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  1. Probably due to shadows from upper wings and angle of the sun.
  2. Nice work, Kent! I have the same kit and was wondering what to do with it and I like your conversion!
  3. My ex brother-in-law built and flew in a Pitts, and competed in unlimited aerobatics for a few years. He finally sold it a short while after his daughter was born as he began to second guess about what the danger of what he was doing. Not good to lose your confidence when you are doing aerobatics. His Pitts was beautiful, though. Bought a Piper Cub with the money from the sale. (I got a ride in that one.)
  4. Nice Trans Am! Reminds me of my Firehawk I sold last year. *sniff*
  5. Nice! Are you going to add the random pitting of the rolled armor plate pieces, to?
  6. Casting texture looking good, Kev!
  7. At least some of the Trumpy kits have canopies that get wider at the rear of the cockpit, i.e., the top of the canopy glass gets wider, as the rails are wider. Should be parallel.
  8. I also have one of the two sheets by either MicroScale or Cutting Edge, can't remember for sure without pulling it out, so there are some out there.
  9. I don't know, Jennings, EricG seemed to pull it off:
  10. FYI: Both of those books are waaaaaay beyond 'how I did it.' The David Parker for one has a ton of reference pics. He typically shows pics of each part he is correcting or scratchbuilding. They are both very worthwhile books. Sam Dwyer's JagdTiger book has photos of a surviving interior, but that wouldn't help you, I suppose.
  11. Love it! I think I have one in the stash. Nice gloss paint job. Can I post it on the website?
  12. FYI: Kitlinx has the initial release - SQ002 - without the bust, now up for pre-order for $90.00.
  13. Jennings said the instructions call for you to place a circle of chrome where the badge will be so that it shows through the decals.
  14. Article posted! It will also be linked in the next What's New. Well done!
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