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  1. FYI, I have(had) an extra Revell/Lodela Beau Mk.I/TF.X for sale, my daughter has it now prepped for sale on eBay. If we ask nice she might hold for someone here. Includes ADS decals (Mk. I) and Aviology decals (RCAF Mk.TF.X), plus some unknown resin porcupine exhausts, as well as the Lodela vac TF.X conversion parts, PE, and decals. Box is rough and several parts came off sprues, but all seems to be there. Perfect for this new set. Don't worry, I have two other kits!
  2. That is pretty (I won't mention the wingtip lights)! I like your paint job on the pilot figure, too!
  3. Is that the program that comes with the printer? I really need to take my Silhouette printer out of the box and take a look at it.
  4. Beautiful stuff, John! I think the tail wheel section looks fine as is. Maybe a little dry brushing with a lighter color to highlight parts visible when sealed up, just to make it stand out in there, but really not needed if you don't want to.
  5. That looks nice! I sure would like to see TF.X variant stuff, that is what I plan on building.
  6. Wow, a lot of work on that wingtip! Nice fix.
  7. I am not up on specific B-17 production variants, but I am sure someone can help. And...
  8. I'd say, with that talent, you should master some highly detailed AM products and sell it to all us lesser modelers. Oh, wait.....
  9. Faster for me too today.
  10. Very nice start, the cockpit parts look great!
  11. That looks great! I was going to pass in the CI.II but you are making me think twice.
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