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  1. Another beautiful build Miloslav. Your photos are excellent, may I ask what photo setup you use?
  2. Thank you again Paul. To be honest not all of my builds turn out photo worthy. The Yak-3 is a solid kit; and I'll have to finish mine in the near future. Ernest
  3. I finished the engine today. As it appears that more of the engine will be visible than on the D VII I decided to add some Taurus AM spark plugs and lifters with valves. I did not get everything perfect with those parts, but the end result turned out presentable. I also added a few copper lines that I ran between drilled out locations to some ANYZ fittings that I thought looked the part. I could not get a good focus on the parts I wrapped in teflon tape and will try to get a good shot of that when I post the weathered engine. Starboard side overall photo. The spark plugs were fiddly to get lined up, a mounting stub at the rear would have made the job easier, but they look pretty decent once painted. You can also see that I forgot to remove the seam from the water pipe. As I highly doubt it will be seen once the engine is in the plane I decided to leave it as is; wont make that mistake again though. Port side showing a couple of the lines I made and the plug wiring. Close up shot, spark plugs look good seam not so much! Extreme close up showing one of the valves and lifters and a spark plug. One of the ANYZ fittings, with line fitted, still need to clean up the join, macro photography captures the good the bad and the ugly!
  4. Some of the best engine super detailing I have ever seen. Well done!
  5. Exceptional work and beautiful airbrushing technique! Master class.
  6. Vielen dank für die nette Worte! Ernest aus Bayern
  7. I am continuing with my journey in building some WWI aircraft with the WNW Albatros DV "Wooden Wonders" kit. I chose this kit because I wanted to try my hand at replicating unpainted wood using one of the Uschi van der Rosten decal sets made for that purpose. I usually let my little girl pick the scheme of the aircraft that I build and this one is no different. She is still deciding between Han Waldhausen's aircraft or the one flown by Adolf Schreder. She likes both the moon and star motif on Waldhausen's bird, but is also quite taken by the red lightning bolt arrow of the Schreder DV. She solemnly told me in her five year old way that she will have a decision tomorrow. The two main differences between this aircraft and the DVII kit is that you can't see the cockpit area as well due to the curvature of the fuselage, much like the F4F Wildcat or F6F Hellcat. So I did not go wild with detailing only adding control cables which you can barely see, the rest is straight oob. On the other hand, the engine is far more exposed than on the DVII so I am doing some scratch building on it; we shall see how it turns out. The completed cockpit area. I did not bother to eradicate the pin marks or remove seams from areas that will not be seen once everything is closed up. Another shot of the pit. The gauges are pretty nice and fit well. Engine compartment. I did do a bit of wood graining on the dark wood pieces, though I highly doubt they will be seen when the kit is finished. I am using some Taurus Models AM on the engine. The springs were a challenge to install and I did not get everything 100% perfect. But once all the pieces were in place it looks pretty presentable. I am also using a few of the ANYZ fittings for some scratchbuilt lines I intend to run. You can see two of the fittings in this shot, one at the front of the engine block and one just to the right of the rear engine mount. Finally I tried to replicate the asbestos wrapping with Teflon tape. It turned out fairly well and hopefully will paint up nice.
  8. Hi Mike thank you for the compliment. Wick is indeed the figure shooting down his wristwatch, a typical pose for him.
  9. I have used them on 1/32 P&W 2800 engines. I found it easiest to install them by leaving some of the mounting lug on the part and gluing that into the hole. Like all tiny AM stuff they are a bit fiddly to work with for sure, but look pretty good when in place. Ernest
  10. Excellent build of a beautiful aircraft.
  11. Superb work and beautiful paint scheme. The photography is very well done also.
  12. Thank you ringleheim, I managed a decent effort with this one.
  13. Thank you for the kind words gentlemen!
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