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  1. Shawn M

    IPMS Region 5 Convention

    i feel ya, if things change let me know
  2. Shawn M

    Hasegawa Nakajima Ki 84 Hayate

    Dennis that looks superb!
  3. Shawn M

    HE-219 Revell 1/32

    thank you guys! I will set up a shoot for it this evening, luckily I have some massive foam sheets to use as this is the biggest bird I've shot so far.
  4. Shawn M

    F-18 ATARS

    well done on the build and finish!
  5. Shawn M

    IPMS Region 5 Convention

  6. Shawn M

    Make the others jealous

    ordered a P-38 self adhesive interior set few days back.... BIG Ed Set arrived in its place
  7. Shawn M

    AMT 1991 Silverado 454 SS

    always loved the idea of these and the first Gen Lightnings no replacement for displacement
  8. very nice Brad, I love Japanese subjects in that orange
  9. Shawn M

    Imperial Tie Fighters - Dual Build - FINISHED!

    outstanding work on these builds, they look great! now get a 1/32 'Falcon for the multi engine GB...wink wink
  10. Shawn M

    HE-219 Revell 1/32

    this one didn't turn out too bad from last night
  11. Shawn M

    IPMS Region 5 Convention

    oh man, that sucks I had to evaluate manual vs. auto-tragic in my newest car due to my knee. Luckily the mazda clutch is a feather weight
  12. Shawn M

    AMT '59 El Camino-COMPLETED-11/21

    I still haven't used the stuff, kinda reluctant to I must admit
  13. Shawn M

    Bf110G4 NJG1 1944/45

    thats why i put my subject up for vote, I couldn't decide on a twin!
  14. Shawn M

    HE-219 Revell 1/32

    Thank you guys! Its nice to have this wrapped up and inside the deadline to boot! I used the kit parts for my antennae, super delicate moldings but fiddly as all get out. The brass ones in the AIMS kit should be easier to assemble but I fear just as annoying to align
  15. wow, taking this to the next level