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  1. dmthamade

    Rules of the Road

    This should be a great GB with so many options and eras covered!! Nothing wild for me, going to start with a Tamiya F-4J. Don
  2. dmthamade

    VF-1 Tomcat decals!!

    Yup!!! BTDT!!! But like i said, i'm getting lazy in my old age!!! If i do the Tamiya 'Cat, i'll be doing the rescribe/aftermarket pit. Don
  3. dmthamade

    VF-1 Tomcat decals!!

    Should have added, i'm getting lazy in my old age. An almost OOB build, just having to add aftermarket decals appeals to me more than rescribing, etc. A Tamiya 'Cat done the same way as their previous 1/32 kits would be the closest thing. Don Actually, never going to happen, but a kit by Hasegawa or Revell would be great. They keep things simple yet detailed enough for me, but pricewise (Revell) a great base for those that want to add aftermarket.
  4. dmthamade

    VF-1 Tomcat decals!!

    For me, the panel lines are the biggest bugaboo. I've rescribed/built the Tamiya kit adding an aftermarket pit as well to be rid of the decal panel. Other than a few shape issues and details, having to rescribe, i'm ok with it. With the VF-1 decal release, i'll build another 'Cat, just have to decide if it'll be a Tamiya or Trumpeter kit. Pros and cons with both, just need to decide which.... Don Tamiya kit is winning, so far...
  5. dmthamade

    VF-1 Tomcat decals!!

    That's a real stretch, a single decal sheet and all of a sudden we think Tamiya is doing a new 1/32 kit?..... Sounds good!! i'll jump on that wagon!! Next year? Don
  6. dmthamade

    VF-1 Tomcat decals!!

    The Revell kit did for me as well!! There was also a feature in FSM of a very nice build of a VF-1 cat. Great era for Navy/Marine colorful schemes!! Don
  7. dmthamade

    VF-1 Tomcat decals!!

    I've been waiting for VF-1 Tomcat decals in 1/32 Gull Grey/White in 1/32 for a long time!!! DXM has done these as well as lo viz schemes. http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/dxm81-3305.htm One more Cat to do!! Don
  8. dmthamade

    Nailhead decals by Jennings Heilig

    Yup!! Remember the great build articles in FSM many many many years ago. Would be great to see some new ones..... Don
  9. dmthamade

    Hornet over Hanoi

    Look forward to the build, Gull Grey/White will look different on the Bug. What squadron will it be? Lots of options, could be a VF fighter or VA attack or VFA fighter /attack, or the Marine squadrons. Lots of colorful schemes, too. Will be great to see... Don
  10. dmthamade

    Building Japanese

    Looks fantastic, Dan!! Tempted to do another JASDF Aggressor....maybe a whatif with a F-35.... Don
  11. dmthamade

    Cutting Edge F-4B/N conversion sets

    I do know about the GT Resins kit, but I have to say i'm OK with the kit cockpit, and since I have a conversion kit already, I don't want the expense of an additional set. I get that the GT set will give me additional detail, but i'm ok with what the CE kit has. I'm interested it how the CE kit is as far as fit, engineering goes. Will parts click in/ will parts need minor trimming/ do I need a 5 litre pail of Squadron green?... Don
  12. Hello all!! I have the complete sets to convert a Tamiya F-4J, has anyone used this set? How was the fit? The engineering? Don
  13. dmthamade

    1957 Chevy..GORGEOUS !

    Great way to get a Tri 5 on the road with the look of a classic and the safety of a modern car !!! Don
  14. dmthamade

    1957 Chevy..GORGEOUS !

    Nothing you've said is wrong or inaccurate, steve!!! I get to work on quite a few older cars, one being a 1956 BelAir in great condition. Brakes work correctly, front end tight and aligned...after servicing it i road tested it...what a wallowing, marginal braking, poor handling beast!!!. Nothing mechanically wrong, but 60 yr old technology...it sukks!!! Romanticize and reminisce all you want, but now, they're a terrible vehicle. OTOH, it does have a beautiful, classic shape... Don
  15. dmthamade

    The Next Airfix 1/24 Kit Will Be...

    1/24 not my interest, in spite of me buying the Typhoon, nor are Spitfires even though I just bought the new Airfix Mk 22/24, BTW it looks like a fantastic kit. BUT, if they did a 1/24 Mk 22/24, that would be an immediate buy!! Griffon power with the big tail and 5 blade prop, don't get much better!! Don