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  1. Great looking teaser, Wouter, look forward to the RFI suite! And welcome back to the bench!
  2. Went to this show last Saturday. I was surprised there weren't more models on the tables considering they took a year off last year, but who knows? Anyway, here are the LSP's that were on the tables: A Zero, not sure whether it was Tamiya or Hasegawa. Whoever was tasked with making up the model form, forgot scale, manufacturer, and category... P-51D, I think Tamiya, but might be ZM: Couple shots of a nice Hasegawa P-26: Hasegawa Fw190D-9: Hasegawa Hein: The only LSP Jet, a cleanly done Hornet: The only 1/24th entry, a nicely done P-47. It dwarfs the Zero (above): And the star of the LSP's, a beautifully done ZM Ho229. It won first place, and I believe best aircraft: All the wood areas were done with Uschi wood grain decals.
  3. LSP_Ray

    Best early 1/32 BF 109

    That is supposed to become a 3 parter, but I still haven't gotten the impetus to get back to it - not helped by all the new stuff we have been inundated with. Part 3 will mention the Trumpeter canopy issue - that damn taper - if I didn't mention it already. Doing the reviews, it was amazing how accurate the Matchbox kit was in overall shape. The trench-like panel lines and very crude detail dates it tremendously, however. Thanks for the good words for the reviews; I have to admit they were a lot of work! Yes, considering half of Eduard's problems are with the cowling issues, they are perfect candidates for the Alley Cat early 109 conversions. There is/was also a prototype/airspeed record setter conversion out there, too.
  4. LSP_Ray

    Uschi van der Rosten Wood Grain Decal Question

    Their website isn't the best. Use this link: Uschi wood grain decals product list. Here is the Uschi decals in use. I am not sure he used the specific Uschi set, or if this is from generic, but it looks like the specific set. He said he applied them with the help of eye surgery binoculars and scalpels...
  5. LSP_Ray

    Make the others jealous

    They had more than one of each of them!
  6. LSP_Ray

    Make the others jealous

    Don't often get a chance to post here, but picked these two up at the Portland IPMS show today: Wasn't looking to buy any kits unless I found an extra Trumpy Wildcat at a good price, but at $30 for the 262 and $25 for the Fw190, I couldn't pass them up! They had some really good prices on new AFV's, too, but I managed to control myself and only buy the two.
  7. LSP_Ray

    HK B-17...D??? 23/9 the "aisle stand" :)

    That looks much better! I have never worked with the 3D CAD program you are using, but I have done (2D) CAD to make decals, I always drew everything full size, then printed them out at whatever scale I wanted them. That way I never got confused in what scale my decals were printing out at, and it made it easier to draw from references as I was using the original full size dimensions. Not always possible when trying to get stuff to fit in a model that might not be perfectly in scale, but was always a good start.
  8. LSP_Ray

    TOP GUN: Maverik delay reasons

    I agree, and I am about the same height, but if you have ever seen the Youtube video of clips of the other actors scrunching down trying to make him look taller, it is hilarious! Totally unnecessary in real life, but they think the leading man should always be a tall guy.
  9. LSP_Ray

    1/32 KH T-28C in plaid!

    Beautiful scheme! Well done!
  10. LSP_Ray

    P51A hobbycraft 1/32 scale

    That is a superb model, Pascal! Really well done weathering! I have a soft spot for the Air Commando's; one of the pilots was from Oregon, and I met a surviving veteran at the Evergreen museum. He flew the P-47, and I was able to get one of the last copies from him of his self-published memoirs.
  11. LSP_Ray

    Messerschmitt Me-262 Large Scale Set - Out!

    Nice work, Alan and Mitko!
  12. LSP_Ray

    TOP GUN: Maverik delay reasons

    Higher up on the reason list: Haven't found enough actors short enough to make Tom Cruise look taller!
  13. LSP_Ray

    Viper Under The Skin – Special Edition!

    My pre-order is in!
  14. LSP_Ray

    HK B-17...D??? 23/9 the "aisle stand" :)

    Nice work, Craig! Haven't checked your thread for awhile and you have been going great guns!
  15. LSP_Ray

    Post-war JV44 Clean-up

    That is a real beauty, an outstanding, dynamic dio using as little space as possible.