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  1. Great job on a difficult kit! I built one a couple years back and it fought me all the way. John
  2. Another great build Chuck - I learn something on every one of your builds. Got me looking at the other -104 kit I have in the stash... John
  3. Thanks very much Bob! The windscreen fit wasn't bad once I clipped the HUD frame down a touch - I'm sure it was the slight angle the IP shroud is sitting at that made the fit even worse. I'll get to the end of this build though. John
  4. I'm just going by this. If it's not clear then maybe that's a web design issue. I appreciate everyone clearing that up for me. John
  5. Thanks for the link. The Learjet is marked "available now" - I don't doubt what you're saying about it being a future release but someone should maybe spend a few minutes daily keeping their website maintained. John
  6. Apologies if this has been asked (yes - I've done my best to scan through 26 pages of posts). But has anyone actually seen or received the one kit marked as their latest release? The D-558 Skystreak is marked as "sold out", and the new release Learjet has a price of $0.00. It seems like even if I wanted to buy one of their kits there aren't any to be had. Anyone have any experience with this company aside from making a pre-order? John
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