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  1. Just catching up with this one Brian, fantastic work throughout and definitely looking forward to that shark mouth being unveiled! Regards. Andy
  2. Really nice job Mike, like it a lot. Regards. Andy
  3. Yep, not forgotten just need to get it fitted. Regards. Andy
  4. NSo some more work done and thank you to Spartacus for sharing some excellent reference material, the rear gunners ring is now built, detailed and ready for paint. The Brownings are just resting in place but pretty happy so far, plenty of cables to add once painted ready for final positioning. Regards. Andy
  5. Very nice Spartacus and thank you for the pics of your most excellent work. It's also very helpful as I can't find to many good references for this area which is a big focus point on the aircraft! More importantly on this build I've decided not to sweat to much over the poor detail and make a few improvements here and there as I see necessary as I would never finish it! Regards. Andy
  6. Some more work done, focusing on getting the rear gunners position together. Lots of clean up but fit is pretty good Also have the MG stand waned up ready for assembly but waiting on a set of Master barrels to complete. Want to get all of the interior sub assembly completed and base painted the weather everything together. Regards. Andy
  7. Couldn't agree more! MJR are a fantastic outfit with excellent customer service and great prices. Have my pre order in with them for this one. Regards. Andy
  8. Always good to receive comments from a new member. Welcome along! Regards. Andy
  9. Love you comment on "you never know what adventures await" you have summed this kit up perfectly! Regarding the wings I'm not sure yet, I did have the wing fold set but decided it was a step to far and sold it on. I am using the bomb bay set which uses a different wing spar. My gut feeling is I will glue the upper wing to the fuselage as I have in other short run kits to avoid any wing root fit problems but I'm really not forward enough in the build yet to properly decide. Regards. Andy
  10. I will definitely keep chugging on with this one and I do know at the end I will have a great looking Helldiver in my collection! Regards. Andy
  11. 2 Thank you for looking in Spartacus and a fantastic build in 48th scale indeed! I went with a home bru colour using my favoured Tamiya Acyrilics. I'm happy with the colour but under bright lights when I took the pictures it looks very green! Some weathering will knock it back and all come together. Regards. Andy
  12. Thank you and I'm pretty happy with how it's looking under some colour. A very difficult kit to build and definitely a long project not to be rushed! Regards. Andy
  13. A slog it definitely is, things like a whole lot betterunder paint as li g as you spend lots if prep time and the fit issues are very annoying! That said at the ment I would buy one and complain again about the fit issues that I knew would be coming. Regards. Andy
  14. Interesting, let's hope that lessons have been learnt from the Helldiver release as its pretty heavy going! Regards. Andy
  15. Life has been pretty busy and oy just getting back to the bench again recently but work continues on the beast! I have managed to paint the basic interior colours, gloss coat and decal in readiness for fine detail painting and weathering. I used a few of the Infinity Models decals but found quite a few to be out of register so quickly switched to my stash of Airscale decals which as ever performed perfectly! Regards. Andy
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