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  1. I've recorded my trials and tribulations with the Special Hobby Boston IIIa in 1/72. This kit lingered on my bench for way too long, and this was my attempt at getting it done: Get Off My Bench! Please let me know what you think! John
  2. Since I don't know, did you contact sophialynm@gmail.com ? I've had good experience using that email. John
  3. Ok John - take a deep breath and try not to internalize words on the screen. The fact of the matter is that over 90% of those posts are meaningless fluff while posters try to have the xxx post to get a free kit. How about addressing the substance of what I said rather than becoming some kind of internet warrior for the downtrodden on ARC. I read that inane thread to try and learn about the kit, and I wasted precious moments doing so. Also, I support other model websites, but you didn't know that because you're in such a rush to slam me instead. I've got the same handle over there - so feel fre
  4. Let's not forget 300 pages of AMK-induced group therapy. I enjoy discussing model airplane kits and their qualities but that kind of photo analysis is just ludicrous. In any even, yay for a nice F-4E kit! John
  5. Waiting for the red pen brigade to go to work on ARC.
  6. I built the MH-60L when it came out. Compared to the Academy Blackhawk, it's much more detailed. Like any offering from Kitty Hawk - if you take your time and read the instructions carefully it will build into a really nice kit. I think the biggest flaw in the kit is the split fuselage - the belly needs reinforcement to keep its shape - a better design in my opinion would have been a three piece fuselage consisting of a solid lower and two upper halves. Like other KH kits there are a couple of issues raised about accuracy in spots, but I'm very happy with mine. Honestly I might go back in for
  7. Great stuff as always Chuck - lessons learned as always!
  8. Thanks very much for your observations - the antennas was an error I realized too late, as well as the wrong fin tip for that version. As for the pod, I placed it because I was fitting whatever fit on the pylons after a certain point as the instructions were terrible - you literally have to test fit each item onto the pylons to find what fits. But again, thanks!
  9. Yeah - that whole assembly was fiddly. It didn't help that the nose gear had to be installed early in the build...
  10. AK Real Colors Intermediate Blue FS35164 and Light Ghost Grey FS36375
  11. No exocets in box. Thanks Alain! I can't believe they haven't issued this kit in France of all places! Thanks Brian!
  12. I've finished my build - completed pics here. Let me know what you think. John
  13. Completed the KH Mirage 2000C as a -5F. In my opinion this is KH's best effort to date. Assembly was good in spite of the usual bad instructions. I like the addition of the resin pilot and exhaust. The decals were thick and did not respond to setting solutions. In spite of decals for French, Greek, Brazilian and Taiwanese airframes, there are only French stencils. Also, no information is provided for the 4 different rudder tips and two noses, so check references before assembly. This wasn't my best work - I found a lot of things I would correct in a future build.
  14. Jens - The colors are AK Real Colors Intermediate Blue FS 35164 and AK Real Colors FS 36375. The nose is Testors Dark Gull Grey FS 36231. Thank you all for the encouragement! John
  15. Ok sorry for the delay as real life sometimes gets in the way. I’m still working on decals so here’s an in-progress look: Decals on the left side. The decals are thick and do not adhere well all of the time. Soaking decals (especially the walkway lines) in Solvaset isn’t helping much. I’m repeatedly poking holes in them to try and get more setting solution to pull them flat: Left forward fuselage. You can see the thickness of the decals if you look at the aircraft number: Left side of the rudder. Again, the “Armee De L’Air” decals are fighting every applic
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