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  1. I wish you would have told us on Patreon that you were going to lose your Mojo on the 190 build Peter. Good luck..... Dan
  2. Really liking the cockpit detail, AIMS conversions are very nice. Very nice work. Dan
  3. Really learning a lot watching this build on here and on Peters Patreon site. Lots of great tips and tricks on how to use different materials and how to work them. Dan
  4. Happy Birthday Max...........hope you had an amazing day! Sorry to be a little late to the party...... Cheers, Dan
  5. In my search for a Merlin XX for my Boulton Paul Defiant in 32 scale I found two folks on Ebay selling separate sprues. One had the Lancaster engine sprue and the turret sprue and another had the Tamiya Supermarine Spitfire engine sprue and the engine bearer sprue. May be worth a look if you are needed spares, they have pages of kit sprues.... Ebay sellers: Parts plus palace and Scottharv1 Dan
  6. Safe and Happy trails to you Kev! You and your tireless hours working behind the scene to keep this site running is greatly appreciated! Thanks for all your help over the years.......... Dan
  7. Drool! Great subject in great hands! I'll try to check in and watch this one Andy, looking great so far! Dan
  8. So sorry to hear this. My condolences to you and yours.......... Dan
  9. Beautiful build Carl! Dan
  10. Received my kit from Dukie99 yesterday. We had been going back and forth with it, I didn't want him to pay the postage. He convinced me it was not a problem! I like it.... He said he would "sweeten" the deal..... My wife likes it.............. Thanks a bunch David we will enjoy these!! Cheers, Dan
  11. Beautiful scratch building work! Dan
  12. Beautiful detail work! Very educational build thread! Thanks for the detailed explanations... Dan
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