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  1. Just amazing work Max! Can't wait to see the colors on the build! Mike
  2. Making great progress on the kit! Looking forward to the painting phase of it. Mike
  3. The build has its cloaking device on....
  4. Coming along nicely!
  5. And who says history is boring! To think a model made this connection happen. Great stuff! Mike
  6. Any timeline on when it'll be moved to the front burner?
  7. I have an ARC account. I’ll reach out to the person for a scan. Update: scan received and PM sent. Mike
  8. Hello Jan, I'll take two sets. PM forthcoming. Mike
  9. Wow, can't believe it's been near a month since I've posted any progress on my build! Although I haven't done much, I have made progress. The build now has it's colors. I went with the Floquil old silver and AKAN green (faded) for the build. Silver definitely shows ALL the flaws! Good thing this will be viewed from afar! I also tackled the ordinance for the build. Decals are next, and I'll try adding some weathering. I also need to get the base cleaned up and painted. Thanks for looking in. Mike
  10. Nice work Paul. Yes it does, more than I could handle. Good to see you got the fuselage halves together. I'm looking forward to the rest of this build. I may have missed it in your previous posts, but have you determine what scheme you'll be doing? Regards, Mike
  11. The weathering on your build is absolutely amazing! Your build is a true masterpiece. Well done. Mike
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