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  1. Well said, Radu. In many instances the factor isn't class but simply boredom. Sad to see unthinking people trash someone else's hours and hours of work. Not the first time I have seen that. Similar to the boy scout leaders toppling one of the natural stacked stones in a park in Utah. Probably took thousands of years to form and stood there for hundreds, than a couple of idiots take minutes to knock it over.
  2. That is one pretty model, Chuck! Just shows what you can do with a little (or a lot) of modeling elbow grease. Is that the Cutting Edge decals?
  3. Congrats, Kent! Look forward to seeing what you do with that kit. It couldn't have gone to a more capable modeler.
  4. It is a great looking set, that is for sure. I think you will like it.
  5. Yes, I haven't seen much of that in the US, either. I was about to place an order direct to HGW myself so I will see how much of an effort it is. I see UMM-USA carries them, but doesn't have them in stock. Jadar Hobby in Poland carries them, too, but also doesn't have them in stock. Jadar Hobby is a pretty good source of products from Eastern Europe and I have had no problems ordering stuff from them.
  6. +1! Nice choice using the Tamiya cylinders with the resin. I will have to remember that as I have a couple of those myself!
  7. They claim their Fw190 set works on either Revell or Hasegawa. I don't know if they tweaked it or not: https://hgwmodels.cz/en/132-scale/934-fw-190a-8-riveting-set-132-321003.html It does show it as available and "New Product."
  8. Nice! When will the 110 be up on the website?
  9. Would be an interesting, if short, ride for the pilot if the bearings overheated and froze at some time during the flight!
  10. How about a 1/24th Sunderland by Airfix? That would be a model!
  11. Damn! That's some nice detailing! Well done!
  12. I am jealous! I have one on pre-order and haven't heard a peep yet here in the states. You have made a great start.
  13. Maybe we should refer to model prices in terms of ounces of gold? Maybe it would sound better? "Wow, I can buy that WNW kit for only 1/3 oz of gold!" See, sounds better. Just don't mention what it costs in ounces of silver...
  14. Very well done! I especially like the burnt metal finish around the cans! As well as the blue digi-camo.
  15. ...And currently is no where to be found! Let me know if you find someone with one!
  16. John mentioned on the LSP Facebook page the tulips were sized for the Revell kit.
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