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  1. Daniel460

    CO2 airbrushing dangers

    CO2 tanks should be harmless as long as they are secured. I guess you have to have them filled every now and then. I've used my Craftsman shop compressor for years with a moisture trap on the compressor and a small moisture trap at the airbrush regulator and never had a problem. Dan
  2. Excellent book as are all of their titles! Lots of great detail photos, I have the Tigger vac form kit coming so I'll be wearing the pages out! The folks at Valiant have been great and always a quick reply to a e-mail! Dan
  3. Daniel460

    Can you believe this???

    Why in the heck would a jet be armed/loaded in a hanger for maintenance? My understanding after being in the Air Force for 20 years, is that a jet undergoing maintenance in a hanger was downloaded of any ordnance. ( I wasn't in jet maintenance, just knew a few of them) Someone is in a big heap of trouble..... Dan
  4. Daniel460

    Happy Birthday LSP Ron

    Happy Birthday Ron!! Dan
  5. Excellent work on the paint Andy! She's looking the part.......... Dan
  6. Daniel460

    Boulton Paul Defiant kit possible?

    Great idea Rog! Let me know when you get yours...... Dan
  7. Daniel460

    Wolf Buddee, Congrats !!!

    Congrats Wolf! Beautiful builds! Dan
  8. Daniel460

    Boulton Paul Defiant kit possible?

    I have one fresh off the vacuum machine on the way! John at Tigger fixed me up. I found that it was easier to get a hold of him on facebook. Will be taking my Valient wings book to get the drawings enlarged in the next few days. Suresh if you find you have an extra prop and landing gear set let me know...... Anyone know of a good source for a Merlin XX engine in 1/32? Dan
  9. Daniel460

    Boulton Paul Defiant kit possible?

    Thanks Gents.... I don't mind any of the new-never before kits being made like the bombers. It's the release of another 109, 190, corsair, mustang....etc. Let the AM guys release the updates for a new version. There are so many great "un-kitted" subjects out there. The Defiant even without the turret is a sweet looking aircraft. I think I'll get a text off to Tigger... Dan
  10. Hi Folks, Is there any Defiant kits in the works? I believe I read somewhere that there maybe a kit coming out? I'm wanting to order a Tigger Vac kit, but with the cost of the kit and shipping....the book and a set of plans it gets expensive. I'm thinking I might wait if there is a kit in the works somewhere. Dan
  11. Daniel460

    FACEBOOK hacked

    Yeah, if they want your info they really don't need to hack facebook. You ever notice that when you do a search or look up something to buy you start getting ads for that Item? Unsecure wifi, clouds, every store wanting your e-mail address to send your receipt....there are too many unsecured devices using-carrying our information. The wife and I went to Office Depot today, there is a Game Stop store in the plaza. When we left the wife received a Game Stop ad on her phone? We don't ever shop there....its crazy. Dan
  12. Beautiful detail work!! Dan
  13. Daniel460

    New items n the horizon from tigger models

    Thanks Mike... I should have updated this post, I got with John via facebook (Tigger models) he sent me the info on shipping and will be ordering a Defiant this week sometime. I'm sure someone with have a kit out in a week or two..... That Blogspot doesn't appear to be updated to often..... Dan
  14. Daniel460

    HE-219 Revell 1/32

    Looking great Shawn! The pit detail looks excellent! Dan
  15. Happy Birthday!! Hope you all have a great day!! You too Maru... Dan