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  1. Lol , well in that case, it makes sense. I didn't know you're moving. Glad to hear your keeping the scifi stuff Where are you moving to?
  2. I don't get that? The review was pretty glowing, so what's not right with it that you're offloading it so urgently?
  3. Like the others have said before me, that is awesome! Didn't think I'd like that scheme but I'm happy to be wrong. Great job Kike!
  4. That's looking awesome!!!! Those masks seem to be really good. Maybe one day I'll build another one and use this scheme. I hope you get better soon. Take it easy
  5. can't offer anything constructive as you're doing a way better job than I could, so I shall just praise your work and continue to be amazed at how real those seat belts look - and that head rest Really awesome work Brett!
  6. I'm looking at these photos and it's like looking at the real thing. I have to remind myself that it's a model I've not had much luck soldering brass so I'm guessing white metal is easier? At any rate, this is one amazing build and I shall be watching it come together.
  7. Holy deity that's some nice painting! Just come across this thread and I'm glad I peaked inside. Nice man cave BTW! Great work on the Birdcage Brett - you seem to have a knack of being able to produce awesome results not matter the subject type, be it Sci-Fi, ships, tanks or planes. Looking forward to seeing more!
  8. thanks ringleheim Yeah, it's pretty small measuring in at 19cm long. That bridge section is only 3mm in width but the amount of detail on it goes to show the advancement in tooling and molding techniques. Simply amazing
  9. Hi guys As a little side project, I bought myself one of those new little SSD's that were released not long ago to put on my desk at work. I have the Korbanth kit as well but that's not really a work friendly display item (would certainly raise a few eyebrows on the train in though! ;D ) Straight from the box the way Bandai intended it to be. No adding details or what not. Just slap it together and paint it. So easy I painted it in Tamiya paints: Light Grey (XF-65/66 I think) and Dark Grey XF-24, highlighted using pastels and powders It was a fun kit and goes together very easily - although as many before me have said - the parts are very small so handle carefully Like I said, its a fun kit and well, let's face it, it the only-option choice if you don't want to shell out a heap for a huge resin kit That's it but thanks for looking Si
  10. Thanks for the useful tip! I've yet to buy the start up kit from Arduino but it's on the top of my to-buy list. Thanks for the vote in confidence mate. I'm looking forward to the paint stage! Thanks Mark, there's a few other parts like the scattered around. At the back there are parts going into various surfaces. The resin parts are my casts of different kits I use a lot of. Its purely a money saving use for me
  11. Hi again Last update before a short tools down period. I've not really spent as much time on the bench as I thought I would but did still manage some decent progress The front end is as busy as I want it now. Just need to start filling out areas around the hull. I won't go to crazy as I want to try keep to the grand scale and immensity of the ship. At the same time, most of this detail will likely be obscured by the paint. Well, that's it for now but feel free to share any thoughts you may have Till next time Si
  12. Thanks mate! I'll be honest, sometimes I ask myself the exact same thing, but I am determined to finish it and to an extent, I do enjoy detailing it. I have almost finished detailing the front roof section and will be starting the rest of the superstructure side walls in the next couple of days. The roof section has taken me a lot longer to do than I thought. World of Warships hasn't helped either.....
  13. oh, the nose is there alright, but it's supposedly not as high on the studio one as it is on the Zvezda kit. I can live with it quite happily though
  14. hi fellas Time for a quick update. The wife is heading away for a week with the boy, so I shall have lots of spare time to invest in getting some serious work done on this - provided World of Warships doesn't interfere too much. I promise nothing.... I've started work on the "nose" as you'll see. I steered clear of cutting it off and dropping it like others before me. Fair enough if I was replicating the studio build but it's not necessary here. I realised I had cut out the backing board where the front roof sits thinking there would be something sitting in front of it - there is, but it's not what I thought. A quick sheet of styrene fixed that and I shall add some detail to it in due course. My intention is to have some pipes running back over the edge up into the cavity above it. Time will tell if that will be something that could work as the roofs will be the last thing to be glued on after the fibers have gone in. Still lots of detail to add to the rest of the surface but I am getting there slowly but surely The rear side roofs are also completed and ready to go on. They were a nice quick and easy job - well, in consideration of everything else they were Well, that's all I have for now, but hopefully the next update will be better As always, thanks for stopping by and having a look Si
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