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  1. Sweet, love the AV8 in Italian markings. Very well done. Regards. Andy
  2. A little more progress on the cockpit area this weekend, the AIMS armoured pilot seat was fitted to the modified Revell frame and then carefully removed a very poorly moulded map case from the Bordfunkerk's seat and replaced with the etched part supplied in the Eduard set as well as removing the moulded on bomb aimer's cusion as this is not fitted on the late G marks. Although not a lot of pictures are available of the G series 88's cockpit details one thing I wanted to do was move the emergency fuel pump from the starboard side wall and then add to the rear bulkhead and also scratch the valves, all plumbing was added with Albion micro tube. Next up I'm working on adding the FuG 220 rack in the foward fuselage, I have no idea if it would have been in there as no pictures are available for the G-10 but as these airframes were built and then moved to the Mistel project at last minute as well as Wk No 460066 having a modified shortened rudder to make way for the airiel mast I'm going to go the what if route and fit the cockpit with the full array of equipment. Regards. Andy
  3. Very, very nice paint work on the cokpit components. Seriously enjoying your build. Regards. Andy
  4. Now this will be interesting, I've been wondering all through your build how you will tackle this! Carry on as I'm sure you have it all under control. Regards. Andy
  5. Very nice paint work on the cockpit, enjoying seeing this come together. Regards. Andy
  6. Noticed the tips are particularly blunt and will need a sharpen for very fine work. Personally I would have expected a sharp pencil straight from the box. Regards. Andy
  7. Well, I decided to take the plunge with these as they seem like a good idea and liked the AK products I've purchased before, these arrived yesterday and I'm quite impressed with the colours included. Keen to try these out on a 190 I have which is nearly complete! Regards. Andy
  8. Good to see you back on this one Max and some nice work on the cockpit. Like your use of the Archer rivets as well. Regards. Andy
  9. Nice work and good to see another 88 being built. Will be watching with interest!. Regards. Andy
  10. Super nice Brian, weathering looks spot on to me. Regards. Andy
  11. Had a good day at the bench today and made a start on the cockpit. First up I needed to modify the the rear bulkhead/ radio set from a A-4 to a late G set up. I made a new blank bulkhead from plastic card and then removed the radio set from the kit supplied assembly followed by removing the moulded on detail from the faces in readiness for Eduard replacements. Also started building up the rear spar/ bulkhead assembly and decided to just add the ammo bin rack only as I guessed with a blanked off rear MG stand no bin would be needed. Really in to this build now and enjoying every moment of it. Time to detal the side walls of the cockpit now. Regards. Andy
  12. Managed to get the main work on the rear stabilisers completed today, the AIMS resin extensions are a little thick in chord but pretty easy to deal with. Some re-scribing required but pretty happy so far, need to do some work on the huge sail of a tail plane now! Regards. Andy
  13. Very, very interesting build, super impressed with what you are doing with the engine. Regards. Andy
  14. Just catching up with your build Brian and love what you are doing with the big 335! That desert scheme really suits it. Regards. Andy
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