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  1. PhilB

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    Don't be so ridiculous and you know that is not what I meant. It was a genuine question as to why this only seems to happen on modelling forums and not other types of forums. I guess people can be very sensitive about a box full of plastic and I'm not surprised I got a "bite" to my question as I thought it might be taken the wrong way by some. But whilst on the subject seeing as you brought it up. Criticism of a kit should be constructive and based on fact. Fact is when the actual kit can be compared to accurate plans. If it is then found to be wrong then by all means rip it up and toss it to one side. No problem with that at all but the tiresome flaming of kits by a couple of manufacturers in particular before they are released is ridiculous. It's not just me saying this. Have a look back through this topic and see the number of times this has been mentioned. Have a look at the number of likes/positive comments for posts saying to wait until the kit has been issued before throwing rocks. I think most on here are getting fed up with all the negativity which keeps being trolled out.
  2. PhilB

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    So, sort of 1958/9 ? Might be better in wood ! One thing perhaps someone can enlighten me about and I've only seen this on modelling forums. If someone has no intention of buying a kit then why do they come on to a forum and criticise it? Just doesn't seem to make sense to me..........
  3. PhilB


    Hopefully they will have you "under the knife" asap and get you pain free. I got hit with sciatica suddenly a couple of years ago. I thought I'd been shot and had the numbness in lower leg and foot. Luckily mine wasn't related to any back issues but I know all about that pain and doing simple tasks being so difficult. I was lucky in that mine got better over time and with exercise but at least you know there is a procedure and I'm sure they will fix you up.
  4. PhilB

    Lanc has landed

    Yep, it would have been a better way but people will have to deal with what's in the box I suppose. Personally I hate blisters. The plaster always seems to slip off into your sock.......................
  5. PhilB

    Make the others jealous

    If you can go for it then go for it!! I've been considering pulling the trigger on a full RC Tamiya 1/16 Leopard with a ton of metal add-ons for the last few years. A once in a lifetime thing but I don't have the courage (or finances) atm.
  6. I think it's rather like putting a Rolls Royce engine in a Trabant.
  7. PhilB

    Lanc has landed

    Judging by previous posts, some had no blisters, some had both and some had only a single. So that would need 4 canopies included with the kit to cover all versions (allowing for a single blister on port or starboard)? Sounds to me like HK did a pretty shrewd thing by giving the modeller a choice by supplying separate blisters so they can get the can 'o' peas correct for the version they are building.
  8. PhilB

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    "Tidal Wave".........................ok . I see a connection with "oil".
  9. Yep. The old Revell is as basic as the basicist thing at a basic contest and needs rescribing too.
  10. PhilB

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    Tell me it's OD ? I remember doing a 1/72 one when I was a yoof and it took 2 pots of humbrol OD and a big brush.
  11. Yes, and Derek still has my bloody set of rockets that I lent him about 7 years ago!!! When I did mine I spent hours detailing the interior but ultimately it's only the cockpit and rear gunner's bit that can be seen.
  12. PhilB

    JU-88A-4 crash site Youtube video

    There's quite a few vids on YouTube of these Russian blokes pulling rifles, ammo and all sorts of things out of the bogs. The rifles look pretty pristine in many cases so it could be the very low oxygen content in the bogs that preserves things.
  13. SAM Datafile 6, also written by Richard Franks. The aircraft on the cover is a 604 Sqdn machine and may have been flown by Cunningham but 10 of his 16 Beaufighter victories were scored with another Mk1 F, R2101/NG-R. The story about "Cats Eyes" was put out to the press to explain his success when in fact it was the AI radar being carried which was secret at the time.
  14. It's a genuine aircraft and Airfix are very good with their research. 143 Squadron were posted to Banff on the 23rd October 1944 where they converted to the Mosquito VI until 25th May 1945 when they were disbanded. If you google "143 Squadron RAF" and look at the images, there are a couple of pictures of NE A although not too good but the code HR 405 is just visible. The RAF museum will sell you a print of a photo of it in flight and I would trust them too ! So I think you are on very safe ground.
  15. PhilB

    Bolingbroke in a barn!

    Bolingbroke was the name it was given in Canada for Candian built versions of the Blenheim. The flying version at Duxford actually started life as a Bolingroke with the bigger nose - effectively a Blenheim IV. It was restored after another Blenhiem IV crashed and was written off. I went to see it in the early 90's for it's maiden flight as a Blenheim IV night fighter. It then had various schemes until it was damaged again and they found an early MK1 front end so now it's a Blenheim MK1. Current MK1 at Duxford. https://www.aircraftrestorationcompany.com/blenheim/ History of it's restoration: http://vintageaviationecho.com/arco-blenheim/