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  1. Thanks. As far as I know they were off the shelf US F-4J"s that were repainted by the US in a wierd kind of blue/grey/green colour. Then they were repainted by the RAF into the colours I tried to emulate here. One modification I did add a reinforcing bellt strap which was fitted just on front of the undercarriage scratched from plastic card like so... Another modification I didn't attempt was the periscope that was installed to the port side of the RIO's station as seen here. I read somewhere that these periscopes came from Centurian tanks but haven't verified that. Anyway, there was no way my rudimentary skills could scratch build that so I left it out. Lets just say my Phantom is depicted prior to the periscopes being fitted I'm sure that the Phantom experts here will have other minor modifications that should be made but I was happy to leave it at that.
  2. Thankyou sir. I used black basing for the first time, and I ,ust say that I'm a bit of a convert, especially for a large expanse of grey such as this. That was followed by several layers of dilute oils. Some panel line washed and verticle dot filtering on the fuselage. Then some areas I faded with white/ light grey oils applied as a kind of filter. Essentially just built it up slowly until I was happy
  3. Nice job sir. Haven’t tried a nmf yet, but looking at that I feeling inspired to have a go!
  4. Beautiful finish. Really really good paint job.
  5. Will follow with interest. This kits on my shopping list once the bank balance recovers from purchase of a certain Lancaster !
  6. 1st one for 2019. Tamiya Phantom F4(j), decked out as a 74 squadron aircraft using Yellowhammer decals to depict a F4J(UK). Great kit that builds into an imposing model. All errors were user generated!!
  7. Thanks for the kind words gents. Got the dangly bits attached and some photos taken today. Calling her done for now. I might add some am burner cans if I can get hold of any. The kit cans are very soft on terma of detail. Fortunatly, being Tamiya the fit is so good they dont need any glus so I can remove them when needed.
  8. Added a little more streaking , but kept it relatively restrained . Most of the reference pics I have show the weathering relatively restrained by Phantom standerds
  9. Finally got back to the beast. After several disasters with decals, finally got some markings on. The aftermarket decals would shatter when they hit water. Eventually I got most of them on and they are incredibly thin. Lots of touch ups with a fine brush and steady hand needed though. Also did a PLW with some oils, and added some streaks and leaks on the underside. The stencils are Tamiya. I would have loved some aftermarket ones as these have very thick carrier film and are US and not RAF.
  10. For what its worth I've been involved in researching and treating to joint disease for the last 20 years. All the current scientific literature shows that despite many years of research, there is no evidence that these supplements are any superior to placebo. So I would suggest they are just a waste of money. One caveat - I'm a Veterinary Surgeon so my area of expertise is largely dogs and cats.
  11. Next step was a marbling coat with white like so to which I added some brown and buff shading to the rear of the aircraft where most the grime accumulates I'll be keeping weathering minimal as I'm depicting a 74 squadron aircraft at a Tiger meet in 1988, and the airframes look quite clean on the refernce images I have. That said it is a phantom.... Then , with aching wrist, hot compressor and going crosseyed got the topcoats on. I used the main camo coulours, very heavily thinned and sprayed 6 to 7 coats. The end result looks like this... Barlley grey and medium sea grey on the top. All mixed from tamiiya paints. and a coat of home brewed extra light sea grey on the bottom In areas it looks a little stark, (and bloody difficult to photograph) but my thinking is a couple of coats of gloss coat will tone it down. If not I can always do another pass with the blending coat. All in all I'm fairly pleased with the result. IMHO blackbasing certainly has a place, especially on large grey aircraft. I was tempted to try and reproduce the colours put on these phantoms befores export from the US, (the well documented blue/green tint to the upper grey) however the decal sheet I have depicts and aircraft thet would have been overpainted by the time 1988 came around so I'm going with the standard RAF camo.
  12. Been following quietly and am really impressed with your work. Pardon my ignorance but what did you use to create the circular fasteners? I’m questing some kind of punch?
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