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  1. I tried it for the first time a few days ago...only on some small parts, but thinned 50-50 with Tamiya Lacquer thinner (yellow cap) it seemed to work great. But truthfully, that was only a test to see if I want to try it on something bigger when I have a chance. And I do..... jp
  2. Dan I echo this whole-heartedly. I switched to MRP last spring, and it was a game-changer for me. If I want to be lazy in my leisure pursuits...I can with this paint. It is way too easy to use, and the results are the best I've ever achieved. The smell, at least to me, was certainly no worse than what I got using some enamels. I have a decent spray booth, which no doubt helps, but if you are currently using enamels, I bet the smell will not be an issue for you. The F-106 is my Holy Grail....I've been following this with great interest and can't wait to see it done. You're doing
  3. Thanks Giorgos, JMcD! Much appreciated. I bit of progress to report. One of the vac-formed windscreens from my Su-33 project I initially rejected (but thankfully saved) was better than I thought. With a bit of trimming, a dunk in hot water, some polishing, and dip in Future, it came out OK. These parts look pretty rough yet in their naked state, but I'm pretty happy with how it's progressing. Certainly not perfect, but better than what the Su-30 kit had from the box. Getting to this point took probably 15 times longer on the Su-33, and still looked worse
  4. Thanks, Giorgos. I've a bit more tweaking to do, but it's getting close. I don't have too much new to report. In the time I have I've been mostly cleaning up parts and filling seams and pinholes in the casted nosepiece and the vertical stabs. The tip of the radome looks pretty jacked up. I glued a small piece of styrene to the tip and sanded to shape-- much better. I plan to use a Master pitot for this, and it now fits. I also started to fill the small pinholes on the casted piece. They're mostly confined to the bottom ha
  5. Hi Giorgos, The white piece is the part I cast. Here is the original and the kit from which it came:
  6. Thanks, misha71! This is going to work. After just a few minutes with a file, it matches up fairly nicely. With a bit more work I think I can get that gap to close up. Next stop...fitting the radome. Cheers, jp
  7. A small milestone...I had intended to use the nose piece of a Wolfpack conversion set on this build. I decided to try and make a copy of it, just in case it got horribly disfigured in this build, and if it didn't get ruined, I'd have an extra for maybe another similar project some day. I have no pressure pot, yet. I was not overly optimistic about this, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. A few bubbles and pin holes to address, but it is definitely going to be useable. My only concern is the fitting of this to the kit fuselage parts. I'm sure this casted part a wee bit s
  8. Isn't V1 the point at which one is committed to takeoff? (I was a maintainer, not a pilot, so what I know of that side of things I got off the Smithsonian Channel.) That being the case, I've hit V1 with this project. The work I've done on the nozzles could easily be reversed if it didn't go well, and I could've just built an M2 more or less OOTB. The nozzles are done, at least for the time being. A few details yet to add at some point. Though I'm not thrilled with the step that is present, I'm overall reasonably happy with how they turned ou
  9. Awesome, thanks Marcel! Looking forward to his step-by-step. Cheers, jp
  10. I appreciate it, Youngtiger1. The Tan Su-33 was announced when I halfway, give or take, through mine. I thought for sure it would come out before I got mine finished. Nope. I've given up on that. I'm hoping a few things I learned on that build will help with this one. Thanks blackbetty! Progress on this will be sporadic, but it'll get done.
  11. Thanks Ralphy...great minds and all that! I've got this as one of many saved from that site to use as references.
  12. Thanks Misha71! I appreciate it, Marcel! I think I will one day also build an M2...love the camo typically seen on that one.
  13. I’ve always thought the Flanker family was impressive. So far I’ve got a vanilla Su-27, an Su-27UB, and a somewhat reasonable representation of an Su-33. All in 32nd scale, of course. There’s also a bunch of Su-30 variants out there, and I’ve finally decided on the version I want. When I built my Su-33, I initially planned to hang a couple Kh-31 missiles on it. The more I thought about it, the more those didn’t seem right for that build. But I sure wanted to hang them on SOMETHING. I thought about building the Su-30 MKK kit as an Su-30M2, but I didn’t really find any references that showed th
  14. I echo this...I built one a few years ago also. I love it. I have it in my basement, venting up and out a window. It seems very effective, based only on the fact that I can't smell any paint fumes when I use it. I also, in the last year, changed over to using primarily MRP paints...love 'em, but can't smell 'em when airbrushing. As long as I remember to open the window out which I vent.... As I recall, I built this for around $160US. jp
  15. Like many, it varies. Neil Young, 80's, Rush, Triumph, and Thin Lizzy have all been featured in the last six months. But I keep coming back to Iron Maiden. Makes it pretty easy to recall a time 40 or so years ago when a friend and I would be playing some Maiden vinyl and tearing open a new model kit to maim.
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