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  1. Rhetorical question : How many people put landing gear indicators on they Spitfires? This is such a remarkable tribute to Mark 14 William. Can't wait to see better pictures in the gallery. Needless to say, this is all possible thanks to Brian, who allowed you to live long enough to accomplish this , when he noticed your suffocation dance in Phoenix and gave you quick Heimlich . Thank You Brian. Also, if it was me sitting beside you at that time, the outcome would be vastly different, but certainly more entertaining . All the best my friend. Cheers M.
  2. Or you want to go even faster and higher ? ....... with Mig-25 :) http://rusadventures.com/tour6.shtml
  3. € 12’500 for 25min without supersonic € 14’500 for 45min with supersonic flight edge of the space € 17’500 for a 50 min flight
  4. Brian, how is that even possible? We have to track her down together, one day . This picture is simply epic.
  5. Great discussion guys, some great kits on display as well. I have been dreaming about Reno ever since I was a little kid and my Dad told me about these crazy racers in old warbirds. The sheer idea of turning an old fighter plane into a racer screams American dream !, all the way. I know, that might sound little cliché, but it wasn't like that when I was a youngster It's a great tradition that saved lots of old planes, dreams and memories.
  6. Realistic, tasteful simply outstanding work Miloslave. Tonal breakdown of the olive drab shade looks fantastic, Bravo! Cheers M.
  7. Phenomenal work Eric, clean and crisp filled with ingenious problem solving, Bravo! Cheers Martin
  8. This is hands down "the nicest" Mig-23 I have seen on the net to date. Bravo! Thanks for sharing Peter. Cheers Martin
  9. That yellow floaty brings everything to life. I swear pictures 4,5,6 look almost real. Exceptional work William. And thank you for posting them. BTW: what picture host provider are you using. Imgur killed 80% of my collection, so I was wondering. Cheers Martin
  10. Order placed, Thank You !
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