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  1. I agree. Would have much preferred the 47mm version. Would make a great Afrika Korps version.
  2. You mean IBG Models is going to release a Panzer IIa? That is pre-war. I never made it to their facebook page. Assumed an early PzIIA. I actually have a Leadwarrior PzIIa conversion set.
  3. I beg to differ, Dragon released a series of PzII's, including early ones. Got one in the stash. I think they did A, B, and C.
  4. I have the static Tiger I. It helped the price not having all the gearing and electronics, but I was a bit disappointed they didn't add a few bits of better detailed plastic to replace some of the RC metal stuff, or get rid of the out of scale/incorrect fasteners for the gearbox, which is still there.
  5. BTW, Sprue Bros has Takom (and Kitty Hawk) as their specials for the weekend, including nearly all the 1/16th kits. For example, the 1/16 PzI's are about $60ea, which is a pretty good price.
  6. Oh, and didnt Infinity models already say a Beau is in the future? Lets get a good look at the Spit Ia before we have them take on the world.
  7. Lets keep the snide remarks and personal attacks out of it, people. Its already drifting off topic into wish listing.
  8. I figured you probably did. I am planning on going the other way, detailing the Tamiya Tiger as an early one, trying to match Bovington's Red 131, as I have seen that one in person. Tamiya, as you know, includes the decals for it in the kit, but some of the details are wrong. I found the initial type of Feifel air cleaners on Shapeways. Did you get the mega Aber set for the Tamiya kit?
  9. Out of curiosity, how bad is customs to the US in comparison?
  10. You have probably already checked this out, but Shapeways has several late Tiger I items. Pretty expensive, though.
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