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  1. I can take some pics for you later and post.
  2. Fixed! Here’s a during and after shot... some touchup to do but overall very successful. Nothing that some weathering won’t hide
  3. Ha! Too funny. I didn’t notice that when it was just slits in the tape. I think i made them in one of those “other” scales by mistake guess I’ll work on that tomorrow lol edit-figured it out. I pulled the wrong mask off. The upper cross is made from the pattern with black on the outer edge. I pulled that piece instead of the inner one for the white outline.
  4. Lots more painting happening today. All the major parts are done. The markings are all airbrushed. Just the red 8 and squadron markings will be decals. That Model Master paint must last forever. I truly wonder how old these are they spray nice and that’s what matters. Later tonight I’ll dullcoat the whole thing and get ready for decaling. now lunch and some outdoor projects on this beautiful day in southern Ohio!
  5. I've got one coming up with a B conversion planned. Will follow along with great interest as you go through this!
  6. Let's add some color! I have located some RLM65 & 71 now so this can continue into the weekend. Without a local hobby shop being open that was harder than expected.
  7. I’d look to the JASDF for design ideas that fit the Japanese style. Here’s some cool themes
  8. They’re stupendous of course so hate that you are missing out. Looks like they’re visible now so hopefully you can recover This is gonna be another epic build kent!
  9. Ok paint has started! This is a totally new experience for me. I picked up a ton of MM enamels at an estate sale recently for about 10 cents ea. This gave me all except RLM71 for this build and I need to keep the cost down. Already had enamel thinner so one of my club friends is giving me advice on how to paint with them. I’ve thinned this down to the consistency of milk. It sprayed pretty well i think given no details have been lost in the application A little hard to see it given the satin primer but hopefully it’s good enough for you guys to see how it looks. Any advice or tips is highly appreciated...
  10. Oh yeah, I hope they didn’t make it just for this plane as it would never be seen if you didn’t do a maintenance scene. Nearly all the major assembly done so far. Got somewhat ahead of myself and threw on the primer before I realized I forgot to add the horizontal stabilizers...I’ve come to believe the value of a WIP is to discover what you left off after looking at a picture of your work These are out of the box seems
  11. Man those clamps were sooooo weak!
  12. Oh you’re gonna love the build. So much of it has gone together so easily. Almost now extra work on the fuselage seams. Spend some extra time on the wing fuselage alignment and you get a very minimal seam there. Cowl and nose are nearly perfect out of the box. Can you tell I’m excited about the fit and quality of this kit!
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