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  1. The type of pastels you use is related to what you want to use them for Pup. For example, if you want to use them to simulate exhaust stains you should use an oil based pastel. As Mozart says above, if using them for other types of weathering non-oil pastels are the weapon of choice. I use AK Interactive pastels and though are not a true pastel chalk, Tamiya's weathering pastels. As to techniques, I apply the Tamiya stuff using either a paint brush (an old one!) or the little applicator that comes with each three color case. I gently rub them on the area(s) I want to weather building up light coats until I have the result I like. The pastels can be mixed to make different tones, are even different colors. It is easy to learn to do this and with just a little practice you can generate some great effects. To apply the AK pastels I either dip an old paint brush into the chalk and apply it dry, or apply it to an area that is damp. For example to simulate a rusted muffler I start by painting it a dark metal rusted shade such as Alclad II Engine exhaust manifold - but any type of paint that has a dark metallic look will work - as will black for that matter. Once dry I apply the pastels; I generally use three shades each darker then the other. I start with the darkest and work towards the lightest. I recommend looking a photos of an actual rusted muffler that is still in use to get an idea of how the shades interface with each other. If you want to simulate thicker rust you can either dampen the area you are working on with greatly thinned white glue and apply the pastels. This takes a bit of practice to get down. Simulating powder stains from weapon's fire is quite easy. Just apply the pastels using the appropriate sized brush to the area to be stained. I use Tamiya's pastels for the area immediately around the weapan or firing hole and than blend non oil based pastels (AK) outwards to feather the effect into the wind slipstream if required. HTH's, Ernest
  2. Hi Pup, a turpentine substitute would be mineral spirits, called white spirits in Europe. Another would be terpenoid. Like Highlander I use oils to paint figures and as he noted in his post oils should be thinned - in the rare cases thinning is required - using a good artist's turpentine to avoid potential issues with the oil paint. As you only want to use oils for washes and some blending, you can use the above thinners with no worries. I use AK Interactive's oil thinner, it is pricy compared to a mass produced white spirit but a bottle lasts a very long time and I have never had any issues using it; and I do occasionally use oils for washes. I use Winsor and Newton oils; again a bit pricier than other choices but a tube will last a lifetime and the pigments are extremely fine. They thin very well for making washes as a result. Ernest
  3. Hi Thierry, no worries and I understand not wanting to get anyone upset about comparing how countries are faring with COVID-19. You are right the curve is ascending; and probably will for the next few weeks. Like you I do not have views at either end of the emotional spectrum, and I did not think you think you were trying to spread fear or to purposely give misinformation; sometimes things do not come across like we expect or want when writing in a language not our native one. No need to apologize, and I hope I did not sound overly critical of you. Ernest
  4. Sorry Thierry, but your statement that the number of dead people is skyrocketing in Europe is not entirely accurate. Italy, Spain - and to a far lesser extent France and the UK have experienced deaths in the excess of 100 - with Italy unfortunately over 4000. Really given the percentages only Italy and Spain have death tolls that are sobering thus far. In the rest of the EU and the UK the numbers are still low, in some cases quite low given the amount of those reported to have contracted COVID-19. In my country for example as of yesterday the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control an estimated 14,138 have been infected with 43 deaths, a bit over .3% hardly skyrocketing. Several other EU nations have similarly low death rates. I am not trying to downplay the seriousness of the situation; however, sweeping and inaccurate claims do not help keep a clear focus, or calm head. The measures our respective nations have taken to slow the spread of the virus were necessary due to the abject stupidity of large swaths of our populations who do not have the sense of responsibility to take reasonable actions to protect themselves, or more importantly others as many believe the universe revolves around them. In closing, I urge everyone to inform themselves about COVID-19 on the websites of the various health organizations in the world if the want to read accurate, unemotional and non-partisan facts and data about the current pandemic. Ernest
  5. The Tempest would be my choice! I am semi-retired and the work I do has been cancelled through the first week of May. We have not yet been banned from going outside in Bavaria, Germany so I will split my time between my annual spring garden and greenhouse work and time at the bench. I am currently about 85% finished with the HGW Models Bf109 E-7 kit. When I am done with that I plan to start a WNW Pfalz DIIIa build. Looks like a lot more bench time them normal this Spring for me! Ernest
  6. Thank you for everything you have done over the years Kev, and I wish you every success and happiness for the future. Ernest
  7. I did not do so on the two builds a recently finished. The Aviattic decals a translucent though, so preshading should work, but I would try it out on a paint mule with some spare decal to see how it looks. Ernest
  8. Thank you for the nice words Mike and Gaz.
  9. You are correct Brad, my recent moves as to protect my retirement nest egg from the worst effects of the downturn; once the storm has settled I will move them back into the area(s) they normal sit which is a combination of large cap stocks. This worked well in 08 when I was still building up the retirement nest egg and I managed to miss the worst of the massive downturn and emerged in pretty good shape for the bounce. To be clear, I am not selling anything, just rebalancing and reprioritizing my portfolio. Ernest
  10. Already moved the bulk to bonds and equity funds.
  11. Well said Radu, and some of the results of that mindset are playing havoc with my investments. Never underestimate the abject ignorance of the unwashed masses. Unfortunately, the interconnectivity of the world allows uniformed, and in many cases just plain stupid, opinions that are more virulent and spread faster then the virus itself. I am a military historian and the current situation has a vague resemblance to the system of alliances that ended up dragging the major European powers into war - almost (just almost) automatically. And the populations of those nations unthinkingly cheered their armies off to war. As Forrest Gump said, "Stupid is as stupid does."
  12. Thank you guys! The FuG 212 radar antenna turned out much better than I thought it would, though I built three versions prior to the one that is installed; so it was a bit of work to get it right. If I could find a good resin AM one, like Gaspatch's FuG 202 Antenna array, I would buy a couple of sets. Ernest
  13. Hi Lothar, thank you for the information. I live about 2 hours from Munich, so driving there is not a problem. I will take a look a Traudl's website and look for information. I was not aware they hosted a show in F├╝rstenfeld annually, nor did I know about the clubs in Erding and Augsburg. I'll take a look at Ried as well. The N├╝rnberg area has a couple of shows during the year and it is only 40-45 minutes from my house so that's a possibility to. Nochmals vielen Dank! Ernest
  14. Lots of eye candy in the box. Good luck and have fun with the build Kev!
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