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  1. You’re filling out nicely...err...you’re filling her nicely....I mean you’re putting a lot of nice stuff in that helo! Timmy!
  2. There you go! Two different accounts by two sources that were there. Very interesting.
  3. Well it looks like that’s the guy and on closer inspection of his cruise book photo he does look like he has NFO wings. Does that rule him out of being on the forward cockpit, not 100%. He was a superstar in the squadron. NFO of the year. If they had more pilots and NFOs than space on canopy rails then anything is possible. The plot thickens....many detectives at work on this now. Very entertaining to think about how all these pieces fit.
  4. Yeah the commander as an exchange guy. Highly unlikely. Marine Squadrons integrate into the air wing long before the cruise for work-ups and to get the air wing qualified to deploy. Rosters are pretty much fixed, each crewman has to reach a level of training to deploy in the first place. Navy ship personnel have been know to get orders for new assignments while on cruise, air wing guys and especially Marines we don’t operate that way.
  5. 100% positive. You can see the wings on his chest. It is true that the WO pilot position did go away. It was in my career in the Marine Corps 1996-2005 there were still a few CWO’s as Navigators on C-130s. I met at least one when my TBS roommate was at VMGR-252 and at CAX in 2000. Also since the cross deck was planned and the markings were done deliberately to hide the fact that US planes were onboard a UK vessel. Proof of that is they covered the US insignia when the Ark Royal was in port. It logically points to the planes being painted on the Forestal. Otherwise why cross deck the jets have them in the paint shop for several days, getting no training done. (I question the Ark Royal was big enough for a paint shop). Not to mention having the jets on board with original squadron paint makes no sense if the purpose is to disguise their presence. With tensions between Greece and Cyprus it makes sense to keep military ops in the Med as “normal” as possible. Lastly the 531 jets at the time appear to have callsigns painted on the intake ramps during that cruise. As you say without first hand account we can’t be 100% certain. But I can apply what is written in the squadron history and a bit of first hand knowledge of Marine Air and Shipboard deployments. I’m arguing the most likely interpretations of the limited photographic evidence. Timmy!
  6. If you look at the cruise book all of the pilots names are listed. There are no exchange pilots. Bard is probably a call sign. First aviator on the list from the cruise book is CWO3 J. Bardon. If I was to guess that is his name with his first name spelled out. As for the second name, looks like it’s a Captain, maybe search the rest of the names and find a Captain NFO that matches. cheers, Timmy!
  7. Hello Boyos! Quick update I finished up the LRMTS. It’s a short article this time so head on over here for the complete write up. LRMTS Article Of note the clear cover was milled vs. vacuum formed. More soon thanks for stopping by! Cheers, Timmy!
  8. I own an HP-C side cup type and a Custom Micron. After Spending time using solely the HP-C because that is what I had set up and had not done any painting lately, also I was being lazy about breaking out the CM. Once I did get my CM out of the box, it’s performance made the HP-C seem like I was painting with a mop. Paints must be thinned accordingly and the atomization is superior! If you think you can’t paint big with that brush or limited by paint, that has not been my experience. Unless I’m shooting thick wet coats I’ll be using the CM again as my work horse. Using an Iwata Ninja with a water trap for air. Cheers, Timmy!
  9. Litho is not your only option. I have good bit of experience with metal covering. I have never used litho...never actually found a source. I use tooling foil. It’s aluminum sheet 36 gauge and I have found it cheap at amazon or any or the big craft stores in the US. 36 gauge is 0.005” or 0.127mm thick. It’s soft easy to form and cut and works great for butt and step joint panels. Here’s a link as an example...Tooling Foil Hope that helps! Timmy!
  10. Nice whars! Do I see hairspray chipping? Custom decals? Timmy!
  11. Excellent wear and tear now where’s the whars?
  12. Mighty fine praise coming from a fellow super detailer! I have enjoyed all you builds and you sir set a pretty high bar that certainly motivates me to build ever better models. Thanks for checking in!
  13. Thanks everyone! Your support is definitely a motivator to keep pressing on. 95% done with internet photo mining. I have a few maintenance manuals to help fill in the gaps. I’ve only seen the jet in person once, the example at Pima, AZ and that jet is closed up, not a great reference. Cheers, Timmy!
  14. It’s DONE!! Well the nose gear well at least. It’s been more of the same work I’ve previously posted, just more of it. Getting the last bits of wiring and tubing installed at the halves and front and rear bulkhead came together was a bit of a challenge. The are a few lines that proved impossible to install. But none of the ones I couldn’t get to can be seen easily or at all. In fact there’s a good bit of detail that will be difficult to see when the gear and doors are installed. You never know what will be seen or not until everything is installed so I put the details in. On to the photo’s: The CAD model as it exists today, a good chunk of time was spent updating the model with new parts for printing. The completed well: The last parts to install were the “filler” parts that close off the well and define the door opening. That’s all for now… Oh and I created a new template for my website, that I hope is a little more modern and user friendly. Feed back welcome. Full article here. Timmy!'s Tech Jaguar Nose Gear Well Thanks, as always, for stoping by. Timmy!
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