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  1. Phenomenal problem solving , now we are talking B-24, Bravo!
  2. Ok Quang, after you posted pictures of the real plane, where is the actual model? Most impressive. Cheers Martin
  3. Thank You Brian, I use to be so jelly about your trial rig and secretly hoping that Chrysler would one day bring in a truck version of a Wrangler. And here we go, all of sudden there was a Gladiator, and then I planned some mods and Boom, all of sudden here is a Mojave. Will be erasing the orange accent first, then smart cap canopy and perhaps quick wheel-swap with my wife's Wrangler's 35's.
  4. Ordered it in January, Finally home
  5. Very motivational build Kev, I just finished watching Mandalorian this week and builds like this make me wanna build his rodded N-1 fighter, or to scalp Grogu out of epoxy putty.
  6. Tamiya resin putty rolled up into a tiny snake, then progressive toothpick action.
  7. Just the right amount of weathering, really nice work Daniel. Cheers Martin
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