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  1. This is what u need. I got mine in Alley Cat conversion set for Bf 109T
  2. LaGG-3, La-5, La-5FN Macchi C205, C202. Fiat G-55
  3. Two staffels in my stash, from E to K.....and strengthened staffel ( 14 finished + one at the bench at the moment ) on flight line. Never enough 109s!!!
  4. When u look diagram of parts yes, but they state single kit for 32 scale and dual combo for 48 scale in link provided above.
  5. Yep You are unfortunately right according to the text in link. Looking at the decal options i think they could make a better effort , three schemes from listed 13 share the same decals...shame On good note , new decals for Bf108 with Royal Yugoslav three tone scheme, That is nice
  6. On a second look at the parts diagram this is boxing with two models inside...
  7. Just saw this at Hobby Search Store..stated its September release but can not find anything on Eduard site. Look like option for Bf 109E-1/3/4 with two sets of wings and canopy's is provided + Galland figure. Anyone knows more detail about this one, would like to grab one for Gallands decals.
  8. Great looking 109, i think u got cammo perfectly!!!
  9. Hello all This is my latest build, I-16 Rata from Revell/ICM in 1:32 Sorry for bad photos , done with mobile phone.. Hope u like the little guy
  10. Hello great build... what did u use for that gloss coat and how did u make it look so perfect __??
  11. Thx for your comments guys, glad u like it.
  12. Hello all This is my Hasegawa P-47D, built OOB with kit decals. Nice kit as uisual from Hasegawa. Iused Vallejo metal colors and varnishes. I know this markings where done to death but I always like the look of skull and bones on Thunderbolt. All in all could be better specially in weathering area ( will never learn that part obviously) but in the end I like the result...
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