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  1. Order in...#10894....they appear to be going fast...thinking of what I can sell in the next few minutes to facilitate getting another Viggen... jp
  2. Dan, would you be willing to post the results of your explorations into this? I also am interested in how to do this, as I'm sure others are. I only need a 3D printer, software knowledge, and lots of time. I can both learn from you, and more likely, do my modeling vicariously. Thanks, John
  3. Would any of the Navy SH-MH-HH-60 kits make something close to a US Coast Guard Jayhawk? Not too concerned with small details....looking for a "yeah, that's SUPPOSED to be a Jayhawk" facsimile. Thanks for any input, John
  4. So informative, Pete. As I kid I grew up shooting pellet guns, then 22s, then real rifles. I 'knew' how to shoot. But I was in the service for a decade before I listened to the folks who knew much more than me on shooting, the USAF CATM guys. I went from always qualifying on the range, to always shooting expert. Your step-by-steps are the same deal with regard to modeling. I've been modeling a long time; it is time to finally start listening to you! jp CATM: Combat Arms Training and Maintenance
  5. Something to inspire me to retire the Chuck Taylors. Digging that SCAT XXVII pair.
  6. I'm reminded of my favorite M*A*S*H episode. A man is facing his own mortality but he's more concerned about others. You will be missed, Dale.
  7. Thanks! Same here...I want to do a later version of the 27, and probably a Su-30M2, and an approximation of an Su-35. And a Ukrainian Su-27UB in the digital camo...at the pace I go, that's 15 or so years of work. jp
  8. Time sure flies. I have been working a bit on this. The kit intakes do not come to a point like they should. I don't know if mine were all broken, or if they are designed that way. I guess I could open up another kit to know for sure, but either way, the problem remains. I added small bits of plastic and reshaped intakes a bit so they are much sharper. Also, as the sides of the intakes are just a bit longer than they were, the top of the intake doesn't match the sides. I added a small piece of sheet styrene to extend the top to meet the sides. All parts in these pics are just dry-fitted. I'll do a little painting of the interior of the intakes first, prior to any glue. I did a WIP of my last Flanker project, in part to have a record of what I had done. I knew even back then that I'd be doing other similar projects, and I'd hoped that would help me remember what I'd done. Nope. The few photos I took of this part of the build were no help. I remember the last canards involved Milliput and styrene, but that's about it. So I put some thought into it, and this is what I'm going to do this time. I don't really know for sure if it's what I did last time. Either way, I started with a piece of sheet styrene cut to the approximate shape of the canards. Again, just dry-fitted in the approximate location for now. Milliput and styrene to follow. I had intended to do this canopy-down, so was going to pretty much stick to the kit cockpit. I have since discovered a potentially fatal flaw in that plan...more on that later after I've thought about it...so may have to go canopy up. Regardless, the cockpit will be close to stock, but maybe now I'll add some resin seats. Thanks for checking this out, jp
  9. Wow...will be following this for sure. How do the decals look? I think I'm going to have to get one... Thanks Radders
  10. I tried it for the first time a few days ago...only on some small parts, but thinned 50-50 with Tamiya Lacquer thinner (yellow cap) it seemed to work great. But truthfully, that was only a test to see if I want to try it on something bigger when I have a chance. And I do..... jp
  11. Dan I echo this whole-heartedly. I switched to MRP last spring, and it was a game-changer for me. If I want to be lazy in my leisure pursuits...I can with this paint. It is way too easy to use, and the results are the best I've ever achieved. The smell, at least to me, was certainly no worse than what I got using some enamels. I have a decent spray booth, which no doubt helps, but if you are currently using enamels, I bet the smell will not be an issue for you. The F-106 is my Holy Grail....I've been following this with great interest and can't wait to see it done. You're doing some great things with it! jp
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