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  1. The Trumpeter kit was based on a test aircraft, it had different engines in it as the right ones were not ready. Andy
  2. Please enter me into the draw again this year. Thanks Andy
  3. In basement in Liverpool, NY watching Phil Flory's Telford weekend.
  4. Its the Acrylic solids in the paint that are dangerous so PPE is every bit as important. Andy
  5. So afraid of the world, you all really have that much to hide, and yet sitting on the most hacked device on the planet telling everyone how worried you all are. I think I will go on in blissful ignorance Andy
  6. Funny my Me108 is going together no problem with Tamiya Extra Thin. Why would Eduard suddenly change to ABS? Seems a bit far out to me. Andy
  7. I believe the rear control stick has a place to be stowed on the left side wall. The stick was used in emergencies. Andy
  8. The wheel wells are made up of 5? walls which make up the wells, its the front walls that are reversed in the instructions. I believed they are pictured right just numbered wrong. Andy
  9. Check the numbering on the wheel well rear insert, I believe the rear most parts are numbered wrong, has you put the right one in the left side and vise versa. Andy
  10. Stay away from the Anigrand C-17 unless you want serious heart ache. Very inaccurate, loads of clean up, there is a build thread some where online. Andrew
  11. Small world, I am originaly from Whittlesey.
  12. Job well done I can only hope mine comes close to this level Andy
  13. Will be referencing this build when my kit arrives. Andy
  14. Please enter me for the drawing, I will have a look around and see if I have anything suitable. Andy
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