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  1. Flawless, inspirational and realistic. Enough said :). Thank You for sharing John. Cheers Martin
  2. Exceptional work as always William, and ultra fast too. As mentioned before , that pilot looks Uber-real ! That antenna wire installation takes my breath. Flawless. Truly yours Martin PS: see, I didn't say anything stupid
  3. Fantastic progress Carl..
  4. amazing work as always John. , joy to follow
  5. Great subject William, I am pulling out my comfy chair :)
  6. Incredible airbrush control, ultra-fine finish as always, Bravo!
  7. Ahoj Peto, what a fantastic result. In my eyes this one of the best model of "red 7". Bravo ! Martin
  8. Second that, a joy to follow. Cheers Martin
  9. Great choice of subject, I will follow with interest. Cheers Martin
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