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  1. Great build, in colors not seen often if ever on a 190. Can't remember the last time i saw a early 190 build. Don
  2. Tired of looking at this one on the SOD. Got a hand full of paper towels, cup full of Mr. Color Leveling Thinner and sat out on the rear porch. Half hour later, i got this. Stuff took off the paint, clearcoat and decals quickly and with no damage anywhere. Will have to refill a couple of spots, but this is close to repaint as is. Now i have to think what i will do for decals. Really want the Norm 72 scheme, i'm pretty certain i have the needed decals, but after the trouble with silvering, may rethink this...anyway, i will restart this build. Don
  3. Well, this one went to the SOD. Clear coat did some weird things, to fix this means a complete strip and redo. I should have enough decals to do a redo, but not going to happen for a while. Doing some cars now, also a move will happen within a year to year and a half. Don't want to do an expensive build only to trash or break it due to a move. Don
  4. Well, it's been 6 days of stencils. A quarter of the stencils went on ok, the rest have been either a little or a lot of work. They are either a mix of the Daco or kit decals, some needed a single pass of setting fluid, some needed a shot of Future. Tried 5 different setting solutions, the one that was the most effective on decals was the Tamiya Decal Adhesive, Softener type. After all this, after the gloss clear coat, there are still two or three that have silvered. Also managed to apply two or three in the wrong spots....I'm going to let the clear harden 'til sunday, then hit it with a panel
  5. This has triggered long forgotten memories!! Late 70's-early 80's i was in auto trade school. Campus had an aircraft maintenance course among others. They had aircraft and helicopters for hands on training (non airworthy) One of them was an Avenger. I remember going for lunch, occasionally they would start them up, including the Avenger, lots of smoke out of that one!! Didn't understand the significance of what was there, wonder where that plane went... Don
  6. Color scheme is a surprise!! Are you going to paint the fuselage spine/upper surfaces as well? Any mottling on the sides? Don
  7. That's a nice build!! I did one of these, but i cheated. It was a curbside build, so, easy to do. Don
  8. Have to admit, if you hadn't said anything, i wouldn't have noticed. Did go look at my completed build, just to make sure... Don
  9. Very interested in the tutorial!! Thanks for taking the time!! Don
  10. Good to hear you have a handle on Techmod decals. Can't help too much with the weathering, imagine some chipping/scratches/oil staining? typical stuff. Darker than Dark Earth? Don't think that warrants a strip and repaint. Again. Don
  11. I need to add some history of this aircraft. It still exists, in a museum in Niederalteich, Germany. Named after Gerhard Neumann, engineer with a colorful life. https://f-104.de/geschichte/gerhard-neumann/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerhard_Neumann The aircraft i'm building has a brief history http://www.916-starfighter.de/Large/2373.htm Don
  12. Cockpit does look great, hopefully you can save it. I just sprayed a build with AK Real Colors Modern, and had no issues with paint pulling up. I did prime with my go to, Tamiya spraybomb primer. I wish i had far better ventilation, i would definitely use these and other Acrylic Lacquers, they spray so nicely. Don
  13. Thanks, guys. Have to say, the build took a slight wobble. The stencils silvered, badly. Did everything as per SOP, then the usual fixes for silvering failed. First time using Astra decals, the stencils are all on one sheet, crosses and numerals on different sheet. The stencils that failed all have large areas of clear on them, so when they silver, they SILVER!! I do know the kit stencils work OK, have used them before. Will use them, drawback being they are in english with exception of some specifics. Small enough to be ok(for me, anyway) Time to get back to it. Rainer, what was your ass
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