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  1. Are we going to have to modify and cast parts from a Hasegawa P-47 kit?
  2. That lip Radu observed at the back of the slats is probably a structural feature. If they just ran the upper sheet metal to the back of the slat, the sheet metal would probably vibrate something fierce. A downturn of the sheet metal, or folding it under, greatly strengthens the back edge of the slat between supports. This would mean the slat well would probably be at least double or triple the thickness of the sheet metal, at least, depending on how thick the supports are at the back end. I doubt they end at a knife edge. At any rate, I plan on showing a slight step at the back of the well in 1/32nd scale, as Jennings plans on doing. And its nice seeing the new Revell Germany stuff starting to show up in the states, in an attempt to bring things back on topic.
  3. Subtleties & nuances? Sometimes English is down right weird! Your knowledge of English is very good, Juraj! A hell of a lot better than my Russian, which is the only language I have had some education in from that part of the world!
  4. I will be interested in seeing how the kit compares to the Silver Wings kit. As to flying in Africa, I have seen photos of pilots in short sleeves. Don't know how high they planned on going; a lot of flying in NA was pretty low level compared to Europe as they did a lot of air to ground and coverage thereof.
  5. I would love to see the tug in 1/24 as in the name of saving space, I plan on folding the wings. Adding a tug would go perfectly with that. Even if you had to add 10 GBP to the cost to make up for lesser sales.
  6. ...And how old are the B-52 airframes???
  7. I don't think the Tamiya and Revell FOD covers are swappable. They have always been available separately. I think the Revell openings are a bit larger and slightly different shape.
  8. Didn't someone offer a PE detail set for a Kiwi bird? Different IP and such? It's been a while so I am a little fuzzy on it...
  9. I agree with Jennings. There should be a slight step. The slats will have a slight thickness and the wing should be designed to be as flush as possible with them closed, i.e. smoothest surface at high speed.
  10. Here is a pic from my review: There is some slope from top down to intake, whether it is enough I didn't take a pic from the right angle. At least with the intake as separate parts it is a little easier to deal with. I wonder also if you could use a 'regular' J intake and fair it in?
  11. True. I take after my dad. Tall torso, short legs...and arms!
  12. da Vinci kind of fudged the proportions to fit his circle/square theory, too, at least according to my Architectural History teacher!
  13. I actually, have purchased all three of the 1/32nd offerings Nautilus has. The F-4 jig is nice for setting the correct wing angles (Tamiya has them wrong), and the floor section for the DML P-51D was nice, too, though I think I sold them off.
  14. Found it! Can't believe I did it that fast. It was Nautilus Models. That is the set I have. It is in self-adhesive vinyl.
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