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  1. Padubon

    eBay fishy seller

    Perhaps I precipitated my conclusion. You are right, it is probably a mistake and I have no right to call fishy to someone who is trying to make some money. I apologize gentleman.
  2. Padubon

    eBay fishy seller

    I was able to see the two pictures that were deleted. One showed the sprues in a bag and clearly showed a fuselage half of the 1/48 scale one, which is engineered differently than the 1/32 scale. As I mentioned before, the other picture was of the decal sheet with the 1/48 printed on it.
  3. Padubon

    eBay fishy seller

    I have been looking for a 1/32 A-4E/F decal set for the Adversary/Top Gun version of the Skyhawk without success. This seller: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F264148852030 Is advertising the Kit as a 1/32 A-4. I noticed that the pictures show the 1/48 Hasegawa, even the picture of the decals had the 1/48 printed on it. I email the seller to let him know his mistake and he responded that the listing was in fact a 1/32 scale. I replied that his pictures clearly showed the 1/48 kit. A couple of minutes later, he deleted the pictures of the sprues and the decals. I am convinced that the advertised model is not the Top Gun version in 1/32.
  4. Padubon

    F-51 Korean War Mustang

    Hello, The main three details that are needed for a Korean War F-51 are the Zero length Rocket mounts. The Trumpeter mustangs have them, check eBay: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F292899281023 ). Uncuffed prop depending your reference pictures, both were used (The Quickboost are the nicer of the few aftermarket ones). Also the ARC-3 radio, for that you are on your own. The ARC-3 in the following picture is missing the cover plate for the dials and relay contacts.
  5. Padubon

    RCAF SPITFIRES.. Mk XIVe..duel build.

    Thanks bud. I am looking forward to your build, as I was not gutsy enough to tackle two at the same time. I usually never finish a model that I start as OOTB, somewhere along the way I start to add goodies. I can’t wait for more of your Griffons!
  6. Padubon

    RCAF SPITFIRES.. Mk XIVe..duel build.

    Hello, I’m glad you are doing this project. About a year ago I finished a similar build, but instead of resin, I used a PCM Spit to mate with the Tamiya one. Needless to say, it was a pain to fit but I am happy with the result. Sorry, it is a bit dusty.
  7. Nice! Let me ask you, how is the fitting? I have built three 1/32 ZM and two had some fitting issues. I am interested on the Hs-129.
  8. Padubon

    P-40K 1LT R. Johnson, Tunisia 1943.

    Completed! Finally I finished this kit. It has some challenges but it was a pleasure to build. I hope you enjoy. Now the Lancaster and the A-4 and the Corsair and the P-61 and the F-16 and the.....
  9. Padubon

    Rules of the Road

    I have never been so inpatient about building a model as I am with the Lancaster.
  10. Padubon

    Semi, Dull and Flat

    You are correct. Hub Zemke in his book about the 56th Wolfpack said that some of the pilots polished their airplanes to get “a couple of extra miles”. Currently I am building a P-40K used in Tunisia. One reference picture shows the plane with a little shine, the other is totally flat. I know that light, angle and possibly dust may have been the difference.
  11. Padubon

    Semi, Dull and Flat

    What do you use?
  12. Padubon

    Semi, Dull and Flat

    Ohhhhh! When I used dullcoate in the past, I thinned with enamel thinner. Mill give it a shot. About the animals thing, I love animals, especially medium rare.
  13. I have been in the hobby for a while and I try to match the paint shine of any particular model in comparison to the real thing. I work with US Army CH-47s and back when we had the D model, I noticed that one of our birds, due to number of factors, had roughly 17 tones of Green. Some were shiny and some completely flat. During any particular club show, there is always a model with a perfect flat coat. How is it done? I have never build a model with a completely flat finish for fear of the “dusty effect”. Again, how is it done? And what ratios of thinner vs finishing coat? Thanks gents.
  14. Padubon

    Rules of the Road

    It has its cons though, at 8.1% tax it was about thirty some in addition to all I spent that day. But being able to go inside the stock room? Priceless!