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  1. I would say scoops in front of engine to let air in, slots or screen after engine to let hot air out. You are steaming right along, Brian! You could probably get six models done in the 12 months!
  2. LSP_Ray

    1917 Sopwith Camel by Model Airways

    Nice project and attention to detail! Will be following!
  3. LSP_Ray

    1:24 Trumpeter Bf 109G-14

    Nice detail work, Kev!
  4. LSP_Ray

    What's up with this ??? ...

    Probably someone's conversion. Nicely done, too.
  5. LSP_Ray

    1:32 scale 16" gun turret

    A guy in our club did a similar project in 1/48th scale. Let me ask him what ref's he has. Not sure which battleship he tackled, though.
  6. LSP_Ray

    Me-262 1/32 details

    Ooh, nice!
  7. LSP_Ray

    1:32 scale 16" gun turret

    Yup, large bolts & nuts and rivets. Not often slotted screws however.
  8. LSP_Ray

    1:32 scale 16" gun turret

    Sounds like the start of a joke: "How many sailors does it take to tighten the screws on the roof of turret #1..." I can just imagine four guys carrying over an eight-foot tall screwdriver.
  9. LSP_Ray

    Me-262 1/32 details

    Would love a set of 1/18th scale parts...
  10. In reality I dont think they fixed the rear cooling problem, but in our Luft '46 scenario they did. Ooooh, Brian, is it too late to add some trop additional cooling scoops to rear engine?
  11. LSP_Ray

    B17G "D Day Doll"

    Nice work! Interior coming along!
  12. LSP_Ray

    WNW Junkers D1

    Nice splashy scheme, Don!
  13. LSP_Ray

    Spitfire RAF 303 Sqdn. Airfix 1:24

    You did very well with a kit that is pretty long in the tooth.
  14. LSP_Ray

    How would YOU do this camo?

    That's nice, Dave!
  15. LSP_Ray

    How would YOU do this camo?

    When you try your hand at freehand, don't forget to try and keep airbrush as perpendicular to surface as possible. Going from wings to fuselage can be tricky sometimes.
  16. LSP_Ray

    How would YOU do this camo?

    +1, or freehand if you have a good airbrush, properly thin paint, low pressure, tip close to surface for tight edges. Jennings is right, this is how the 1:1 was done, and I am sure there was the occasional ragged edge.
  17. LSP_Ray

    Do 335 B-2, Eastern Front What If

    They do look pretty good. I typically hate molded on detail, but they did good job, with good relief. Still hard to paint. My probably over-ambitious plan is to have panels open one side, closed the other. So one side you get a better look at the lines, the other side some detail. I am going to leave the bomb bay and gun deck covers closed.
  18. I have had a super poor record in finishing GB builds, but going to give it go again as a type of 'therapy.' Most of you don't know, but I had a stroke Dec. 14 and am trying to work myself back to normal. Hopefully working on a kit that is 'relatively' simple hopefully will help in the rehabilitation of my left hand which is pretty useless right now (but getting better), and keep me occupied. I was going to build a resin kit, P-59, but don't think I'm up to that right now. This will be a s-l-o-w build but will hopefully speed up as my left hand progresses. If I get it done fast enough, maybe I will give the P-59 a go; fingers crossed. Anyway, I am kind of in the same world as Brian, except my Do 335 is on the Eastern Front. As the Do 335 production ramped up, the heavy destroyers were used to re-equip the ground attack squadrons there to help stem the tide of Russian armor. The three 30mm cannon could crack open even the JS-2's and JS-3's if hit from the thinner rear or engine decks. JG-54 was one of the squadrons re-equipped in the Spring of 1946. They quickly re-painted their birds in their favored brighter greens and sand colors which fit in better with the terrain, the sand added as the grasses dried out. I will also be using late-war colors including the greenish version of RLM76, and maybe some unpainted areas, though that is still somewhat up in the air. My bird will have a RLM66 cockpit interior, however, though I can understand why they would use 06 in the desert. I do agree with Brian that wheelwells should be RLM06 simply for better light for the mechanics - or natural metal.
  19. LSP_Ray

    1/32 T-38A Thunderbird

    OMG, that looks good!
  20. LSP_Ray

    OV 10D - BRONCO

    Can be done.
  21. LSP_Ray

    Mirage 5 from Italeri Mirage IIIE/R?

    I thought that quote was from about every women ever...
  22. LSP_Ray

    BF-110G4, Dragon + AIMs = 2Z+AA

    Dragon has never been known for their brilliant instructions, AFV or aircraft. Don't think anyone ever goes back and tries a build from them as a check.
  23. LSP_Ray

    BF-110G4, Dragon + AIMs = 2Z+AA

    Looking good, even with the 'oops'! You have downloaded the corrections from the Hyperscale site, haven't you?