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  1. The P-38 Lightning does nothing for me; I'm a jet guy, but I'd be very happy for those of you who have it on their "wish" list if Tamiya was to come out with this kit!
  2. Exceptionally done!
  3. Great build and fantastic photography of it!
  4. Chek - the approach I used for the underside of the Norm 72 scheme was first apply a silver base coat (Floquil old silver) then go over this with numerous coats of very thinned camo grey until I achieved the look I wanted. I was happy with the result. I'd post pics, but my 2.5 YO grandson got a hold of the build....
  5. Magnificently done! Great pics of your build too!
  6. Wow, that is some fantastic detail work! Looking forward to the rest of your build!
  7. The Hornet is looking really nice in those colors!
  8. Going to be another enjoyable build to watch. Been holding off picking up this kit, but this build may finally have me pulling the trigger and getting one.
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