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  1. It was a play on tapas - small plates compared to shorter videos. Sorry if that only made sense to me... John
  2. Thanks Maru - I'm glad you're enjoying the videos! Moving between our daughter's place and home we've managed to stay pretty warm. Power outages were an issue for almost three days but we're well. Thank you very much for your concern! John
  3. I found them on eBay - they're from a company in Poland called Model Maker. I hope they work well. John
  4. Thanks very much Pascal! I watch Plasmo's videos, and I think we each have a different style that we bring to the table - bearing in mind that he's been at this for 2 or 3 years and I just started in August of last year. But I hope you'll continue to follow my progress. John
  5. Thanks very much - I will endeavor to keep things moving! I very much appreciate your feedback! I'm always trying to make these videos a little better each time. John
  6. Glad you enjoyed it - making video builds has been a learning experience for me. Make sure to leave any suggestions in the video comments so I can improve. John
  7. I appreciate your opinion. Since we don't have a folder for videos, here we are... John
  8. Thanks again Chuck! I'll always admit my errors (except when I'm at a contest...) because that's all part of discussing any kit. And to be honest that was the first time in a very long time I used tweezers on a decal - needless to say my last. John
  9. And it's done... Thanks again to chuck540z3 for your help and inspiration!
  10. That may all be relevant to the real aircraft but the OP is about a model airplane.
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