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  1. Apparently yesterday was the centenary of the founding of the RAAF. HM the Queen performed her first public engagement in several months at the Commonwealth Air Forces Memorial at Runnymede. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9424795/Queen-94-got-second-Covid-jab-facing-public-without-mask.html Best wishes to all our Aussie Air Force friends!
  2. If any of you have the film "Spitfire" on DVD then Mary Ellis and Joy Lofthouse feature. Mary at 101 was reunited with a Mk VIII that she delivered during the war and which she had signed at the time. It still bears her signature to this day. All now sadly gone but their service should never be forgotten. Couple of vids of them enjoying taking the controls of a Spitfire again before they passed away. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvrlTzeFRKs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwU1HRylERU
  3. Not many products can actually add a phrase to the English language (over here anyway) as Marmite "you love it or hate it" has been used about people. As in "She's a bit Marmite" you lover her or hate her. What it has also done is produce some really funny ads in the UK along the "love it or hate it" idea. Just a couple:
  4. This is veering to the political which isn't really a surprise given the nature of the thread. I'm retired and have been bringing up a daughter on my own for the last 12 years (widowed) and she has just turned 16. I sit at the table on my lappy and she sits opposite me on hers "at school". They are doing full lessons online which is good. I was thinking back to the first "lockdown" in March last year and how different this current one is. With the vaccines rolling out cases are plunging fast although deaths are taking longer to reduce. In the first one "outside" w
  5. Most have already been mentioned but an additional vote for "Fury". One that I'd forgotten about but popped up on TV here yesterday was "The Train" made in 1964 with Burt Lancaster. Seen it before but I really enjoyed it again.
  6. I must admit to have become pretty hooked on Greg and Premier1 Driver. https://www.youtube.com/user/gregmink Fascinating to see what goes on upfront and also escape the weather over here and fly around the Us and elsewhere with him. Great at explaining things to non-pilots too.
  7. When the Griffon engined spits were released to squadrons there were some very "exciting" first take-offs apparently. The Griffon, in addition to having a lot more power also spun the prop the opposite way to the Merlin . Putting on the wrong rudder application could produce some interesting "f**k me !" moments.
  8. This was a staged "publicity" shot apparently. Aircraft was Typhoon RB 326 codes of 5V-5 of 439 Sqdn at Eindhoven March 1945. The female "armourers" were from an RCAF entertainment troupe. Source: 2nd TAF Volume IV book
  9. I have the film "Spitfire" on DVD. I think it's now available on streaming services. Quite simply a stunning film. Beautifully photographed giving the history and interviews with pilots. The trailer on this link gives some idea. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5913184/ You tube trailer:
  10. The Alleycat conversion may be of help. Whilst I understand you have looked at am, there's a lot of parts in the conversion and whilst you will have to scratch the actual gun, the conversion may well give you an additional "leg up". I used their TR33 conversion on mine and it certainly helped. https://www.alleycatmodels.co.uk/mosquito-fb-mk-xviii-tse-tse-mosquito-conversion-set-decals-5491-p.asp The Tse Tse was a pretty awesome beast and I recall a story in one of my references when they were U-Boat hunting in the Bay of Biscay. They used a flight of 4 FBVI's to
  11. If I might be a little constructive here. If the mods had said that posts had been removed in addition to the warning about future posts then it would have made sense. As it was it looked like people were being warned for no visible reason and couldn't understand why. Just sayin'
  12. I recall this lot are used by the Navy on a sub-contract basis for threat simulations etc. It seems they do. https://www.hunterteam.com/ Nice to see they have a Bucc which is soon to be airworthy too.
  13. Oh goody! About time you got that monkey off your back. Fine work on this one amigo. Loverly finish.
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