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  1. How about these? Click the image to get the full res.
  2. Nice full color wing patch! Sucks that ours our made out gold…can’t do the multicolored lead…
  3. ATTEMPT?….PFFT! Besides there was a direct call to action. As to the Devastator, the wacky Rube Goldberg canopy is a defining feature. The very part shrouded in that picture. Hope they got it right. Also, if not, scientists will debate for years whether it’s a genuine coelacanth.
  4. Oooh pretty. It’s been in my mind to do a Starfighter in that scheme, I love it. Well done!
  5. That is a lovely work of art all by itself!
  6. It’s better than that…you’re running around the basement “flying” that Smurf around!
  7. Almost like there was a higher power planning this all out!
  8. I have about two dozen that are part of my system/adobe font drop down. I just chose a big font. If you don't have anything installed try here: Adobe Japanese Fonts Remember you need to get the Hiragana and Kanji from a keyboard or as, I use, google translate.
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