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  1. What a fantastic build! Plus learned something of the war I wasn’t aware of. Thanks! Mike
  2. Kev - can you explain your approach when using the hair dryer on the decals? Thanks Mike
  3. What if you made two separately sold sheets i.e. a Bolo Part 1 and a Bolo Part 2?
  4. These decals can’t get here soon enough! Great stuff Jennings! Hopefully, the Air Superiority GB opens up for two seaters too.
  5. I'm jumping into this GB with the Hasegawa TA-4J. I'll either do the VT-24 markings (minus the special scheme) on the Zotz sheet or an adversary scheme. I have time before I need to decide. Typical for my builds, the only AM I'll be doing are decals and resin seats. Thanks for looking in. Mike
  6. Liking that orange and green camo scheme! You plan on scratch building that blind flying hood shown in the pic? Would add a unique touch to the build Mike
  7. Liking the detailing! What material is that for making the molds?
  8. Sean, I appreciate your efforts to initiate Tamiya's announcement on them doing a F-86! I'll be taking notes of your build as I plan on building my Hasegawa kit for the 2021 Air Superiority GB (fingers crossed!) Mike
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