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  1. Apparently 24 Million in the UK tuned into her broadcast the other night which is way more than any other TV programme. The thousands that turn out on her official birthday and when she visits places in the UK are representative of how our country really thinks . Social media and the views in some of the main stream media doesn't reflect the true community as usual. When I started work I had to swear an oath of allegiance to Her Majesty and I like many others who did the same am pretty proud of that.
  2. Yep, men in smoky sheds designing some of the best engineering in the world like the TSR2.
  3. Some very interesting stuff was in development Dean. The Saunders-Roe SR 53 was a pure interceptor with jet and rocket power. Top speed of Mach 2.2 and a clime rate of 52,800 feet per minute with a service ceiling of 67,000 feet. Two were built and tested (one of which is at Cosford Museum). It's bigger brother the SR.177 was going to be even more crazy but the development of SAM's like the Bloodhound saw the projects cancelled. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saunders-Roe_SR.53
  4. Perhaps I should have said pure reading books. Reference books - of course yes. Now let's get back to the "Shed Thread"
  5. I don't often buy books but this one was recommended to me. One of those you can't put down after you have started. Very interesting story about Fuchida's naval career and his post war conversion to Christianity and how three separate stories all link in eventually . I'm not religious at all but the fact that the day after Hiroshima he visited ground zero with a team of other military personnel. Within days they were all dead from radiation poisoning and he never had any symptoms or was affected. Good book well worth a read.
  6. PhilB

    Revell A-400M

    Quite a bit bigger. A few years ago after one of the central London flypasts they extended out to the west of London and turned near my house going off to Brize. A C130 and one of these monsters in line astern and seeing the two together it was noticeable how much bigger the Atlas was. In the "Mach Loop"
  7. PhilB


    Roy Cross has several books out with his artwork on Amazon Uk. https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=roy+cross&i=stripbooks&crid=33SM7H5EUK5ZQ&sprefix=Roy+Cr%2Caps%2C154&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_6 I personally like Iain Wyllie who is/was a member on here. A lot of the "Aircraft of the Aces" series of books have his artwork. https://www.aviationartprints.com/artist.php?Artist=Iain_Wyllie_Aviation_Art
  8. Meh, not very much in the YooKay at least. But even then you still have to "blot the spot" Aviation related one:
  9. This might be a bit subtle but run with me on this one.
  10. They have released a new drug in the UK to stop this nonsense.
  11. I did my usual Saturday morning shop this morning. All pretty normal in my supermarket with no real shortages. There was the odd berk buying multiple big packs of toilet rolls and facing the ridicule of other shoppers. I blame the Aussies for starting project "Bog roll fear"!
  12. Thanks for all the hard work over the last 10 years Kev. Time to take a well-earned rest.
  13. Latest news is that the patient who tested positive after recovering is not contagagious so it looks like it doesn't have a secondary phase.
  14. Yes, didn't realise my old calculator only allowed up to 100,000,000 so corrected as above.
  15. Ah yes, dodgy calculator . We are all doomed.......................
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