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  1. An absolute beauty in the making Wolf, great tip on the firewall thank you! Looks like this one is getting close to completion now. Regards. Andy
  2. No progress this last week as my wife and I decided to grab a last minute holiday to the beautiful island of Rhodes, Greece is currently experiencing a heat wave so its super hot and the usual cooling wind feels like a furnace but its super relaxing after the last 18 months of travel restrictions. Back to the build and the last things I did before going away was work on the rear stabilisers and look at adding the resin control surfaces. Sadly the fit of the resin parts are a bit off towards the outer edges Hopefully when posed in theory position things will look a lot better, I've also added the canvas covering over the rear turtle deck control wires with wetted tissue and plastic glue. Steady progress and now ready to paint the interior I'm thinking. Regards. Andy
  3. Its definitely one of those grit your teeth builds Wolf, after each step foward comes a new challenge! Definitely making progress that is for sure. Regards. Andy
  4. Hi Thierry, I think there is an additional set for the rockets and bombs but I'm not fully sure. I did buy the wing fold set but it looks like an awful lot of work to fit and will probably be very fragile as well so decided to keep the wings as they are in the kit and anyway there is some nicely weathered inner wing shots to have a go at. Regards.Andy
  5. Pleased its not just me then, was worried I was a little worried I was making a mess of things but clearly not as I have been keeping in contact with a fellow modeller who is far in front of me and the fun just keeps coming. Regards. Andy
  6. Thanks for the heads up on that Dennis as I hadn't noticed. Regards. Andy
  7. If you have an OCD re attention to detail then this really is not a good kit for you to build! If I'm honest it is a half baked kit that needs a lot of refining before release and will fight you every step of the way but once finished will look really good. Looking forward to you WIP and seeing how you overcome all of those issues that are playing havoc with your attention to detail OCD for us all. Regards. Andy
  8. Ejector pin marks are the least of your problems on this one! This is where I am on my build Regards.Andy
  9. Thanks Jennings and kind of what I thought, will be amazed if we see more than a dozen lsp build threads of this one and even more on the SOD. New website looks great and hope it goes well for you. Regards.Andy
  10. Hi Dennis, excellent work and that canopyooks just superb, your hard work has definitely been worth it! Regards.Andy
  11. Works well for me Jennings! Are you planning any alternative 32nd scale Helldiver decals for the Infinity kit out of interest? Regards. Andy
  12. A little more done and split the upper and lower instrument panel, added a couple of plastic card shims to represent rubber blocks and then glues the clear instrument panels in place. I will be using the superb Airscale instrument decals as usual. Regards. Andy
  13. Couldn't agree more Damien but like many things on this kit nothing is at all straightforward and its a case of making the best of it in anyway you feel you wish to. Out of interest, will you be making replacement landing gear for this one? If so I would be very interested! Regards. Andy
  14. So what I did was to tape the canopy into position and the glued the tear drop covers in to their newly desired position working from various pictures, I let this dry overnight and then marked the leading edge of the lower canopy ready for cutting. After the razor saw I cleaned up with files and a ittle wet and dry and for me it was definitely worth the extra effort. Regards. Andy
  15. Superb Mark, just superb! Regards. Andy
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