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  1. Article finished! Great job, Mike!
  2. I think the resin kit was more than that but I think I would take a pretty good loss if I sold it now that the plastic kit is here, then have to pay another $250 it would be more than the resin kit initial cost. So if you don't have the resin kit already, it is probably cheaper to go the plastic route, especially if you don't want some of the extras. But if you already have the resin kit it seems best to just keep it. That is why I am keeping it.
  3. This is why I am keeping the resin version...
  4. OK, article is finished! Everybody, this article is much more than what is here in RFI, it is a complete build article, 83 pics! So check it out. Really well done, PrzemoL!
  5. I agree with Tolga. I found there are some gaps you are going to deal with. I showed some of this in my review of the set. Excellent job with it, Tolga! May I put it on the website?
  6. Considering you usually cant read them, I often use generic data plates or stencils on 1/32nd aircraft, using Airscale or Archer or these. I just look at pics and find something that looks close in size and style.
  7. I would also highly recommend reading through Chuck's F-15C Kicked up a Notch build thread.
  8. The link is there, you just need to scroll down the thread. F-15C Tweak list.
  9. Nice tutorial, Chuck! I used a HGW set for my Do-335; they are definitely a project in themselves!
  10. Ha! I did the same re Blitz trucks. Airfix also has a 1/32 “Monty’s Humber” that should be able to be converted.
  11. Beautiful weathering! May I post it on the website?
  12. I think your picture size is big enough. I would suggest a slightly darker background as the white kind of makes the parts wash out a bit. Also, maybe they are slightly over-exposed as well a little better depth of field? Seems like a narrow range is in focus? Could also be slightly out of focus, or a slight movement of the camera? Having done several similar reviews; I know the pain! It's a lot of work to get good shots of multiple parts of different shapes. Here is one of my reviews: LEM Flitzer.
  13. That is really incredible! Almost a shame to paint it!
  14. You could have just took a pick of the F-107 and said the same thing! Or that weird stainless steel-skinned transport thingie.
  15. They changed it! I checked before I posted and it was $94, now its $113. Snooze you lose I guess. BTW, they bought a chunk of the MMD stuff, they have it listed for sale now.
  16. Welcome to the Forums! Your stuff looks fantastic! I am eagerly looking forward to the Hellcat stuff as I have one in the stash, too, and am following Chuck’s build closely. The parts he had shown so far look great.
  17. It is up for preorder at Kitlinx for $94.
  18. I would strongly suggest using and grafting Zactoman's small-mouth intake onto the Tamiya kit:
  19. You forgot U571, where a US team grabbed an enigma machine. Didn’t I read somewhere the Brits did that?
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