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  1. Maybe it was an A380 Airbus. We know how much Jennings likes Airbus aircraft............
  2. Yes, steering this back on track away from the "who is going to pay" debate, they will have to decide if they restore using original materials or new construction methods. Back in the 1980's York Minster Cathedral in the UK (similar age to Notre Dame) was hit by lightning and started a fire in the roof. The Fire Service at the time deliberately collapsed the burning section which saved the rest of the cathedral. We also had the Windsor Castle fire which destroyed the great hall. Both were restored using original methods and materials. York Minster is still undergoing restoration today of external stonework and it's pleasing to know that the skills of stonemasons, carpenters and stained glass windows are still very much in good supply in the UK at least. I'm sure we could find some good English oak if they need any.
  3. It depends on how the previous driver left it. I've just been looking through various books at numerous pictures of parked spits during the war and most seem to have the column forward and centrally placed. So the pics mostly show elevators lowered, ailerons neutral and rudder neutral. Of course there are photos of spits where they have been left with rudder applied and elevators level with a touch of aileron too. So the choice is yours.
  4. I dug out my Modellers Datafile and there's good and bad news.......... It lists ten versions of the TFX in the outline drawing type thing. Most had the full length intakes as per the model above. Some of the earlier versions had a shortened intake that stops at the back edge of the cowling ring. The cockpit can o' pee is different from the base kit and if using the kit one some frames need sanding off and sorting out. I've seen models of some X's with a Vickers K gun mounted at the rear. Not quite right. The K gun was a local mod particularly for Malta where they cut the back off the observer's dome and installed the K gun. X's had the revised rear observer's canopy which is a different shape and with frames and they had a 30 cal Browning installed. If I get a chance I'll scan some stuff and email it over to you.
  5. Yep, I was waiting for this stage and I think it's just right. Takes it from the "just painted" stage and knocks it back to be more realistic and given your scenario on it's age it looks right. I can't wait to see those missiles on it. They remind me of kind of a "Buck Rogers" type thing and that's the 1939 films!!!
  6. Statement from the CEO of Boeing hitting the news this morning. http://www.boeing.com/commercial/737max/737-max-update.page#/message
  7. That does look far too pink. Probably down to the photography. They have one on display at the British Heritage Motor Museum, and in the flesh (pardon the pun) it's more like the famous Corsair "Salmon". Google "Pink SAS Land Rover" and the images show many shades even on the same vehicle.
  8. Wasn't this entitled "Is WNW near the end of it's run" or similar to start with ? I thought it was settled quite early on that it isn't. Maybe changing the title is a good way of keeping a thread going when it's past it's sell-by date ?
  9. ........and a 4 gun turret to do the rare Mk V.
  10. Yep, seems straightforward and I quite agree. Including a "new paint line" topic currently residing in "General Discussion" which is ready for sale ?
  11. The SAM Datafile is a very good source of info which I used on my build I did back when the world was young. The number of variations including Merlin power eggs and even one with a turret is mind-boggling. It is possible to use the kit tailplanes to create the dihedral. I sanded out the lower edge of the slot and glued them in place at the right angle. A 12 degree upsweep at the tip leaves a very small gap underneath at the joint which can be filled. If you wish to get very accurate with the two types of dihedral then scribing and some fettling will get you there.
  12. English Electric Lightning and a Buccaneer. Because Brian hates them.
  13. Not really. Apart from the 12 A380's used for high density long haul, British Airways has been exclusively a Boeing operator on it's mid and long haul fleets since the 1980's. But they will be taking delivery this year of the first 4 of 18 A350-1000 aircraft they have on order so the future isn't exclusively Boeing.
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