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  1. Ahoj Peto, what a fantastic result. In my eyes this one of the best model of "red 7". Bravo ! Martin
  2. Second that, a joy to follow. Cheers Martin
  3. Great choice of subject, I will follow with interest. Cheers Martin
  4. Very clean build. I like the discolouration of the radome, nice touch.
  5. Happy belated birthday Maru ! YAY !!! :)
  6. Really nice result , Bravo! Cheers M.
  7. S T U N N I N G !!! Absolutely balanced weathering and precise assembly as always . Museum quality. Thank You for sharing Janko Cheers Martin
  8. That looks really good Sergey, very realistic. Cheers Martin
  9. The F-15C/D aircraft with the MSIP upgrade began entering the Air Force inventory in 1985. (8:132-133) The last F-15 aircraft modified for MSIP improvements left Robins AFB on 20 March 1997. F-15C/D aircraft are currently assigned to Eglin AFB, Florida; Elmendorf AFB, Alaska; Kadena AB, Japan; RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom; Langley AFB, Virginia; Mountain Home AFB, Idaho; Nellis AFB, Nevada; Spangdahlem AB, Germany; and Tyndall AFB, Florida. (8:77,91,93) source
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