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  1. So..few models I treated myself with in the last few months....
  2. WOW...Hat down with deep bow for this perfection!!
  3. Nice choice for markings. I plan to do same bird got the decals and kit but no time unfortunaly. Anyway how will u handle Fiesler type air intake ?. I was lucky enough to have one left from my Alley Cat Bf 109T conversion
  4. I belive these two fits your category....Tally Ho gecals
  5. Excellent looking 110 u got there...love it
  6. Are the decals sized for Revell kit judging by the holes for air scoops in tulip decals for G-6/G-14?
  7. Latest additions to my 109 stash...cant help myself
  8. For me first ZG76 Haifischgeschwader, than Wespengeschwader ZG1. Both looks fantastic !!
  9. Nice Messer. I have the same kit but the decals in mine have almost cream color instead of white. Did You use kit decals or from some other manufacturer ?
  10. It will cost a fortune...so no thx.
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