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  1. Lovely work Denzil, you are slowly breaking the back of this monster! Check out Reskit wheels as they have both smooth and treaded tyre options and they are just superb. Regards. Andy
  2. That's a big step forward Jay, very nice indeed! Regards. Andy
  3. Nice job Jay and yes all the greatest plans hey. The wife has been decorating lately and I keep laughing and telling her not to plan that she wants such and such done by a certain day, explained I used to do this with my builds but never ever works and just leads to disappointment. Hopefully she got the idea! The G-14 is looking very nice though. Regards. Andy
  4. Thanks Kev, yes it has taken a little work but yes it seems to fit the Revell kit quite nicely. Regards. Andy
  5. Nice choice Tom, you will enjoy this one. Fit is excellent as you would expect. Regards. Andy
  6. Now have the nose sorted with plenty of sanding, filling etc but I'll wait to re-scribe until I have some primer on. Inner wing panels fitted Also had a look at the tail and getting the Barracudacast control surfaces fitted. This is a really nice set with very thin trailing edges and fit perfectly Then I turned my attention to the canopy and for this I'm using a Squadron vac for an E-4 which is far more suitable starting point for my F-4 than the kit parts So far so good and pretty pleased with the fit of the vac parts. Regards. Andy
  7. Very nice Jay,ove Master barrels always but those wheels look particularly nice! Regards. Andy
  8. Fantastic result Kent, absolutely love it. Regards. Andy
  9. Very nice Dennis and good yo see your build back on the bench! Regards. Andy
  10. Nice, always fancied doing one of these. Will follow with interest. Regards. Andy
  11. I like it a lot Max and great recovery from your earlier mishap! Definitely try the fishing line route as it works really well and much easier to thread. Regards. Andy
  12. Looking very good indeed Andreas and you are making very short work of a difficult kit. Regards. Andy
  13. Nice work Max, what materials are you using for the rigging? Regards. Andy
  14. Hope you are starting to feel better now Jay and your wife hasn't messed her wrist up to bad! The 109 is coming along very nicely, reallyike your cockpit sill which has worked really nicely. I'm currently building the engine which deserves to be painted properly as it's so nicely detailed but I'm going all closed up so not sure what to do, I'm currently leaning towards a nice paint job just because rather than everything black. Regards. Andy
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