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  1. Markings look great. Did you go for a subtle fade between camo colors? It was hard to tell in the photo but the demarcation really drew my eye. Looking sweet
  2. So cool to follow along as you come up with creative ways to make things. Love the turned aluminum firewall for sure!
  3. I’m actually waiting on the FS35237 to arrive. Managed to find it in MRP in the States. Dang that is a hard color to find in stock in any brand for some reason. So the top is just mottled in the light ghost gray in prep for the color coat. Although I did put too much on the wings before I remembered that they were the darker color lol in the meantime all the ancillary stuff is getting done. It’s really hard to stop in the middle like this on the main color coats but worth it to get the color right as everyone says the decals disappear otherwise. I’m working on the main and tail rotor now
  4. I'll add a hint of color to this gray build and close with the gray haha I used black lacquer primer over the gray to simulate the texture of the anti-slip surface.
  5. OHH great job on that paint scheme! This bug looks good.
  6. Makes me remember the 8th grade in ‘80. I built a 1/48 model of the F-15 and used it for a presentation. Pretty much left the room to a bunch of stares as I talked about sidewinders and sparrows and thrust ratios. Pretty dopey when i think back on it but can still remember holding that model up and twisting it around to show everybody those cool elements!
  7. I like the mottling so far. Looking forward to seeing you bring this home!
  8. Drew i find myself jealous of how nice your fuselage assembly looks. Gonna have to do more Scotch myself. Sharp for sure!
  9. What i did was leave the jet exhaust open so i could put in what i need. It leaves a huge opening in the back so you can put in as much weight as needed without worrying about too much or too little. Considering that the 3g recommended wasn’t enough this turned out to be a perk! The exhausts just snap in place basically and there’s a stop in the back to keep them from being pressed in too far. Pretty nice engineering all around on this kit.
  10. All 1 color now :-) Check out the graphics i did for this latest model...especially for rick & morty fans, I couldn’t have just plain hellfires
  11. My new Viper came in yesterday... I broke a window and a new one was the most reliable way to get a clear sprue so i have something perfect for this build. Will have to build another Viper with the cracked screen, OHH DANG I already have a paint scheme picked out. Now for progress on this one Got a stencil for Christmas definitely like these! next up will be the light ghost gray +10% black before the top coat.
  12. Tamiya F-16 Academy AH-1Z Viper PCM FW190 my favorites to date for sure in that order. I have yet tobuild the 1 wingnut kit in my stash so maybe this year the pcm will get outed ;-)
  13. It’s the SR-71 and that *****’n 70 Camaro for me!
  14. They look pretty close in the pic. I’d go with opt4. That should blend it all together. Looking damn good my man!
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