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  1. Snowbird3a - thanks for explanation on the different wing types. To keep this easy on me, I'm going to keep the cord as is and make a 6-3 hard wing. I've spent numerous nights Googling Sabres, and I've found a couple of great sites with colored photos of Sabres during the Korean War. I'm starting to enjoy the research associated with the builds. I've made some good progress on the build. I started with getting the cockpit sidewalls installed. After scrapping away the kit's sidewalls, I glued in the resin sidewalls: After getting the sidewalls in, I next wor
  2. AFV Club F-5E, Hasegawa F-104, & Hasegawa F-1. Have the Tamiya F-14 & AMK MiG-31 in the stash.
  3. Tamiya F-4J, 7 years, stalled in the painting stage.
  4. With my Training Day GB build sent to the SOD, I’m going to join this GB with the vintage Hasegawa F-86 kit, and I’ll be using the Avionix cockpit with the build. I’m looking to build a Korean War jet, and I have a lead on some decals. I’m aware I’ll need to perform surgery on the wing tips. Are there other external adjustments/change need to make a Korean War Sabre? I began the build by closing up the gun bays and speed brakes. I was pleasantly surprised how well they fit, so minimal filler was needed. As you can see I got heavy handed with the Tamiya Extra Thin Cemen
  5. Jennings - is that a hint of decals you’ll be doing for the kit? Maybe Vietnam ones too?
  6. My favorite is the Tamiya F-4. The reason is it was my first 1/32 build, and the first I shared on LSP.
  7. This build has gone to the SOD as a result of an issue at the paint shop. I decided to try a new paint based on its rave reviews for this build, but it didn't workout on this build. The color was way off. Attempts to remedy the issue just led to more issues and compounded my frustrations. I should have tested before applying to the build. Lesson learned. I'm not motivated to strip the paint, so off to the SOD it goes for now.
  8. My favorite Zipper schemes are the Luftwaffe ones! Looking forward to your build. Mike
  9. Looking good! Nice and shiny! I have the 1/20 version in the queue for 2021. Look to pick up some tips from your build.
  10. Nice work. Did the JPS decals come with the kit?
  11. Thanks guys! Progress has been made on the build, albeit slower than I hoped. I spent the last couple of nights masking the canopy, and now it's ready for the paint shop. Now for a whole lot of white paint! I'll be laying down a good coat of Tamiya white primer then covering it with MRP US Navy White. Thanks for checking in on my build. Mike
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