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  1. I have a Tamiya F-4J that i started for the two engine GB that really went no where. I did install the intakes and remove the scab plates. Can i get a yes or no on this please? Don
  2. Nice garage, though a little bare. Needs a project car/money pit. Don
  3. dmthamade


    Some of the old Aurora kits had great paintings as well, although colors(yellow Zero!!) were sometimes off. Don
  4. dmthamade


    Can't forget the Hasegawa kits buy Shigeo Koike. Great stuff.
  5. dmthamade


    Great topic!! Always liked the old Revell WW2 fighter boxarts. Best weren't 1/32, the best were Airfix kits and Revell 1/72 bomber kits. Tree'd by eoyguy!!! Don
  6. https://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/dxm01-3509.htm Just the project if you like JASDF Rhinos and decaling....REALLY like decaling. Don
  7. 300-400 kms a "tankful" would be ok range for me. Don't know the costs for that fill up, but the range is ok for me...I do about 10,000 kms a year so that would be ok. Won't buy one though......yet. I'll give it more time, but I get the feeling an EV is in the future of a lot of drivers. Don
  8. South So this could cover F-14's, F/A-18's, Navy F-4's, A-4/7.... Don
  9. It's been a long time (2017!!) since i actually finished a jet and a while since i've done any aircraft, been playing with cars...hopefully i should find something to do. Don
  10. Some nice scratch built tips....
  11. Launcher parts look presentable, the rocket tips look gross. I needed these for a Marine F-4J based in Da Nang or Chu Lai ( can't remember) .IIRC someone did a MAGAIR Phantom with great scratch built pods(4 shot I believe)
  12. Trumpeter Crusader only source I can remember. These look like a project for AMS. You could try scratch building, dimensions are published, really pretty simple. Not a scratch builder but I did manage to build a pair, year later I found the Trumpeter ones Iost. Size wise they were good to go. Rocket parts do look odd on the Trumpy parts. Yeah, they do look like crap. Don
  13. Any chance you'll do modern subjects? Revell F/A-18E could really use some legs...for us that bought this thing. Don
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