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  1. Holy smoking Jozef, why to build out of one box , when you can build the way William does. Go William !
  2. Catching up with this build, impressive as always John. Cheers Martin
  3. Here we a proof that Revell's kit is actually very decent and buildable, great job Sergei
  4. Some of those pictures look like the real deal, very impressive ! Thanks for sharing. Cheers Martin
  5. So nice to see some Swedish scheme on a Hunter. Well done, nicely weathered as well. Bravo! Cheers Martin
  6. Lovely work Tom, I really like the titanium shades. Cheers Martin
  7. Incredible finish as always Petre, absolutely amazing aluminium look and crisp detail.I like the rubber seal on the edge of the canopy frame. Bravo! Cheers Martin
  8. Very nice build Thomas. Great choice of subject too Cheers Martin
  9. I like how you removed the outer gun fairings, nice touch. And again , impeccable build. Cheers Martin
  10. Incredibly clean and detailed build. Thank You for sharing. Cheers Martin
  11. This is right in my alley, great result. Bravo! Cheers Martin
  12. As Dale's pointed above, this is a very fitting tribute to an exceptional woman. Great photography of perfectly executed VVS fighter plane. I love your style Sergey. Thank You for sharing. Cheers Martin
  13. Beautiful result Miloslave, you skill set is second to none. Bravo! Cheers Martin
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