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  1. Shawn M

    LSP real life photos.

    Oh man, I'd be game for this as aviation photography is one of my (many) hobbies.
  2. Shawn M

    Post-war JV44 Clean-up

  3. Shawn M

    The Cat is Back........F-14 Tomcat

    lovely build
  4. Shawn M

    P51A hobbycraft 1/32 scale

    absolutely NAILED the finish on this, the exhaust work is lovely
  5. Shawn M

    CH-47A Chinook Trumpeter 1:35

    damn, that looks amazing!
  6. Shawn M

    1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"

    exquisite work Peter
  7. nice work buddy, keep at it!
  8. outstanding
  9. Shawn M

    Work in Progress, 1000part complex build

    my wife and I did one of ww2 aircraft, it was a really tough puzzle
  10. Shawn M

    HE-219 Revell 1/32

    thank you guys! Almost wrapped up with the fuse scribing, then it time to add antenna to the underside. Nacelles are glues on, need to clean up the rest of the scribing and seams there. Flight crew is all primed, hope to start painting them up tonight
  11. Shawn M

    Bf110G4 NJG1 1944/45

    I'm waiting for enough time to do it justice, dont want to rush it
  12. Shawn M

    HE-219 Revell 1/32

    They offer a few sets/poses depending on how you're going to do your build. The almost 'snap' together they're so well cast. The details are just so crisp and sharp...it "should" make painting a cake walk
  13. Shawn M

    1/32 Hasegawa P-40E

    Im sure you will, you're builds are always very nice Joe.
  14. Shawn M

    Recycling a Thunderbolt

    wow, heullva nice job on that cowl whole model looks really sharp, I thought it looked good the first time!