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  1. OK, guys and gals, the walkaround is live. I suggest also perusing the other walkarounds posted there, not to mention helping increasing the number of walkarounds we have!
  2. That is amazing, Pete! May I put it on the website? Great display!!!
  3. Still working on the Felixstowe, but would love to add this one to the website, too? Great work!
  4. Sweet Intruder! Can I throw this one on the website, too? Display and weathering is superb, too!
  5. Might contact HpH. They had a 1/18th Me262, maybe they would offer up the cockpit parts or other details. Worth an e-mail.
  6. Great job, Greg! May I post it on the website? Ray
  7. Ugh. Pearl Harbor. I knew it was going to be a problem when at the beginning of the movie the showed "Movietone News" that was supposed to show Germans blitzkreiging their way through France pre-Pearl Harbor, and the clips showed US Pershings??? Like there isn't miles of film of German panzers?
  8. I remember my own experience in getting a personal airshow. In Oregon, on Memorial Day, fishing boats would gather at sea off Depot Bay on the central Oregon Coast and the ANG would traditionally do a fly over for the event(don't know if they still do that). I happened to be beachcombing about 10 miles north of the event and saw them fly by on the way to the event. Several minutes later, they came back over the ocean on the way back to Portland. As they flew just west of me, the two F-4's broke into an impromptu dogfight over the ocean. I watched in amazement as they wove down to the deck
  9. I have a set or two, it is a beautiful cockpit.
  10. Another beauty, Mike! May I post it on the website?
  11. Amazing detailing! I broke down and bought the Bandai Star Destroyer with light kit which is leaps and bounds better than the old AMT kit, albeit a little smaller. After watching what you are doing with the Zvesda, I foresaw a ton of work to bring the AMT kit up to snuff. The Bandai kit I can live with OOB, and focus on the painting.
  12. Article is online! Beautiful job!
  13. Excellent Albatros! May I post it on the website? Really eye-catching finish.
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