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  1. Really enjoying this build Brian! Dan
  2. Daniel460

    KH F-5E

  3. Daniel460

    Spotted Ass Ape HobbyBoss B-24 Assembly Ship

    Kool! Dan
  4. Daniel460

    Jazzed up Hasegawa Me262's

    Beautiful scratch building work! Dan
  5. Beautiful detail work! Very educational build thread! Thanks for the detailed explanations... Dan
  6. Daniel460

    Bf 110E-3/trop 2.(H)/14 North Africa

    Glad to see these 110's getting built! Dan
  7. Excellent detail work Tim! Dan
  8. Daniel460

    Propaganda Me. 117 P "Adler": FINISHED.

    Excellent build and story line! Dan
  9. Daniel460

    1/32 Gotha G.I Scratch Build

    Beautiful work! Dan
  10. Daniel460

    1:24 Trumpeter Bf 109G-14

    Excellent detail work Kevin! Dan
  11. Daniel460


    Excellent detail work Rick! Dan
  12. Daniel460

    Focke-Wulf 44D "Stieglitz"

    Really looking nice Max, part fit seems very nice. Now the fit of those wing struts may require a tall glass of vino to subdue the need to make her fly prematurely! Dan
  13. Excellent detail work Brian, pit looks sweet! Exhaust shields looks great! Dan
  14. Daniel460

    1/32 Gotha G.I Scratch Build

    Really enjoying this build and the craftsmanship! Dan
  15. Daniel460

    1/32 HK B-25J Meet Miss Runyon

    Great start so far. Dan