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  1. I have to confess, I've always liked the CF-101 scheme in the gloss grey ( close to fs16473) and the cheat stripe with the zigzag. Tried to see if I could lay out this scheme in the F-35, but it looks.... odd. On the other hand, the F-104 could wear that scheme... Don
  2. Says the set fits the Academy kit? Italeri kit in an Academy box? Be interesting what decals are included. Don
  3. Pretty sure the mask set is by Dn Models. Have two sets, haven't tried yet. I'm curious Chris, what squadron will you do the RCAF F-35 in? Are going to use decals or paint masks?
  4. Pffttt, ultrasonic ones are old school, try the laser cutters.... Don
  5. Short answer for me, yes, they are worth it. I use the xuron for rough, single blade for the fine cut( can't remember brand name ) I took the worn out ones to work, really nice for cutting the fine wires in modern car wire harnesses. Don
  6. Have to agree with the hot lacquer thinner as cause. Have had this happen a long time ago using a bulk lacquer thinner. Switched to the manufacturers thinner or Mr. Color Leveling thinner and all problems went away. Don
  7. Also, use in well ventilated area. Have to mention, strips lacquer paints but doesn't harm the plastic. Don
  8. Last time a paint job went bad, i used Mr. Levelling Thinner and paper towels to remove the paint, did a great job. Didn't soak the build, just put some on a paper towel and wiped the paint away. This made the stripper easier to control, so the wheelwells and pit escaped undamaged. Don
  9. When i did a Luftwaffe Zip with 'winders on the belly, i scratch built the pylons and used two rails from a Tamiya F-4C/D kit, modified. It is really odd there are no NATO launchers included. They turned out good enough for me, someone more skilled should be able to do these simply enough.
  10. I do have lots of pics and most were do in group builds. Brother said the painters dad favors WWII planes, so he can have those. P-38 is my favourite. Second is my recent P-51 Maybe i'll keep these two. Don
  11. Curiosity made me look at a good amount of builds on line, all of them showed these parts with a seam in the middle, seems like no one had an idea to fill the line. I can see by the instructions how important these parts are to fit, odd way for the manufacturer to do this, but maybe no other way. I think i would dryfit the crap out of this, and assemble it the way the kit maker intended. Filling and sanding could be done, but would require LOTS of patience, steel steady hands, no coffee. Any other way looks like a lot of scratch building to support engine at the rear and ring at front. Looking at the instructions and parts, it could be done, patience steady hands and time should get you there. Don
  12. Makes my head hurt reading that and looking at the pic. Got nothing for you, good luck. Don
  13. Thanks guys!! All good responses. I'll let him take the ones he wants. Don
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