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  1. I have about two dozen that are part of my system/adobe font drop down. I just chose a big font. If you don't have anything installed try here: Adobe Japanese Fonts Remember you need to get the Hiragana and Kanji from a keyboard or as, I use, google translate.
  2. Importing text or raster files like .tiff won’t work you need vector files and .dxf works best in Fusion. 1. Arrange your design in Illustrator. 2. Convert text to outlines. Type - Create Outlines. 3. Save art as a .dxf. (On a Mac - Save As and there is a drop down menu to choose file type). 4. In Fusion 360 on the insert menu choose insert .dxf. 5. Unlock the imported sketch by selecting all, right click and choose break link. 6. Use the move tool to scale and reposition the sketch as necessary. (Sketch’s weren’t designed to be so complicated, so it will hog memory and be slow). 7. Use the emboss command to make your markings. Here’s a quickie I did in Illustrator next to my T-38 tires and wheel marks. It says “T-38 Tires are cool.” Hope that clears things up. Timmy!
  3. Tim, if you have Illustrator you convert the text to outlines. Create Outlines in the Type menu. Then export/import the file to Fusion as an .dxf file. I’d recommend you do as much scaling work as possible in Illustrator. Complex sketches are memory intensive, but it does work. That’s how these tires for Pig’s T-38 were done.
  4. Honorable mention model right there!
  5. Only if you add…. ”Do they wobble to and fro” does it become NSFW.
  6. Must have the oleos pumped up to a billion! Also digging’ the model!
  7. Funny I deliberately put off reading this thread until I saw the movie because you know….spoilers. Just spent the afternoon at the movies watching said movie (see I won’t even disclose the movie name for fear of, you know…spoilers). OP says “No Spoilers, No Review no picking holes”. Eagle Driver says “Roger that! Let me tell you about the whole movie step by step and pick every plot hole.” Hollywood bro…there’s a reason why they put a fiver in a jar if a genuine Topgun bro utters a “TOPGUN” quote.
  8. F-me it’s been that long….I’m officially getting old!!
  9. Finally an update. This project is about to get moving again. After months of on and off work I finally learned enough code to get my app to talk to my micro controller. As of now I have one switch and the throttles successfully sending data to the micro controller, and turning on a neopixel multi-color LED. Several more neopixels and a sound board will added and I still need to write up some animations to make the lights and sounds all function properly. I predict this to be much easier task. Then I'll hard wire everything up and get the model going again. BTW there is no sound in the video except for the TV in the background. Thanks for watching. Timmy!
  10. So there was a bug when I tried a quote a reply last night. Peter is spot on with his material suggestions, let’s call it automotive filler and a 2k (meaning 2 part) primer, you can make subtle panel lines just as advertised. However, my vote, for what it’s worth, is to skin to match the fuse. Got that application I suggest JB Weld. JB Weld is not magic, it’s epoxy with a metal powder filler; it’s not too far removed from automotive filler, but there is more epoxy relative to filler in JB Weld. In a practical sense JB Weld will stick better in smaller areas than a body filler simply because there is more glue than filler. if you want to sheet the wings and need a solid foundation of filled panel lines, I can’t recommend JB Weld or a similar metal filled epoxy enough, to give you a solid substrate to sheet over. Without prejudice and sooper happily following this build…tho admittedly quietly. Timmy!
  11. Here’s to you seeing us soon! Best wishes…another awesome update…hoping and wishing all goes well!
  12. Hope Herky is a flightless bird…cause, man, those poops!
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