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  1. Nice, great kit and went straight for a D.VII F when lockdown hit. Enjoyed every moment of it. Regards. Andy
  2. Yes if it's on the website its available but I think only cast a few at a time so you can have a little bit of a lead time between order and receiving your order. Regards. Andy
  3. Absolutely superb work Max, looking very nice especially on her legs. A genius build adding all of the extra resin stuff not made for the Echelon vac kit. Regards. Andy
  4. Couldn't agree more John, the fit of your resin is excellent and really nice to work with. Some others should take note as nothing worse than poor fit, brittle parts etc etc. Regards. Andy
  5. Your Hurricane is a masterpiece Radu and it certainly helped me and inspired me to take my PCM kit to the next level including the raised wing rivets, cost me an absolute fortune in resin rivet decals at the time!! Regards. Andy
  6. Thank you for sharing Karim, what a stunning build as always. Regards.Andy
  7. Wow John, you have absolutely excelled yourself on this one. Just beautiful. Regards. Andy
  8. Radu was so right, another boring WnW what if........ Regards. Andy
  9. So two CAD images in and already a pile of cr#p and maybe heading towards unbuildable Dont forget the SE5.a and the mistakes they made on the lack of rib tapes on the tail plane so maybe it is from the WnW tooling Regards. Andy
  10. Been working on the engine, I built the basic block up and painted it Mr Surfacer 1500 Black followed bt variuos Vallejo Metal colour shades. Next up was to build the clutch from the Top Studio set, 24 parts in total with only the clutch cover plate being painted and glued, a little tricky to build but looks absolutely fantastic once together. And assembled Got to say its certainly worth the effort to assemble and really is a vast improvement on the kit part. Regards. Andy
  11. Its a lovely kit Gaz and I'm enjoying something different from my usual subject matter for a change. Regards. Andy
  12. Hi Richard, Couldnt agree more with you as no need to get bogged down with endless research, weathering etc, these bike kits kind of remind me of building a WnW kit in as much as you build and paint assemblies as you go and before you know it you have a complete model. Been a big VR46 fan since he started in 125 so have purchased these from ebay as well. Will do 1 M1 complete with the other with fairings removed. Regards. Andy
  13. Thanks for looking in John and yes really enjoying building this one. Regards. Andy
  14. So I've been in the modelling doldrums for several weeks now, I've obviously had so much time to build but sit there and get nothing done. So I was very surprised on my wedding anniversary to receive this from my wife, We are both big motogp fans and wasnt expecting this but she thought a change of subject would help kickstart thing again. She had also done a bit of research as she knows I'm not a Marquez fan and found found a really cool decal sheet to build a Stoner test bike as well as a detail set from Top Studio. So never built anything like this before as it's always been aircraft of various scales and this is what I'm aiming for. Got loads of great pictures of this bike and the new fairings are painted matte black rather than being left in carbon fibre with sponsor logos in white. Here is some initial progress over the last week or so. First up I stared on the swinging arm and removed the carbon fibre strengttheners that Marquez would run with followed by adding the Top Studio details Rear damper assembled And installed in to the painted and decaled swing arm So far so good and lots of fun, Comments and criticism always welcome. Regards Andy
  15. Some seriously nice work going on with this one Max, not really been on LSP much lately as lost the interst to build for a while. Superb stuff and keep it up as coming together nicely. Regards. Andy
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