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  1. If you want another set of the kit’s SAAF decals, let me know, as I’m not going to use them. Looking forward to your build. Mike
  2. Here's a snapshot my build in its current state. It's been ready to be painted for a couple of weeks now, but as I mentioned above I have another build going that has been taking time from this build. I plan on using Alclad aluminum for the NMF. It'll be my first attempt using Alclad for the overall finish, so there's going to be a learning curve on using it over large areas. Definitely be doing some Googling for tips. I've also completed and painted the canopy plus I've reshaped the wing tank fins and have those painted as well. I get pics of those posted on my next update.
  3. Yes, there has been some progress, and I’ll post a pic this evening. But, I must admit I’ve been cheating on this build as I have a mistress build going on. It’s the Airfix 1/24 Hellcat. My darling wife surprised me with it! Mike
  4. Chuck, Thanks for starting this AM inquiry! It’s helped me identify what I should get for my build. Looking forward to your build of this kit! Mike
  5. Thanks everyone for following along with my build. Before I started painting the build, I needed to complete the wings. From what I've read, the 6-3 wing had wing fences, and I found information and images on the web to give me a sense of their size, what they looked like, and their location on the wings. One web site said the fence was located 90 mm ( in 1/32 scale) from the fuselage, and a build said the fence was 86 mm; I split the difference and went with 88 mm. Using a piece of tape to mark the distance, I applied a piece of Dymo labeling tape as a guide to cut a slot in the
  6. I feel the same John. Happy enjoyable modeling!
  7. If you haven’t seen this: http://yocumusa.com/sweetrose//duncan/wings.htm
  8. I'm not knowledgable on which launch rails go on which aircraft, but would any of these work for a F-5E? Thanks, Mike
  9. Over the past several weeks, I had been searching the internet looking for pics for confirmation the rear deck should have been removed and what the canopy frame and associated assemblies look like in comparison to the Avionix pieces. I was having zero luck, until I stumbled across this site: http://silverhawkauthor.com/canadian-warplanes-6-jets-canadair-cl13-sabre_676.html. In one of the pics, two airmen are holding the canopy up in the vertical position, and it's clear the rear deck was to be removed. Additionally, the pic provided me with a better understanding of the canopy frame and asso
  10. Thanks all for the encouragement and for checking in. Haven't had much time at the bench since my last update due to too much working and not enough play time, but I do have a small update. I removed the rear deck from the canopy frame per the Avionix instructions: I used a mini-saw to cut away to deck: Then I used a woodworking chisel to clean up along the inside of the frame Up next will be securing the canopy brace and guide rail to the frame then some painting and adding the canopy. Not much of an update but it
  11. Looking forward to this build! Notes will be taken for a future build. Mike
  12. Gonna enjoy watching this build! Great job on the pilots.
  13. Update time. The bench time has been spent working on getting the wing tips and slats blended into the wing. After a lot of sanding, puttying, sanding, more puttying, and more sanding, I finally got them to my satisfaction. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the panel lines since there is quite a bit of putty; I may try drawing them with a pencil. I need to scratch build the wing fences, but I haven't found a good pic of them yet to know what they look like or their size. I also spent time working on getting the nose cone and fuselage halves to blended better, not perfect, but
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