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  1. monthebiff

    Bf110G4 NJG1 1944/45

    Feeling your pain with that little job Max, have you masked each pane inside as well as it's well worth the extra effort with all the hatches open. Regards.Andy
  2. monthebiff

    Iconicair Supermarine Attacker

    Very nice work and nice to see someone tackling this interesting kit. Regards.Andy
  3. monthebiff

    1/32 Revell Focke Wulf Fw190 F-8 White 48

    Needs some more work and the shine knocking back a little with some varnish but happy I havr finally got o this point now. Takes some building but super nice detail, the prop is equally as nice as well. Eduard resin is so nicely cast! Regards.Andy
  4. monthebiff


    Best of luck Brian and looking forward to seeing what you have planned for the multi engined group build. Regards.Andy
  5. monthebiff

    1/32 Revell Focke Wulf Fw190 F-8 White 48

    Decided to pull this one from the shelf of doom and try and finish it before the end of the year as I'm fed up of it staring at me and to be honest there is not to much left to do now!. So the Eduard Brassin engine os now painted and awaiting some wiring before being mounted. Also painted and assembled the Brassin propeller ready for weathering. Its been ages since I last worked on this one as I lost my motivation due to completing the engine and the amount of open panels I had to deal with.........seemed a good idea at the time but I'm back on track now. Also want to restore the missing pictures in the build log as well as finding it a little annoying they are gone. As always comments/ criticism always welcome and thank you for looking in. Regards. Andy
  6. monthebiff

    Bf110G4 NJG1 1944/45

    That looks better Max, well worth the effort. Regards.Andy
  7. monthebiff

    Bf110G4 NJG1 1944/45

    It will be well worth the effort with the codes Max as it will be the first thing you see every time you look at the model as you personally are not happy with them. Looking good and great progress. Regards.Andy
  8. monthebiff

    Rules of the Road

    I'm really rubbish at group builds having entered two and failed to complete both ( I think its something to do with sering it as a side project) so knowing I have a year and having a clear bench by 1st January I may be able to complete something!! After having a good look through the stash I'm not sure weather to go for a two or a three engined project next year Regards.Andy
  9. monthebiff

    Rules of the Road

    You will love it Shawn, not easy but a fun build that's for sure. Regards.Andy
  10. monthebiff

    Bf110G4 NJG1 1944/45

    Some of my best work is usually after a glass or three Max! Regards.Andy
  11. monthebiff

    Bf110G4 NJG1 1944/45

    I used parts from a small exrerior etch set by Eduard for the D version for mine Max, a little 2D but did the job nicely in the end. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ED32235 A bit pricey for what it is but some useful bits and pieces on it. Regards. Andy
  12. Big step made today with Fug 220 array instaaled followed by a light coat of flat varnish and with baited breath removed all cockpit masking and to my relief all was well....phew!! So final bits like hatches, D/F loop, aerial, pitot and propellers need adding and I'll be calling this one done. Regards. Andy
  13. Thanks for looking in and reading my build log Kevin. Regards. Andy
  14. Gotha please as I missed this first time round. Regards. Andy
  15. So, after cancelling my pre order earlier this year has anyone recieved their pre order or are aviaelogy still not able to supply or has everyone who has pre ordered just given up on this one? Regards. Andy