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  1. Just wait a couple months, might be less than the gas bill again, the way fuel costs are going up!
  2. Bad news indeed. My nephew flew A's in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Would like to do his bird. He gave me a couple of CD's full of photos and videos, and a bag of Iraqi sand!
  3. Wonder which kit would be best to convert to an A model; that's the one I want.
  4. That's because Radu charges more for his design services! At least he should, his stuff is excellent.
  5. Not quite true. They are typically, though not always, copies of the kit parts. If the aircraft has pretty spindly gear, the SAC gears will bend easily. If the gear is pretty beefy, the SAC gear is strong enough. Of course, if the gear is beefy, the plastic gear will be fine, too. The combination of no extra detail, sometimes rough casting, and difficult cleanup as well as using pretty soft metal makes them only useful if you break the originals. If they would use a better metal it wouldn't be so bad.
  6. Wow! How much weight will it take to get it on its nose?
  7. That is a beauty! May I post it on the website?
  8. That is a huge improvement! Well done!
  9. Sounds like the pro photog, who probably knows nothing about Hurricanes, picked a horrible angle to take his picture. I look forward to seeing the final product.
  10. I think you are right. If you take a closer look at the buildup, the top of the wing looks very flat, which sounds like is correct. Also, you can see the outer wing sections thins as it goes to the tip. Therefore, the bottom of the wing must have some dihedral, at least on the outer halves.
  11. I think I will wait to see if they come out with the 'normal' PzJgr I with the Czech 4.7cm gun. On the fence about the command tank.
  12. Does he have any other contact? I hate facebook.
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