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  1. His B-17 book was very nice so let's see what appears then.... Regards. Andy
  2. Having built this one Radu is completely correct but you would expect this as I believe he has been involved in the design process. Look at what's provided in the kit as also different exhausts are included so do your research and you will find you have plenty of scope of airframes to build. Regards. Andy
  3. Very nice indeed, lovely scheme and lovely work indeed sir! Regards. Andy
  4. Some more done and now the big BMW engine is fitted, very nearly went back to the SOD after huge difficulty getting the exhausts fitted to the engine and after much trimming, cursing and repainting they behaved. now need to get the cowl pieces fitted which I think will be a challenge. Regards. Andy
  5. Both are lovely kits to build with exceent detail throughout, personally I would go for the Ki-45 as you get a lot of kit for your money and lots of lovely detail to see in the cockpit and rear gunners position, also only 1 colour scheme in the Hs129. Regards. Andy
  6. Now that is very impressive Chris, very neat work with all of that cable work! Regards. Andy
  7. Definitely agree with you there, Apart from the Border Lanc which I pre ordered last year I haven't bought a kit in ages and nor am I planning too for the foreseeable but instead focus on completing part built kits and building from the stash with which most kits I have the AM I wanted for them already! Regards. Andy
  8. Looks very nice, I have your brass set for the B-24 which is very nice indeed. I get my kit early next week so wouldn't commit until I've seen it however knowing WnW liked to keep things very much to scale I can imagine the brass replacement would be helpful. Regards. Andy
  9. Thus is just superb John, The Eduard and Barracudacast stuff really helps the wing assembly along doesn't it. Regards. Andy
  10. Thank you Tom, its definitely coming together now at last, no bench time this weekend as the wife and I up to Edinburgh to see our favourite band play on Saturday night....can't wait! Regards. Andy
  11. Thank you Woody and glad my photos are off help. Really like your 190 build and been watching with great interest. Regards. Andy
  12. Very exciting news indeed Max Was going to crack straight on with it but may wait a little bit as I need to do a little more research yet. Regards. Andy
  13. A little more done on White 48, managed to complete the Propeller and main U/C legs followed by finally unmasking the cockpit after all this time and fitting the tail wheel access panel. Very happy with progress and the list of to do bits is steadily shrinking! Regards. Andy
  14. Very, very nice Kent and glad to hear you are feeling much better now! Regards. Andy
  15. I think the Quinta stuff is very nice indeed especially the instrument panels which have a lovely finish to them including very nicely glazed dials. Also they take color washes very well also. My two main gripes with them is the seat belts are not a match for HGW for instance and they should sell the belts separately and also sometimes you have a rather noticeable and ugly white edge to the decal as well, here are a few pictures of my experiences using Quinta Sttudio decals Bf108 Bf110 Used HGW belts on 110 though and a real cut above the Quinta 3D belts Regards. Andy
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