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  1. I echo this...I built one a few years ago also. I love it. I have it in my basement, venting up and out a window. It seems very effective, based only on the fact that I can't smell any paint fumes when I use it. I also, in the last year, changed over to using primarily MRP paints...love 'em, but can't smell 'em when airbrushing. As long as I remember to open the window out which I vent.... As I recall, I built this for around $160US. jp
  2. Like many, it varies. Neil Young, 80's, Rush, Triumph, and Thin Lizzy have all been featured in the last six months. But I keep coming back to Iron Maiden. Makes it pretty easy to recall a time 40 or so years ago when a friend and I would be playing some Maiden vinyl and tearing open a new model kit to maim.
  3. Su-34 Su-24 Er.... I mean.... F-102 F-106 No. The Russian jets. Only two? Then it's the 102/106.
  4. Thank you, Tim. Not at all what I was hoping to hear. *
  5. Has anybody got any info on the F-16 that went down in the UP of MI yesterday? Or more specifically, the pilot? Nothing I can seem to find is newer than a day or so old. Apparently the pilot got out but a search was underway...really like to find out more, if anyone can help. jp
  6. Uff da. Been there....but hope you keep at it. Looking forward to the results. jp
  7. Yup. TF Normandy. Those AH-64s did a great job kicking down the door....after being shown where the door was by a couple of USAF MH-53Js.
  8. I'm in...both for watching the build here, and (hopefully) waiting in line for the conversion kit! jp
  9. Oh man I gagged on my bourbon, Damian...I've been home for almost 3 months now with my two girls, 6 and 9, all day...every day.... I love my daughters. I love my daughters....but... jp
  10. F-89 So I only skimmed the hundreds of posts...apologies if it has already been wished for and summarily shot down. jp
  11. Pete- I wish I could post more; so many builds here on LSP are worthy of it. I don't have the time to read all the things I want to see here, much less post. But your builds, and this one in particular, are pretty damn cool. This one means a lot to me. I've had plans of doing a similar build for years, as it is a subject that holds some significance for me. Reality says that probably wont' happen, so I'm very much enjoying this. Please keep it up! I'm really looling forward to seeing this one play out. Cheers, jp
  12. Always my favorite jet, nice job! jp
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