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  1. Master Modeller is back in the house ! I am pulling out my comfy chair Fabulous work as always Jan. Cheers M.
  2. This is a very good, often forgotten point.
  3. We are in desperate need of a decent, early A3/4 Fw- 190. On top of that , what a great time for 1/32nd scale ! We get new release every six months, this use to be unheard of 10 years back. Despite my spoiled nature I do appreciate every new release in 1/32 and it doesn't matter if it's my favourite type/marking/etc..
  4. Most impressive demonstration of mad skills. thank you for sharing Radu. Cheers Martin
  5. Execution and detail are master class. That scheme bring back lots of memories from the past. Thank you for sharing . Cheers Martin
  6. Absolutely beautiful build , this kit is relatively challenging, but you tackle it with precision and grace. Bravo ! Cheers Martin
  7. Thank you for sharing. Nice and clear shots. this one is absolutely mind-blowing
  8. Absolutely incredible work. Thank you for sharing. Cheers Martin
  9. Totally agreed, this was such a irrational move, almost contra productive .
  10. It's not mine, I just pulled it out from Helmsman's collection.
  11. Another one from Helsman's collection
  12. Not sure about the scale, but very pretty indeed
  13. Absolutely, sleek lines with striking maple leafs on the NMF is probably the most sexy livery from any post war Lancaster.
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