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  1. The propeller is my favourite part of this Spitfire generation and from where I sit seems to be spot on . Work of beauty William.
  2. Madness , lack of resin dust and general mess makes me feel very inferior
  3. yes indeed unless....... somebody is secretly re-working old Matchbox kit...
  4. Holy smokes Peter, that's priceless , thank you for sharing.
  5. I like the idea of the "sentimental build", looks awesome too. Cheers M.
  6. I believe this is Canadian spit as well, 416ish ?
  7. another picture showing wear on the insignia
  8. Yes indeed, also the kicked out trim tab on the rudder and beaten prop. blades as you mentioned last time. Another interesting thing is that blotchy patine/wear on the surface and mess around the main fuel tank.
  9. Those German copycats are never going to achieve cool factor 8, like the famous T-34 for example. No matter how many fuel drums they store aboard.........
  10. If I am not mistaken the later model Tiger 1 were using gasoline powered Maybach HL230. So Tank-B-Q would be a feasible option Here is another example from SpB 506
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