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  1. monthebiff

    Mojo gone missin...

    Not only your work but your output is incredible Kent with no simple builds and all heavy mod stuff as well. Leave it for a while or just build something different strictly OOB and hopefully the juices will flow again pretty soon! Regards.Andy
  2. My favourite pre shade technique as well John, work a treat for me. This really is looking mighty fine Brian! Regards.Andy
  3. monthebiff

    1/32 Trumpeter Me 262A-1a "Yellow 3"

    Absolutely stunning paint job John, lovely work. Regards.Andy
  4. monthebiff

    1/32 WnW Halberstadt CI.II (Late)

    Thought it may end up being a mess but all good in the end Kev. Should look pretty interesting with the rest of the scheme and markings applied. Regards.Andy
  5. monthebiff

    1/32 WnW Halberstadt CI.II (Late)

    Thank you, next step is to seal the effect in and finish painting and decals on the fuselage. Oh and fit the tail feathers! Regards.Andy
  6. monthebiff

    1/32 WnW Halberstadt CI.II (Late)

    Hi Karim and thanks for looking in. I did indeed use the Wingnuts suggested technique and it worked like a dream! I mixed 50/ 50 ratio paint to thinners and played with my airbrush settings, didn't take to long so happy days! Regards. Andy
  7. monthebiff

    1/32 WnW Halberstadt CI.II (Late)

    So the stipple effect has been applied now after playing around with airbrush pressure and paint thinning, thus was applied once I had sprayed a very thin brown glaze to bring together and mute the bright camo colours a little. Pretty happy with how that turned out, now to finish pairing the cowls etc and move on the decalling. Regards.Andy
  8. monthebiff

    Is WNW nearing the end of its run?

    My LVG lower wings from my Camel Duellist set, and no damage whatsoever to any of the packaging!! Fortunately Hannants sent my out a new sprue with no issues. Regards.Andy
  9. monthebiff

    Bf 110E-3/trop 2.(H)/14 North Africa

    Brilliant work and as Max and I can attest to is that the Dragon nacelles are very difficult, build from the bottom up always!! Regards. Andy
  10. monthebiff

    1/32 WnW Halberstadt CI.II (Late)

    Base camoflage colours sprayed on to the fuselage and centre wing section. Not sure but think I'm going to spray a very thin brown glaze over this to bring the colours together a littke more before adding the stippple pattern. Regards.Andy
  11. monthebiff

    Is WNW nearing the end of its run?

    Couldn't agree more, I have a fair few WnW in the stash and love building them but they are nowhere near Tamiya levels of engineering and sometimes you have to wonder if the guys at WnW ever build any of their own test shots as stuff doesn't fit, overly tight etc and the latest Halberstadt sprue's have an awful lot of flash for a brand new state of the art kit . Don't get any of that with Tamiya stuff. Regards.Andy
  12. monthebiff

    Badger airbrush problem

    Could be the PTFE needle packing, best to send away for repair. Regards. Andy
  13. monthebiff

    B17G "D Day Doll"

    Looks amazing!! Regards. Andy
  14. monthebiff

    BF-110G4, Dragon + AIMs = 2Z+AA

    Hope all goes well Shawn and I remember and feel your pain. The final piece if the jigsaw in mine is being put in place in the next week or so with the house sale finally being finalised. Strangely for me if life is throwing crap my way I always head to the bench as I just get lost in the build and forget about what's going on in real life for a while. Looking years to seeing your G-4 back on the bench soon! Regards.Andy
  15. monthebiff

    1/32 WnW Halberstadt CI.II (Late)

    Hanks Gaz, It's Gumnetal.Grey from the Vallejo acrylic Metal Color range followed by a brushing with Tamiya metalics weathering pallet. Those paints are amazing and a nice range of colours. They spray beautifully from the bottle and hand paint equally as nicely over a base layer. Regards.Andy