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  1. My grouse with Vallejo is how well it rubs off. Great for brush detail work, though.
  2. From what I have read, the Italian cam material was used just as any German cloth, so if the German coveralls used insignia, the Italian cloth coveralls would, too.
  3. I would do a filter, then afterwards a very thin ‘starship filth’ wash. Looks good, though!
  4. Nice start! Do you want to start a build thread? I can move this thread to there. It will get lost here in short order.
  5. Great job! Weathering is very nicely done! May I post it on the website? FYI: If you can find someone parting out a SBD-5 on eBay, the -5 fuselage parts are identical to the -3 parts and then you don't have to deal with the clear plastic (except for the cowl which is clear in all their SBD kits).
  6. Really looking good, Mark! How was the seam around the nose cone? I test fitted mine and the nose cone is slightly bigger than the fuselage and will need sanding back.
  7. Article is posted! Weathering is so good on this one!
  8. Another winner, Tolga! Weathering is just right! May I post it on the website?
  9. Turned out great! May I post it on the site?
  10. Oops, make that Das Werk: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/das-werk-dw35020-sdkfz2-kleines-kettenkrad--1265392
  11. Very nice, Paolo! Love the work you did on the springs. Have you checked out the new release by Meng(or was it Takom?) in 1/35? It looked really good. I am wondering if some of the details would help with the ZM kit?
  12. Beautiful weathering, Pascal! Can I post it on the website?
  13. A beauty, Tolga! Can I post it on the website?
  14. While you are at it, Kent’s FF33L links to last weeks Triebflugel article…
  15. Spectacular K model! May I post it on the website?
  16. Nice work! The weathering turned out beautiful.
  17. That is really looking good, Paolo!
  18. Its been out for awhile, Stephen: HPH Macchi M.5.
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