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  1. You could always cast a copy of the other side if it is possible. Its not hard to make a 2 piece mold of something like that and it beats trying to scratch build it
  2. not much that I can say which hasn't already been said. But that is just awesome work Brett! Really enjoyed watching you bring this together. Your hard work and effort has really paid off Can't wait to see your next subject
  3. One of my all time favourite bands ever. I saw their 747 leaving Singapore when we arrived and was taxing to the terminal a couple of years ago. Love the tail art Will be watching this for sure
  4. Nice paint work on the Porsche - you couldn't miss it that's for sure. Interesting that you mentioned using a bigger nozzle for the 2k clear as I had the same issue recently when I tried it out for the first time a few weeks ago and I was wondering why I was getting really heavy orange peel. I followed the instructions to the millimeter but can only use a 3 needle as that's all I have. The box says you can use a 3 minimum but I didn't get the results I was hoping for.
  5. Whoah!! Im not a bike fan but of you took pics of that outside, it would pass for the real deal. That is awesome!
  6. What silver paint did you use? Its a fantastic finish
  7. OMGG that is just awesome Brett! An award winner if ever there was one Those raised rivets are just sublime on this. How much more weathering are you planning to do this? It looks great as is
  8. Nice paint work so far Ron! You going to go down the rabbit hole that is PE railings etc? The deck looks good to, although you can change the colour if you wanted to with a wash (something I do regularly with these wooden decks - it can make a big difference for the better) Looking forward to the next update
  9. That's pretty cool, I like it. Has a Gerry Anderson feel to it. I can see a few different ways to use the base kit for something sci-fi Looking forward to the next update
  10. Thanks Tom! IMO, this trumps pretty much everything else I've done detail wise. Got plenty of time to see if the painting etc comes up to par! Mark I'll take a photo of the parts next to a ruler next time I take some pics.
  11. hey everyone I took some time today to make use of the awesome daylight we've had here to get some more detailed shots of where I am up to right now. I'll have some more time to myself this week as the wife and child are heading off to see her family before Xmas before I go up to Brisbane to join them later. I hope to be able to use that time constructively So yeah, the last set of photos didn't really convey what I'd actually done, and here's hoping these ones tell a better story Well, t
  12. That is just sweet as bro! Love it I wish I had your painting talents - that's for sure! What's on the bench after this? **cough** sci-fi
  13. thanks guys Need to take better photos though - the ones above are terrible really
  14. Thanks Chris! Quick update while I wait for my work meeting to kick off. I took some pics last night of one of many test fits of the front sidewalls and upper and lower hull plates. I have to keep adding the walls and plates together to make sure the detailing I've added tot he underside of the edge on the top plate and again on the bottom plate don't interfere with the details on the sidewalls etc. Its very time consuming but it'll all look pretty cool once its together. Excuse the not so great photos. I promise next time they will be clearer
  15. Thanks guys! Ray, the Zvezda boxing is an original release by Zvezda. Revell recently reboxed it under their name. I bought this in 2017 not long after it got released but had to gather the mojo to do what I'm doing to it. My next build will be a lot less full on
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