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  1. johncrow

    Su-33 Sea Flanker

    …..and done. Well not technically. I do have to finish the antennas and doo-dads at the top rear of the vertical stabs. One of these days. There will be no up close glamor shots. It’s definitely a six-footer. I initially hoped to make this a much more accurate Su-33, but after year three passed, accuracy left town with good workmanship. I thought about listing all the inaccuracies, errors of omission, and areas of substandard workmanship, but what’s the fun in that? There is only one thing that really bugs me about it- the nose gear is at a bit of a weird angle. I did learn a few things. I’ve never attempted a project even approaching this complexity before. Some parts were easier than I thought they would be, others were much harder. I also learned that I like finishing models more than I like building models. But most importantly, I have a 1/32 Su-33. Thanks for stopping by, jp
  2. johncrow

    Su-33 Sea Flanker

    Rats. Thanks a lot, Gaz. I appreciate your stopping by. jp
  3. johncrow

    Su-33 Sea Flanker

    Thank you Brian, I appreciate it. I'm hoping the day after I finish this, Tan Models will have a special announcement... jp
  4. johncrow

    Su-33 Sea Flanker

    Getting there...it's more or less up on its legs...still have a few little parts to add to the gear, and I also need to adjust the height of the mains a bit, I think. Then paint the refueling probe cover, add the canopy, and the antennas and other doo-dads, stick on the burner cans, missiles, and probably other stuff. I just may break the four-year barrier with this thing. Thanks for stopping by, jp
  5. johncrow

    Not being 100% accurate- is it a big deal?

    I very recently realized that I like finishing models more than I like building models. Striving for accuracy often conflicts with that. If accuracy isn't that time-consuming and meshes with my skill set, I'm all for it. Otherwise, I allow for compromises. That's not right or wrong; it's just me. I can't and won't have that attitude regarding my job or my family, but the hobby I rely on for relaxation and re-charging....absolutely. But I certainly do enjoy watching others work towards perfect accuracy! I've learned a lot that way. jp
  6. johncrow

    1/32 B-29?

    yes yes yes, awesome idea.
  7. johncrow

    Su-33 Sea Flanker

    Thanks very much, Ray. I'm already thinking of an Su-30 in the overall eggplant/dark gray scheme for my next endless build. Though in some ways, those single-color finishes can be more work. Thanks for stopping by Gerhard, I appreciate it. jp
  8. johncrow

    Su-33 Sea Flanker

    I appreciate it Marcel, thanks a lot. You've got me wanting to move an F-16 up the build order! jp
  9. johncrow

    Su-33 Sea Flanker

    Thanks much, Brian...and an Su-34!
  10. johncrow


    So glad to hear how things went, Brian. Best wishes for the new year and a speedy and complete recovery. jp
  11. johncrow

    Su-33 Sea Flanker

    Thank you, shark64. I'd like to do the Tan kit in the older camo scheme....*cough* *cough*
  12. johncrow

    Su-33 Sea Flanker

    Thank you, Kev, very much appreciated! Thanks a lot, Madhatter. I hope to make it to Australia one day...sadly no time soon though!
  13. johncrow

    Su-33 Sea Flanker

    I think I'll pull this off. I got a flat coat on it, which toned down the camo; it looks much better. The elevons and canards are still not fully attached. I did manage to get the vertical stab reattached...full functionality was restored. I still have to attach the landing gear, weapons, and the various antennas. Or antennae, if you prefer. After removing the masking that had been in place for two years, I found that the cockpit suffered a bit more than I had hoped, and it needs some rehab. I thought "No matter, I'll just go closed canopy". Then realized my vac-formed windscreen does not match the main canopy in cross-section, so....canopy up it is. Thanks for looking, and Merry Christmas. jp
  14. johncrow

    Su-33 Sea Flanker

    For sure!! I want one all folded up.....bet I can build it in a year! jp
  15. johncrow

    Su-33 Sea Flanker

    I appreciate that, Out2gtcha. I initially had plans of foiling the engine area as you did on your fantastic Flanker...but sadly giving up on that was one of the many concessions I have made just to get this thing done. But the next build...for sure. That just sets off the whole model for me.