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  1. Eagle Strike also did some Zeke decals. I might be able to pull some out of my stash, but you will have to wait till I get back home mid April.
  2. Wow! Anyone know who did the molds for DACO? That looks really nice!
  3. Looks good, Brian! I might adjust some of the wing splotches to look more like the elevator ones: remember this was no doubt done by a guy standing on the wing with a spray gun. But overall looks good. My first thought when I saw the photo: "When did Brian run over here and set the model on my desk to take a picture?" Glad I am not the only one!
  4. Nice update. I just can't get over Airscale's cockpit set for the 1/24th Hellcat, it is spectacular!
  5. Looks nice! And reminds me why I don't like Facebook. It started loading ads and then jumping around on me.
  6. Gehard, I moved the topic and will re-title it to show it is a Mosquito build.
  7. That is really nice! It will look amazing with added plumbing; hard to believe how old this kit is. Stands up pretty darn well with the new Airfix 1/24th kits.
  8. Thanks for the comments, guys! Mark, yes I used the sponge technique on the leather with Lifecolor's leather set. Worked really well. The seat pad looked really good, but is basically hidden by the belts. Oh, well, good practice I guess.
  9. Yes, and the Yahu A panel doesn't match the kit panel which was going to cause problems with recreating the instrument backs and wiring.
  10. Thanks! But you need to wait to I post all the pics!
  11. Next up, the IP! I was going to use the Yahu panel, until I realized it is for the 335A model and is slightly different. Luckily, the Eduard one is pretty darn nice itself. Here is the two panels: The Eduard one is on the right. It is a little more pixelated, but isn't that bad at all when viewed without magnification. This will be my last update for a while as I am headed to AZ for some business, but I will be back!
  12. And all put together!: Eduard pit makes for a busy office! I also added some small discs under some of the dials to give a more 3D effect. I gotta say, I hate the adhesive on the back. It doesn't stick that well, except to your tweezers, and made it harder to use.
  13. Here is the rear wall: I added a pair of Airscale warning placards as I figured they would have some info for the field service personnel about the bang seat... And here is said seat: I adjusted one armrest, added some padding, and instead of the Eduard parts, added some lead foil on top of the box behind the headrest. Apparently, that held a drogue chute and the flaps were canvas or thin leather flaps. I also added foil over the armored headrest as it was covered in leather. It probably should be grey, as well as the seat pad but I wanted a little more color. Of course, the HGW belts covered up 90% of my work on the pad.
  14. Finally! Another step done! You probably thought I shelved it... Anyway, next up for me was the cockpit. Here is the pit: First, here is the kit part, cleaned of details in prep for the Eduard parts, with the Eduard PE floor in place. I added some plastic angle around the forward perimeter as it didn't want to stay flat: And here it is painted RLM66: PE rudder pedals added. The pedal supports were a beeyatch, I added a plastic rod inside the brackets and drilled a hole into the sidewalls for the rod to pass through. It made gluing them easier and much stronger support. I also added a small, but larger PE piece where the pedals attach to the support as I didn't thin 1 x .5 mm was enough!: Finally, with the Eduard panels and joystick added: An oxygen hose was added. I spent about an hour searching for some ribbed hose, found it, then when I looked at the ref's again, finally noted the ribbed hose in the pictures was added by the USAF when testing the Do 335. D'oh! The Germans just had smooth hose. So I used some car detail coolant hosing, with fine beads as fittings. From other direction:
  15. And when they get around to a jet, a new F-14 would be nice, since they have just done what is supposed to be a nice one in 1/48.
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