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  1. Nice job on the scribing! Looks much better. Look forward to seeing further work.
  2. A little late to the party, but that turned out great, Chris!
  3. What about Htamiya and Hwnw?
  4. Also, isn't more likely that between the arms of the swastika on the tail is remnants of the previous camo underneath rather than perfect gray bars? Like if they masked off a square shape rather than mask all the arms before painting the white?
  5. Also, I am 90% sure those aren't censor marks under the artwork. Those are two separate photos yet the supposed censor marks look identical. Censors weren't that careful, they would be different. Probably blacked out name or mission markings from different crew? Or something written there the CO didn't like.
  6. What were you using before? Makes a diff as to how its handled. Also do you mean the Firefox icon itself, or icons within Firefox.
  7. Yes, you get two sets both in black & white and color as supposedly no one is sure which it was. Didn't cost me $38 as I bought them when they first were issued!
  8. Very nice work, Andy! Always a challenge fitting resin conversion parts to a kit and you are putting the time in to make it look like its all part of the same kit!
  9. I agree, as I would prefer metal gear unless you created legs with 3D printing, then cast them with wire reinforcement.
  10. Thought so. I have the same decal set. It is very nice.
  11. Don't worry, that was my one and only post on the subject. And yes, we should focus on modeling, and this whole subject is really off-topic.
  12. Well said, Radu. In many instances the factor isn't class but simply boredom. Sad to see unthinking people trash someone else's hours and hours of work. Not the first time I have seen that. Similar to the boy scout leaders toppling one of the natural stacked stones in a park in Utah. Probably took thousands of years to form and stood there for hundreds, than a couple of idiots take minutes to knock it over.
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