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  1. The answer is a few posts back.... There have been going issues with the OBOGS systems in every jet that has them. F-22, F-18, Harrier, T-45 I'm sure others. Couple of F-22 guys took themselves of flight status and made the problems public. But not strike....that doesn't happen n the military. Flying is voluntary though doing that is career ender and you still owe time; so you could be the basket ball inflater at the gym for a few years until your commitment is up. Always better not to hold on too tight and lose the edge.
  2. Timmy!

    T-45C Conversion from Revell Kit

    Digital makes the most sense. As soon a I can find the best way to hang this stuff for download I will do so, wether that be my website or elsewhere. Would be fun to see a few more folks do this stuff. It’s a pretty easy conversion....not really a need for a kit. I’ll update this space, the ready for inspection, and maybe a new thread to get the word out when the stuff is available. Cheers, Timmy!
  3. Well Ray.... Seeing as how you're the guy who thought he saw a decal typo....I thought you might get the name. and.... Yes you did! Very well done! Good game until your helmet scratches the canopy...people get mad. Another good one is to get the stud to look down in the cockpit to change a radio or find a CB, then make a defending turn away from their head, get them to look up quickly...and viola complete and total barf-a-rama! Timmy!
  4. Timmy!

    T-45C Conversion from Revell Kit

    Starfighter, Thank you sir! Looking forward to seeing the Hoover all done...looks awesome so far for sure!! Oh yes a deal is a deal....the plans are just about ready. Since you brought it up.... I'll put this out to everyone: Which medium/media would you prefer. Printed paper drawing set at 1/32nd scale ...or... PDF digital
  5. Thanks Mark...happy to share!! The back seater is the Instructor Pilot...he’s making Mickey ears and blowing a raspberry for the camera. The student pilot is about ruin his fun....
  6. ‘No. The hook’s down because I imagined they are at the boat, in or entering the parrern. Also goes with the stand. At the end of my web article I mentioned specific things to look for. keep guessing!, Timmy!
  7. IT IS DONE!!! I like it, gots some buggers but I learned some new techniques and it’ll look decent on a shelf! Final build article link HERE!… Gave the model a name BTW THE STUDENT’S REVENGE See if you can figure out why…. Thanks for watching, Timmy!
  8. Timmy!

    T-45C Conversion from Revell Kit

    Last details and stand complete! Last of the details and getting the stand finished up. Full write up found HERE. For your viewing pleasure. Thanks for watching, Timmy!
  9. Timmy!

    T-45C Conversion from Revell Kit

    If there are no photos...it didn't happen!
  10. You are very welcome. Also notice the lights on either side of the hose housing. There are three. Red = No contact/Disconnect, Amber = Cleared to contact/No fuel flow and Green Fuel Flow.
  11. The hose has two sets of stripes. Referenced from the pod to the basket, there are two fat stripes that define the fuel flow range. The receiver has to plug the basket then push the hose in until the first stripe is inside the pod, fuel will then flow. If the second stripe get pushed in too, the fuel will stop. When the receiver disconnects, the first white stripe becomes visible, the fuel shuts off and the basket (in theory) pops off the probe. As for the second set of stripes yes 10 feet is probably right, could be 5 feet. It was definanately 10 on a KC-130. Either 3.75 inches or 1.875 inches apart in 1/32nd scale, what ever looks right. Hope that helps! Lovely work! AR dioramas are one of my faves!! Timmy!
  12. Timmy!

    L-39 gear up landing

    You know buddy, it occurs to me that, this really wasn’t your fault in any way. It was the asphalt. ....tip your waitress!
  13. Timmy!

    T-45C Conversion from Revell Kit

    Whachoo talking' 'bout Willis? Thanks, Timmy!
  14. Timmy!

    T-45C Conversion from Revell Kit

    Back with some decal work and finishing progress. Article HERE! On to the goodies the photos…. Thanks as always for checking in!
  15. Timmy!

    T-45C Conversion from Revell Kit

    Thanks buddy! I’m glad to share. I’m slow with progress, sharing in public does keep my motivation up!