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  1. All looks like a very sad state of affairs doesn't it! Regards.Andy
  2. Great stuff Tom, really like your radiator/ nacelle upgrades you have done on your build. Regards. Andy
  3. Nicec work as ever John, I've had this in the stash since it first came out in 2016 but obviously the original issue without the resin engine! Chuck did an amazing job on his and now yours to follow which will be interesting! The problem is its been on my sell/ do I want to sell for a while now? Hopefully you can enspire me to keep! Regards. Andy
  4. Its an E-4 being converted to a B varient in Spanish Civil War colours, some major cockpit re working on this one! Really liking your work on this one Jeff and looking forward to some more updates!! Regards. Andy
  5. Glad to have Jeff and sounds like a good fix otherwise it ruins the fit and dihedral of the wings. Regards. Andy
  6. Also a word of warning, the extra cabling etc you have added to both sidewalls could well cause fit issues withe the lower instrument panel and then cause more issues when you close the fuselage halves ask my how I know! The problem is not really apparent til its time to fit the wings! Regards. Andy
  7. Very nice start, liking it a lot! Regards Andy
  8. I think its a carefully thought out stash for the future and a real investment, but not everyone sees things that way! On the other hand I've had my wife this weekend telling me I need the HK 1/48 Lanc in my life after she saw it for £99GBP delivered telling me it would be a stop gap til hopefully the WnW Lancaster appeared one day! I politely declined her kind offer and asked her to keep an eye out for the 32nd SH Whirlwind when it comes out Regards. Andy
  9. Saw the Lanc at Telford at the end of 19 and it was looking pretty close. The lovely big box on display of the 0/100 and sprues looked very nice indeed. I so hope we get to see these in the hopefully not to distant future! Regards. Andy
  10. Interesting! I will contrast and compare my Dragon sprues with my Revell boxing when I recieve it on Friday! Regards. Andy
  11. Nice work on those nacelles Tom, wings are looking very clean after your careful considered approach to them, keep up the great work! Regards. Andy
  12. And as I said earlier that Revell boxing is an absolute steal if you are planning one of these conversions! Also to note regarding the Dragon 110s is the clear sprues are so damn brittle and need to be treated with real care. If the Revell clear is as good as their 88's then even better! Regards. Andy
  13. Thats it Max, John is very helpful and just sells you what you require and adjusts his price accordingly. He has been very helpful on that front with his latest Ju 88 G-6 resin upgrade parts as I had an original set and he has since changed a lot of the vac parts in to resin castings. A quick email and all sorted, excellent service! Regards. Andy
  14. Yes Max is right in that the C's had smaller wheels but the correct size replacement wheels are in the conversion set so shouldn't be a problem. I used a long tail D version for my build by the way. Regards. Andy
  15. Just been looking on ebay and Dragon 110s seem to start at around £75 up to around £160, however you can pick up the Revell boxing of the C-2/C-7 from £45 post free so I did! Let's be honest you can't have enough 110's in your collection Regards.Andy
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