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  1. Very in depth build and you are making great progress. I have been considering getting a 1/24th scale kit, so I will follow this build along. Ernest
  2. Nice build and neat way to display it! Ernest
  3. Exceptionally well executed build! The metal and wood finish are first class. Ernest
  4. Very nice work, the mottling looks quite good. Ernest
  5. That is one awesome build and vignette Chuck. Top class all around! The TBF looks outstanding and I think you did a great job structuring the vignette. I also really like your base and title plate, very nice! I enjoying studying the Guadalcanal campaign and you brought "Cactus" to life. Ernest
  6. I completed the decaling today. I sprayed a nice gloss coat using a 50/50 mix of Tamiya X22 and Tamiya Lacquer thinner. Unfortunately the decals I wanted to use to show a Hurricane assigned to No. 17 Squadron turned out to be unusable so I ended up marking the plane as a No. 257 Squadron aircraft. The decals are a mix of the kit decals and the Zotz set that covers aircraft during the Battle of Britain. I used the HGW wet transfer stencil set for the stenciling. The kit decals are a bit thick, and you can just see an edge when looking close up, but from more than 6" away they look just fin
  7. Hi Mike, I hope the end result is decent. There is still a lot I can mess up! Ernest
  8. Hi Max, masking this camo was a challenge to say the least, and the end result was not the best, so I will use pre-made masks for this kind of camo pattern in the future. I always freehand Luftwaffe mottling, and in some ways it is easier than the type of camo on the Hurricane. I will have to figure out the best way to use MRP paint for that. If I can't I can always use my Tamiya paints though. Ernest
  9. Hi Dennis, I have done the paper mask held up by rolls of blue tack in the past as well. The splinter type Luftwaffe camo on the wings and tailplanes of fighters, or overall on bombers is not too hard to do that way. All the "wavy" lines on the Hurricane camo turned out to be quite the bit of work however. I will be using purpose made masks in the future that is for sure. Sincerely, Ernest
  10. Thank you for the kind words. The joints mostly turned out pretty good. This is about as good as it gets for me. Ernest
  11. I completed the basic painting today. I went with the Type A camo pattern, drawing and cutting the pattern template myself; and that is the last time I will do that. It took a very long time to draw and cut the templates out on frisking tape. I did my best to replicate the pattern closely but I did not get it 100% accurate, though I think it is close to correct. I sprayed the colors with MRP paints, which are very nice indeed. They spit a bit when the airbrush is actuated, but that is not an issue if you are practicing good airbrush technique - with the possible exception of spraying Luft
  12. That is really great work for a ten year old, definitely better than anything I produced when I was 10! He's got some talent as a figure painter given the quality of the figures, far beyond what many people, to include some adults can done. Keep up the good work young man! Ernest
  13. Exceptional paint job, the fading is extremely well done. The marking are pretty cool as well, Ernest
  14. Very nice build Thomas. Your weathering looks great! Ernest
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