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  1. Thanks P-40N-1 #49 you posted is interesting. But the form of skull is different than N-5 Joanne . By the way, your blog is excellent. There are excellent photos which I never seen before. Thanks for sharing "Dikam Death" skull figure is very interesting. The black dots look like beard and hair. If someone produces its decal in 1/32 please let me know.
  2. Thank you As a matter of the fact My referneces for this project were Eduard s box art and Squadron signal P-40 in action book. I respect the information you sent about the spinner color of 89th FS. But In the picture, the spinner color is very very dark nearly black .Darker than tires and also wheel cover color. Probably spinner swapped from another 90th FS s Warhawk . And also I compared the spinner colors in the following picture. #49 is the sixth warhawk after "Mis Frances III". Its spinner color is diffrent than the other red ones. I believe that "Joanne " has not red spinner though it s belonged to 89th FS. Well On the other hand, Wish the decals set in your blog were in 1/32. I guarantee that I will built 2 another "N"s at least. The first one would be #61 with shark eye replacement cowl. Thanks.
  3. I would probably be disqualified for misleading young modellers if I didn t add a reference photo.
  4. Thanks Lothar As a matter of the fact I am not too fast. This built was started months ago. Due to problem on skulls decal stopped for a while. After getting new skull decals re started and finished. Regards
  5. I have placed an order on 2nd January including 1/32 Spitfire Mk.Vb correction set which its availability was in stock . But still any movement . I have sent two messages but not reply. Hope that some day the will send a payment request , I will pay , they will send it and I will get it.
  6. Thanks I was willing to built Joanne when I saw first the box art of the old Eduard s kit years ago. It was impossible to find its decals in 1/32. In the end I could get them as customized decals from customhobbydecals. You can see also wrong direction drop tank of Joanne on Eduard s box art and also old version of squadron signal p-40 book s front cover. Happy modelling
  7. This is 1/32 Eduard P-40N Warhawk with the markings of “Joanne” from 89th Fighter Squadron, 80th Fighter Group, Karachi, India 1943 Paints are Gunze Sangyo acrylics. Some decals like skulls, numbers on the tail and figures on the wheels are custom made. Happy modelling.
  8. I have stopped in this project for a while. I have installed MDC s ETC 500 and Schloss 1000 racks few weeks ago. But when I tried to add other components of this set I saw that all of the components on MDC pocket are for ETC 500 (inner rack), no parts for Schloss . I m waiting for missing parts from MDC.
  9. Yes, in the beginning there was a fitting problem on left console in the cockpit. With a few trimming and dry fitting I could solve it. But also there were some fitting issues on seat legs etc. And also I have some suspicious about the rigidity of the cockpit antenna mast. Its plastic material is too elastic. The tension of the antenna wire can stretch it like an arch.
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