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  1. Based on what I noticed on previous years, I think Tamiya will break my heart.
  2. I like this idea. Engines are my favorite part of a build. This one is for a future build of a Corsair: This other one is for G. Gladiator:
  3. Thank you for your comments. Finally, decals!
  4. Academy AH-1Z Hasegawa Bf109K Tamiya F-16
  5. Padubon


    You tackle this one and you earn the MMOH for bravery! (Modeler’s Medal of Honor)
  6. It makes me want to dust off my poor -18C Bug. It has been eating dust for the past ten years!
  7. Thank you. About the color difference, it is the light and the gloss coat, I was amazed of how bright it looked with it.
  8. Thank you guys. It’s amazing how quickly one can run out of steam on the final stretch of a model build. I’m almost in fumes with this one!
  9. I wish I have time! Very nice models, especially the -16!
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