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  1. Finally posted the article. Great job!
  2. Actually, the ICM is not a direct copy, although they are very similar. ICM's instruments include better detail for the bezels, including the ears for the mounting screws, while the Matchbox just has simple circles. Also, the bottom left instrument is a different size and positioned slightly different. The ICM has a little better representation for the compass, a bit deeper and sharper and not as deep. Would have been better to make a separate part like the SW kit as it is quite visible sticking out like it does. I am not familiar enough with the real panel to see how 'off' the Matchbox &
  3. I hate that! I usually find the part after I just glue in a scratch replacement part...
  4. Another one: Victory in the West (Sieg Im Westen). This is actually the restored documentary/propaganda film the Germans made after the fall of France. It is real footage as well as some re-enactments. Quite amazing really. It also has the propaganda video the Germans made to explain why they attacked Poland: German soldiers at the border lookouts supposedly attacked and killed by Polish soldiers (actually prisoners killed and put in German uniforms). Chilling.
  5. Buy Kevin's e-book above! Cheap reference at your fingertips.
  6. Always toss the boxes, but keep and file away the instructions.
  7. I see if you go to Squadron.com you just get a message "Store Close for Renovation". Anyone hear anything about this? I am thinking it is a hack as it is a pretty unprofessional posting (shouldn't it be: "Website Closed For Renovation" with an explanation?), but haven't heard anything, including any e-mail from Squadron, which I subscribe to.
  8. Interesting comparison. I noted the same thing using Humbrol flat - it is really flat! For a different build, I mixed some Humbrol satin with it and got a slight sheen that I think looked better. That said, I would think a weathered aircraft subjected to the Pacific salty air would get pretty darn flat? Whatever, I think the SBD looks spectacular!!
  9. I don't know about ZM's, but HKM's engines are pretty good. These are my engines from my stalled Do335 build, with only a few stencils added, everything else is OOB.
  10. Great job! Must look amazing in person. May I post it on the website?
  11. The decals are for a -1, the cannon-armed birds are -1B. Good chance the units had some -1B's, too, so you might look for pics. Of course, I won't tell if you use them as is! Or, yes, mix and match with the kit decals, though I personally don't like Trumpy decals.
  12. Like Thierry said. The plans you found are of the 0.50 cal version, but I found similar for the cannon version: In your pic of the cannons in place on the underside of the wing, you can see where the ammo comes from the outside of the cannons, then the spent shells would go through the cannon to the inside, down a chute, and out the two slots, one just inside of each cannon. So those two should be opened up, and if you want, add a short chute inside just so it doesn't look like an open void. Have fun! PS: I really need to unpack all my ref books; would have made answering the q
  13. Also, ipms stockholm has a pretty good paint cross reference, though I cant find the link at the moment.
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