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  1. Very nice to see this, waiting to take delivery of my G.1 and have a look at the plastic first hand. Regards. Andy
  2. Absolutely excellent, thank you for sharing. Regards. Andy
  3. Quick question regarding your superb G-4 build Angelo which is, how did you find fitting the rear cockpit bulkhead and getting the SM installation fitted for the barrels to exit the rear canopy in the correct place as I found it a nightmare on my build and almost put me off the whole thing. Regards. Andy
  4. Absolutely wonderful Iian, those canopies look so good and your work has really paid off. Regards. Andy
  5. I don't normally post on your current build Peter as everyone has said what I am thinking so dont know what else to add. The amazing wotk you are doing is just breathtaking and that air scoop is bloody awesome!! Regards. Andy
  6. Very nice build Tom, really love Isreali armour and parti5the Merkava Regards. Andy
  7. Couldn't agree more, some areas of the conversion are pretty tricky to get right. Also out of interest did the aircraft you modelled not carry the rear facing MG 81 set up or did you plan to fit it at the end with the canopy already in place to find it wouldn't go? Great looking scheme though. Regards. Andy
  8. Now that looks rather nice Max, very striking! Regards. Andy
  9. Absolutely beautiful finish, very well done Regards. Andy
  10. Very nice, great paint work Regards Andy
  11. Superb cockpit, your camera installation looks really good and the paint work is spot on. Regards. Andy
  12. Now that is one seriously nice 88 Matt. Very well done and thank you for sharing! Regards. Andy
  13. That is superb, you should rightly be very happy with the shark mouth Regards. Andy
  14. Your work with 3-D printed parts is very exciting Alex, hopefully one day we will all be making our own parts. Truelly exceptional work as always. Regards. Andy
  15. Nop, that front loop will be coming off as it will be impossible to fill and look good. A replacement plastic stock loop glued dirrenctly to the fuselage half will work so much better. Regards. Andy
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