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  1. That is one area that every kit gets wrong (likely due to mold limitations I guess?) is the sharpness of the facet edges. They're never as crisp as the prototype. Well done, looks great!
  2. Can you do the two pieces, thin each by about 25%, and use one on top, and one on bottom, so as not to thicken the bottom plate and lip too much?
  3. My biggest issues to date have just been life, and time, followed by CAD modeling skills (or the utter lack thereof). And of course, finding a printer capable of the resolution and fidelity needed to pull off the parts. Due to their depth, I actually think the printed parts would be plenty sturdy enough for our purposes...I just need to sort out the final design, and fine someone insane enough to make them for me. Long story short, I just haven't had a chance to really sit down and focus on that here since the latest move. Been busy dealing with work, the Covid, earthquakes, a
  4. One trick I use in my optician day job that might help to deepen the "dark" effect of the acrylic, is to paint the edges black as well, before gluing in place. I don't suggest scuffing them first as it will possibly give the paint more surface to "bite" into, it also gives the edges a frosted look that may be visible when they're in place. I do understand that painting the edges makes gluing them in place much trickier. But if you can pull off a nice black edge coat, I think it may help to deepen the effect even more. This is assuming you haven't already glued the acrylic in pla
  5. Still around - just quiet. Life's curve balls keep coming. Love the progress thus far of course!
  6. Wow. It's been more than a year since I checked in last. Sadly, I'm still waiting for life's dust to settle a bit, and then will look into resuming work on the 117. I'm not honestly sure if I'll ever quite get it finished the way I had hoped, but it certainly has been a fun time building it as I went! Thanks for popping in to say hello. Bri~
  7. Have you given thought to (or tried) an actual tea bag? The silken material used by some companies might be just the thing. I've been searching for the exact right micro mesh myself for years, and even at 1/32 everything is too big/coarse/wrong shape etc. I looked at aerospace engineering companies galore, and super highly specialized micro screen manufacturers, even looked into trying to design a screen myself and having it custom etched. Nothing seemed to work out right. The tea bag fabric stuff was actually the closest match I could find. A spray with a nice mist of dark metalizer pai
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