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  1. Chris thanks for sharing DN models. I was not aware of them I am a big fan of masks over decals when possible. Maybe something from them could be useful on a future project, the birds they have available are not the one I'm building. I'm kinda snobby in a way, I usually don't build stuff that is available elsewhere. I've been making my own decals and stencils for quite some time and I like to build models with unique markings. That being said there are decals out there for the jet I'm building in 1/48th scale and I used them to help create the markings in 1/32nd scale for my model.
  2. I knew you guys wouldn't disappoint! Maru I do believe you are correct, thanks SC for the characters. For what it's worth I drew up a complete set of markings and translated to about 99% the Kana and Kanji found the accurate fonts and will be making my own decals for this kit. Just these last two characters have been tough due to the brush script. Google translate desktop and phone app were unable to decipher them. Thanks again everyone! I really do love this community! Timmy!
  3. Maru, You're hitting me where I live. Videos from that channel inspired this upcoming build. Japan's F-4's have either have recently been retired or will be very soon, so a quick distraction build is appropriate. This build will stretch me to learn new skills. I'll post more on what new tricks I'm going to teach myself soon, when I start a proper build thread. Thanks! Timmy! Here's a snap shot of the prep work I've done so far.
  4. Maru you are awesome! Great minds think alike!. I was just saw that page last night, researching the kanji characters. Thanks buddy!!
  5. Jennings, Thanks for the offer! I’m actually in that process now. I just thought I could find a font to be just that bit more accurate. It is what I have done for the data I’ve already drawn for the jet.
  6. It’s on the tail. This is jet. That was painted up for an ACM meet. I agree the first character is correct and it suggests blowing up something https://www.airliners.net/photo/Japan-Air-Force/McDonnell-Douglas-Mitsubishi-F-4EJ-Kai-Phantom-II/1306472/L?qsp=eJwtjEEKwkAMRe%2BStS6KRUt3egFdeIGQfLRYnSET0KH07sbB3eM9eAtJejk%2Bfq0ZNFIBm9xpQ5mNn4XGhR6o72QaTMNhO/RdH7kk81MNpew4iiA79O/PprBfQpF2usW5C4BdGtNuH16nkmduDzhPM63rFxbPLgg%3D
  7. Damian, Thanks, I'll try anything until it bears fruit! Timmy!
  8. I’ve got a cool side project underway, an F-4EJ Kai. I’m just about complete with my decal artwork and I came across a road block Google translate can solve. I’m working on a black tail 302 Squadron bird and there is some kanji in brush script I can’t decipher. I could trace from photo’s but I really would rather know the Japanese word and find a font to match....as I am 99% sure that’s how the original markings were made. Here’s a screen grab.
  9. I like this plan! Keep it up brocheese! Close to the end can't wait!
  10. This post really inflates me! I’m practically weightless! Timmy!
  11. You must be exhausted! Keep blowing through that build...looking good! Timmy!
  12. You're gunna luck out a little by posing the helo in a hover. You won't have to worry about variable pitch or lead lag in the blades, that voodoo only happens in forward flight, though they would do it a bit if hovering on a windy day. All you need to put in a bunch of pitch into the main blades, cone them a bit and bend them up. The tail rotor will be working hard too so you'll have to add a bunch of pitch to those blades. Also helicopters don't hover level because if the thrust the tail rotor makes. If the helicopter hovered level it would drift sideways from the tail rotor
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