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  1. dmthamade

    JASDF F-104 Decal Poll

    For me, there's enough online reference available to do this with the basics you provide, the Italeri stencils would complete the set. Placement guide would be as close as a hasegawa 1/48 instruction sheet for the stuff around the pit. Enough out there for me to muddle through it. No Himomaru? Not a big deal, easy to mask/paint... Don
  2. dmthamade

    JASDF F-104 Decal Poll

    Voted yes. There's enough refs available online or in books to get an idea on colors/schemes. I get what you're saying about being a seller, i remember back in the day decal manufacturers saying 1/72 and 1/48 would sell out, but 1/32 were often non sellers.Often times with some "super popular" sheets i rarely ever see builds done with them. Think this is a good way to find out, money/mouth.....usual run is 500 sheets? Don
  3. dmthamade

    TF-104G and (R)F-104G Italeri 1/32 on their way...

    There are some decals out there, but not much for 1/32. Seem to concentrate on 1/144, 1/72, 1/48. Platz decals, Rose Ridge, CAM decals come to mind. I wouldn't mind a 1/32 Blue Impulse Sabre. Don
  4. dmthamade

    Question about Tamiya cement

    Yes!! Be careful!! Don't know the complete facts about MEK, but I use in very small amounts. I get exposed to a LOT of chemicals/lubricants/cleaners at my job, careful to wear appropriate protection when needed/specified. Should look into MEK MSDS, etc. Don
  5. dmthamade

    Question about Tamiya cement

    Works like Pro weld. Very thin, capillary action and use sparingly. A little goes a very long way. Don
  6. dmthamade

    P 80C szech model

    You did a great job on a difficult/PITA kit!! Don
  7. dmthamade

    TF-104G and (R)F-104G Italeri 1/32 on their way...

    I have an old/ancient sheet from a Hasegawa 104, possibly the first release with 56-8666 bird. You are more than welcome to them, though they are out of register, white parts are closer to cream(chronic problem with older Hasegawa sheets) and the blue in the tail insignia is closer to purple. LMK, you could always use them as a guide to print your own. Most all other stencil work can come from the Italeri kit. Don
  8. dmthamade

    MH-47G 160th SOAR Nightstalkers

    Truly great work on the build!! Looking forward to how you do all that hydraulic and electrical work!! Don
  9. dmthamade

    Question about Tamiya cement

    Ever since Tenax has become unobtainium, i've been using MEK, easily supplied from most any hardware store. Large 32 oz tin on left was $15.99, small 1oz bottle of typical Tenax/Squadron/whatever was $5.99....Stuff works EXACTLY like tenax at a fraction of the cost, even evaporates like Tenax if you forget to cap it. I bought two tins of the MEK, think it will be the last solvent cement i'll buy, if it doesn't evaporate first. Don
  10. dmthamade

    Sanding Rubber

    I did a Trumpy Tomcat a long time ago, these parts were a real PITA to do. Like you said, they should have done these like Tamiya, but they didn't. Such a simple part done in resin by a certain resin AMSter would really be appreciated.... Don
  11. Calling this one done (before it gets launched). Spent the last few days looking for the PE sheet because...the gun sights for the pilot and observer are on the sheet. I must have thrown it out when the rigging went sideways...Attached the gear, gun, engine stuff, took some pics and into the case it goes. I still need to figure out some weapon load for it, going to do that at a different time. Don
  12. I can see how all your suggestions would make the job much easier. "Rigging seems hard", no, rigging IS hard!!! This is my first and last biplane, they just don't have any appeal to me. BTDT, i'm ok with the results so far. I have to say, the build itself was OK, fit of parts, engineering, etc all good. Just can't get over the rigging hurdle. The kit comes with clear fuselage parts, doing research on the build I could see how a skilled modeler could really fill the fuselage with a LOT of detail, would be an impressive build. Don
  13. dmthamade

    Bf109 G6 JG300 Yellow 1 Manfred Dieterle

    That scheme has always fascinated/intimidated me. Looking forward to see how you apply it. Don
  14. dmthamade

    Black 4 Bf 109E4 10.NJG 1 1940-41

    The paintwork does look great, mottling is always difficult for me. What paint did you use that stripped off? As for "adventures" building character, don't know about you, but I've had my fill of "character" while building. Don
  15. dmthamade

    Social Modelling. Who does it?

    Stereotypical modeller i am, down in the basement sniffing glue and paint fumes while playing with little plastic toys and watching Star Wars and Star Trek movies, all by myself. Just the way i like it. Nerd/geeking out.. Don