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  1. Looking good denders! I keep looking at the cockpit. Is that self adhesive PE consoles and IP in the cockpit? If so was it from the BigEd set you mentioned or something else? You’ve really got the whole cockpit flowing together.
  2. Wanted to take a moment and post up my experience. Right now I’m building a non-LSP and I’ve had 3-4 occasions to use this sander. I’m really happy with the purchase. I got it probably for the same reason many others did, trying to sand with little sticks and other pieces in tight spots. The other thing this has been awesome for is sanding down and around those pesky ejector pin marks! Lots of those on my 1/350 USS Enterprise carrier. It feels like it’s ergonomically designed, lots of variation to the speed and the sanding arms are convenient coming in different shapes and sizes. Can also see making up a few custom ones, like extra narrow. Thanks Troy!
  3. Hmmmm, my little vise bolted to my workbench may be just the right height. It has a solid flat area for hammering on it which would hold the scriber flat.
  4. A friend over on a car forum posted a pic of one of these circuit board holders Last week and was wondering if it would work for holding car frames. I looked at it and remembered one of the guys here making a custom setup to scribe drop tanks and I thought, oh yeah this could work. It’s aluminum frame, heavy plastic arms and a medium strength spring I feel. I've got a 7-1/2” 1/32 tank in it for scale and you could go slightly bigger. $14 shipped from ebay. Just tighten down the arms, fix your scriber in 1 location and rotate the tank. I’ve got a big spring clamp i used to hold it to the table so the frame didn’t move.
  5. great work with the masks! This is really a smooth looking A/C
  6. wow you're making those fits look like they were designed as a single part and not pieces. Superb. I'm gonna love your lightning when it's done!
  7. "Bring out your dead, bring out your dead" Looking good...It's not dead yet!
  8. ok I’m off to do some research...back in a spitfire minute
  9. Hmmm, I have the Hobbycraft 1/24 Spitfire MkVb. They were used in the movie. Could I enter with this? Would I have to modify ot like they did in the movie to qualify? Asking that specifically because I have the City of Exeter in mind for the Paint scheme. Typical camo pattern for BoB just not completely period correct. No worries if it doesn’t fit the bill, just being up front about designs i have for the plane as it goes alongside the Ford Mustang done for charity to commemorate the Spit.
  10. Superb work my friend! Love your airbrush skills. Always a fan!
  11. What you did with the panel lines really makes this bird pop! Just a sharp build
  12. Looking good! Following along. That orange tail is a favorite of mine. Honestly considered building it so will enjoy seeing how it comes together for you!
  13. Just a beautiful job so far. I’m really in love with the work you’ve done on the gun. That is gonna be a highlight of your model!
  14. Totally amazing. Having it on the table outside really gave me a new perspective on how big it really is. What an accomplishment!
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