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  1. Out-friggin-Standing! Booger. Nice effort and it paid off. I love the action and the base is well executed. Getting back to the Qweer? Timmy!
  2. Alright last of the CAD render for a bit. Parts are on the printer. Another crazy canopy system. Boggles the mind that the transformer rectifier and inverter are mounted on the back of the mechanism with 4 fat circuit breakers on top. Did the crew need access? If they did, they better have long arms. I'll post some parts shots soon if there is interest in that.
  3. Same OV-10D+ from the cockpit thread...
  4. Technically cloven hooves. Y'all eat feet fer dinner. Quit it...I'm a contributor. Timmy!
  5. Some more CAD porn. Or boring crap cause it's not a real model. I realize there is a spectrum on this forum. Go the Rube Goldberg canopy lifting mechanism complete for the front canopy. Also ridiculously overcomplicated shroud that covers the rear instruments and space to the rear bulkhead of the front cockpit. Lastly the detail for the inner canopy frame. Even though I had a rough one done for the 1/32 scale version of this model, getting everything reworked to Pig size was a chore. Rear canopy mechanism is next that should be easier. Then just a handful of simple detail parts and it off to the printer and into Pig's hooves. More soon, Timmy!
  6. So you’re saying you got the stand in Nantucket?!
  7. That’s a very tall stand. You sure you have enough horses and men if that thing falls off?
  8. Just went through my collection of 119 period photos of Bravos. Three versions are apparent. All black, black center white rim, all white; the inboard face that is. The outboard side, white or black rim, with brake assembly black or white with generous coating of brake pad dust and wear grease. I say paint what you like and dare someone to prove you wrong! Timmy!
  9. Glad to see you doing something about that high pitched noise in the cockpit, drowning out the LSO screaming “GEAR!” Keep up the good work Booger! She’s turning out great! Timmy!
  10. Makes my heart happy to see a big beast like this come together. Up to you how much you want to use, there is just so much tech available now to speed up the build. Happy to be part of this…it is the seed of the Pig Timmy love fest.
  11. So I've been busy converting the T-38 CAD model from Rhino to Fusion 360. We are ramping up to print some new parts. Since the originals were printed several years ago I was using the original Form 1+ printer. That printer has since died and was so early in the game that the print quality as been outclassed by my newish printer. Here are some renders and a little profile that stated as the basis for parts and decals I provided to Pig. I added some color because it just plain fun. Timmy!
  12. If I am successful in this endeavor I can easily make a product line for various models. Tailored lighting kits for just about any aircraft type. All the modeler would have to do is install fiber light tubes in the model route them to a base that houses the control board with a USB power connection or internal battery and run the app. It would mean more modification but the control board could be installed in the model too.
  13. Thanks guys. That one was built over ten years ago. The build threads have since died from shittay ImageShack changing their business model.
  14. The worst is when you are guarding the cockpit durning an airshow. (This had to be done because if a kid or grown kid gets in the CH-53E and tries to move the controls without hydraulic power, they can break a shear pin meant to break in the case of a servo hardcover). After the night before you took the crew out for dinner and a beer or twelve and watched sergeants, corporals and dutiful lance corporals damn near kick the **** out of the lieutenant colonel boss of the Golden Squires for hitting on their Captain's wife. The Captain found himself straight up sleeping hard in the left seat of the cockpit (it was a slow for visitors for a while) when the incoming CO woke him up to introduce himself. He never did hold it against me or even let on that he woke me, but I suppose that could have been a nasty callsign.
  15. Certainly a day late and a dollar short. You are not alone with Alclad clear troubles. Of all things I made full-scale blaster, Rey's blaster from The Force Awakens for my 8 year old niece. Anywho, the blaster was painted in a metallic finish and I used the Alclad stuff because of the metallic finish. It really disappointed I found it to cure exceptionally slowly and felt sticky, since this was an object meant to be handled that feature was a real problem. Now this was my one an only use so I can't condemn the stuff definitively. This has been a really long way around to tell you that I clear coat with Future. Extremely forgiving and if applied over hot paints (Gunze, MM, MRP) you can remove future with windex and no damage to the underlying paint. Anyway, looks like you have made a good recovery and I'll continue watching. Timmy! p.s. Mike Reich
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