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  1. Have you try to cancel the order?
  2. Jeez! Do you have enough aftermarket stuff? This is going to be a fun build to watch.
  3. I ran into the same issue also and I did the same surgery.
  4. Word of advice. The instructions call for the installation of the propeller blades on a particular way. The problem is that by following those directions the profile shape of the blades will be backwards. It is hardly noticeable but for me it needs to be adjusted. Please see the pictures.
  5. I believe even some of the Brit Lancasters has black cockpits. I saw a picture of one that looked hand painted.
  6. I can’t believe your work! I feel like I want to quit the hobby.
  7. That is one good looking model!
  8. Thank you for the pictures. I guess the interior colors are hit or miss.
  9. Tank you. This is my first very large model and gluing the halves was a pain.
  10. Here some more pics. I needed the fuel control knobs in the flight engineer panel so I made them with plastic card and rods. I wanted a break from the fuselage interior so I built the engines. Back to the guts. Finaly the halves are glued. I’ll post more later.
  11. I find your project very interesting and frankly I adore your skills. Beautiful Spitfire.
  12. Here some pics of the panels and seatbelts.
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