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  1. Always order 3d printed metal parts in the summer....
  2. The gear will be a brass tube and rod structure overlaid with printed parts. I am looking at metal printing options. The trouble with the metal printing is the shrinkage issue and post processing.
  3. ‘About the size of a coffee table. Thinking about building one around the jet....
  4. GW, It’s my pleasure to fool you! Thanks to you and everyone for the kindness.
  5. Dude nice solution....again.... What an awesome project, so many unusual things to model. Most excellent challenge! Keep it up broseph! Timmy!
  6. Hello all and thanks again for the fine comments! Got a good bit of the cockpit done. Construction article here… Had a great time working on this. I’ll say this is the first time I’ve added dust and dirt to a model cockpit. Many photos of these jets show a good bit of dust and dirt and nothing ventured nothing gained so I went for it. Photos exaggerate the effect, mostly because with so much black paint lots of contrast is needed to see details. Hey what’s a tank doing here? Read the article…. Thanks for checking in guys… Cheers, Timmy!
  7. Use interior photos as a guide. The exterior rivets follow the frame structure that is visible from the inside. Now that the E’s no longer fly with sound proofing installed, current interior photos should shed some light on the exterior. Irregardless there’s a metric poop ton of rivets on the hog. Will be a true triumph to achieve an accurate map. By the way when I have done this sort of work, my T-45 for example, I rely 100% on photos. There are not drawings the describe the rivets as a whole. There are drawings that depict the construction of each individual panel, but getting your hands on those....not likely. Good luck guys, hope this insight helps a bit. Timmy!
  8. See you added the terlit paper. But I looks like something went wrong with with you scale calculator app?! Looks like the plan is coming together! Timmy!
  9. Hello all, I have uploaded .stl files of each part I either printed to milled for my Goshawk conversion. Feel free to try the project yourself. T-45C Goshawk Part on Thingiverse In case you missed the plans thread go here for the drawings. T-45C Goshawk Plans Build articles can be found here...so you can figure out where the parts go. Build Articles
  10. Got dang Bruh! Some of the best paint work I ever seen. You’ve got skillz!!
  11. Hello All, I finally finished up my drawings for the 1/32nd Goshawk conversion I completed last year. Goshawk Build Thread Here is the download link: T-45C Drawings for Revell Hawk Kit.
  12. You’re filling out nicely...err...you’re filling her nicely....I mean you’re putting a lot of nice stuff in that helo! Timmy!
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