markings.

    U.S.M.C. 1966-1972, RVN 1968, 0311.

    Master of Fine Arts in Painting & Drawing 1978

    Owner of Synthetic Ordnance Works (formerly Synthetic Authentics)
    Primary products: "Special Weapon" (nuclear) replicas.

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  1. Just beautiful, Lud! Very inspiring. Thanks for posting. Damian
  2. Hi Ron At present I have decided not to take on new gear listings until I've caught up on current l/g commitments. I will put on the list for possible future products, though. Thanks for the suggestion. Damian
  3. There was no line at the Dollar General today....still had beer and milk. All needs met.
  4. Ron Is that where the Corvette sleeps in the winter? Cheers, Damian
  5. Chris Man, it takes Testículos de titanio to attempt a project like this...and you've pulled it off in an outstanding fashion!! Kudos to you. Cheers, D.B.
  6. With the cessation of sporting events, commentator Nick Heath broadcasts daily events as if exciting sports contests: https://www.redstate.com/alexparker/2020/03/23/rugby-commentator-nick-heath-daily-life-twitter/
  7. That's spectacular.....well done! Cheers, D.B.
  8. That's a beautiful model in itself! So many delicacies - a feast for the eyes. Cheers, D.B.
  9. Mark When I saw the first picture of the motor I thought it was a 1:1 shot you were working from. Astounding fidelity of detail! Bravo, bravo!! Cheers, Damian
  10. Beautiful custom color w/RAF touch. How do you like the heft of the metal, as opposed to plastic, on model cars? Cheers, Damian
  11. Hi Dutik Work on Macchi is progressing under the radar. I'm not super-fast, as you may have noted, so, patience is the order of the day. Cheers, D.B.
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