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  1. monthebiff

    WnW SE.5a Nightfighter D3459 61 HD Sqd 2018

    So after lots of careful dry fitting I managed to fit the lower wing, this is a super, super tight fit but got there in the end. Have a few large gaps in the lower joint but nothing to difficult to deal with but happily no step between the fuselage halves. Also added the upper cockpit surround which is any equily tight fit and as you can see, not a lot of the cockpit can be seen buy for me it was still worth the extra detail work. Some clean up and a liittle filler needed but happy so far. Regards. Andy
  2. So after getting myself pretty bogged down trying to replicate the outer framing on the rear vac canopy I lost my inteerst in the build for a little while. I then saw John was offering a resin canopy and so then I had to ponder a little more on what to do. I the end I stuck with my original vac part I cut out very early in the build and which I have added internal frame work in to and after some careful masking I had this. Next up I painted the MG 81 ready for installation. Andthen finally fitted the rear vac canopy. Also pretty happy with how the internal framing is looking now the rear canopy is fitted and well worth the effort. Time for some very careful masking now but I prefer to build this way instead of trying to add lots of parts at the end and risking spoiling a paint finish with spilt glue! Really happy to be back to this build and can see light at the end of the tunnel now and looking foward to getting some paint out. Regards. Andy
  3. monthebiff

    Make the others jealous

    Nice selection of kits you picked up there Dean! You said you were in the modelling doldrums in another thread you started so why not get the box open on that D.1 and crack on with it, great little kit and you won't be disappointed. Regards.Andy
  4. monthebiff

    Revell Spitfire Vb

    Excellent progress Carl, nice work on the wings. Regards.Andy
  5. Super cool work Danny. Regards. Andy
  6. monthebiff

    Bf 109 G-2 Anton Hafner Tunisia 1942

    Excellent finish Nick, very cool scheme. Regards. Andy
  7. monthebiff

    Sopwith Dolphin WnW

    Absolute beauty, Thanks for sharing. Regards. Andy
  8. monthebiff

    Revell Bf 109 G-10 Erla

    Nice work John and good to see back at the bench again! Regards. Andy
  9. monthebiff

    Which compressor?

    I have that on my short list Don, also consideri g a Sil-Air model as well at the moment. Regards. Andy
  10. monthebiff

    Which compressor?

    Need an air tank and needs to be quite rather than constantly running as I spray. Regards. Andy
  11. monthebiff

    Bf110G4 NJG1 1944/45

    Definitely no need to start cutting any of the kit away, those replaceme t radiators fit a treat as they are Max. Regards. Andy
  12. monthebiff

    Revell Ju 88 C-6 KG40

    Really nice work Nick, I have this conversion set and maybe planning on entering it in the night fighter grip build going on at the moment. Regards.Andy
  13. monthebiff

    Which compressor?

    That was my thinking Alan, very quite with a nice large tank as I have a few large models to paint coming up and the constant compressor running is really annoying for one thing. Regards. Andy
  14. monthebiff

    Which compressor?

    Looking to upgrade my Iwata Smart jet compressor to something with an air tank fitted. Not sure what to go for so any suggestions would be helpful. Currently looking and comparing Sparmax, Iwata and Silair. Regards. Andy
  15. monthebiff

    Bf110G4 NJG1 1944/45

    Planning on cutting and dropping all the control surfaces on my next 110 Max so interesting to see how you get on. Regards. Andy