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  1. Those blades look awesome, great work on fixing them!
  2. Nice work on this Chris. I built one of these many years ago and also found the wing root fit to be less than stellar. Its a big bird though huh? I've pondered getting a 1/144 version and making it jet powered instead. Maybe one day I will but it's great to see another one of these 72nd kits being built Which scheme are you going for? I always thought the German one looks more interesting than a standard overall grey
  3. Holy good deity that's an awesome Birdcage! Loved the WIP thread. I always thought your scifi builds were amazing but I'm seriously blown away at how awesome your real subjects are. The weathering is perfect. It makes me want to buy one
  4. A person's IQ is 150 minus the amount of toilet paper rolls they have..... Apparently this whole tp debacle started because a doctor somewhere said publicly that the runs can be a symptom.
  5. Thankyou guys. Im going to take a short break from this to build a couple of ship kits ( as well as make some new molds using new parts from said new ship kits ). I think I have settled on my plan of attack regarding painting verse fibers: I'm going to paint the side walls first, attach the fibers and then glue all the parts together, tie up loose detailing then paint the rest. That should be fine. Seems so logical and obvious really So, the next update will see painted parts! Yay
  6. LOL, surprisingly I don't have movies playing in the background as I get too distracted and tend to watch more than build. I just have music playing instead. Mostly drum and bass of late. I have a great play list that gets thrashed on my build nights.
  7. This sums up Australia's response aptly: Utterly ridiculous IMO. I don't know whoever said that you'd need toilet paper for a respiratory disease
  8. Thanks guys. I have about 4 cm left of the top side to do then I'll flip it over to add a few details underneath All being well, this should see the first coat of paint next week - if not, the week after
  9. I had the camera out today for other things and decided today is a good a day as any to take a couple of update shots. I'm not as far along as I would have liked but I had the spare time. I'm almost finished the top. I just have to finish the edging and then the top will be considered done. I test fitted the bridge to the body to make sure I could. There are definitely going to be fitting issues but nothing some super glue won't take care of. Looks like I'll also have to add some more details once the body has been glued together to help tie in the areas better. This adds to the ever compounding issue of painting first or not (first world problems....) Anyways, that's all the pics I took but thanks for looking in. Si
  10. Just caught up with this build and mate, what you've done is exceptional!! Great paint work. Something I personally struggle with for sure The weathering is spot on! Looking forward to the beauty shots
  11. Its a shame about the hull issue, especially on such an expensive kit. Fixable for sure, but TBH, you shouldn't have to. It would almost be worth sending it back to Trumpeter to replace, given you won't be starting it anytime soon Im waiting for the Scharnhorst to be released myself, although I did like the Olympus.
  12. Great too see progress on this beast Tom. What are you going to use for the instrument panel? PE or will you scratch it?
  13. Thanks Gazzas I remember once when I built the Venator, a guy from Canada (I think, it was many years ago & I cant remember exactly where) bought one and upon receipt of it, sent me a rather angry email accusing me basically of deception because it was a lot smaller than he thought. I couldn't help but have a quiet chuckle to myself as I'd put plenty of size reference shots un the thread at the start. Neeless to say, I never saw a build thread of it from him. Thanks Mark as well. I think it adds so much more depth to a wall. Besides, the spaces look like they should be a door of sorts, so it feels right to make a machine wall to go behind.
  14. Thanks guys and thank your wife for me too please Chris. The next update will be when im finished the whole top section
  15. Thanks Brett I find it to be the perfect size. Big enough to super detail without being so overwhelming. Bit like the Venator
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