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  1. themongoose

    F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair White 15 Capt. James Cupp

    I saw this today at Blizzcon. Even better in person! Congrats on your awards, what great recognition of talent!
  2. themongoose

    CF-18 color bird

    ...and thanks for linking those as high resolution pics! I can zoom in close and see how exact your lines are. Dam sweet point on that black stripe on top of the fuselage. The paint really looks good!
  3. themongoose

    P-38J Lightning - Revell 1/32

    You’re doing this up well. I keep watching for your updates. It’s my favorite prop so I see myself being inspired to buy one and dobetter than i did at 12 building it!
  4. themongoose

    CF-18 color bird

    Holy crap that is bright! Looking good
  5. I used windex with ammonia and it worked perfectly. Sprayed it on, rubbed with my fingers, washed it off and dried it...ready to go again.
  6. themongoose

    F-16 Aggressor - Forest Green

    Pm me your email and i will send you the instruction pages needed from the Thunderbird kit. chris
  7. Haha i laughed when i read “scientific dissertation” but then found out you were serious. Love the integration of chemistry as you shared knowledge about transition temps definitely required pics. This will be a good future reference.
  8. themongoose

    Canopy polishing

    Nice canopy Bryan! You'll be proud to know I remembered that advice from a prior post of yours so I moved mine around in the future to make sure no air bubbles stayed near the plastic. Good advice.
  9. themongoose

    WNW Fokker DVII

    Very realistic. Your figure painting definitely compliments the build!
  10. themongoose

    Canopy polishing

    Took the canopies out from under the hood tonight. Ohh they look really good. These are going to show well and not detract from any other part of the build. Here's a collage of each stage for comparison.
  11. themongoose

    1/32 T-38A Thunderbird

    Tonight I had some time while the wife was talking to her mom...can you say 2 hours lol. I made a splitter plate for between the intake and the fuselage. Dang this is small. It's 0.010 styrene. I made a spacer so I could hold it in place while using a needle to apply the CA. There's a 1st for me haha. Finished product! Some sanding and a little primer, then repeat for the other side. I'm getting closer to primer for the whole plane. I keep telling myself that...I thnk to keep the mojo up because every time I go into the workshop I find another detail I have to do before I can primer.
  12. themongoose

    Canopy polishing

    out2gtcha when using the novus can you estimate how long you spend polishing with each stage? I still seam to have a hazy canopy when I’m done. Wondering if I’m just not spending enough time to really get the surface smooth? Do you use a dremel or polish by hand?
  13. themongoose

    1/32 Trumpeter A-6A Intruder VA-85 SEA scheme

    Nice work that’s paying off. This is going to look good assembled.
  14. themongoose

    Revell 1/350 Tirpitz

    PE is growing on me but that’s still just too much, err small, dang! your work is looking great! I’m enjoying this build. Maybe one day I’ll start my Bismark...
  15. themongoose

    Hornet over Hanoi

    Sweet combo of decals and paint scheme. You’re a natural at this what-if stuff!