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  1. Erwin

    deHavilland Mosquito Mk IV

    This build won't take ages to complete. I'm building it like this ,joining the wings to the fuselage first, because I used a small srew to fix the wing so it can't break off.
  2. Hi all, I'm adding a second Mosquito to the GB...
  3. Erwin


    Hi, Let me give you a bit of advice.It's a great kit. But their's a problem with the fit of the wheels to the LG legs.The slots don't match. I've just build the car-door.The gabs on the doors(clear parts)and fuselage are to big. If it's all the same to you.Go for the bubble-top to avoid that problem.
  4. The seller only charged 4,99 Euros. Will see how the parcel looks like when it arrives. It's send by DPD.Not DHL.
  5. In the old days you could see how many stamps they had to put on. On the parcals now,their's a sticker on it " paid". No way to tell if the seller cheats on postage anymore. The 24 th Hurricane was 22 Euros + 14 Euros postage.Still a good deal at 36 Euros. Knowing that this kit sells mostly around 60/70 Euros at conventions in Belgium.
  6. Hi German members, I bought the 1/24 th Airfix Hurricane and paid 14 Euros postage.Send by DHL but brought by Belgian Postal service.Not by DHL van. I bought the 32 nd Revell Beaufighter and only had to pay 5 Euros postage.(not yet recieved) Both bought on Ebay-Germany. How can two vendors offer different postage ?
  7. My build if "Desert" wins. It also fits if "Revelling" wins.
  8. Planning to buy some more 1/24 th Airfix and 32 nd Revell oldies.
  9. Erwin

    Revell Me-262 Kanonenvogel kit - any good?

    The extra parts for the Kanonenvogel were "new tool" when released. The kit is just the crappy mold when it was first produced.
  10. Erwin

    deHavilland Mosquito NF

    All new kits are "full detail" now. It's a new trend. I wonder if they could produce a full display and closed version of their kits. Making them cheaper for those that only build closed models. Just a matter of rearraging their molds ? Just leaving the cockpit as full detail. I don't like spending half a year on just one model because of all the small detail. But,that does not mean I don't appreciate the work done by others that do build full-display. Like the Mossy. I have half the (small) parts left over.That's a lot of plastic.
  11. It's still the B-P Defiant for me.Or a fabric wing Hurricane in Belgian markings. Airfix 1/24 th... !!!
  12. Erwin

    deHavilland Mosquito NF

    I'm placing the painting of this one on hold for a while. To hot for paint during summer in my hobby-room.I fear the paint will dry to fast before I can get a nice finish. I have untill the end of November to finish this. I might start another fast build in this GB.One of the simple old Revell kits. Let's see...Me-262,Me-110,Beaufighter,Hurricane IIc.Even the ex-matchbox Lysander.And maybe the Mosquito too. Any other Revell oldies that fit this GB ?
  13. Erwin

    Hasegawa 1/32 Fw 190D-9

    Very nice.Well done !