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  1. If you click on Suresh's link in his first post to the article, the link to Propblur is in there. They do not have specific props per plane just scale, so you can trim to get proper diameter.
  2. If you want to cast your own, and if it is ok to have the back flat because it cant be seen, you can make a down and dirty copy by using sculpting clay placed over the front and then fill with resin or maybe even fine plaster?
  3. https://www.afvmodeller.com/product/116th-scale-german-ammunition-pouches/ Graeme at AFV Modeller felt the same as you.
  4. You can use an inkjet printer. Print the image on glossy photo paper. Working in 1/16th scale you have several options. If you can find a good photo of the entire IP, you can print out the whole thing then print another copy on regular paper and use it as a template to cut out a thin piece of plastic to shape with holes opened up for the instruments. Then with white glue, attach a thin sheet of acetate to the back of the plastic, then glue that onto the instrument print out. The larger size of the 1/16th scale makes this a lot easier than 1/32nd. You can also do a similar construction with individual printed instruments.
  5. I have this kit, and was one asking for the new IP when you started the Kangeru. I would go scale and let us figure out how to fit. The exterior of the kit is pretty good - save for some of the shape errors you found in the V18 build - but the interior detail is way below the standard of the exterior detail provided. It will be impressive with re-worked cockpit and wheelwells.
  6. Your link should end in .jpg when you post the link. I pulled this one from the page html, but for you there should be a web posting option that would give you the same result. Nicework, by the way.
  7. I forgot a key word: not narrowing to the rear. Trumpeter's canopy narrows toward the rear, it should stay the same dimension.
  8. Also, unless they have change it in recent releases, the Trumpeter canopy is trapezoidal in plan when it should be rectangular, not narrowing at the rear.
  9. Article posted! Great job with the NMF finish!
  10. People use it for gluing clear parts and also PE parts.
  11. That is a different way of doing it!
  12. Nice thinning! Looking good now...
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