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  1. I'm about 1/4 of the way through the build, dryfitting parts show it'll be a lot of work ahead. I know as modellers, we're supposed to be able to take a kit, build it and create a work of art, but this kit is a whole new level. Not scared of slugging my way, but sometimes ya just gotta take a break. As for fit of parts, it's like there are parts from a Revell kit, other parts from another manufacturers kit, and the manufacturer is Fisher-Price. Now, I haven't binned it (yet), it's in the box in a dark corner. Something I will wait to see is aftermarket gear, SAC would be acceptable as the kit stuff feels weak and needs a lot of work to....work. Don
  2. Stopped working on mine. Pretty much everything has been a battle. Did some dryfitting on the vertical tails, flaps/slats, ang main gear. Flap/slats looked ok wih exception of big sawtooth gap at root of leading edge. Gear fit needs lots of work, tail fins fit like they belong to another kit. Radome mishapen, started with wet/dry, ended with coarse file to get it close... on and on it goes....this kit will really suffer with age. Main gear doors short molded...the shape of the spine? least of the problems IMHO. DON
  3. Don't know what to think about it. Looks like a really lethal crop duster.... Don
  4. Looks great!! Thing about what ifs is, you can put an attractive scheme on most any thing you want. Don
  5. That's a lot of work to get it accurate... have to think (dangerous) that any damage caused by the kids is easier to fix than what you've done here. Don
  6. Great work, hpieters!! I should have cut off and installed the splitter plates as you did. What scheme are you thinking of using? Don
  7. I'm debating how much work i'm going to do to the intakes. Something I do when building jets is to mask and paint them before getting too involved. Guess what I forgot to do....I will say the fit of the parts isn't too bad, small amount of filler would take care of things. Whether I want to...There are screens on the inner surface that in all likelihood be removed sanding in the intake, thanks again Revell. The inner parts of the intakes did fit ok, I have to tell you, I had a BIG pile of shavings and chunks removed to get these to fit. I did install the upper surface, fit was ok, was able to cement the parts you describe through the open front. These two parts do add support to the upper fuselage/wings, fit isn't that great. I should have spent more time on these, will be a PITA to clean up. Don
  8. Oh, I'm still doing battle with this one!! Will be for a while!! Doing a build thread in the Multi engine GB. I've been getting ideas from yours and MarkM, starting to run low on #11 blades and wet/dry sandpaper. Don
  9. This is going to be a colorful build!! Nice change from grey airplanes. Don
  10. Now that's funny This whole kit has been one big correction!!! On my build, there's been a few things that are ok, but it seems like everything gets sanded, scraped, whittled, shortened, cut, modified, corrected...you're doing fine, lots more work ahead. I have to say, I get the most satisfaction from finishing a kit that fights back, it'll be great when your done!!
  11. Relaxing a bit, working on the nose cone. Took a lot of work to get it to mate up to the forward fuselage, cut away all the locators around the gun outlet and shaved away a lot of plastic inside the cone to clear the locator on the fuselage. Cone itself is....odd looking. I did comparisons to published pics, it looks too blunt, needs more of a point. From the top view it looks too fat, should taper more. Has an odd top surface, looks like it has a lump on top near the tip. The part itself has flat spots and high points, i've been sanding away at this thing for hours to get it to resemble a nose. Not a truly accurate comparison, but the pics compare to the Trumpeter kit, at least the Trumpeter closely matches published pics. Not much more that i can do to the nose, is what it is. Constantly skating up hill on this thing... Don
  12. That looks just about right, wouldn't add any more weathering. Too late now, but a white cowl ring and yellow under the nose? Don
  13. I'll have to say, I've done one recent Tamiya 1/32 super kit, a Spitfire, great build, and I have 3 (Corsair, Mustang Mosquito) in the stash, otherwise my recent builds have been other mainstream builds. Revell, Hasegawa, Italeri, Trumpeter are the most common, with Trumpeter leading. Funny, thinking about it now, i'd rather do battle with a kit that fights back than do a Tamiya super kit. Odd.... Don
  14. Yeah, Hornets will do that to you. Build a few on the Tamiya 1/12 F1 cars, big and impressive like 1/32 planes. Look forward to seeing this build. Really like the looks of the current F1 cars, with all the spoilers and aero aids. The MFH kits have always fascinated/terrified me, especially the full detail versions. Will follow along. Don
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