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  1. This "new" 1/48 th B-29 also looks to be with extra's. Not sure if it's a new Revell mold or the Monogram
  2. Christmas and New Year's time. A "perfect" gift to a modeller from a person that only looks at the box.
  3. Just saw this "new" boxing listed at a shop in Belgium. 172,60 Euro's for a rotating prop,sound and some lights ! That's 204 US $ ! Not worth the money if you ask me. Adding a rotating prop and lights is'n that difficult. The sound is ofcourse not so easy. For those interested.Here's the link to the shop. I've bought from them with excelent service. https://www.passion132.com/gb/
  4. Sorry folks. But I can't tell the F...? from a Mig...? It's all Chinese to me.I'm a WW-2 kind of guy. So please post the type.
  5. Any type, military or civil, after WW-2.
  6. Two 1/32 nd Italeri "fantasy" builds. I called them the Me 117 "Adler". The one with the red fin is the "Propaganda" prototype.The camouflaged Adler is with full weapons.
  7. Score: Hunter: 6 Concorde (airliner): 4 Mirage: 3 SR-71: 3 Su-27: 2 Vigilante: 2 F-117: 1 Seahawk: 1 VC-10 (airliner): 1 Starship (civil): 1 F-16: 1 B 1: 1 P180 Avanti: 1 F-86: 1 B-57: 1 Boeing 707 (airliner): 1 L-1049 (airliner): 1 Tomcat: 1 CF-105: 1 F-15: 1 Pl-11: 1 Rafale: 1 B-58: 1 Vulcan: 1 TSR: 1
  8. Hi all, As a sequel to my "Most elegant WW-2 design" topic,I'm starting this topic for our membes that are more into modern design. Name only one post WW-2 design that for you is the most elegant.Military or civil. I don't know a lot about those types. So please post the type with your picture. For me it's the F-117... It's also still the only modern design model I've ever build...
  9. If a build doesn't go as I like it to go. Bad fitting parts.Overall not being happy with the way the build is going or paintwork. I simply trash it !!
  10. Hi all, It's clear by now that the "winner" of this topic is the Spitfire . It was interesting to see the other types being nominated too. In the end this design got the most votes...
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