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  1. Very interesting video, thank you for posting it. The aircraft going into the water a bit after the 8:05 point was flown by Don Runyon who went on to shoot down several Japanese aircraft during the Guadalcanal campaign while a pilot in VF-6, and later in the war flying from the USS Bunker Hill I believe. Ernest
  2. Outstanding work on a fairly tough kit to build Iain! I built the same kit a couple of years ago for the BoB Group Build. You went the extra mile and it shows. Ernest
  3. Top work as always, the fading is exceptional! Ernest
  4. Very sad news. I met Jerry and Judy once when I was a young teen in the early 90's. Both of them were very kind people. and Jerry patiently answered several of my modelling and aircraft related questions. I hope he is enjoying a good afterlife as he richly deserves it. Ernest
  5. Hi Woody, I have built a few of the Hasegawa 190s and I punch a small circle of evergreen plastic sheet that I then recess slightly in the hole; afterwhich I put on a small decal number - usually zero - to represent the flap angle. I am pretty sure I took a close up photo of the end result on one of the Fw190 builds I posted in the RFI thread if you are interested in looking at the final result. Ernest
  6. Thank you Andy! I have not worked on the build for a few days as other responsibilities have precluded doing that. I hope to get the next stage done this week. Ernest
  7. Very beautiful and well executed build Pete! You did a first class job replicating the NMF. Ernest
  8. Great work, especially the weathering! The cobra in the tree is a nice touch! Ernest
  9. eWelcome to the forums and excellent work! Your rigging and the paint work is first rate, as is the painting of the figure. Ernest
  10. Excellent conversion work! I like the PRU color. Ernest
  11. Fantastic result Paolo! Your weathering is very well executed as are all the improvements you made to the kit. Top shelf work! Ernest
  12. Thank you Paolo, both for the compliment and the laugh! I tried buffing the paint finish to a very smooth finish and have decaled the build without first spraying a gloss coat. I will see how that turned out later today when I spray the matt coat. Keeping my fingers crossed! Ernest
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