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  1. Lacquers spray really well! As usual, all about the thinning. Keep a wet leading edge to keep a good smooth finish and reduce orange peel. Also, need good ventilation and probably a good mask with filter!
  2. Looking good, Kev! You are ripping through it!
  3. I like the project! I recall a slightly similar project I saw at one of the Portland shows, a B-36 with two F-84's (I think) as parasite fighters, attached to the wingtips. Harold probably knows who did it. Here is the real thing, with one of the fighters attached: Anyway, probably nearly the same size project!
  4. Oh, there is no doubt you can make the Hasegawa kit into a beautiful model and I think you in particular could do a great job of it. It is just the amount of AM it would take, and maybe a Trumpy kit to steal wings from, the cost is getting close to, if not more, than an Airfix kit. Also, since you can fold the wings on the Airfix kit, the display area isn't that bad. Having said that, I understand many wish to stick to one scale, and in your case since you have already acquired AM, kit, et al it makes more sense to stick with what you got. I just thought in the search for a nice Hellcat, the Airfix kit should be considered. And unlike Jennings, I don't think the oilcanning (not wrinkling) is badly done.
  5. After perusing the kit, I think the best way to get an accurate Hellcat is to buy the Airfix 1/24th scale kit!
  6. Wow! Order placed! I was hoping someone would do a -N conversion!
  7. Maybe that is why I hadn't heard about them. But, Cromwells? Only company I know of that has done Cromwells is Tamiya, and these say new tool on them. I have the Tamiya kits, will have to check some AFV sites to check out Airfix'es versions.
  8. I knew they released some 1/32 in the past, but didn't know they were doing any new 1/35th, nor had I seen any info on them.
  9. I was interested to see new tool 1/35th Cromwells! Didn't know Airfix was doing 1/35.
  10. Nice, colorful, Fokker! I agree with Kev, those Aviattic decals really look nice!
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