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  1. PhilB

    History of the land speed record

    Funnily enough there is a new article on the BBC today about running it on Coniston as opposed to the Scottish Loch where they ran it recently. Apparently there is a row brewing about the museum wanting to display it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-46386257
  2. PhilB

    1/24 Royal Navy Sea Mosquito TR33

    I won't remind you of how long ago we were working on these at the same time!! I know mine nearly killed me but keep at yours! Thanks everyone else for your kind words on this ancient build!
  3. PhilB

    Canopy polishing

    Exactly. Forget all the expensive polishes, potions etc. Sand, polish and future. Here's one I made earlier....... https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/30048-removing-canopy-seams/
  4. Scoops look great. Just the right size and position imho. Stick em on!
  5. PhilB

    Our painting habits.

    I find starting with painting the cockpit first makes life a bit easier.
  6. +1 I would add leaving out specific kits and aircraft as it gives fuel to the "accuracy" fire amongst some and diverts this topic away from the general thoughts and views about accuracy. Shame as it was going so well but in honesty I didn't think it would be long before things started going off the rails.
  7. I think it's obvious that we are all different and build how we wish to. We accept that accuracy for some can be the prime thing in a build and for others it isn't so important so there are varying degrees depending on the individual. Where it all falls down though is people enforcing their idea of accuracy on others especially during a build. I'm not talking about being told you have put something on back to front or whatever as that is always helpful. It's even worse where it happens after completion on an RFI topic when someone drops by to casually tell you it's "not accurate" after you have finished as the kit has "issues". I think it's essential that people allow others to build as they wish without imposing their particular "accuracy" pedantry on others.
  8. PhilB

    Mr. Paint / MRP Paints?

    Nope, just trying to help that's all.
  9. PhilB

    Mr. Paint / MRP Paints?

    Website seems a bit "sticky". Click on home and I found email: military-hobbies@att.net Phone (714)637 1211
  10. It looks like KIngkit have both of them ..................https://www.kingkit.co.uk/shop.php?search=kitfinder&search_term=&brand=328&cat=26&scale=1^24
  11. PhilB

    How would YOU do this camo?

    Good idea. A bit more drivel from me about this. As I said earlier if you are going to bite the bullet and do it freehand (I think tis the only way really) then get things together to be able to brace your arm on something. Have some sheets of paper pretty near the model to practise on. Get the old muscle memory going and keep going on the paper until things are consistent then just move quickly across to the model (or move the model to your existing position) and carry on. If you bork one up don't stop but do another and come back and fix it later. Just my warped opinion of course.
  12. Scoops. You need scoops. Go on.............you know you want to!
  13. PhilB

    HB B24 discussion: AM and fixes.

    Exactly the reason this one was started to get away from the criticism. It's a shame people can't offer constructive criticism or views about aftermarket without having yet another swipe at the kit per se.
  14. PhilB

    HB B24 discussion: AM and fixes.

    I'm a bit confused about the suggestion that the kit should have additional sprues or whatever to enable different variants to be made. Maybe I'm getting behind the times but we have dealt with this and continue to deal with this on many other kits using aftermarket, scratchbuilding and looking at tweak lists that tell us how to change things so it complies with "block xxx or version xxx" or whatever. I'm not talking about major differences as in a lot of cases kits are made for those circumstances and a D is on the way for the B24. If something needs changing to make it hyper-accurate for a version then use what is called modelling skills to achieve it IF you wish to. It seems to me that times have changed and in some cases there is a perception that the kit should fall out of the box and not need anything else other than gluing it together.
  15. PhilB

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    I think Iain identified that existing am B-17 wheels were the same as for the B-24 in his thread so no new am wheels needed specifically for this one ?.