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  1. Like a lot of others, things have been very slow over the last few days. However, (I'm touching a bit of wood as I type this) this morning things seem to be zipping along as normal compared with other websites. On an HP laptop, on firefox with windows 8 and download speed off the router of 40Mbs. I don't know if something has been changed or tweaked but definitely "normal" again. (Fingers crossed it continues)
  2. It builds up very nicely OOB but aftermarket stuff can add a bit to it. The landing gear is fine oob too unless you want to add detail. I scratched a brace for the retraction jack and added plenty of plumbing but it doesn't detract from the model if you don't. I know Taffyman did a nice job and Anthony in New Zealand has one on the go. Don't forget there are conversion sets too for building different variants from people like Alleycat like the TR33 I did.
  3. I wouldn't have thought the phonetic alphabet would have anything to do with it as unlike civil aircraft (private jobs) they don't use the registration as a call sign. RAF aircraft using civil/military traffic control have their own callsigns the most common of which is "Ascot" for transport jobs mainly so the callsign would be "Ascot 123 " or such.
  4. How inconsiderate that you can't build all 10 different variants of this plane from the one kit !
  5. I just read a bit more on the Britmodeler topic and they are talking about his 1/48th Vulcan so yes.
  6. I was trying to compare it to the Gannet next door which was a chunky ol' thing in the real world. Hard to tell. I remember peeps doing the vac Vulcan in 1/32 and that was a monster.
  7. I wouldn't go as far as "mentally-flawed" John. If you look back in this thread, the comments started prior to the mention of the nacelles with the usual comments about it being HobbyBoss/Trump. You will also see sarcastic comments from others who have seen this situation many times before anticipating the "unbuildable and flawed" comments from a few. There are a small group on here as there was 10 years ago that "anticipated" problems in advance of any Trump/Hoobyboss kit. It was as tiresome then as it is now and a lot of people on here are pretty fed up with it. It's like a cracked record that gets wheeled out by the same people over and over again. If I see a flaw with an actual kit I'll happily mention it or agree with others who may highlight it as that's a good thing. Trouble with this one is that nobody has seen the kit yet. The old mantra that keeps being repeated on here of "wait until the kit is in hand" still stands today. But then, any chance to give anything Hobbyboss/Trumpeter an early kicking as soon as possible shouldn't be missed should it.
  8. I always wait with baited breath for those that love to pour cold water on other's excitement at the earliest possible stage. I do wonder if they get some kind of weird kick out of it or is it just an ego boost?
  9. Never saw action I'm afraid. War ended before they could start flight testing.
  10. Wasn't saying it's a rule of thumb Nick. I was pointing out about the early spits making things even more complicated with the A and B camo. Of course there may be exceptions. That's why we have these forums for research.
  11. Then as far as I recall, you can throw in the A or B pattern for the earlier spits which corresponded to the last number of the serial being odd or even. I miss Edgar!!!!!
  12. The smaller the scale then the harder the edge. What might be a soft edge on the real thing would scale down to a harder edge in 1/32 and even less as the scale reduces. I always used blutack rolled into 1/4 " "worms" to mask the edges and then sprayed from vertically above. Not quite a crisp/hard demarcation but I think looks good in scale.
  13. I hate pedantry but I'm afraid the UK F-35's haven't fired a shot in anger or dropped a bomb yet either. A handful of missions over Afghanistan with Typhoons but no ordnance dropped on any of them. I don't dislike the F-35 at all, I'm sure it's a great plane but modern flamethrowers are just grey. I'm sure a kit would be built by some but for a wider appeal colour/schemes and the "wow"factor sell models. Going back to this topic, it needs to be something that has a wide appeal especially in the US where there's a big market. I think an F4U Corsair would be a no-brainer.
  14. Happy birthday all. Brian, stop lying about your age..........................
  15. Bloody hell mate! That sort of thing doesn't happen very often! Now you can cruise and sometimes "bruise" as well! Your brother is a hell of a guy especially as he has an F-Type "Jagwar" too. I hope it's a V8R or even the SVR? Those things sound like the gods in Valhalla are angry!!
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