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  1. Shaping up really nicely Gaz, looking foward to seeing some colour now. Regards. Andy
  2. Super nice Peter, bet it's a bit odd getting the paint out here and there rather than the natural metal finish you have going on. Regards. Andy
  3. Yep, another poor part of the kit which I think Iain pointed out the short comings in his build over in the group build. Fortunately you dont see many B-24's with flaps down on the ground though. This kit is a proper mixed bag as I'm finding out. Apart from the wing issues they seem to have looked at a few airframes, stirred the pot and we have ended up with a mis mash of details. Regards. Andy
  4. Interesting stuff there Max, dont know to much about Lancs so thanks for sharing and worth remembering for a future build. Regards. Andy
  5. Wow, that is fantastic work. Regards. Andy
  6. Definitely go for the 188 conversion as it's a lot of work but also a lot of fun!! Regards. Andy
  7. Absolutely awesome stuff, shaping up to be a super cool build. Regards. Andy
  8. Very nice build Sophie, the engine looks excellent. Regards.Andy
  9. Hi Gaz, Absolutely stellar build and super impressed with your work. Very, very clean work around the rear cockpit fairing. Keep up the fantastic work on this one. Regards.Andy
  10. That overseas hall is bloody good, loads going on in there model wise and lots of eatery in there to bring people in. Regards. Andy
  11. Nice start and that Eduard etch looks real good. If you think the B-25 is on the large side the try one of the HB B-24's........now they are big!! Regards. Andy
  12. So a little more work done over the last few days, first up I built up the bomb bay assembly, not to many parts really but some care is needed in getting everything square but the close fit of parts does help. In general I think the interior is pretty good on this kit, however I do think the bomb racks are very very clunky and poorly done but not a lot will be seen when complete. I believe Eduard make a couple of sets to replace a lot of this but its an expensive upgrade to be honest, I do think when its all painted up and closed up nobody will really notice to much as its hardly like a B-17, Lancaster or even a Mosquito for that matter with big wide open bomb bays showing everything off. I've also test fitted the whole interior in to the fuselage before moving on to adding any further detail and the fit is very good, here are a couple of shots. and a quick shot of the cockpit opening. I've got a good picture on which direction I'm going on this now and which area's to add further detail to. The nose and waist areas will get the main attention from here now. Regards. Andy
  13. The Hunter is coming along nicely Max, looks like a very clean build under a coat of primer. That resin cockpit looks absolutely exquisite, will be watching with interest. Regards. Andy
  14. Yes me too, I have started gathering the AM I need to complete my rag wing PCM Hurricane, Looking to do a BEF machine, very early with no tail wheel fillet etc. Regards. Andy
  15. Hi Mike, If I remember correctly the replacement prop assembly was from Eagle Parts but not sure if it's still available. I also used Brian L Fawcett resin set which replaced the kit nose and and pilots rear bulkhead/ dog kennel. Cockpit was replaced with Grey Matter resin set and finally I added all rivets/ fasteners with Archer resin decals. A lot of work but worth it for me. Regards.Andy
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