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  1. So cool....love the photos to go along with the step-by-step. Thanks for doing all this! John
  2. Awesome Cougar! I love the blue....what type of paint did you use? John
  3. I very much hope all goes well, Damian. John
  4. Thank you Maru! I appreciate your stopping by! jp
  5. Much appreciated, Damian! No worries at all re the F-86 stuff. Take all the time you need. jp
  6. Thanks Maru, I feel like I've 'made it' when you comment! jp
  7. Thanks mattcour! I just really dig the Fisher 50's jets. I even picked up a couple KH 48th Twogars...though from what I've read, they will be a much tougher build than the Fisher. Much appreciated, Rockie! Right now it's alone in a new display case...at my rate it'll be years before it gets company.
  8. I appreciate it Cicciuzzo! I'm not fluent in Italian(?), but I figured out your compliment. Thanks again! It was both easier and harder than I figured it would be...easier, as it's basically just Tamiya white primer, followed by MRP orange (and a bit of red). But way harder in that if touch-ups need to be done, it's a lot of work. I have a couple other Fisher kits, including another (pretty beat-up) Twogar. No orange for that one! It'll be a USMC FAC jet. Thank you Jeff! Thanks 100 SQN, much appreciated! Much appreciated, Brian. Some call them chubby and under-powered, but I just dig the look of this jet. Thanks Ernest, the build itself was pretty easy. Nearly all the work was paint and markings.
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