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  1. I’m looking forward to this one. Exciting looking schemes
  2. I really like the tarp method, it looks super realistic. Great timing for me to check this out as i have a need for a ship I’m building.
  3. I’m dying to know that pilots name! I can’t make it out in the pic and now it’s even more of a teaser.
  4. I enjoy stopping in this section and this baby really makes it worthwhile!
  5. wow I’d like to see a WIP on how you did it! The effect is really cool and distinctive.
  6. Really cool. Did you use preshading for the hull plates i see or another technique? The dark red lines along the plats really caght my eye.
  7. Sometimes I wish I could hit both a heart and laughter at the same time! Enjoyed your commentary immensely. Beautiful paint and finish on this bird!
  8. Love em both, my kind of flashy paint! but Zeus is just stunning x wonderful job on all the graphics!
  9. Oooh i really love this one. Beautiful color!
  10. Looks terrific! I understand the pain it took to get there tho
  11. A beautifully reflective finish! There’s just nothing more realistic. All that work was worthwhile.
  12. Looking good denders! I keep looking at the cockpit. Is that self adhesive PE consoles and IP in the cockpit? If so was it from the BigEd set you mentioned or something else? You’ve really got the whole cockpit flowing together.
  13. Superb! Loved this one with the skis. What a great choice.
  14. Wanted to take a moment and post up my experience. Right now I’m building a non-LSP and I’ve had 3-4 occasions to use this sander. I’m really happy with the purchase. I got it probably for the same reason many others did, trying to sand with little sticks and other pieces in tight spots. The other thing this has been awesome for is sanding down and around those pesky ejector pin marks! Lots of those on my 1/350 USS Enterprise carrier. It feels like it’s ergonomically designed, lots of variation to the speed and the sanding arms are convenient coming in different shapes and sizes. Can also see
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