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  1. Al of a sudden the copy link from smugmug only posts as a link and i get a message on LSP that the link is unsupported now. The link as posted works but the pic is only visible if you click on it. https://themaddmongoose.smugmug.com/DigiHell-the-FA-18F-Hornet/i-sV4mRWr/A https://themaddmongoose.smugmug.com/DigiHell-the-FA-18F-Hornet/i-zgSqmZz/A hmmm, all of a sudden the smugmug links don’t paste and show as unsupported. Will have to figure that out.
  2. Moving right along on this one…seems like a long time since i posted however it has been unfathomable how long it takes to draw squares and rectangles so, at 1st i did all the squares and rectangles on the same sheet. Figured to pluck off what i needed and apply it. Holy cow, it took me a whole football game to do the light ghost grey on the wings and another Sunday afternoon game to do the top of the fuselage, that was definitely not going to work. I ended up taking time to learn how to draw in layers in the Silhouette Designer software. The LERX were then redrawn in layers. Costs 3x the masking sheet but way worth it for speed and how much better the alignment is now. ive got another 6 hours into drawing the fuselage sides so plan to print and apply those this weekend. Oh yes, it’s like watching paint dry it takes so long to do. I’m committed now tho!
  3. NICE! Hey what was the power issue? You left us hanging on that lol The new and improved dio looks cool. Beautiful build.
  4. Wow once you cut it i could really get a sense of the depth issue for painting! Nice re-assembly for sure.
  5. Man that faceplate is a work of art! Awesome reflections
  6. Harold from AMS Resin make a set that you can convert into many of them if you end up looking for one in the future. I used his as a starting point for my F-5E build if you want to see what they look like/include.
  7. IMPOSTER! Someone find the real horrido109 quick
  8. crisp & clean work on that seat!! man you must have a ton of time on that IP. looks worth the effort tho as the color difference usually detracts from the overall look.
  9. Beautifully colorful build there and some painfully smooth paint, wow!
  10. Great stuff! Pilots are definitely the way to go for an in-flight display. Yours add some realism to as that RIO appears to be looking down and to right. A little sense of motion there. will watch for those 2 builds to pop up in the future
  11. oooh, been there done that lol some consolation if you include that time for tape goo removal alone you are now easily under the 25% done point ;-)
  12. This is a great builder-kit and I’ve never seen Rhodesian marking (my 1st read was Rhoherin, then i thought no, you just watched the new 7 rings for men series and your brain is stuck on the Hobbit)before so this should be a good thread for me!
  13. Enjoying the Trojan build as i won one in the Christmas raffle here this year! Totally enjoyed the lego sidetrack too! We have bins and bins of them…2 of 3 boys loved them and 1 built alot of them and then started designing his own stuff with the blocks from the kits. Many fond memories with legos.
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