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  1. nice project and great cars guys! I've got a few Kits of "used to owns" and "current owned" cars
  2. nice Kev! Looking forward to getting bench time after I leave my job
  3. such a cool lil truck! I see what your saying about the front one
  4. model car post lol Although a terrible kit, Im SO excited to have received my Revell (re-release) kit of the VW Corrado! Its the ONLY one ever offered. Gave up on finding the originals for a realistic price when I found out they were re-popping them
  5. thanks Kev! bummed I missed it as I was at the race shop wrenching next year though, I'll be back!
  6. agreed and Im excited for that kit!
  7. I do them from time to time, I've got a 21st Century Zero Im turning into an "air racer"
  8. cool project, I think this may be the "future" of our hobby
  9. I'll probably go, I have friends there as well. Now if I bring any builds that has yet to be determined.
  10. love a good Jolly Rogers Tomcat! Building one myself actually lol
  11. Thank you! Saw this on a YT video but couldnt find it on the web
  12. just caught up on this excellent work and the results look fabulous!
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