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  1. You are one of the most talented scratch builders I have seen. Your work is fantastic!
  2. I have the Yahu panel but it looks toyish, I don’t know what you did but it looks good.
  3. Hello, it looks pretty good. The IP is very good, how did you do that? I hope to start my 51 soon. I’m planning to build a Guatemalan Air Force one.
  4. This is quite funny. All of this yapping about who’s measuring stick was longer when the initial question is about a radar antena.
  5. The “sonrisa” (smile), was painted before 1965. The FAG received the -33 beginning in 1963.
  6. Correction, I asked his sisters about his qualifications and we concluded that Orlando may not had any time on the T-33.
  7. I definitely will build the FAG T-33. My cousin Orlando was a Guatemalan Air Force Pilot and had a couple of flights on the FAG’s T-33s then he wet to the A-37s. I remember well as a kid, on my father’s hometown fair in 1980, Lt. Dubon did a little air show. Later on he went to rotary wing until the crash that kill him in November 1993. The guy with sunglasses is Maj. Orlando Dubon, my inspiration to also become a military pilot.
  8. I hope you are right. This is my first and I am absolutely, positively, certainly sure that I will never build something of this size again.
  9. Yes. I am so tired of this model that I am going to live it like that.
  10. I should have painted the roundels.
  11. My color and gloss applications are fine. My problem is that I cannot obtain a smooth flat coat.
  12. What do you use? I can’t ever get a nice flat finish without looking powdery. I am aware that a combat aircraft paint coat gets weathered differently, depending on the conditions of the combat zone. All I want to know is how to get a nice flat, semi and dull.
  13. Badger Patriot 105. Under $100. Super easy to clean. Gravity feed. Simple to use. Easy to convert to Ultra fine, fine, medium and large. Lots of spare parts. If the needle bearing leaks (mine began to leak after 8 years of heavy use) ship it to Badger and they fix it for free, you pay shipping though. I have three of them and a Krome.
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