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  1. I have to confess, i've been seriously thinking of just building the Tamiya "J" and applying the "B" decals on it. I have CE conversions for it, i'm just concerned of messing up a kit, and...i'm lazy. Builds never leave the case after being done, so accuracy honestly isn't a serious block for me. I wonder if i could do this and enter it in the upcoming In the Navy Group Build?... Don
  2. The dioramas are nice, characters add life to the scene. Curious, how did you do the grass? Don
  3. Have to agree, nice jets!! How was the HPH Mig conversion? Not a fan of Soviet era stuff but i do like the slant nosed Migs, don't think Trumpeter will do one. D
  4. Quite the variety in builds, covers so many eras. I don't know what it is but really like the Schnieder Cup(?) racer. Don
  5. All excellent builds, i really like the Tony!! Don
  6. The only Russian/Soviet aircraft i would like to see kitted are the MiG23B and MiG27. Don
  7. All great builds, no way to pick a favorite. Have to ask, how many builds do you have going on at the same time? Don
  8. The Cub is a stand out in the case, any other color, it would disappear among all the drab builds. Don
  9. Can't speak for anyone else, but i'm kinda lazy and having used a lot of the Eduard mask sets, i have to admit i will never be able to do as good a job as these sets do. As for the EZ Mask sets, never heard of them. Have to say, i would absolutely support a "home team" company ( canadian ) but they would do well to make it easier to buy, and to release sets for current kits. What i did see on the product list are for kits 10-15 maybe longer years ago. Just my opinion... Don
  10. Have to say, a Vietnam war Marine Phantom in beast mode has been on my bucket list for a very long time, glad to have it done and in the case. Don
  11. Time to start building again. Haven't done much lately, though with winter here and lockdown in effect, now is the time to build. I've always liked the Norn 72 scheme, reminds me of the WWII Luftwaffe bomber scheme. Build will for the most part OOB with some aftermarket. Have seats from AMS, look really good, just have to figure out which one is right or close..exhaust can from Eduard for the late J79. Decals will come from the great Daco sheets, The Ultimate Starfighter Decal Set!! The two top colors are from AK Modern Colors, RC087 Gelboliv RAL 6014 and RC212 Basalt Grau Ral 7012.
  12. Not ashamed to admit i had to google that one....thanks Don
  13. Great idea using balsa for the broken prop blades. You want something to look like real wood, use real wood. Don
  14. Happy New years everyone!! Slow year, just two builds. Better than last year, had one aircraft done. These were don for group builds, first is a Marine phantom. Second is a Piper Super Cub Don
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