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  1. 99% pencil. Clicky Click to see my how to render panel lines with pencil. Cheers, Timmy!
  2. One that is nice, and not too expensive. Pig, I know a guy, Roger the Shubber. Does great work! Saved a bunch of my buddies from The Knights who say Ni. Well, almost, there was a tree and a herring involved, but that’s a silly story. Timmy!
  3. Well done Brocheese! Does my heart good to see a helo with properly executed main and tail rotors! The rest, meh.... Timmy!
  4. I’ll chime in here about JB Weld, since I’m Pig’s source for using it on models. JB weld is simple epoxy filled with metal powder. The filler is what gives it’s magical properties. Specifically easy of sanding and feathering. Think of it as a very durable putty. I would not use clear epoxy for anything other than bonding it’s way too hard. if your having trouble finding JB Weld brand look for metal filled epoxy. Hope that clears up any confusion. Now Pig, Take it away....
  5. Looks like the real thing caught with a high speed shutter. Well done bro!!
  6. That has got to be the ultimate cilice for detail nirvana. That's from a dude with a cilice on all five appendages.
  7. Hey make sure you follow the color codes. Can't tell from the photo, looks like you got the blue blade on the red spindle.
  8. I’m sure that will be an eggstordinary project!
  9. Aw man that is TASTY!! Stoopid good! Some of the best metal work I've seen yet. Glad to see it's on the bench again. Timmy!
  10. Fencer, I just got a chance to go through your photos. Me likey very much!! Thank you for posting, those will come in handy for the build! Timmy!
  11. Crap now it’s in writing....no more plausible denial. Guess I better deliver!
  12. OOH OOH and there could be a Shin Toes shrine too!
  13. Me too it was the only way to keep the shop quiet!
  14. Meh...maybe a Charlie Hotel but the rotor wash will push most of the shirt down before it gets to the tail rotor. Dust and greasy dust is my recommendation.
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