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  1. This will be another awesome project, Peter! BTW, the photos came from this Hyperscale article, which is in 1/32nd. If you can find one of the Planet Models conversion sets, it might help with 3D visualization of conversion parts needed.
  2. I am just glad I got a chance to ride in 909 - and survive - when I did. Might not get a chance again after the insurance companies take a closer look at these operations. FYI, after we landed, engine #3 was spewing oil; the Collings Foundation crew were a bit worried about it. Yes, radials leak but this was a lot more than the other three.
  3. I had forgot about it, too, but it is in our database.
  4. Do you want to start a Work in Progress? Many would want to follow this. I know I would.
  5. Very well done, weathering is excellent! Nice scheme, too!
  6. I think Yellow 1 is the Hasegawa, too. Beautiful work on the eyeball 109; and on all the rest for that matter! Nice collection.
  7. We understand, Andrey, delays are the norm right now. Really look forward to those 1/24 P-47 wheels! I need 3 sets!
  8. Max, I went through the usb stick I brought with me that was supposed to be a backup of my modeling info from my desktop. Unfortunately, the Lightning build wasn't on it. I must have it archived in my desk somewhere, 1500 miles away. Wont be back till June (virus permitting). Sorry.
  9. Man, that is a lot of rigging! Probably deflected all the bullets from the pilot... Looks superb!
  10. Very nice, clean build! Well done ablative coating on the bombs, too.
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