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  1. That is really an impressive display! Well done!
  2. I believe they re-branded it as Pledge Floor Gloss. I haven't tried it yet, though, to see if they changed the properties much or at all. You can still find some old bottles of Future online if you want.
  3. Looks great already, the wash will really make all that detail stand out. I look forward to seeing it done.
  4. Wild project for your room walls! Look forward to seeing how it turns out.
  5. I also think that is the nicest F-117 I have seen! A great job on the weathered black finish! May I post it as an article on the website?
  6. That turned out great! I like the look of a cleaner airframe for Coast Guard birds; they keep them pretty clean. May I post it on the website?
  7. Awesome weathering! May I post it on the website?
  8. Got my order today. They look good as usual; thanks!
  9. That is an amazing weathered finish! May I post it on the website?
  10. Another beauty, Kent! I love the weathered silver finish. May I post it on the website?
  11. You did a great job on it; the paint work is awesomw! May I post it on the website?
  12. I missed this on in April, Tom! Turned out great! May I post it on the website?
  13. Beautiful Viper! May I post it on the website?
  14. Finally got this one posted. Great work as usual, Kent!
  15. Just wait a couple months, might be less than the gas bill again, the way fuel costs are going up!
  16. Bad news indeed. My nephew flew A's in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Would like to do his bird. He gave me a couple of CD's full of photos and videos, and a bag of Iraqi sand!
  17. Wonder which kit would be best to convert to an A model; that's the one I want.
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