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  1. Some nice scratch built tips....
  2. Launcher parts look presentable, the rocket tips look gross. I needed these for a Marine F-4J based in Da Nang or Chu Lai ( can't remember) .IIRC someone did a MAGAIR Phantom with great scratch built pods(4 shot I believe)
  3. Trumpeter Crusader only source I can remember. These look like a project for AMS. You could try scratch building, dimensions are published, really pretty simple. Not a scratch builder but I did manage to build a pair, year later I found the Trumpeter ones Iost. Size wise they were good to go. Rocket parts do look odd on the Trumpy parts. Yeah, they do look like crap. Don
  4. Any chance you'll do modern subjects? Revell F/A-18E could really use some legs...for us that bought this thing. Don
  5. Have to say, the Vallejo primer for the metal colors was a huge disaster for me. Applied it over a lightly sanded build, should have been enough to give it tooth. Sprayed the metal color on, allowed to dry, then masked for panel painting. Pulled the paint and primer off. Not a little, a LOT!! Followed directions, allowed parts to dry 2 weeks, same results. At least it was easy to strip the paint... I have found using any other paint as a primer resulted in great results with the metal color. Will not hesitate to use the metal color paints as long as i DON'T USE THE VALLEJO PRIMER!!!! Did this as a paint hulk to get the hang of the paint. Used Tamiya spraycan primer. Absolutely no pull up of the paint, just worked!!! My primed P-38 How easy the primer and color coat came off Don
  6. Pro touring? Coyote or EcoBoost? Hoonigan style F-150? Gymkhana? Don
  7. Yeah, try that with a Hemi..The gloss orange looks like the smoothest paint job I've seen in a long time. Need to ask, what did you used to get the roof smooth after removing the vinyl top? Don
  8. Slow year, did one aircraft. Started two more but they basically went nowhere. Trumpeter P-40F, did this to experiment with Vallejo Metal Color paints. Paint scheme/markings not accurate, just a test. Don
  9. U-2 would be nice, a historically significant aircraft. Personal preferences would be a TR-1A with the dorsal pod, sensors(?) on nose, tanks, antennas on belly...looks lethal and sinister with no weapons other than the pilots sidearm. Don
  10. Haven't built a place kit all year IIRC, but have done some car kits. Found most all mainstream car kits leave a lot to be desired as far as fit/finish/engineering goes, they aren't that great. At the hobby shop earlier this year, saw this Tamiya Boxster kit. Wanted to try a Tamiya car kit in 1/25 and am doing a LS 6.0 conversion on one at work. Have to say, the Tamiya kit is just like the aircraft and armor kits, great fit/engineering/finish. Took a while because of lack of time, but pleased with results. This is a curbside kit with no engine detail, molded with closed doors, hood and trunk. Don
  11. So, you say the thunderbolt wings were puttied and smoothed, anyone have pics of this? Maybe we should have a discussion? Thoughtful, civilized repartee?
  12. Stukas, Me109, He111, B-25, P-39, Hurricane, A-20, FW190, all good for the Eastern Front? A Green Heart 190 sounds good... Don
  13. Geez, in a weekend!! I can't get the box open in that time!! Nice build, thoughtful gift. Don
  14. My two sets arrived tonight, look super nice!! Don't know when i'll get around to building a Japanese zip, but now i have the decals to do so. Don
  15. Haven't had to use the big clamps shown...yet, usually i'll use roach clips on the rudder and elastics on the main body. I find tape can slack off, lose tension, whereas elastics will exert constant consistent pressure. Don
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