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  1. Not sure if laughing boy will sell at a grand as we have a new kid on the street with a little more of a realistic starting price!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wingnut-Wings-1-32-Gotha-G-IV-model-kit/203192335232?hash=item2f4f34fb80:g:K~4AAOSw-wZftVD~ Regards.Andy
  2. Obviously not Mike but what i mean is it amazes me what price people will pay for WnW stuff. Regards. Andy
  3. I just cannot understand what some people will pay for plastic, I had a spare WnW Fokker D.VII OAW sprue which I put on ebay and it sold for £130 which I just found ridiculous. Regards. Andy
  4. Really liking those engines Brian, will look superb installed in the cowls. Regards. Andy
  5. Fantastic work Max on this project, certainly coming together very nicely. Regards. Andy
  6. Saw that Gotha on ebay this morning, looks like the seller has dropped the price as it was on at £1,100.00. Utterly ridiculous, saying that someone will buy it! Regards. Andy
  7. So the most difficult part of the nose conversion for me is the huge vac canopy, after careful cutting initial test fit is very good. Also looking at getting the fuselage extension fitted, I see lots of rescribing coming up on the fuselage when the nose and tail section finally come together. Fuselage conversion starting to come together now! Regards. Andy
  8. Now thats a real shame Max, the weather has been pretty rubbish today hasn't it. With a bit of luck you will get to see her in the sky above you very soon! Regards. Andy
  9. All gone, Is that for sure, what happened to all the spare sprue' like engines etc and decals? Regards. Andy
  10. Absolutely top draw stuff , thank you for sharing this amazing build. Regards. Andy
  11. Haha, is this the annual Wingnuts Xmas surprise? Their Xmas surprise this year should be really to sell the rest of their stock at the original stated RRP. Regards. Andy
  12. Very nice progress Iain, not an easy build but very rewarding and one of my favourite kits I've built. I have the rag wing to build as well at some point. Regards. Andy
  13. Looking forward to this John, I have the kit and am as you so will be following your progress with interest. Regards. Andy
  14. Some more work done on the G-10 getting the resin parts an initial filling and sanding back session followed by finally getting the floor fitted at last Pretty happy so far with progress and how this is starting to come together now. Regards. Andy
  15. Its definitely a tricky area on the conversion Dennis, thats pretty well why I put mine on the back burner for so long! Regards. Andy
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