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  1. I have the film "Spitfire" on DVD. I think it's now available on streaming services. Quite simply a stunning film. Beautifully photographed giving the history and interviews with pilots. The trailer on this link gives some idea. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5913184/ You tube trailer:
  2. The Alleycat conversion may be of help. Whilst I understand you have looked at am, there's a lot of parts in the conversion and whilst you will have to scratch the actual gun, the conversion may well give you an additional "leg up". I used their TR33 conversion on mine and it certainly helped. https://www.alleycatmodels.co.uk/mosquito-fb-mk-xviii-tse-tse-mosquito-conversion-set-decals-5491-p.asp The Tse Tse was a pretty awesome beast and I recall a story in one of my references when they were U-Boat hunting in the Bay of Biscay. They used a flight of 4 FBVI's to
  3. If I might be a little constructive here. If the mods had said that posts had been removed in addition to the warning about future posts then it would have made sense. As it was it looked like people were being warned for no visible reason and couldn't understand why. Just sayin'
  4. I recall this lot are used by the Navy on a sub-contract basis for threat simulations etc. It seems they do. https://www.hunterteam.com/ Nice to see they have a Bucc which is soon to be airworthy too.
  5. Oh goody! About time you got that monkey off your back. Fine work on this one amigo. Loverly finish.
  6. I built the SHAR a long time back. It will build up out of the box ok but you can get carried away with detailing and sanding back of a lot of over-raised rivets ! Didn't have a build thread but RFI thread here: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/28588-124-airfix-sea-harrier-frs1/
  7. Interesting film but the colours will probably be wrong according to some. Oh yes and they are painted with a matte finish. That will probably be wrong too.
  8. As regards Mk IX spits operating from Malta, 249 Squadron started getting them in July/August 1943. There is a pic of one in the book "249 at war" and they took part in bomber escorts with the Sicily/ Italian landings. The usual black and white photo but it looks to be the standard desert scheme of Dark earth/Middle stone over azure blue with a red spinner. They did still knock off the odd recon aircraft over Malta though but there was very little local action by then. Another thing to consider is the USAAF Spitfires operated in North Africa and then on to Sicily/Ita
  9. Found a good pilot's walkaround of the Avanti II. Very fast, low operating costs but very expensive to buy. But Piaggio was rescued by Ferrari so not surprising.
  10. Function before form and so ugly it's brilliant. Used to see these over my house when I was a kid. Nothing else sounds quite like it. Plenty of foreign schemes too.
  11. I was out on the airfield at Heathrow one day and an Avanti landed and taxied right past me. Looked like something from way in the future and I fell in love instantly. Never saw a Starship which was a shame as I find the designs of both these aircraft pretty amazing.
  12. I'll have to check my refs but IIRC the later spits that had the 303's replaced by 50 cals had them mounted inboard of the single cannons closer to the wing root but I'll have to check on that. EDIT. The E wing appeared in Autumn 1944. Removed the four 303's and mounted a 50 cal in the inner cannon position leaving a single cannon in the outer position. So not on any Malta spits.
  13. No, there is evidence from people who were there at the time. Accounts from ground crew and others. Research from historians like Brian Cull and Brian Cauchi who have spent years on this subject. I'd dig up my father so you could argue with him but I'm afraid he was cremated. You might want to look at this documentary about returning a Hurricane and Spitfire to Malta for the anniversary a few years ago. The blue paint is mentioned at around 21 minutes in and why they went to the trouble to fully repaint the Spit.
  14. Yep, as you can see, quite a lot shared spare parts. The rule is there are no rules. My late father was the engineering officer for 249 Squadron on Malta from late 1941 to Spring 1943 and supplies were so scarce they had to cannibalise everything. Don't be fooled by any profiles carrying 4 20mm cannon. They were often fitted for delivery but one on either side was removed for spares and you will see that in photos in the book. I've only got a couple of his photos of Malta spits but the general rule is a sun-bleached, worn out look.
  15. Brian Cauchi is probably the best source of info. Bear in mind the USN blue applied on the carriers tended to last only a short time once in theatre. Add in the scavenging of parts from written off aircraft to keep the others flying and you can end up with some interesting schemes. Repainting in theatre was sporadic at best. Choose one of the researched schemes/profiles and stick with that. These aircraft lasted around 3 weeks at best so painting wasn't a priority. Also not all the Mark V's had the Volkes tropical filters. Some of the later VC's end of 42/3 w
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