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  1. Dry fitting of the wings. They look ok , don't they? So I can paint wings and fuselage separately
  2. I am working on the wings and horizontal tails. I will use Quickboost exhaust set on the cowling
  3. Fuselage halves went together. Some putty and sanding needed in some areas. Next step is the wings.
  4. Thanks Yes I am trying to take all pictures outside at daylight. Half of this week was sunny, but today the clouds enveloped our sky in a British grey colour nearly medium sea grey
  5. Left fuselage halve is ready to be joined with the right side.
  6. I have started to install cockpit parts into the fuselage
  7. Some progress for the cockpit components.
  8. Here we go, First step is cockpit as usual. I have used Eduard zoom set for instrument panel and some other modifications.
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