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  1. Ah OK, now I remember. Kommodore of JG 51, but not Molders.
  2. Mikester

    Not being 100% accurate- is it a big deal?

    No debate, Fish! ;-)
  3. Mikester

    Bf 109 f4 trop 9./JG 27

    Quickboost and Eduard both make exhausts for the 109, they may be listed for a "G" but are also appropriate for an "F".
  4. Mikester

    Bf 109 f4 trop 9./JG 27

    It appears the whole Staffel received this paint scheme. These aircraft were originally destined for North Africa and were delivered in overall RLM 79. After being diverted to 9./JG 3 they received the RLM 75 and 70 to make the camo more suitable for the Eastern Front.
  5. Doesn't the Hasegawa 1/32 F-2 come with these decals? The one with Assi Hahn's ride on the box art.
  6. Mikester

    Bf 109 f4 trop 9./JG 27

    Do you have a pic? The only "Yellow 4" I recall with this paint scheme is Von Boremki's plane of 9./JG 3.
  7. Mikester

    Trumpeter 1/32 P-40F Soon to be Released??

    Early candidate for best post of the year.
  8. Mikester


    Nice work!
  9. Mikester

    1/32 PCM Fw 190A-4

    Nice work! I'm battling this kit right now. BTW this is the aircraft of Major Hubertus von Bonin, Kommodore of JG 54.
  10. Mikester


    Beautiful build! To answer your question about why you don't see more, it's a good kit but frustrating as well. I've built a couple of Trumpeter 109s and while the fit and detail are good they just make some major blunders as well. The big gaff on their Emil is the cockpit is way off. A few other less noticeable mistakes as well, it's just too bad they're not more dilligent with their research on all their kits. Love what you did with kit though!
  11. If they were interested in making money they'd upscale their F's and G's too. Eduard is rooted in 1/72 and 1/48, nobody told them it's 2019 and people are building 1/32.