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  1. dmthamade

    Revell 1/32 Lockheed P-38J Lightning

    Everything that Tim posted is right on the money. The Trumpeter is a better kit, but depending how you want to go, it can be a lot of work or a whole lot of work. Did do a build on one for a GB, a lot of work but i'm happy with the results. If i did another i would still start with the Trumpeter kit... Don
  2. dmthamade

    Tamiya F-4J VMFA-334 Falcons AOA decals

    It's been a while since i've built anything, looking forward to the build. While going through aftermarket stuff l found some Snakeyes done by VideoAviation. Nice stuff, and have a new loadout. 2 wing tanks, 2 Mk-77s on each inner pylons on TERs flat, LAU-33s on the inner pylon LAU-7 rails, and 4 Mk-82 Snakeyes on the centerline. Nice variety, going to see if AIM-7 in the front wells is viable. Everything up on the board!! I've built a few of the Tamiya Phantoms so i have a pretty good idea what's ahead. Will start in tomorrow. Don
  3. dmthamade

    Do 335 B-2, Eastern Front What If

    It'll be great seeing a DO-335 in a scheme other than the bomber scheme!! Great therapy for the body and mind, too. Don
  4. dmthamade

    Short Sunderland MkII

    I don't know a lot about vacforms, but how do keep the wings from sagging? It has to have one big spar(s) to keep them sag free, and i guess the fuselage needs some reinforcing as well? Don
  5. Hard to believe the incredible amount and variety of builds happening!! Will be an enjoyable GB!! Going to join in with a Tamiya F-4J Marines boxing. Differences from the earlier F-4J issue are the sprue from the F-4C/D kit that include Mk 82s , MERs and TERs as well as a new sprue that has outer wing pylons. Will be mostly OOB but will use the AOA decals for VMFA-334, load out will be either AMS Mk 77 nape on MER centerline with 3 cans, Mk 77 on TERs inner flat two, LAU-33 Zuni pods on LAU-7 launchers on inner pylons inner rails and two wing tanks, OR instead of the two nape on the inner pylons i can do three Mk-82 Snakeyes instead. Not really a colorful, flamboyant scheme that Navair or MAG squadrons displayed, think the loadout will be the feature. Don
  6. dmthamade

    my 2018 builds

    Two builds, both done for Group Builds. Trumpeter Swordfish. A really nice kit that went sideways because i couldn't get the rigging done. Trumpeter P-38 Lightning. Don
  7. dmthamade

    Trumpeter Swordfish 1:32

    Cockpit looks great, I have to say, the PE does help. I built this kit OOB, I found it was a great fitting and engineered kit....until I tried the rigging...I look forward to see how you handle that part, for some reason I have another in the stash and would like to build it right. Don
  8. dmthamade

    Finished in 2018...

    Super builds!! The Cat is my favorite, the staining on the hull/fuselage looks great. Funny, one guy working, the rest standing around....reminds me of government work.... Don
  9. dmthamade

    2018 builds.

    All great builds, and such a variety!! I like the red float plane the most, but I have to confess I don't know what it is!!! Don
  10. dmthamade

    2018 aircraft completions

    I like how you pick the easy camo schemes...especially the Ki-45. Don
  11. dmthamade

    My year of completions.

    All excellent builds, especially the Luftwaffe Zip. Don
  12. dmthamade

    My 2018

    Very nice clean builds. Don
  13. dmthamade

    Rules of the Road

    I would have NO money left, have to live in a cardboard box. Don
  14. dmthamade

    Rules of the Road

    This should be a great GB with so many options and eras covered!! Nothing wild for me, going to start with a Tamiya F-4J. Don
  15. dmthamade

    VF-1 Tomcat decals!!

    Yup!!! BTDT!!! But like i said, i'm getting lazy in my old age!!! If i do the Tamiya 'Cat, i'll be doing the rescribe/aftermarket pit. Don