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  1. I'd love a quality kit of the -2000 in 1/32, but KH has routinely disappointed me for the last couple years. I gave their 1/48 Su-34 a chance, and it wasn't even fun to work on. Prior to that, the F-86 fought me and won about halfway through after the cockpit came together fabulously and I reached the assembly of the fuselage which refused to mate up properly. I just can't...
  2. I would have forgotten all of my bad experiences with their previous kit in order to get a nice F-5 in 1/32, and then they left out the intakes. SMH. If I'm spending that kind of cash for a kit, it should at least be complete.
  3. My only question is how many segments will the fuselage be made up of? I'm going to guess anywhere from 6-8.
  4. Tanmodel is a small company based in Turkey. It seems to me like they are getting some Turkish subjects out the door to get some cash in and keep their home market buzzing. They've done two boxings of their 1/48 RF-84, a 1/72 T-33, as well as the aforementioned 1/24 TB2 drone and the 1/35 Korkut SPAAG. Seems to me they are getting the job done for a small manufacturer. Their next two projects would appear to be a 1/48 Buccaneer and the 1/32 Sea Flanker.
  5. Bryan, I miss working with good people, but then I remember why I chose to retire. I had a great time but I don't think I could work patrol these days in this environment. There were definitely neighborhood "cop bars" in some places. My last command we tended to just drink on the street behind the precinct - LOL. Still, make the most of your time now! John
  6. Bryan - I know you didn't get to leave on your terms, but you did make it out. I've been retired since '07 from NYPD, and I've been building models ever since! Enjoy retirement - and good work on the car! John
  7. Joel - you're a better man than I. I've bought and tried to build my last KH kit. The 1/48 MiG-25 was just awful, and I had won the 1/32 F-86 at our club's show. I really wanted to build a Texas ANG Sabre, but after assembling the cockpit nothing else fit together properly - a series of butt-joins and bad engineering. My time is precious to me and no model kit is worth getting aggravated over. I'm looking forward to your perseverance. John
  8. Great work Joel! I've been lurking on your build for a while - keep it up! John
  9. Great work so far! Regarding the HUD glass, I do the same thing- just paint the edges with clear green to give the clear part a sense of being "glass". I honestly would not paint the entire part. John
  10. Great work - have this one lingering in the stash. Good luck with your build! John
  11. Awesome work on what by many accounts is a tough kit. And your masking/painting is just off the hook! John
  12. Their F-101A/C isn't too bad, and the Twogar kit was actually a delight in terms of subject matter and parts fit. The MiG-25 was just awful - it went straight into the bin when I tried it. John
  13. Wow - that is just ridiculous. Awesome work! John
  14. Enjoy - I'm looking forward to watching this one - I have the same kit along with a boatload of aftermarket I'm looking to smash into an Israeli F-4E Kurnass. John
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