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  1. A little more progress on this project with all of the fairings/aero stuff painted and decaled. The decals performed flawlessly and settled down really well. Really nice colour density and no silvering. They need sealing in and then a matte coat misting over. Regards. Andy
  2. Perfect John, really nice work as always. Regards. Andy
  3. Absolutely beautiful work John, think I may need a set of those decals! Regards. Andy
  4. All looking rather nice Max, looks like a fantastic kit. Regards. Andy
  5. These Tamiya 1/12 bikes are great kits, you guys should try some Top Studio upgrades to go to the next level, you will be amazed. My RCV213V build with the replacement clutch added. . Plenty of extra work but worth it. Regards. Andy
  6. An absolute legend indeed, His 48th scale conversions where so samn good particularly those Dorniers. RIP Sir. Regards. Andy
  7. I usually use a mixture of sponge, masking tape and masking fluid, sems to work well for me. Regards Andy
  8. Couldn't agree more, just superb. I did a PCM Hurricane and added Archer rivets across the wings and spent a small fortune doing it. Regards. Andy
  9. I have some HpH 2 part epoxy which I am going to try on this one Max and plasticard scrap for the big gaping holes to start with. Regards. Andy
  10. Great finish Chris, thank you for sharing. Regards. Andy
  11. Made a good step foward today with getting the fuselage all closed up. A little rough underneath but will be just fine when finished. So far so good, time to get filling and sanding it is then! Regards. Andy
  12. A personal favourite is a nice Sunday morning bbq breakfast washed down with apple cider from the freezer which has just turned to slush just in time to watch motogp.....the finest racing in the world for me, doesn't get much better than that Regards. Andy
  13. Yes, very nice indeed!! Regards. Andy
  14. Yep, had that problem maybe 3 years ago, poured with rain all day long and got to see the Catalina do a taxi run as well as a couple of migs. An expensive complete wash out of a day. The Sunday was perfect blue skies but back home in Nottingham by then! Regards Andy
  15. Coll subject, looking foward to seeing your progress. Regards. Andy
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