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  1. Excellent! Really enjoying your build.
  2. Thanks, Brian, D, and Richard! Hollow exhausts, an accurate Warren-McArthur seat together with armored bulkhead and accurate head rest, SCR-522-A radio (known as a TR.5043 in RAF, RCAF, RAAF, RNZAF and RSAAF service), and BC-602-B radio frequency control box are also available. Some Mustangs in RAF and Commonwealth service may have been fit with a TR.1133 radio. If your references so indicate, a 1/24 scale TR.1133 is available, too. If interested, I can re-scale 1/32 scale 75 gallon drop tanks in the catalog to 1/24 scale. Recommendations for other products gladly considered.
  3. Happy to announce an accurately shaped and detailed 1/24 scale P-51D Mustang upper cowling is now available for your Airfix kits. This model replaces the Airfix's kit's inaccurately shaped upper cowling parts. The cowling is 3D-printed in gray resin. It was designed from original North American Aviation blueprints ensuring an accurate shape and detailing.
  4. Thanks so much! Yes, research continues for observer's stations and a torpedo. If you haven't done so, please subscribe to the Model Monkey website to be sure to receive new product announcements. When those designs are complete, they will certainly be announced. Thanks again!
  5. New Model Monkey motto: "Weakening modeler resolve not to buy since 2014." New Model Monkey Beaufighter product endorsements from Scotland and Australia: "Highly recommended." - Nessie. "Crikey, makes me want to flex my six-pack abs, if I still had a body." - spirit of Roger, the famous buff Kangaroo
  6. Tweak is complete, photos tomorrow when the light is better. Late tailplanes are now available for sale on the website.
  7. Test print competed. Much better but still needs a tad bit more trailing edge tweaking. The thinness of the edge is pushing the technology hard.
  8. Good news: test print of tailplanes version 2.0 is scheduled for late today. They will print overnight. In the meantime, here are a couple photos of the stabilizers fit to the Revell fuselage. They are accurately set to 12.5 degrees and have a noticeably greater span than Beau Mk.I flat tailplanes. They are not "bent" Mk.I tailplanes. The Revell kit's fuselage-to-stabilizer joint is a bit thicker than scale just at the leading edge. A few swipes with a sanding stick will tame the Revell parts to match the accurately cambered 3D-printed parts. In researching the tailplanes and cockpit, it became apparent that Revell got many of the Beaufighter's overall shapes and features right when producing this kit so many years ago. When painting and weathering your tailplanes, note that the leading edge of the outer stabilizer panel on the real stabilizers was made of wood*. The rest of the stabilizer was metal. The stabilizer outer panel joint is replicated here by a subtly recessed panel line visible in the photos below, as are a small number of accurately raised rivets at the aft end of the flat panel near the rudder hinge line. Except for recessed panel lines, the rest of the stabilizer is smooth. * A good photo of the exposed wooden leading edge can be found in "The Bristol Beaufighter: A Detailed Guide to Bristol's Hard-hitting Twin" by Richard A. Franks, Valiant Publishing, page 51
  9. So that's what that metallic foil was! I thought it was just parts from a weather balloon. Live and learn. Edit: during my continuing research efforts, I have not yet found out why a nickle is bigger than a dime, why one drives in a parkway and parks in a driveway, nor why Kamikaze pilots wore helmets (comms perhaps?). If anything comes to light I will be sure and pass it along.
  10. Just takes a bit of work. The printer needs a smidgen more material to work with. I should be able to make the adjustment in a day or so and have new elevators printed shortly. This is a good example why test prints are expensive but necessary. It's all a part of the game. Once these are a "go", I'll create some early dihedral tailplanes for those that want them. Next will be the NF Mk.I radar operator's station. That is a very big project and will take some time, perhaps 3-4 weeks. Then comes a station for the Mk.X. Research continues to determine the kit associated with the Mk.VIII radar for the Beaufighter Mk.X radar operator's station. Dimensions for each Mk.VIII component have so far proved elusive. During the search, I did find Elvis (alive), the Loch Ness Monster, boxes full of Florida ballots, Jimmy Hoffa's body, an envelope labeled "grassy knoll" containing a shell casing, a single Bigfoot, and a unicorn. I'll reveal all of those to the public once I get the book deal signed. Still plan to design a torpedo (or two) and take a stab at a Sperry autopilot bulge. Somewhere in all that, I'll make the final tweaks to the 1/24 scale P-51 Mustang upper cowling for the classic Airfix kit. The 3D design was created from scans of original North American Aviation blueprints. The shape and size of the rest of the Airfix kit's forward fuselage is pleasantly very close to that shown in NAA drawings.
  11. I'm afraid there is a setback for the tailplanes. I designed the trailing edges of the elevators and balance tabs so thin that the printer failed to produce the trailing edge properly. A significant design change is required for a thicker trailing edge. The good news is that the stabilizers printed very well. Stay tuned for tailplanes 2.0.
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