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  1. themongoose

    Beaufighter: FINISHED.

    That paint looks really smooth. What did you use to set off the edges between colors?
  2. themongoose

    Omani Hunter, Call her done!

    I have 129% enjoyed following this WIP! It looks great. Loved seeing it next to the Swiss bird also.
  3. Absolutely superb. Wonderful amount of attention to detail. Hope I can get the weathering down half as good as you (gonna use that belly tank you sent me as a model!)
  4. themongoose

    "In flight" Me 109 E

    wow is this moving along fast. I won't have to anxiously await the camo pattern now!
  5. themongoose

    Omani Hunter, Call her done!

    Wow that looks really good!
  6. themongoose

    "In flight" Me 109 E

    There's nothing better than an in-flight display!!
  7. themongoose

    AMT '59 El Camino

    I happen to have the real thing if you are moving along on this and need any research my model of it is a bit old and a little worse for wear, but then again so is the real thing. Leaks oil like a seive, you may not want to recreate that feature of the engine
  8. themongoose

    Tamiya P51 Mustang

    Awesome job on the checkers! Dang your lines look so crisp.
  9. themongoose

    Another 15% off on anything on eBay today!

    Broke my resolve on this one, $54 too hard to pass up, picked up the KH F-5E!
  10. themongoose

    1/32 Tamiya F4-Phantom show time 100

    The pilots face looks so real. Totally completes the model
  11. themongoose

    Spitfire HF Mk.VI b 1/32 HB

    Beautiful rendition!
  12. themongoose

    Mi-24 Trumpeter 1:35

    Love it!! The eyes are great. Did you have to free hand them?
  13. themongoose

    P-40K 1LT R. Johnson, Tunisia 1943.

    Wow, the longer I look at it the more and more little details and shadowing I see. Great looking pit!
  14. themongoose

    1/32 CF-5A Freedom Fighter

    Really great work. Love seeing another original F-5A conversion. I especially dig the flaps and slats! How tough was it to get the main fuselage joint together? The connection doesn’t look very deep on the one i have and I've been wondering how to mke it strong given how much the poece weighs.
  15. themongoose

    Kit Bash Stinger

    I got a lesson on how to straighten wire when I was working on the nose gear bay. Here’s how the main bays are turning out. Tomorrow I’ll primer and add some details plus a few colored wires. I superglued some piano wire behind the diagonal gear support arm to add some strength. I plan to pin the connection point with the piano wire too in hopes of keeping it all together.