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  1. No reviews, but there has been some discussions here about it: Theirry's tweak list of the 1/32nd kit (note often Trumpy simply upscales their 1/32nd kits to 1/24 so often comments apply to both): Discussions about the 1/24 kit: This one is on the G version, but thought I would include it:
  2. Hello, Chuck! Not sure of the answer, would have to plow through my ref's looking for pics, and early, early -1D's are so similar to -1A's it would take some work to pic out the correct detail. Might find a pic in Detail & Scale, the aforementioned Dana Bell books, Vanguard F4u Aces books, etc. I am away from home or I would take a look, but I am sure someone here can help.
  3. Outstanding! May I post it on the website?
  4. I should have pointed out that video was part of an e-mail update from Ammo by Mig themselves. And, yes, they carry them. Did they buy them out?
  5. I think that GT dropped their site and are only selling thru Sprue Brothers, but I am not 100% sure.
  6. I seem to recall in some pilot's memoirs about being rather ticked when going inverted and a mechanic's wrench or some other tool going flying by his face...
  7. I have used dry transfers that were decades old and got them to work. I also have AFT's from some of their earliest issues and have never had problems beyond the usual dry transfer issues. Woody is right, though, dry transfers seem to be out as the new removable film technology is a lot easier to use, not to mention the new Portrait mask cutters.
  8. Finished my review of the Meng 1/24th Dr.I. Sorry, some of the pics are poor quality; I am having problems with one of my lenses apparently. The close-up lens is working fine, though. Once I figure out the problem I hope to swap the pics out., but I wanted to get this out there so you can get a look at it.
  9. Hello, Gnord! An interesting project. I don't know the answer offhand, but you can get a couple pics of a 1/32nd model here. You might also check out David Doyle's book on the Helldiver. I don't have that one, but I have others in the series and they usually have some good factory or manual shots. Good luck!
  10. Looked decent today. Yesterday it was foggy at the least and everyone had jackets on.
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