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  1. fantastic work, the details really make this pop!
  2. wow, more pics please! and welcome to the forums!
  3. keep up the sharp work, this is a real stunner you've got
  4. I snagged one of the TR's at our show a couple years ago, came loaded with AM goodies too for $50
  5. oops, yes please Kev' add me as a recipient too!
  6. beautiful, how was the build?
  7. I will be donating a NIB (still wrapped) Academy AH-60L DAP Blackhawk kit in 1/35. Pic to come
  8. thanks for running it again Kevin, count me in for a Kit, yet to be determined
  9. You can count me in as always, I will be able to find a few kits to donate. Shawn
  10. outstanding work, loved the WIP and the finished product is fantastic
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