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  1. TimHepplestone

    F/A18F Super Hornet 1/32

    Suberb. Love the weathering
  2. TimHepplestone

    Because there’s no such thing as too many Phantoms

    Next step was a marbling coat with white like so to which I added some brown and buff shading to the rear of the aircraft where most the grime accumulates I'll be keeping weathering minimal as I'm depicting a 74 squadron aircraft at a Tiger meet in 1988, and the airframes look quite clean on the refernce images I have. That said it is a phantom.... Then , with aching wrist, hot compressor and going crosseyed got the topcoats on. I used the main camo coulours, very heavily thinned and sprayed 6 to 7 coats. The end result looks like this... Barlley grey and medium sea grey on the top. All mixed from tamiiya paints. and a coat of home brewed extra light sea grey on the bottom In areas it looks a little stark, (and bloody difficult to photograph) but my thinking is a couple of coats of gloss coat will tone it down. If not I can always do another pass with the blending coat. All in all I'm fairly pleased with the result. IMHO blackbasing certainly has a place, especially on large grey aircraft. I was tempted to try and reproduce the colours put on these phantoms befores export from the US, (the well documented blue/green tint to the upper grey) however the decal sheet I have depicts and aircraft thet would have been overpainted by the time 1988 came around so I'm going with the standard RAF camo.
  3. TimHepplestone

    1/32 Trumpeter Me 262A-1a "Yellow 3"

    Been following quietly and am really impressed with your work. Pardon my ignorance but what did you use to create the circular fasteners? I’m questing some kind of punch?
  4. TimHepplestone

    Liberator mk.VI 1/32

    Really interested to follow. Have this kit on my shopping list but have read mixed reviews on it. Will be interested to see how you find it.
  5. TimHepplestone

    Marine F-4J Phantom - Shelf of Doom???

    Brilliant work, especially all those “little corrections “. I’ll be following on with interest as I’m busy with the same kit, although I don’t think I have anywhere near your patience or attention to details.
  6. TimHepplestone

    Because there’s no such thing as too many Phantoms

    Having been away for a couple of weeks not much progress made. Finally got back to the bench today. Scratch built the belly strap that were added to F4’s by the RAF. Also got a coat of black primer down. Tomorrow should be having some fun with the airbrush. Will be first attempt at this black basing technique that’s seems to be so fashionable at the moment. I’m a bit sceptical but hey, I’ll try anything once
  7. TimHepplestone

    Corsair, can it have one wing up and the down?

    That’s a great looking Corsair Ron. Did that not require a bit of surgery though. If memory serves me the kit come with 2 wing spars. One for oth wings up and the other option for both wings down. I’m assuming you must have had to modify the kit parts to get that configuration?
  8. TimHepplestone

    Revell FW 190A-8

    Very nice images on FB. Forgot to ask. Did you use the Brassin engine or cockpit. Or both. And if either are they worth the expense. I have the same kit and am looking at starting the inevitable am collection. lol
  9. TimHepplestone

    Stretching styrene tube

    So being a cheapskates, I have successfully heat stretched the plastic tubing used by some ear bud manufacturers as the shaft of the ear bud. Takes lots of attempts and patience to get anything decent but it can be done, and it tends to only give you thin diameter pieces
  10. Lovely build. Nice subtle touch to the weathering
  11. TimHepplestone

    Revell FW 190A-8

    Great weathering and photography.
  12. TimHepplestone

    Because there’s no such thing as too many Phantoms

    Thank you sir
  13. TimHepplestone

    Revell 2019, 1st Quarter(+)

    Like the 262. New tooling?
  14. TimHepplestone

    Because there’s no such thing as too many Phantoms

    Whiled away a mild hangover on New Years Day painting up the metallic tail sections of the Phantom. After a gloos black base laid down some Alclads. Aluminium base then areas of burnt iron, magnesium, jet exhaust like so... Added some areas of thinned metallic blue ti simulate some heated areas. Used Xtreme metallic blue for this and kept it subtle. After a thin layer of matt varnish (very thin) used some brown sepis and black oils to create the verticle burn marks seen on the ventral tail areas just behind the jet nozzles, Finally a Paynes grey with touch of brown oil wash into panel lines and oil rivets before toning down a very thin coat of flat.
  15. One man’s TCP is another man’s nectar. But then who am I to lecture a Scotsman about ummmmm Scotch