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  1. Scorched paint on the panel lines is d’bomb!
  2. Hey Rigor thanks for the question I’m painting the major markings on instead of using decals. With foil it’s tough to get them to look good because of the carrier film especially when they’re large like this. I tried painting over the foil but had lots of problems with my paint staying stuck to the foil so I decided to foil around the paint. It’s worked out pretty good so far. initial thoughts on doing paint then foil are mixed. Nothing negative but i think the ‘pro’ that wins out is that doing foil then removing a section and painting gives a flush surface between foil and paint. Right now i have a small lip. Maybe I can smooth it out yet, will wait and see.
  3. yes for sure! Pretty sure i pulled the tape too early at the end and that’s what messed up my stars and bars. I was shocked to discover I’d spent 45 minutes putting all the masks for them back on to start the colors. Surprising how much time goes by. All the red white and blue on wings and fuselage sides took 4 hours.
  4. Getting ready to foil the wings and fuselage. With the paint on both it seemed a requirement to slip a few pieces together and get a look at what the end result may look like. One of my stars and bars will have to be redone. It lifted for some reason which is an oddity. Fortunately only the blue needs redone but I put it on the backside for the pic :-) while paint was drying I worked on a few other components. Got the mid-air refueling probe made up out of brass rod. That's probably the only piece worth showing :-) Slow progress the rest of this week as the kids are in the high school musical. Lots of fun for sure. I'll get to spend some time catching up on everyone's builds this week. Lots of hurry up and wait and pick-ups and drop-offs to do.
  5. you know i did 1 for a test thinking it might be too much effort but it turns out there’s a clean edge from the tape to cut against. Went faster than I thought so this method got the nod Will see if I’m this positive after that big “u.s. air force” down the fuselage lol
  6. To keep my focus strong I decided to work on finishing the tail. Had an idea to simplify the painting on foil issues from past attempts. 1st the paint. No risk of it pulling off this way Then the kabuki tape goes back on it. Then the foil. Some very fine trim work guided by the edge of the tape and it’s time to uncover the result. for the red stripes i used black as the primer to get a different tone than the tail. I wanted something that would look more heat affected. Will just look at it for awhile and see if I like it or not.
  7. I watched you build and can really appreciate all the work you put into it What an awesome outcome! You definitely captured the photo, plus your pilots have life to them. Really get the impression they’re looking to the side at something. Your paint job is one of the best I’ve seen on a tornado here. Well done across the board.
  8. Yep, whatever plating was on there definitely came off when heated No worries tho as I am foiling the plane. I cleaned it up and covered it up! Thanks all for your input. Definitely valuable. So far looking pretty good. I have them both done now as of this morning. Time to move on to some more painting and foiling.
  9. Aha, the Christmas Raffle was my ticket into this GB. Nothing in my stash prior would have applied. I plan to build PCM’s 1/32 Focke-Wulf Fw-190A. Following my theme of only 1 plane that fits the bill, Only 1 decal option fits the bill I propose the A-3 from JG 51.
  10. I got a great FW-190 by PCM in the Christmas Raffle and want to join the eastern front group build. Here in lies my problem as I have no knowledge of these aircraft. 1 of the oob decal options is JG51. I did a couple searches and looked at a few books. It appears this unit went to the Russian front in 1941-1942. Could anyone confirm for me that this unit was on the eastern front? in the kit The decal option is red 8. No pilot is listed for this one unfortunately.
  11. The 1st slat is foiled and test fit. I just put 3 fingers in to hold it in position. Here's some detail shots. let me know what you think. I rolled the foil over the trailing edge so that the edge would look smooth. I then trimmed it with a straight edge. It leaves just a faint line on the underside which I think it ok but would like some opinions on it.The top of the slat is the shiny side of the foil and the bottom is the dull side to try and represent the actual plane.
  12. These slats are some complicated things! Crobinsonh gave me advice on what to do and not do. What a great modeler! There’s a full day in these so far. Everything is ready for paint and foil...which I have to do before I put the fingers in to mount them. Any advice on cleaning the PE before painting? It’s annealed. I used lacquer thinner to take the soot off. That left a light discoloration that i cleaned off with a brass wire brush. Makes me wonder if it needs cleaned to get paint to stick or if this was just the brass tarnishing?
  13. I’m loving your custom tail work and how you’re using as much of the kit as you can. Brass driveshaft for tail was the bomb.
  14. Super nice work. Looking forward to watching you work.
  15. My 1st PCM kit is on it’s way. Very interested in seeing how this goes together, in conjunction with it being a unique subject I’ll be following!
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