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  1. Weekend Progress: With the shelter-in-place order we're in, I've had extra time on my hands to spend at the bench, and I've made good progress on the build. I have some of the major assemblies completed. Overall, the fit, so far, isn't as bad as I was expecting for an antiquated kit. With a little scraping here and there and some dry fitting plus Mr Surfacer, the gaps were taken care of. The cockpit and pilot figure are quite basic compared to today's resin aftermarket, but they'll do their part in the build. The IP is clear plastic with decals for the IP gauges. I thought the decals were going to shatter just by looking at them! I've started painting the cockpit and pilot, and I hope to be wrapping them up this week. Pics forthcoming. Thanks for looking in on my build. Mike
  2. Welcome and looking forward to your build! Mike
  3. Thanks all for the comments. I've decided to make this an in-flight build since I'm running out room in my display case. With an in-flight build I can utilize the upper portion of each shelve space. I'll be using a 5/16" acrylic rod to support the build, and two sections of 7/16" styrene tubing will hold the acrylic rod in the engine. I drilled a 5/16" hole in the flame holder and glued the first section of tubing to it. To hold and center the second section of tubing, I added small pieces of styrene strips within the enigine. The rod goes the entire length of the engine, so it should be strong enough to hold the build. Fingers crossed! I'll take a heat gun and bend the rod to the shape needed for the in-flight display. I'll use some MDF for the base. Now that this is done, I can start working on the cockpit. Thanks for looking in. Mike
  4. For this Cold War Jets GB, I'll be building the ancient Revell MiG-21PF kit. I'm aware of the kit's shortcomings, and they are not a concern; I'm just going to build the kit as it is. I'll be using the Model Maker Decals MiG-21PF/PFM in Polish service (I haven't selected particular markings yet0, and I'll also use a Master pitot tube. I first built this kit 40+ years ago along with Revell's F-4E "Hey Jude" kit. The MiG-21 perished in a catastrophic explosion caused by firecrackers! The kit came with a Master Modelers Club application! For only a $1.00US, I'll get the following: tweezers, a dual bladed spatula, a cement applicator, a set of clamps, a wallet size membership card, a membership wall certificate, an iron-on patch, a Revell catalog featuring all the new kits, and a full year's subscription to the Master Modelers Club new letter! To get all that stuff, tempting..... Mike
  5. I'll be watching your WIP as well. I thought about getting the MF instead of the PF, but I couldn't find any applicable Cold War decals. What will you be using, if I may ask?
  6. Great looking build, not excessively weathered! I have a couple of these in the stash to build. I'll use yours as the standard to build to. How was the build? Any challenging areas to be aware of? Thanks, Mike
  7. Well, if AMK did announce a 1/32 Tomcat maybe Tamiya would surprise us like they did with their 1/48 Tomcat! One can hope.....
  8. I’ll be getting a Revell MiG-21 PF soon, and I’ll be building it for this GB. Once I receive the kit, I’ll start the WIP.
  9. Thoroughly enjoy your builds Eric. Look forward to another fabulous story and build!
  10. A sad day indeed. Condolences to his family and band mates. 2112 introduced me to their music.
  11. Barry - decent book? Worth buying?
  12. Jennings PM me your email. I have a pic to share with you.
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