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  1. The gauntlet sounds very interesting Max but the Lightning will be a pretty epic build to look forward to!! Regards. Andy
  2. A stunning build Max, enjoyed watching this one come together as the trailblazer for this new kit. Regards. Andy
  3. Cool, thank you for sharing Peter, I am planning to do V 2 the bottom scheme on Radu's sheet. I also ha e a set of Rumanian national insignia on another decal sheet which I was planning to use and the rest I can spray on using masks! Well, that's the plan....... Regards. Andy
  4. Very nice work Kent, the W.29 is one of my favourite WnW subjects. Regards. Andy
  5. So good to see the pictures from your work on this again Mark. Thank you for sharing again. Regards. Andy
  6. Spectacular work Tom, that camouflage scheme has turned very nicely. Regards. Andy
  7. Brilliant work on the cockpit John, that PE work has really paid off! Regards. Andy
  8. I would go along the route of aluminium, lots of heavily weathered machines in the book I purchased on Hs 129' s in Rumanian service! Regards. Andy
  9. It's a long way of coming together at the moment Tom but pleased to have it back on the bench again. Thise Revell 88's are nice kits and a shame they are currently OOP. Regards. Andy
  10. Excellent airbrush work Tom, your Toryu is really coming together very nicely! Regards. Andy
  11. I've got the upper turret built up and the main vac upper canopy cut out and pretty happy with the fit on that side if things. however I have yet to sort the canopy over the turret as yet as it is another one of those difficult parts of the build. My main stumbling block's that have caused me to shelve the build as at the time as I didn't know how to progress them on this build are: Mg151 installation Mg151 amo bin installation Bomb sight mounting Upper turret glazing Exhaust pipes and engine/ cowl mounting. After a couple of years on and off thinking about it hopefully I have a few solutions? Regards Andy
  12. With my ZM Hs 129 heading off to the paint shop I was looking for something else to build and I decided towards the end of last year to get a couple of my stalled builds finished this year and the 188 was first on my list. Its been just over two years since I last worked on this build mainly due to getting seriously burnt out on all of the cockpit detail/ rebuild work as this has turned in to one major project, all out of my own choice as I really wanted to push myself and see just where my skill set was and what new things I could learn and then getting back from a New Year holiday to find Pastor Johns 110 G-4 set waiting for me to get stuck in to with the 188 getting relegated back to the to do list!! So I've spent a few hours on and off familiarising myself with the build again and realised one of the main reasns I got bogged down was trying to get the MG 151, amo bin and bomb site installed in to the nose. First things first though was to begin cleaning up the one visible cut inside the nose of the cockpit. Looks messy and will need some careful painting but not just yet as I will be needing to drill a few more holes yet to get the MG 151 mounting frames in place. Not much of the filled joint line will be really seen due to th large spent cart cartridge shute being situated there. I spent a lot of time and was very careful about cutting the resin tub in half to make the internal joints almost invisible. I've also been working on the lower B3 gun stand. The vac part was cut out and test fitted perfectly. The MG 81Z was then built up from the AIMS conversion parts along with an AIMS ammunition belt set and Quick Boost MG 81 resin guns. Have some good mojo back for the 188 now and although I've spent a few hours at the bench today and not got much to show think I've got a good plan to get all of the nose section sub assemblies built and fitted in place so fingers crossed. Regards. Andy
  13. Very nice Jan, coming along beautifully. Regards. Andy
  14. Very nice scratch building and love your work. Keep the great updates coming!! Regards. Andy
  15. Nice work Quang, liking the little extra details you are adding Regards. Andy
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