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  1. Bekim how’s it progressing? Looking forward to a teaser even if it’s small
  2. and I’m anxious for this cad work to be done
  3. Very cool i have one in the stash and eventually want to do a whole gaggle of the Russian jets. Your work is inspiring!
  4. Wow that’s alot of work! Putty looks to be blending well, bet you’ll be happy with that after the 1st coat of primer. If you find any Australian decals a Kiwi bird would be cool
  5. We need new emoticons for this build!!
  6. Thanks Gazzas, thanks BradG! Appreciate you guys dropping by :-) All the camo colors are on now and primary painting is all done. now for some outdoor projects. I’ll let this dry a day or so and then do some weathering before i do the gear and the canopy.
  7. Does anyone have a close up pic of the boarding step that appears to pulls out of the fuselage of the F-5E? The closest one i have is below and it’s not good enough to recreate it in scale. My detail & scale book hs at least 6 shots of this but none that aren’t blurry. I’m trolling the walkarounds now but thought this thread may be a better place to find something close up.
  8. Masked it up and got the 1st camo color down tonight. I mixed 6 parts brown to 1 part red. Off to my 1st show in a year tomorrow, Indianapolis Roscoe Turner IPMS is this weekend. Hoping to find a few things from vendors for the next series of builds. Will get back to this in a few days and start the green
  9. Wow that just looks super! Excited to see another MSM fan too!! Looking forward to following along again.
  10. Wow is that a nice paint job! Flipper looks the part and i can totally appreciate doing a scheme you like and that displays well rather than a technically correct one just to match a BN.
  11. Like the camo and the build but i have to say, i really love what you did with the belly! Some neat weathering and paint tones there for sure.
  12. Once more into the breach...all the kids were still sleeping at lunch so I ended up with a day off to myself, great modeling time! Finished up the light ghost grey and the gloss black. Now on hiatus until next week as the wife and I are off for our anniversary trip starting tomorrow.
  13. Putting some color to my adversary today! This is a custom mix of a yellow from an ‘81 Ford truck and gloss white. 3 to 4 light coats is covering nicely. In the close up photos the 1:1 scale bird has some serious fading of the yellow, plus some corrosion type patches and strips that I’ll add before i do the other camo colors i think. The strips of primer showing are where the green and brown will go to try and get some of the variation i see in those colors.
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