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  1. Could possibly post close up photos of the kit parts?
  2. Ignore my website. Use Sprue for all the listings. I haven't had time to work on the site in quit some time. http://store.spruebrothers.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=ams+resin&Submit=Search
  3. Already done them in two tread styles, diamond and lozenge. Sprue has the diamond version right now.
  4. Another week I think. I have to finish this one master and make a few exact copies to make a 4 prop mold.
  5. Here is the almost completed master of the "flared" cuff prop.
  6. I did the IL-2 wheels in resin some time ago. I haven't added them to my Sprue Bros inventory though. Anyone needing them can PM me.
  7. Got one in my stash, watching closely...
  8. Tin cure RTV usually works...Platinum cure will react to the sulfur in some rubber tires and you end up what you describe.
  9. I found a couple in service photos with the tire pattern on the right...I don't know what the pattern would be called, but I did them just to be different.
  10. Same here, I have never use mold release nor talc. Although I have sprayed some (just a dusting) into a mold that was an open face mold and I only needed one more part from it before I cut it up to recycle. I used a Q-tip to rub it around and let it dry before pouring. I got one more perfect casting out of it...
  11. I use a vac chamber for the RTV, I mix up a batch, vac it, making sure the container will be big enough because it raises dramatically. Then pour it into the masters, letting it puddle from the bottom up, then back into the vac chamber for another suck. The chamber I have is an old vintage pressure cooker, it has 6 wingnut dogs, and is extremely well made, heavy and solid. A one inch thick Plexiglas lid with fittings for the vac gauge and hose was made for it. The pressure pot I use is the cheapo from Harbor Freight, I have gone through several over the last 20 years, the only issues with them is the consistency of quality. (check the wing nuts before buying one) Sometimes the seals have to be re-set and I have a mark on the tanks for the alignment when I place the lid on the tank. Once I pour the resin mixture into the molds, I tap the sides (and sometime squeeze the molds) to help release any bubbles. I have almost no issues with trapped bubbles... I also use Platinum cure RTV, I have an old cookie sheet my wife was tossing out that I use to fast cure the molds. I have a space heater that has no elements exposed, the sheet sits on top of it and is the perfect temperature to cure the rubber in about an hour, it also keeps my casting room the correct temp for the resin I know the "big guys" may do things differently, but this works for me.
  12. I have few cast, only the two main wheels will be available. PM me if interested.
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