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  1. Fantastic job. Great finish , really like the weathering
  2. I’ve got the Krome and find it complements my patriot nicely. It’s slightly more difficult to strip than the patriot and the tiny nozzle means I use it almost exclusively for shading with very thinned paints. It’s a great brush for that sort of work imo and is good value for money.
  3. Lovely finish and beautifully photographed
  4. One of the best D-Day memorial stories I’ve seen. Also a great piece of music. I’ve bought mine from iTunes. Definitely worth looking up and having a listen. Look up Shores of Normandy by Jim Radford. https://www.classicfm.com/music-news/d-day-veteran-song-beats-ed-sheeran-justin-bieber/
  5. Great build. Really impressed with the detail in the cockpit and engine.
  6. I enjoyed mine. Cockpit detail is a bit thin so I stuck a pilot in. Nothing that can’t be sorted with some scratch building and some belts.. Looks every bit a spitfire after painting and weathering. I used masks for the painting on mine as I was worried about the decals settling a around the lumps and bumps. Especially the large roundels on the wings
  7. Brilliant build Gary. So good you’ve made want to go out and buy one . Not that I think I good pull off that nmf as well as this one
  8. Thanks Brian. Here’s the reference photos that twisted my arm
  9. With mojo running low I decided I needed a cheap and cheerful build. Out came Revell's Mk IX Spitfire. Adding a pilot obviated the need for lots of cockpit detailing (as well as demonstrated my ineptitude at figure painting). Aside from the pilot its OOB. Markings are RCAF 416 Squadron out of Tangmere in 1944 as per the kit. The major markings are sprayed using montex masks. The invasion stripes are speculative on my part as I have no evidence this aircraft ever had them. Call it modelling licence and anyway I just like the look of them. 1944 Spitfire without invasion stripes is like alcohol free beer - missing something. Painted with Mr Color RAF late war set. I must confess that I'm really impressed with the paints. They spray easily and dry quickly to a hard satiny finish,
  10. She’s a beauty. That engine looks fantastic. How much of the plumbing was in the kit and how much did you add?
  11. A wet palette. Really. I actually like AK but maybe that’s a step too far. This guy made me giggle
  12. For what it’s worth I’ve bought the aluminum pencil from AK for wing root chipping on a spit. So far I’m not impressed as it seem to just skip off the surface. In fairness, the model is gloss coated, which tends to make using any pencil difficult. I’ll try again after a couple of coats of flat
  13. I’ve got this kit in my stash so will follow with interest. Great work on the detailing you’ve done. It’s really nice to see modeling skills and techniques rather than capitulating and just throwing money at the am guys. Sorry Eduard et al, nothing personal but if you buy the brassin cockpit and engine for this kit, you’ve spent treble the value of the kit itself. Great colour scheme as well
  14. I recently used a uv curing glue when glueing a canopy to the frame on my F4. It’s one of those pen like dispensers with a uv light on one end. A small smear of glue on the underside of the canopy,5 seconds of UV light and sorted. In hindsight I should have painted the edge of the canopy as you get some reflection of light from the join when viewing from the certain angles
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