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  1. Phil Flory mixes them with Tamiya all the time, I believe you can use Gunze as well (Don't use the Aqueous ones) Andy
  2. My donation is off in the mail in the morning. Thanks K2 for another fun time Andy
  3. Here is my donation for the raffle There is a mask set in the box too, all to one recipient. Andrew
  4. Please enter me as a recipient, I am going to dig into my stash and find something to donate. Andy
  5. leitch


    I was wondering about Clunkmeister too?
  6. Thanks Tim, Shirts arrived safe and sound, the wife even likes then Thank you for the effort, hopefully do it again next year. Andy
  7. Have sent monies too, let me know postage when ready. Andy
  8. Tim I would like to go for 2x Sport Tek Polos in Navy Blue 3XLT, logo front and back. Will need to be mailed, let me know when you are ready and will PM address. Thanks Andy
  9. Yes Peter I understand what you are saying, its just dishearting when you get so far on the build then have it go wrong. Then to pay half again the price of the model to fix it, its deciding whether it is worth finishing it, I am leaning on the finish it side right now, if I can sort the wing. Andy
  10. I don't know if they were ever free, but $20 seems a bit steep, and the time to reply was a little longer than expected after all the comments about how good they were. Andy
  11. I sent this E-Mail to Wingnut Wings quite a while ago: From: Andrew Leitch <adleitch@gmail.com> Date: Sat, Feb 3, 2018 at 06:52 Subject: Parts To: <help@wingnutwings.com> Ref: Hansa-Brandenburg W.12 Early #32036 Dear Sir/Madam, My upper wing has some how been destroyed and I wondered if it was possible to purchase the replacement parts: Plastic Parts I4,B3,B4 Sprue I is 0132036I and Sprue B is 013236B Decals 1x2, 76,78,82 Decals are 9132036a and 9132036b My Address is: Andrew D leitch 20 Dewline Road Liverpool, NY 13090 USA Thank you for your assistance On the 29th April (3 months later); The reply I received: Hi Andrew, Thanks for your email, Yes I can help with those replacement parts. Replacement sprues are $20 each and replacement decals are $15 plus shipping. I can send through order request to you for payment if you like to proceed. Thanks Dave Dave Johnson Sales & Logistics Manager Wingnut Wings I PO Box 15-319 I Miramar 6022 I Wellington I New Zealand www.wingnutwings.com I dave@wingnutwings.com So to replace those parts are going to cost me $70 dollars + P&P is it really worth it? I need 3 plastic parts, but because 1 of them is on another sprue thats $20, for one part. I will have to see if I can fix the wing and do another scheme I guess. Just a little disappointed, still going to buy their stuff no doubt about that. Rant over Andrew D Leitch
  12. Beautiful work, I am attempting version A right now but hit a problem, thread started else were. look forward to more builds Andy
  13. Hi all, As a lot of us use the basement , shed and garage for our work areas, I was wondering what you guys do to keep down the spider population? Andrew
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