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  1. There is this one: Kagero Top Colors: Operation Bodenplatte. Note they cover all 3 scales; 1/72, 1/48, 1/32. It also covers several aircraft types. I think Eagle Editions has some decals, but you would have to do research as to which ones as they aren't necessarily noted.
  2. Hmmm...don't think I have seen those in 1/32nd. You might ask the designer of these BRP-250's to see if he could upscale to 1/32nd.
  3. Whose paint did you use? She came out great.
  4. Another beautiful model, Tolga! What colors and paint manuf did you use for the Malta scheme? Turned out great!
  5. For all the problems, it turned out great!!
  6. That turned out great! The base and figure really set it off.
  7. ...and they are tiny! You can also find stuff from some of the car detail guys, but that anyz stuff is the bomb!
  8. It was Anthony in NZ. A-4K Kahu NZ Upgrades . He is pretty close it appears, but has been sidetracked restoring a 1:1 aircraft.
  9. That is really turning out sweet!
  10. NMF finish turned out excellent!
  11. Super nice! Weathering is excellent!
  12. LSP_Ray

    Hawk T1

    Great scheme, Neo! Looks great!
  13. Well, there is this, although thy are in bags: Master Details has some modern pilots with helmets, but have to do some grinding! This one has alternate heads, so wouldn't waste the figure: https://masterdetails.com/web-store/pilots-figures-details/war-era-years/modern-day-1975-present/u-s-air-force-jet-pilot-detail You might also check the 3D printing sites such as Shapeways. Someone might have 3D printed ones, and more stuff is always being added. Hope this helps!
  14. LSP_Ray

    Bad news.

    Sorry to hear of the bad news, Dale. Don't give up, there is always hope. For instance, there has been pretty good advances in gene therapy where they teach your body to attack the cancer cells without the poisonous chemo therapy (my wife went through that; it is not good). At least it sounds like you have the right attitude. Will be praying for you.
  15. Like I thought, the CD has mostly pics of restored warbirds with just a few period shots, plus the walk-arounds and a few cockpit pics. I trolled the net a bit and the only camo NK La-9 I found was from a skin website for a flight sim: Which appears to be based on a profile that appears on the Wings Palette site: I have no idea of the accuracy, though I suppose the winter camo could be rationalized...Everything else seems to be overall green or grey. Hope that helps.
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