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  1. Its a shame about the hull issue, especially on such an expensive kit. Fixable for sure, but TBH, you shouldn't have to. It would almost be worth sending it back to Trumpeter to replace, given you won't be starting it anytime soon Im waiting for the Scharnhorst to be released myself, although I did like the Olympus.
  2. Great too see progress on this beast Tom. What are you going to use for the instrument panel? PE or will you scratch it?
  3. Thanks Gazzas I remember once when I built the Venator, a guy from Canada (I think, it was many years ago & I cant remember exactly where) bought one and upon receipt of it, sent me a rather angry email accusing me basically of deception because it was a lot smaller than he thought. I couldn't help but have a quiet chuckle to myself as I'd put plenty of size reference shots un the thread at the start. Neeless to say, I never saw a build thread of it from him. Thanks Mark as well. I think it adds so much more depth to a wall. Besides, the spaces look like they should be a door of sorts, so it feels right to make a machine wall to go behind.
  4. Thanks guys and thank your wife for me too please Chris. The next update will be when im finished the whole top section
  5. Thanks Brett I find it to be the perfect size. Big enough to super detail without being so overwhelming. Bit like the Venator
  6. Thanks for the tip Neo - I'll try to remember that when I get to it So, I have managed to get most of the starboard sidewalls and roof parts detailing done with only 3 left to go. Then it'll be time to blend in the walls to the surface and add some other stuff around - then the last part of the top side surface detailing will be over. I'm still deciding if I will paint first then add the fiber or vice versa. I'm leaning toward paint first because I just think it'd be too hard to be able to trim off fibers without damaging the paint work but shuddering at the thought of how much time it'll take to do it like that. No pain no gain right? Anyway, here's some pics of where I am at currently That's it for now, but as always, thanks for stopping in and having a look Si
  7. Great job with the lighting! I'll bite, how did you do the glow in the dark scheme? I'm assuming that the decals are printed in some kind of GITD ink but then we all know what they say about assumption...
  8. I would so be down for one of those. My favourite WW2 Battleship (or battle Cruiser - depends on which side of the tech tree you sit).
  9. I hope Hasegawa release the Cordoba as well. That's the only ship I really like from that series. I built the old Takara one a few years ago but always wished it was bigger. The biggest kit currently around is the Soy-ya resin garage kit but that's hideously and prohibitively expensive: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SOY-YA-CRUSHER-JOE-1-2400-CRUSHER-JOE-Cordoba-RESIN-KIT-EVENT-VER/283441095255?hash=item41fe67e257:g:FHwAAOSwYxtcfWSX In saying that, I do like the angles on this ship. It's very agressive Great job on this one Artoor
  10. Well, once it's done it'll be in the Melbourne Model Expo. Not sure what year though
  11. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I bought a pipe bender the other week which turned up on Monday. It'll be perfect for the job. The pipes do need to be hollow to run the power wires etc through from the base to the ship. I need to do 2 of them so the trick will be getting them both to the same angle. Fingers crossed I get it right
  12. hi guys quick update. I've finished with the top side of the nose section for now and won't be adding any more surface detail to it until it's joined to the rear section. I'll be moving on the the main superstructure sidewalls and finish those off plus the roof sections and then add the last of the surface detail to the right side. Sorry for worktop pictures, but I couldn't be bothered getting out the photo tent tonight - too much effort It's current rest place: Well, that's it for now but as always, thanks for stopping in and having a look Till next time Si
  13. Thanks guys - you're all very kind. I know though - a non red Ferrari?! What's the world coming too? But I actually don't mind it. I let my son decide on this one. One thing's for sure though - I will not be a fan of Yellow, no matter how hard he tries to sell it. The blue is Mr Metallic GZ-204 in case your wondering
  14. Hi guys and girls So recently, my son has become obsessed with cars - in particular the LaFerrari and the Aventador. He got a 1/18 LaFerrari for Xmas, but I remembered that I had the Tamiya one built from a few years ago that was more than a little under whelming in regards to finish. So, after scouring countless pictures with my son, I came across a really nice FXX in blue which I thought would translate nicely to a standard LaFerrari. It looks way better than when I first did it now. The wheels are from the NSX kit which I had left iver and thought would look pretty cool on this - painted in gold titanium. I lost an exhaust nozzle, so I took one off and cast a replacement in resin. You can't tell the cast one apart except for the chrome is slightly different shade. Not worried about it. Well, that's the first one off the blocks for 2020. Now my son wants me to repaint the old Aventador kit I gave him in the same colours - which I shall dutifully do for him Anyway, that's it but thanks for looking Si
  15. I've never really considered the Apache as a desirable build subject until this. That's a great job you've done. Sounds like it was an easy build which is a bonus.
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