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  1. Just so you know: http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/ams32084.htm
  2. I am tinkering with one right now. The issue I have found, if I make the seat fairly close to scale, it will be sitting way too high.
  3. It's time to feed paypal to replenish supplies.
  4. Harold

    N.California Fires.

    They said the fire itself was creating it's own storm. "firenados"
  5. Harold

    N.California Fires.

    Part of the problem, at least in Cali and Oregon, is there is too much fuel. They have curtailed most of the logging, including cleaning up old, fallen scrub and sick trees.
  6. Harold

    N.California Fires.

    My wife's two oldest kids and her older sister live in Anderson, the fires have been north and west of them. I think they dodged the bullet. But they still have their cars loaded. The Santa Rosa fires destroyed my father-in-laws house he owned for over 40 years, luckily (for him) he sold it several years ago to move into assisted care.
  7. Harold

    AMS Resin late F-5 seat

    Yes, working on it right now, should send a box out tomorrow.
  8. Harold

    revell F-4G wild weasel

    They are the only retailer I have in that area....
  9. Harold

    F4U-5N, Guy Bordellon, Korea 1953

    I think you NAILED IT. Great work...
  10. Harold

    AMS Resin early F-5 seat

    I have no idea...
  11. Harold

    AMS Resin early F-5 seat

    In about two weeks. (you have one in a box ready to go out on Monday)