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  1. 4 hours of masking and this all I got done with another 3 colours to add and mask! And yes, I do ask myself why I do this and the answer is always the same: coz no one else will do it for me
  2. Thanks guys! I did enjoy building this one. Such an iconic car really.
  3. thanks guys. I'm really sorry I haven't replied sooner - in all honesty; I completely forgot! I will be starting the masking tomorrow as the base coat has now fully cured (after 3 weeks, it should be!)
  4. hey all Just finished off a side project in the form of the Tamiya R34 Nismo version. As per usual, its good quality and everything fits as it should. I had no CF decal sheet, so it was just plain black that was matched with SMS Tropical Blue. Interior was black and Magic Blue from Fantasy Game Colours (Vallejo) That's it but thanks for looking!
  5. Im subscribed already to Boylei HT and have been meaning to try out the filament lighting myself after being inspired by his video with the storm trooper. With the filament itself, is it flexible or rigid? If its flexible, how to you create the rigid line of the beam? Where did you run the wires out of for the second beam (the furthest from the ATST)?
  6. I have been busy with this and have got some colour on it. I only have to fit the nose section and then I can paint the rest of the top half and then of course the bottom. I have found the best colour match to the screen SD's in Gunze paints - in particular their Gundam paint. I'll look the # up if anyone cares enough to ask, but its the right shade (well, to my eyes anyway) to what they're meant to be. The first building is base painted as well, but I haven't taken any pics yet as there is more I want to do before then. Well, that's it for now. I'll glue the nose on tonight and get the top half ready for painting. I'm fine with the black basing, it's the hours of tedious, repetitive masking I'm not looking forward too Anyway, as always, thanks for stopping in and looking Si
  7. that's super cool! Great project to get your mojo back. I hope it stays with you coz right now, it's looking like it's coming back with a vengeance!
  8. LOL - thanks guys By popular vote the flood lighting will stay - somehow. I sealed it up last night after I had taken the pics but before I saw what effect had been accidentally created.
  9. I know I've already posted a fair bit over the past couple of days but I thought I'd share my successful lighting in the one part I had strong doubts about getting lit. The part itself is only 8mm x 5mm x 4mm and there was no way I was going to be able to thread nearly 20 fibers through it, so I went with the flood light method which is cutting off 4mm pieces of single strand fiber and sticking and gluing them just 1mm into the wall and then sealing off the bottom with a strip of styrene (that has some al-foil stuck to the bottom to better reflect the light up). Inside the rear of the wall. I stuck a 2mm SMD upright through another small strip of styrene and then glued that onto the roof. Hopefully the pictures will explain better than what I can in words (sorry for the slightly blurry image there - I was struggling to get the phone to focus) I've already fixed that light leak but I kinda wish I hadn't as I like that floodlit area. Maybe once its been painted black again I can chip a bit out and let that spread. We'll see how much light is left leaking soon enough. Anyway, I was pretty happy with this Thanks for looking Si
  10. Lol, no not quite. I have the Korbanth Superstar destroyer in the stash but after this, I'll need s serious break from StarWars. My next build will either be the 1/350 Scharnhorst or the airbrush spaceship.
  11. LOL - thanks Highlander Quick couple of extra shots showing how high the SD sits above the base:
  12. hey again Got one building done and primed and have started on the second one. I'm hoping to have the first one painted by the weekend. I have already drilled out the holes where the fibers will be going. I lost count after 50 and 8 drill bits later The good news is it won't require a lot big lengths of fiber. I am contemplating sticking in just little bits of fiber and flood lighting the entire inside but I am not sure I can get much light through the top sections. They'd require longer lengths I think. Also, there would not be enough room to angle an LED bright enough to fill the space... unless I used SMD strip? Enough pondering, here are the pics. I used my phone and not my proper camera coz I can't be faffed getting it all set up In black primer with a very light white primer highlight coat brings it all together nicely And together with the new building. I drilled out some vents on the side of the tower and I'll stick in some strips of clear sanded styrene to cover the openings from the inside. With a red LED shining up from the bottom it'll look pretty cool with the sanded styrene diffusing the light nicely. At least - that's the plan and lastly, the new position of both on the surface: Well, I think I have bored you all enough, but as always, please feel free to critique or suggest anything that could be improved. Like, share, subscribe...? LOL I watch way too much Youtube Thanks for looking
  13. That is a very nice update set. I had a good laugh at the kit supplied "pilot" figure. Wonder what drugs whoever sculpted that was on? I almost feel sorry for it Did it come with arms at least?
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