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  1. outstanding, love your builds and artwork
  2. happy to see you back at this beast, I have complete faith that this will turn out great!
  3. ahhh, the pod... After debating about sculpting it from Milliput I decided to use the plethora of spares the kit provided to scratch build the unit. Luckily I took a lot of pics of a QF4E a few years ago. I grabbed a sparrow missile half as the base, sheeted the aft section to give me the filler for the bay. Then cutting up a few other kit missiles I made the over all shape. The trick was to get that compound curved blend at the forward section. While not exact, its close enough for me and one detailed out should look the part just fine.
  4. gear up, holes drilled for the drop tank knowing this was gonna be a HEAVY bird with all the resin, I drilled and pinned the drop tank with resin receiver blocks in the wing time to start the mods for the intakes Cutting at the noted distance I removed the front of the kit intakes. Test fitting showed an interference with the "floor" of the rear fuse, cut out the offending areas after assembling the rear fuse and test fitting to the wing I added a spreader to minimize the wing root gap while I had the sprue out I
  5. Hi gang, figured I'd toss up a WIP on my latest LSP project. I picked up the kit at Hobby Lobby ages ago with a 40% off coupon with a QF4 in mind. Somewhere also picked up a GT Resin Nose Correction and intake kit. Later on I added a RF4 Cockpit kit to address the boring, bland and under detailed Revell Cockpit. This was to be an in flight build, starting out I wanted to address the conversions and resin additions. The nose job. Lacking any instructions I sized up the new nose and comparing panel lines figured out my initial cuts. After completing
  6. 100% agree, its an outstanding kit click pic ^ for more photos of my build
  7. they did develop a cat launch system for the PBM (P5M originator)
  8. outstanding work Chuk! Glad to see you wrap this one up. Heal up, rest up and model on!
  9. loving this still, you're making a real gem here
  10. well done Max, keep at 'er you're alllllmost there
  11. thank you! I was just drooling on this from the TMN news
  12. its like a walkaround of the real bird in a museum, no more superlatives to use Peter, its out standing.
  13. she is still hanging in the entry way to the Air Zoo
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