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  1. Beautiful job on the NMF Mike. Ernest
  2. Exceptional nice build! I actually thought that the first couple of photos were an actual Tornado. Ernest
  3. Outstanding work Dave. I can almost smell the varnish! Ernest
  4. Stunning work so far Mark. It looks like the real thing. Ernest
  5. Outstanding build in all respects! Ernest
  6. That would work Tim, but I think a lot of us use Kim wipes after cleaning the model. They have a slight anti-static effect that I find keeps dust away (mostly) Ernest
  7. Master class level of work Brian. I agree that $400 for the commission is at the low end given the amount of work involved and the quality of the finished product. Ernest
  8. Outstanding build! Looking at this is motivating me to try my hand at jets. Ernest
  9. Beautiful build Chris! It is neat to see a NON-NMF Mustang. Ernest
  10. That is both a beautiful build and a brilliant solution to a problem. Your figure is outstanding as is the cat, and I think your diorama composition is excellent, great story telling. Einfach gro├čartig! Ernest
  11. Excellent build and outstanding diorama composition! Ernest
  12. Nice work so far Kev. It will be very colorful when complete. Ernest
  13. Looking great Ron. Building ships does require a different kind of build planning then aircraft. Planning out the painting sequence requires a lot of thinking on my part. Ernest
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