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  1. Yup, my Tiger I is w/o rc stuff. The money I saved went to a full meal deal Aber set: barrel, PE, cleaning rods, etc. I am just surprised I missed those other kits as my fingers were on the pulse of WWII AFV’s at that time which was before I got back into LSP’s. Of course, it was more recently I started getting into the big stuff, so maybe that is why I missed it.
  2. Wow, don’t remember those Tamiya kits at all!
  3. Did Tamiya do a 1:16 JagdTiger? I have their original release KT kit, which was the production turret, but don’t remember a JagdTiger, or a Porsche turret version, which Trumpy did do in 1/16, along with the production turret.
  4. Turned out nice, Kev! Should be a conversation piece for anyone who sees it!
  5. Not really a problem. When judging two kits, you usually find a small error somewhere, either in construction ir finish. If two kits are equally ‘clean’, you can then go to presentation and level of difficulty factor. The modeler who did it by himself would then win over the ‘stuck-on’ details. At least that is how I would judge it.
  6. IIRC, the M is basically an E with the longer fuselage?
  7. Geez, guys: How about we stop arguing about who gets who’s point and just agree that everyone is allowed to build their model any way they want and enjoy doing for whatever reasons.
  8. That turned out nice, Kev, for a resin kit I had hoped to be a bit of fun! Sorry about the lousy casting; I had really never looked closely at the parts, I just thought it looked like an interesting design. I have a couple other kits of theirs, now you have me worried. The Jbot decals are best treated first with an acrylic clear coat. I do the same with my self-generated decals.
  9. Uh-oh, we mentioned WNW and Tamiya in the same thread. Now the rumours are going to start about Tamiya buying the molds for the WNW Lancaster. Estimated retail, $1200.00.
  10. Sanity went out the window a long time ago... Amazing, Peter!
  11. I got one of these routers, too, and it looks to be a great tool. Unfortunately, I was dealing with my broken arm at the time, then left for Oregon for our move so haven't had time to play with it. I think it will be a good bridge between hand work and a Dremel, which works at higher speeds. I got the sander from Troy, too, and that works great! Very handy. I also got a flexible shaft attachment for my Dremel that makes it a lot more comfortable to use. I put the Dremel in a vise and then use the flex shaft like a pen; much nicer for delicate work. If I get some time ( which is really precious
  12. From some of the recent RFI posts, sounds like there soon should be a series of Japanese colors, if not already, from MRP paints, too.
  13. Kitlinx had them on pre-order and I ordered one. Supposedly, they are on a boat headed to the US, but that was several weeks ago, but I haven't heard anything beyond that.
  14. Incredible work as always, Peter! I have a set of rivet plans for the Fw190A-3. They are from Model Art #316, circa 1980's I believe, in 1/48th scale. Not sure how accurate they are, but match up closely with partials in the AJaKS book on the FW. I will email them to you, hopefully tomorrow.
  15. The kit is in stock now at Kitlinx, which is where I bought mine.
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