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  1. If you take the kit as a whole, the Hasegawa 109Gs are the best Gustavs available as well as being the only option for the Friedrich. The G suffers from some errors but makes up for it in terms of superb engineering and fit. It's a model so how it goes together should count as well. Still the king IMHO (and I've built a lot of 109s).
  2. 1/32 P-38....from a reliable source.
  3. The AMUR Reaver set is for the Erla G-10 which has a different STBD side cowl fairing than the AS series.
  4. You can do a G-6/AS from the Hasegawa G-10. You'll need to remove the bumps on the lower cowl, use the small wheel bumps on the wing, early wheels, source some G-6 propeller blades and do some minor scribing. Probably a couple of minor mods that I'm forgetting. Kyrre did a really nice Bf 109G-5/U2 which is basically a G-6/AS seen here: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/43428-hasegawa-bf109g-5u2-carganicos-last-mickey-mouse/
  5. Be interested to see the price. Eduard has discontinued their E-7 and Dragon Emils in general have become somewhat difficult to find. Trumpeter's E-7 is really not an option for me unless I become really desperate.
  6. Ah OK, now I remember. Kommodore of JG 51, but not Molders.
  7. Quickboost and Eduard both make exhausts for the 109, they may be listed for a "G" but are also appropriate for an "F".
  8. It appears the whole Staffel received this paint scheme. These aircraft were originally destined for North Africa and were delivered in overall RLM 79. After being diverted to 9./JG 3 they received the RLM 75 and 70 to make the camo more suitable for the Eastern Front.
  9. Doesn't the Hasegawa 1/32 F-2 come with these decals? The one with Assi Hahn's ride on the box art.
  10. Do you have a pic? The only "Yellow 4" I recall with this paint scheme is Von Boremki's plane of 9./JG 3.
  11. Early candidate for best post of the year.
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