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  1. I get what you're saying. Had a look around and looked at the pics carefully and yes, most of them are silver painted birds...already have a FS16473 bird, so silver is good. 507 and 606 look good, too. I have some old Koku Fan books as well that have a variety of schemes.... lotsa nice options. Don
  2. Well that figures. A while ago i finish a JASDF Zip with donated Hasegawa decals, and within a month you're talking about releasing some sheets. Now, I decide to shelve 1/32 aircraft and concentrate on cars, and you say "hey!! you guys like?!! Will you buy??!!" Jeez. I'm in. Don
  3. Yup!! Best stocked shop around. Only other shop that came close was the long gone Keiths Hobbies, were on Yonge st. Reminds me, I need to make a run. Don
  4. Have to say, after all the other corrections that have been done, these would be a no brainer. Just think, a one stop correction set or the Trumpeter Kitty Kat from Zactomodels. Add a aftermarket pit, tailpipes/exhaust cans, wheelwells, decals.... I know some will complain about costs, but I've seen some of you guys do just as much, even more on other kits. It's also a TOMCAT!!! most every jet builders favorite!!! Don
  5. Have to say, if I want absolute accuracy on a subject, a well researched and presented documentary is preferable. A Hollywood movie....is entertainment, good or bad. I'll probably watch this one for the "pew pew" factor. Don
  6. Done!! Rough in a few areas, some because of the kit, some the fault of the builder. Definitely a two footer, still happy with the way it turned out.
  7. Tamiya 1/32 F-4EJ has one temp scheme https://www.super-hobby.com/products/McDonnell-Douglas-F-4EJ-Phantom-II.html#gallery_start Go to instruction sheets, mixes are given for tamiya paints Don
  8. This kit https://hlj.com/1-48-scale-f-4ej-phantom-fuj35160
  9. Glad i could save it. Would have hated parking it on the SOD again. Doing a few more things (fire bottle, tinwork, windows...) then will get more pics. Don
  10. Second time around i used two light coats, let it set up, then one heavier coat. Think you're right, light coats first. Don
  11. IIRC Fujimi released a 1/48 JASDF F-4EJ with a few of these schemes. They gave color callouts in Gunze colors plus the needed mixes. Did a couple of builds with these colors, long time ago and i can't find the instruction sheets. You would think Hasegawa would have released a kit with these options. Hasegawa did do F-104J releases with aggressor/temporary schemes using greys that are very close/same, maybe try tracking down instruction sheets. One other possibility is Two Bobs did a JASDF Zipper sheet with aggressors, see if it has color callouts?? HTH Don
  12. Looks like a nice fun build!! I remember seeing these a lifetime ago at the department store toy sections. Didn't give them a second glance, weren't "serious" models. Fast forward 4-5 decades and they look like they could be something fun to do... Don
  13. Weather has been very hot today, so bench time it is. Took a look at the body, and started to sand the affected ares with 400 grit wet sand. Going carefully, i found the decals were fine, it was the clearcoat that reacted!! Sanded away the scaly look, unfortunately breaking through in a couple of spots. Wiped off residue, and hit it again with two very light coat of Tamiya glosscoat spraybomb. Looks good. I think the reaction affected the clearcoat, not the decals as they are fine, now. Not perfect, but at least it's a 2 footer now...Will carry on... Don
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