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    I'm into Sci-fi, Russian (and to a lesser extent US) military equipment, and the occasional train subjects.

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  1. The Madhatter

    B-2 SPIRIT | 1:72

    this is looking awesome! Great work. looking forward to seeing the end result
  2. The Madhatter

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    Update #1 - playing with the back end So this is what Zvezda give you in terms of detail OOB Nothing wrong with that at all. Once those bells go on, you don't see much unless you're looking I removed the molded on pipes in the middle here because they don't even meet up to the parts at the end. They seem pointless and half done, which on a ship this size is noticeable Now here's what I've added to the surfaces (bear in mind I have only just started and there is a LOT more to do yet! I am just winging these details BTW) The white bits are all cast resin pieces of bits I use a lot of As you can see in those last 2 pics, I've gone outside what is on the filming model and added an insert to make things a little more interesting. I'll be adding some pipes going in later Anyways, I'll update again once I've finished the other sides which will be a while away as I only build 3 nights a week Thanks for stopping in and having a look Si
  3. The Madhatter

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    hopefully this link will work. Paste it into Google for the translated version but the pics speak for themselves I just want to say, this is the guy I developed my taste for detailing from. He inspired me to go outside my comfort level and when you have a look through his various threads - especially the Attack Cruiser (Venator). It's incredible https://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/yatasith/folder/1811646.html Enjoy!
  4. The Madhatter

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    You might appreciate that link i had posted if it had actually gone to where i wanted it to go. Will fix it up tonight Nice job on the Y Wing too Nessus!
  5. The Madhatter

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    I'll have to go have a look for it later. Yeah, I'm using 0.25 as well - anything bigger would look just too big and not in scale. How are you displaying yours? 1 post or 2? I'm thinking 2 poles but I wouldn't mind something other than just posts over a flat stand as that's just a bit boring. I did think of having it hovering over a lit city scape but I'm might save that for the SSD I have plenty of time to think it over You should post some pics of your build on here Chris - I'd like to see what you've done Si
  6. The Madhatter

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    Thanks for the interest guys. I'm hoping to have something to show soon I checked out the PLASMO build and its very nicely done. Im not sure about that method of panel highlighting though. It doesn't seem to suited somehow. But thats just me The Falcon set is really nice and worth the money. I don't have a lighting kit, just my own stuff as I think that's cheaper and just as effective. I did think briefly about using an Arduino board but there's nothing that needs that kind of control. See you all again soon
  7. Hi everyone Well, time to bite the bullet and start on the "smaller" of the 2 Star Destroyers I have in my stash (well really, the Bandai mini SD's are the smallest I have but they are not ones I am going to detail). The bigger one is the Korbanth Super Star Destroyer which measures out to be about a meter or so long! The Bandai ones are to go with the SSD. I will build the monster one day but I want to tackle the one that requires the least amount of work first. I'll have to clear some room on my display shelf even for the standard SD but I think this will be worth it. This kit needs no introduction as there have been a multitude of these built online. I bought this ages ago but just haven't had the mojo to put in the effort it deserves. I will be adding details and of course lighting (which goes without saying really). To go with this kit, I have the Falcon 3D printed hangar bay, rubbish chute, shield generators and engine bells - all of which are beautifully made and smooth as a babies behind. I might even go to Shapeways and order a set of gun turrets too. No pictures as yet as I have only just started but I'll add some soon enough. As always, your feedback will be welcomed throughout the build - good or bad. If something looks wrong, say something. As nice as it is, I don't always need a "good job" and constructive critique is a good way to learn and be a better modeller. I will be starting with the engine block and have already removed the smaller molded on piping as they don't connect to the parts that they're meant to. It just looks weird See you all again soon Si
  8. The Madhatter

    Revell 1/144 AN-124

    thanks very much guys - I thought this had run its course but its great to see some renewed interest in this. It is an awesome looking machine isn't it. I am hanging out for the Revell Release of the AN-226 hopefully later this year. Just love this scheme though - plain and simple but very attractive Your quite right - I think I will leave it as my focus has shifted onto other subjects and I can live with it. It's never going to be in a show so am not overly concerned Thanks for the back up though
  9. The Madhatter

    1:35 WHIF M983 + M901 Launch Station

    thanks guys I had the set up out for something else but I just took an opportunity to snap off some pics whilst it was all there I changed the thread title because I think I "Special Forces" might be stretching it a bit It was more just an excuse to paint it black
  10. The Madhatter

    1:35 WHIF M983 + M901 Launch Station

    That's enough pictures I think but thanks for looking in Si
  11. The Madhatter

    1:35 WHIF M983 + M901 Launch Station

    Got a fair amount of work done over the past couple of weeks. The tractor is almost done - I still have a few things to add on and tidy up, plus I have a bit more weathering to do to it. The launcher trailer has been started and I did look to have the legs articulated but I just couldn't be bothered in the end Anyway, I had the camera out today doing other things but I took a few shots of the build as it is
  12. The Madhatter

    1:35 WHIF M983 + M901 Launch Station

    thanks Mark This is the ARV Club version I used Mr Hobby H312 for the interior Si
  13. The Madhatter

    1:35 WHIF M983 + M901 Launch Station

    And some bits band bobs also for the chassis: Well, that's all I have for now, but if you have any suggestions about the colour scheme etc, I am open to them! Thanks for dropping in and having a look Simon
  14. The Madhatter

    1:35 WHIF M983 + M901 Launch Station

    Hi guys I saw this kit in the pile the other day and decided to go back to work on it. I had started this about a year ago and never got very far with it until now as I was stuck on which scheme to choose. Never one to conform to what the instructions tell me and the fact that I wanted this to look evil, I decided to turn this into a Special Forces HEMTT- which basically means it'll be black and not yellow. I may even add some dark and light green to give it some camo although I'm still debating that one. To go with it, I also have a Meng 1:35 M911-C (https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-YsTp-NYz6i0/Wr2ZfrhfaOI/AAAAAAACSOs/Ht7PvyUEXdgVDt6joyAFbDfPwoce207AACLcBGAs/s1600/Meng%2BM911%2BC-HET%2B%25282%2529.JPG) on it's way to me (for a lot less than the cost dealers @ Expo had it for: ie, $157AU shipped). This will also be black (hell yeah!) and to go on the back of it as it is a transporter, will be a Meng Israeli Merkava MK 3D Late (the best looking tank ever IMO). I did have a small plan to make all of them post-apocalyptic as an excuse to have them in black, however, this would mean a lot of surgery so I changed my mind into making them Special Forces equipment (I doubt very much they have this stuff in real life but as this is WHIF, who cares?) The tank is going to be one re-propositioned by the US SF's, so I was thinking it could be camo'd in a dark jungle/forest style scheme - just to break up the monotony of black. Both of these kits I'll do a thread for much later on, so in the mean time, I'll kick off with the M983 It's super hard to take pictures that will show off the colour variations on the chassis but to the naked eye, they do exist. There is a mix of rubber, NATO, metal and tire black, burnt and dark iron. The weathering will be kept to a minimum and enough to be used but not abused. I am not really into the heavily weathered armour subjects I see a lot of. Yeah they look cool but its just not to my taste. Anyway, enough talking and time for some pics: Here's where I am up to with the cab: more in a sec
  15. The Madhatter

    SBY 1/1000 Andromeda

    Yeah for sure. I have no issues with that and it'd be great too see. I hear you about adult life and the obstacles it presents but in your own time my friend