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  1. Let me know, I can cast the props for you...
  2. I do them on request. PM me if interested in the 'pit or the wheels.
  3. As Thierry said, way too large. I made them for both kits, not even close.
  4. They had to open up another area, it was full. Venders all around the room, and room was large.
  5. I was there as well. I helped Bruce Craig man his venders table. I was impressed as well. Our shows are always well done and well attended. Thanks for coming up for the day.
  6. Working on restock next week. Probably in two weeks for them to be available at Sprue.
  7. I bought this MANY years ago with the thought to do a vignette using this and a 1/32 warbird. $10 or best offer. Any interest, let me know. Shipping in CONUS only please. If this is in violation, delete please.
  8. Thanks for enlightening the crew here. Yes, Bruce and I spent many hours and days researching, measuring and fondling of the shiny one we have here in Oregon. Bruce has a HUGE folder of photos he did himself, along with my own collection I took over many years while traveling to different west coast museums. It is a massive amount of references. Now add all the work you two have put into the mix, it should be one of the most accurate pieces of plastic EVER produced....HOWEVER, we know how it works once it goes to the manufacturers. They could end up looking like those cute little "egg planes" characters...LOL
  9. https://www.warhistoryonline.com/world-war-ii/james-howard-a-one-of-a-kind.html?fbclid=IwAR3hoEwA2jAkj3FAjlkeTlmOD9YsnnK8FE-fezP8cNQtgExaHoiaJrzcNkI
  10. Harold


    The air museum may help.
  11. Anyone wanting the counter weight, I can send it to you in an envelope for $6 shipped.
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