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  1. Lud13

    Revell 2019, 1st Quarter(+)

    So ...no one knows whats in the Spitfire set???
  2. I have build two Eduard Emils and one from Dragon. I also have one of each in stash at the moment. To be honest i like Dragon offering more but Eduards Emil is also nice kit except problem with assebly of the front fuselage and wrong sized slats. As far as I can see their F and G models in 1:48 are excelent and upscaling them as u sad will be great choice and nice profit for them. But for some strange reason they tend to overlook 1:32 scale unfortunaly.
  3. Dang...if they want a 109 with Spanish civil war markings than why they didn't made A/B/C/D version and make a lot more money than with reissue of the old Emil...
  4. Lud13

    Revell 2019, 1st Quarter(+)

    Iron Maiden Spitfire !!! Does anyone knows whats in that gift set box ????? Huge Iron Maiden fan here !!! Oh and that 110 got my name on it,,,if the price is right, but considering I-16 is no cheaper than ICM offering I have my doubts
  5. Lud13

    RE: the new B-24: How much is too much?

    That is why for me Hasegawa 1:32 kits are best, good fit, simple build and reasonable details. I will only add aftermarket seatbelts and decals into the build ( and for the Revell 109G-6 gun covers since they are terrible ) Anything else is just adding to the cost but luckily for me I am not in pursuit for 100% accuracy and certainly not detailing. I can understand guys pouring hundreds of euros in kit, but its their hard earn money and its their choice . For what is worse the pleasure for me starts after the model is put together (painting and decals are my nirvana) so as easy to assemble the model the better
  6. Lol..was just about to paste the same info...btw that is my group and i pasted pictures from this post
  7. Lud13

    Make the others jealous

    Yep...it is. Just had a deeper look in this two books, they are astounding especialy since they are dealing with not enough covered area of 109 history. Lots of new info and pictures i didnt see before, so i consider them edelent value. And of course....never enough 109s in stash heheh
  8. Lud13

    Make the others jealous

    Well, today is a good day This two books are great, really happy to have them!!! This is a must for every 109 fan. And finally..to round up ..
  9. Lud13


    Excellent Yak You have there. I got one on the stash and that landing gear assembly scares me to death lol
  10. Lud13

    F-15DJ Japanese Adversary

    You nailed it ..that is one cool aggressor !!!
  11. Lud13

    LSP Christmas Raffle 2018

    Hello all I would like to donate 1:32 Aeropoxy Rogozarski IK-3 resin kit. I would also like to enter as a recipient... Thx to all of You guys that make this place special....
  12. Lud13

    Alaska F-16D Aggressors in splinter camo?

    Unfortunaly Marcel there are no AK or WA two-searer splinter dressed F-16s. At the moment only single seaters in four different splinter schemes.
  13. Lud13

    Alaska F-16D Aggressors in splinter camo?

    Hello As far as I know not. I will ask the guys in my Facebook group and will report back to You.
  14. Ok...So I see pretty much soon there will be many unwanted Hasegawa 109s in stashes all over the world...I will give good home to those poor 109s..bring it on
  15. Hello Dale Full throtle and no turning back, lot of great stuff ahead for You I am sure...