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  1. Really nice decal sheet John, have you seen the 109 sheet they have as I would guess its right up your street I have it and the F-4 scheme is really nice! Regards. Andy
  2. Ah nice, all three are great subjects aren't they! Although expensive I'm really liking Exito decals packaging with great schemes, really nice A4 artwork for each scheme and superb Cartograph decals of course. I have the 109 set as well which is very cool indeed and hopefully they will upscale a few of their other releases as well. Regards. Andy
  3. Nice job Mike, you've fixed o fixed this one extremely well yet again! Regards.Andy
  4. Just superb John, really liking the inside of the flaps . Regards. Andy
  5. Doh! Indeed Mike, a minor setback on your journey to getting this magnificent 109 done and off the bench. Keep going as you are not far away. Regards. Andy
  6. Thanks for looking in Jeff, its a pretty simple conversion and the actual kit builds up really easily. Regards. Andy
  7. There were 5+ available when I ordered mine from Hannants last week so the rest have disappeared pretty quickly! They will probably get a restock but they are in stock on the AML site https://eshop.aml.cz/en/pur-sets/1487-sspitfire-mkvb-the-conversion-set.html Regards. Andy
  8. Is the one in the port wing a detection patch but those red sections on the starboard repair jobs maybe? Regards.Andy
  9. It definitely works for me John and always happy with the way the Tamiya acrylics go down! My next step is to try your method of a chalk mix for the panel lines etc, its the first time trying this so hopefullyI will get a good result. Regards.Andy
  10. So, my initial work on this build is to focus on the wing and converting the A wing to the B wing. All in all not to difficult with some filling of various panel lines, shell ejector chutes and one 303 gun port. The Eduard exterior set is really nice and covers the lower wing including wheel bays and radiator/ oil cooler. The wheel bay parts are a little tricky to fit but make a big difference to the look of the underside. I then opened up the wings to accept the 20mm Hispano's as well as adding the ejector chutes next to the wheel bays. Next u
  11. I had no idea either Iain until recently! Hopefully I can do this justice as it should be a simple conversion. I built the Revell kit when it first came out and backdated to a Mk.Ia. In general its a pretty simple kit to build. Regards. Andy
  12. Not to difficult to do at all, the main thing is the B wing modification made easier with the AML set and otherwise filling and opening up some new holes. Regards.Andy
  13. Now that is looking rather good Tom, very nice feathered edges on the paintwork. Regards. Andy
  14. I've been wanting to build a Vb for some time and when I saw the new release from Exito Decals I decided to have a go at converting the Revell Mk.IIa in to a Vb with the help of an AML wing update set as well as a few other aftermarket bits and pieces. I did concider using the HobbyBoss kit but I'm not a huge fan of the general shape of the upper fuselage which all looks a bit flat and fat to my eye. I have a decent amount of AM for this one as well as a few bits and pieces taken from a failed HobbyBoss Mk.V that never made it over the line.
  15. Excellent stuff Anthony, man that rework looks so ugly in contrast to the rest of the fuselage but will definitely be worth the extra effort getting the shape just so Regards. Andy
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