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  1. Cockpit installed into the fuselage Fuselage halves went together. Next step is the wings.
  2. Barracudacast seat is ready for the cockpit
  3. Oh it means the plans have changed.. Thanks On the other hand, I have found this; years ago Airfix offered this scheme in 1/24 Fw 190 kit. ( at the right side )
  4. Hi I would like to clarify camouflage color of Fw 190 A6 Black 1. There are different examples on the web. Due to the following profil, this machine have black or RLM 66 mottles over RLM 76. Agreed? And the upper surfaces of the wings are the same or classical RLM75/74 pattern.? I am planning to built this first version in the future without antennas.. Any comments? Thanks
  5. Hi John How did you get paint chipping on the wing root and sliding canopy area? Salty process or something else ?
  6. This is 1/32 Hasegawa Fw 190 A9 with the markings of Red 22 W.Nr. 490044 from II./JG 301 in May 1945 Base kit is Hasegawa s A-8. I have used Eagle Parts Fw 190A9 conversion set Cockpit modified by MDC instrument dials decals and AML seat. Additionnaly I have used Quickboost gun barrels and Eagle Parts wheels You can see build story by using the following link:
  7. Thanks for your comments. I will post some more pictures on "Ready for Inspection" section soon
  8. Same aircraft is in my P-51d Bucketlist. Good luck...
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