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  1. K. Makes sense. Will do...such a basic procedure to forget. Thanks!! Don
  2. Okay, doing a cockpit for a build. Most everything is painted and am at the point to start weathering. Problem is, i forgot the order i did things in. Do you wash, drybrush, flat coat? Do you drybrush, wash, flat coat? Is there another order? Sounds simple enough, but memory fails me, been burning brain cells for most of the night....SOS Don
  3. Did a build on the Trumpeter kit way back in 2011 for an ARC GB. Photo bucket had their way with the pics, but they are back more or less, now. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/224276-trumpeter-fa-18f-132-build/ Don
  4. Fantastic results !! This is a kit that has a LOT of issues, great to see the finished build. Don
  5. Have built the Trumpeter kit and tried the Revell kit. Both need careful dryfitting/scraping/sanding/cussing/alcohol/planning on assembly order...both lacking in the pits, both have accuracy faults, but for engineering and ease of assembly, the Trumpeter kit is "better" than the Revell kit. Either way, both will be challenging, either will drive you nuts. Shame about the Revell kit, a lot of modellers had high expectations, definitely not like many of their recent releases. Don
  6. The ejection loops were masked and painted. Painted them black first, then masked with IIRC 1?mm masking tape from Jammy Dog. IIRC 8-9 stripes per loop, airbrushed with yellow, just enough to cover. Looks better than trying to get a solid bright yellow here, as most pics i see show these to be grimy. I've tried hand brush painting these, using decal strips, twisted lengths of yellow and black sprue...mask and painting gets the best results for me. A little "fun" applying the tape, but results are worth it for me. HTH Don
  7. Doesn't look like it affected the decals. I think I would use a fine tip on the airbrush, low pressure, thin paint and volume and carefully paint the bad spots. Redo weathering and get on with life. Have to say, Tamiya clear in the spray cans or the bottle clear thinned with Mr. Color Levelling Thinner has caused me problems, usually with decals but twice with paint. I think it was due to too heavy an initial coat, thinners were too hot for the surface. switched back to X-20 thinner for now. Don
  8. T-shirt works, just be careful as i see you have a lot attached. At the stage your at, i would hit it with a satin clear, dusted on 'til you're ok with the sheen. HTH. Don
  9. They are both open to walkins, though haven't been to Wheels and Wings in a while. Daileys I was there today, walk in ok. https://www.wheelswingsestore.com/ https://www.daileyhobbies.com/index.htm hth Don
  10. Wheels and Wings on the Danforth carries MMP, as does Daileys Hobbies in Oshawa. Don
  11. Didn't want to overdo the weathering, something i usually end up doing. Wanted it to be a used aircraft, not a derelict. Don
  12. dmthamade

    F 86 Sabre

    Gotta say, i hear what your saying about the kit. Tried to do this kit twice, wanted an RCAF Sabre, but was denied. Life is short, time to move along. Don
  13. Who molds a 1/32 Hurricane? Don Oh!! never mind, I just scrolled upwards.
  14. I'm curious, does this apply to things other than models? Cars, audio/video equipment, cameras, appliances, tools.... Don
  15. Have to think, if it had 4 tanks, it would have to have the gun loaded and Sidewinders on the belly launchers, otherwise it would be useless as an escort. I did a NMF Vietnam bird, did wingtip Winders with pylon mounted tanks, can't remember any pics with 4 tanks though I wasn't looking, either. Maybe for ferry missions 4 tanks? Don
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