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  1. A Trumpeter P-38 in 1/32 would be great to see. I had some fit issues on mine along with having to engineer some stuff to overcome areas where Trumpeter could have done better. Did over come them, along with filling most of the rivets that covered...everything!!!In the end i'm happy with the build, but did take a lot of work.
  2. Haven't done much in the way of aircraft for a while, have one done in the case already, but will get some...just in case... Don
  3. Yeah, unfortunately it's one of those viruses that keep on giving. Once in a while i'll get a bolt of pain in the area that'll make me jump and curse...loudly. Getting less and less, not enough to take meds for. Don
  4. That kit is a PITA to do, lots of places to go bad. You did a fine job. Did you use the kit nose gear? Don
  5. Late 50's for me. Mom had it in her 40's. I had it all around my right eye into my scalp. Still have scars. Docs were concerned it would go into the eye, lucky it didn't. Don
  6. Shingles..... have to tell my story. February 2106 did an oopsie and needed a inguinal hernia op, fully filleted, 22 clips 5" incision. Hurt like heck off for 3 months. Have pics if you want... fast forward to September, needed a deep cleaning(neglected my teeth care) a root canal and 2 wisdom teeth extraction...4 hrs in the chair, hut like hell. Jump to November, get a rash on forehead, shingles... hurt like HOLY HELL ON EARTH!!!! Of the three ouchies, the shingles was THE WORSE!!!! Possibly the worse pain in my life!! Everyone, listen up!! You want to avoid shingles!! Get the vaccine!!! Don
  7. Built on a monday when the beginners shift was in...
  8. If/when I get back to aircraft, maybe i'll build one side up, one side down.... Don
  9. Yup!! that's a great build. A challenging build, looks great!! What did you use to fill the rivets on the rear fuselage? Don
  10. Doing more car models, now, but there's this Tamiya P-51 sitting in the stash.... Don
  11. It is a really nice build, looks like a weathered aircraft capable of flying, not an abandoned wreck. Have to ask, where did you source the yellow wiring? Seems to be on all WW2 Luftwaffe aircraft. Don
  12. I used the Vallejo Metal Color line. Just as easy to use as the Model Air. https://acrylicosvallejo.com/en/categoria/hobby/metal-color-en/ Stuff is really durable, used Tamiya tape, green painters tape to mask with no lifting or staining of paint. Dries quickly to handle. Instructions say to wait 12 hrs before masking, I pushed that to 1-2 hrs. Colors used...I can't remember. Except for the panels around the exhaust, I didn't have big differences in shades, I stayed away from really bright colors. I'm thinking 701, 702, 703, 706, 716, 717. Only thing I find is a must, and this is from personal experience, is to NOT use the recommended primer, Gloss black 660. Stuff laid down beautifully, but pulled up with color coat, very frustrating!!! I used tried and true Tamiya Primer, finish is bulletproof. I have tried the paint over other colors and paint types with no lifting problems. Don't know how these paints would work if you wanted a new/shiny finish, i'm thinking maybe prime with Tamiya Gloss Black, either from rattlecan or bottle X-1 thinned with Mr. Color Thinner. I airbrushed these at low pressure, 15-20 PSI, using a Testors Aztek with Tan tip. Don
  13. Thanks for the positives, guys!! For an older finish, I think these paints are great. I don't know how they would be as a glossy new finish. A smooth glossy primer would be the place to start, maybe one coat of primer and one coat of gloss black or even gloss clear. The P-38 disaster was when I built the Trumpeter Lightning for the Color my World Blue GB. First time I used the Vallejo Metal Color paint. Stuff came off with the masking tape. Had to strip off all and start over. I airbrushed these paints, thinned them with the Vallejo Airbrush Thinner. Sprayed nicely, and that's using a Testors Aztek. Don
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