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  1. Dragon

    F-14A Alicat

    Making great progress! Mike
  2. Dragon

    Just Curious about Selling

    I had two Tamiya F-16 Thunderbird kits, sold them, and still regretting it.
  3. Dragon

    Greatest Baseball Tricks

    Nice demonstration of crafty trickery!
  4. Dragon

    F-15I Ra’am

    Intakes and fans looking good! Mike
  5. Dragon

    Omani Hunter

    Your Hunter is gonna look sweet with that scheme and colors! Mike
  6. Dragon

    Omani Hunter

    Great progress. You're making quick work of your build! Mike
  7. Dragon

    Maru's Phoenix Pics

    Thank you for sharing your pics Maru! And thank you CANicoll for posting them for him! Mike
  8. Dragon

    Tamiya 1/48 Fairey Swordfish

    Congrats on your first bi-plane, nicely done!
  9. Dragon

    2018 Phoenix PIMA tour pictures

    Yes, great pics and thanks for sharing!
  10. Dragon

    F-15I Ra’am

    Have one of these on my “To build list”. Will be taking notes.
  11. Dragon

    EA-18G Growler, SHADOWHAWKS

    Fantastic looking build! Any kit related construction issues you could share?
  12. Dragon

    Tornado ECR "OLD SCHOOL" Revell 1:32

    Fantastic build!
  13. Dragon

    HK Lancaster

    What a magnificent sound! Mike
  14. Dragon

    B-25H build...Building has started !

    Purdy legs for your build Harv!