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  1. hey everyone As I have finished all my side projects that had been hanging around for ages, it's sad to say that I am not going to be bringing out the Star Destroyer now to keep working on. This is mostly because of my impending move inter-state at the end of this year, and it's easier for me to transport it in the current state its in rather than finished. So this leaves me with nothing else to do really other than start sorting my crap out before the move. The other night, I was going through my "stash" I spied a rather sorry looking box, so I pulled it out and was pleased to see this very sleek looking yacht that I had acquired ages ago and forgot all about it. The box is in such sorry state I doubt you could call it a box anymore as none of the sides are standing up /lying straight let alone at right angles. Seeing as the box wont survive a move like this, may as well build it right? I dry fit it last night just to see how big etc: so yeah, not small! I think I'll light this one because its just made for such things. I have some ideas on the inside and as for a paint job - well, I'm thinking of a couple of ideas: Ferrari Red and black with metal highlights, metallic blue and dark grey with maybe white highlights or go in the total opposite direction with matte black all over with red lighting to make it a luxury pirate ship. I'm leaning toward the red but am open to suggestions
  2. Love that blue. Great looking Mustang! Did you use foil for the chrome trim?
  3. Nice build of an iconic aircraft! I always thought about buying this kit but like a lot of others, just didn't. I see Revell re-released this in a wheels up in-flight, no internal details version for a little bit cheaper. Its only available in the original markings version, not the one you've depicted (the far better option IMO)
  4. Is that the Very Fire Kit? I bought the 1/700 version as I wasn't prepared to pay nearly $490au for the kit and detail set. The 700th version is very nice. Veryfire are a relatively new company and their ship kits are very good. I also built the H-class German battleship to do as the Grosser Kurfurst from WOWSL and its very nearly done, but I screwed up on the weathering and some things have broken off into god knows where. The Montana is a cool looking ship though right?
  5. Well, if your ever goung to rig a ship, its the best product to use. It really lives up to its name. Way better than stretched sprue for sure
  6. Whoops, thats a spelling mistake. Meant to be Ez-line.
  7. 9 sheets?! good grief. Still,thats what I would consider to be good value in a kit. Ezine is a fantastic product which really lives up to its name. Makes doing rigging so much easier. The photos have emphasised the faux rusting more than what it is in person. Its much more subtle on my shelf.
  8. Wow, you don't see many of these built these days. Very cool. I've always thought the Condor was a graceful looking bird but the tail fin looks way to short to be effective. Obviously it was but it doesn't look like it would.
  9. Hey everyone I have just finished my HB Alaska after quiet a 3 month stint away from the pressures of the WIP thread and I must say, I really enjoyed it. The kit itself is fantastic and it's got what all ship kit makers should include in every kit - a decent array of PE. The only AM parts I bought were the metal gun barrels from Infinity Models and the Toms Model Works Mk8 Fire Control array ( I thoroughly mucked up the kit part) I've always thought the Alaska was a sleek and aggressive looking ship and when I saw the Black ship on World of Warships, I knew what I was going to do. I swapped out the white highlights for red and used Nato Black and Flat black for the rest. I wanted the camo to look used and crappy - but in reality, it was all an illusion - suckering destroyers into thinking she's almost dead in the water, drawing them in closer then letting rip all 12x16" goodness that were those awesome main batteries I need to apologise for the dust that has made its way onto the deck. We are having renovations done and there is a lot of plaster dust still hanging around, despite my best efforts to keep it clean and a brush off before the shoot, its still found time to settle at the worst possible time. This is my 4th and only surviving 1/350 ship kit, so be gentle. I am painfully aware of the not so good build quality in places. That's enough photos I think. I am pretty happy with it regardless of the faults. The camera makes them look worse (its my excuse and I'm stickin' to it!) As always, thanks for looking Si
  10. I'm super excited - I just bought (after many years of waiting and 1 scam), the re-released Dragon 1/350 1943 Scharnhorst. Got in now while they're available as I heard (true or not- unknown) that they will not be released again. Mind you, I think someone said that last time too but here we are. I'm guessing this re-release is aimed squarely at Trumpeter who are meant to be releasing their 1/350 Shinyhorse soon. I'm not worried about that though, I have been wanting this kit for so long and I'm happy its here again. BNA have them in stock now if your interested in one too
  11. Beautiful work on the Missouri! That rigging would have crossed your eyes a few times I bet? As for your next project, I personally would like to see the Meng kits go together. Not a subject you see a lot of here
  12. OMG, that is brilliant!! So pretty.... If you took pics of this outside it would be hard to tell it apart from the real one. Truely an epic build that most of us will never see in the plastic, metal and everything else that's gone into this piece of automotive art. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Mate, I can barely build one kit in a timeframe which corresponds to this century let alone 6! You have my respect big time
  14. Man, I wish I could achieve such a smooth and glossy finish on my cars. Fantastic result and the photos are just fine!
  15. Nice one Chris! I have been contemplating getting the civil version and making it into the one from The Nightflyer, but from all the review articles I've read about this kit, I'm not sure I want to torture myself that much. I shall enjoy watching your build for now in the meantime
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