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  1. Job well done I can only hope mine comes close to this level Andy
  2. Will be referencing this build when my kit arrives. Andy
  3. I would love to own that book, it would come in handy for my HK Metoeor build, but I do live in the USA and would understand the price of shipping being prohibitive. Andy
  4. Please enter me for the drawing, I will have a look around and see if I have anything suitable. Andy
  5. Really need to get back to mine when time permits. Will follow with interest. Andy
  6. Sofie I use the Mr Hobby Procon Boy Platinum FWA brush myself, very easy to use cleaning is a breeze once you master it which doesn’t take long. I spray everything through it with no problems. Andy
  7. Congratulations my Brother from another mother. Glad all is well. Make sure you give her some time everyday and listen. My best wishes for a happy and bright future together Andy
  8. Have this to finish myself, stopped at the engine, needed some more practice with resin before I tackle that. Andy
  9. They also had some of the glass bottles breaking while being mixed. Andy
  10. Phil Flory mixes them with Tamiya all the time, I believe you can use Gunze as well (Don't use the Aqueous ones) Andy
  11. My donation is off in the mail in the morning. Thanks K2 for another fun time Andy
  12. Here is my donation for the raffle There is a mask set in the box too, all to one recipient. Andrew
  13. Please enter me as a recipient, I am going to dig into my stash and find something to donate. Andy
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