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  1. Unique color scheme!! Fantastic build. Don
  2. Standard pics of the box and parts. Not a lot in the box, have to say, it does look good. I can see the canopy/clear parts are going to need careful work. Don
  3. Good to hear!! Thanks, BradG!! Don
  4. Hello Mods!!! Would like a yes or no on a scheme on a Luftwaffe Piper Super Cub. One is for a tow plane for training gliders, not really a trainer but a support plane in the Group. Has a little bit more color to it than the first choice. What do you think? Don
  5. It's been a while since i've been able to finish anything. Hopefully this should be a straightforward build. These were some of the first aircraft in the post war Luftwaffe, basic trainers. This will use the kit scheme of a bird from....Fluganwarterregiment, Uetersen, Germany, August 1958. Will be yellow overall!! Another scheme included is for AG 51 Immelmann Luftwaffe Sport Flying Group, mainly used for a tow aircraft for glider training. Kit has been reviewed favourably, and does look good in the box.
  6. Pfffttttt!! Do a JASDF build, THEN you can complain about stencils!! Build is looking fantastic!! Look forward to the final pics. Don
  7. Can buy 3 Revell kits to the 1 Tamiya kit. I don't do any of the features of the Tamiya kit, Revell kit built OK for me, and except for adding belts and decals would be OOB. Can do a LOT of Revell builds VS Tamiya builds. Now they just need to do the Fillet tail... Don
  8. That's a really nice clear coat. Was this Testors Wet Look Clear Extreme Lacquer? Is this before or after sanding/polishing? Don
  9. I lasted 10 seconds.... Don
  10. I think the rocket armed Fury would qualify in the Target for Today GB? Don
  11. They'll be good for In the Navy GB. Though about that, too, there is a lot of GB that the same kit could fit into. Don
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