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  1. LSP_Ray

    1/32 Tamiya P-51D Mustang "Butch Baby"

    Cockpit is gorgeous!
  2. LSP_Ray

    revell F-4G wild weasel

    For landing gear, there is also these: AA Productions Revell F4E landing gear. He also offers a better nose gear bay. An option, but not as necessary unless you are always picking up the model.
  3. LSP_Ray

    What's New - 21 July 2018

    Another great addition! Damn, that Defiant is nice!
  4. LSP_Ray


    Try evicting a squirrel that was fighting with another squirrel and managed to squeeze through a cracked open sliding glass door into the house. I thought herding cats was tough. THose little buggers climb anything. Plus, it flung itself practically at every window trying to get out. Our cat was interested, but it was too freaked for her to try anything. Finally got it out.
  5. LSP_Ray

    Supermarine WALRUS by HPH

    Wow, the Walrus can be built; and beautifully! Well done, Nenad!
  6. LSP_Ray

    Grey Matter Figures Luftwaffe Sale

    Nice! Although I checked and I already have nearly all your FW stuff.
  7. LSP_Ray

    a debate about the Fw 190A-4

    If you want an early A-4, the PCM kit is the best option. If you want a late A-4, it might be easier to use the Hasegawa A-5 plus the Montex conversion. Without the Montex conversion, it would be difficult to work the A-5 kit. The PCM is a bit more work because of the short run nature, and for the later A-4 the splicing in the of the cooling flaps a bit of a pain, but would be a cheaper option than the Hasegawa A-5 + Montex conversion. For an early A-4, the PCM kit is a simple conversion with just a few bits of corrections. And the decals are awesome!
  8. LSP_Ray

    1/32 Mk XVIII Tse-Tse Mosquito

    Well done!
  9. LSP_Ray

    Hasegawa N1K2 George

    That is really looking good, K2!
  10. LSP_Ray

    Ta 152C-1 W.Nr.110028, Stab JG 301

    Another beautifully done TA-152!
  11. LSP_Ray

    me 163 HASAGAWA

    Very well done!
  12. LSP_Ray

    Kits available for a quick diorama build?...

    I bet for what I think you are doing, the Hobby Boss kit would work in 1/32nd. There are detail problems, and some shape issues, but it looks like a Spitfire when done. It is an early Spit V, though, so take that into account (early armored windscreen). In 1/48th the Airfix Spitfires I think are the best? Don't know about engine, though, and I have no clue in 1/72.
  13. LSP_Ray

    1/32 Mk XVIII Tse-Tse Mosquito

    OMG! A real modeler! Nice start, Carl!