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  1. Great weathering, Miloslav! Great to see you tackle a Corsair! May I post it on the website?
  2. Incredible build, Chuck! May I post it on the website?
  3. Beautiful weathering! May I post it on the website?
  4. Well done, Kev! I believe I have one in the stash, also, but it will blow away my AMT kit! I was thinking of doing one as a straight speeder, maybe camo'ed for the Kashyyyk battle.
  5. Only thing I heard was Kitlinx was estimating 3rd quarter for the Yak-9K. I do not know if that was pre-war date or not.
  6. Beautiful work! May I post it on the website?
  7. Here is my entry in my model inventory Excel sheet: AM: Jerry Rutman D-11 Conv; Contact Resine 24001 Detail Set; SAC24004 Landing Gear; Waldron Cockpit Details; HGW124502 Seatbelts; RB 24002 Belts, 04 PE Rudder Pedals; Montex Masks KAM24039 w/Master Barrels; Steve Nutall 20mm MGFF Barrels; AIMS 24D001 Landing Gear Decals. There are other things out there, especially decals, but not too much. Several items are OOP, though.
  8. I thought the boxing with the German AF on the cover (Hartmann's F-86?) was supposed to be the Canadian Sabre version, assuming that was the same as the RAF version?
  9. Yes, I actually did a very similar thing with my D-7 model: And for my resin Web Spinner kit, made my own stand with a base in the same theme:
  10. Took a while, but I finally posted the article! Beautiful build!
  11. Good luck. Eduard swore off 1/32nd kits after the 109.
  12. Could get the Airfix 1/24th Tiffie.
  13. Great repair job, Kev! I have about 7 kits due to be repaired myself after our move to AZ. Interestingly, my TOS D-7 kit with a similar stand survived. Go figure.
  14. Got mine a few weeks ago straight from China. It is a very nice package.
  15. Close! Once you have copied the image address without the HTML mumbojumbo, select "Other Media" in the bottom right-hand corner, and select "insert image from URL". Nice looking model, BTW
  16. Ditto here, on both versions!
  17. I second that; I have one, it is a really professional, quality product.
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