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  1. This...whatever it is. Somehow Airfix sees the He 111 in those lights.
  2. I wouldn't even call it a replica. Inflatable ...something !
  3. No I didn't. Why didn't they contact the RAF-spare parts department for a new LG ? Guess that rules out the "beuteflugzeug" then. Why bodder to repaint it ? It's not that it would have been shot down by other German planes.
  4. Hi all, I want to build the Revell Mosquito as beuteflugzeug. The only picture I can find is from the tail on. Are there any more ? Best would be from the side. The profile doesn't match up with the picture. The bright bit is clearly yellow. The wheelbay underside in the profile is yellow. I don't see that brightness in the picture. If the artist based his drawing on just the one photo then he's guessing.
  5. I see this on the news every year. I sometimes wonder why people still want to build their houses there. I know there's no simple answer. But having to face this every year would make me concider moving to a safer place. Best wishes to all that have to deal with this.
  6. Not much extra voting going on. IMO it's already clear what the four GB's will be.
  7. Correct.The gallery,chat and rules are all pinned in the GB. Like this... https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/forum/694-battle-of-britain-80th-anniversary-gb/
  8. Like they do on Britmodeller. That way everything of a GB stays together.
  9. That's a "possible" then. Now that there are no more conventions in Belgium this year,I might not be able to find it.
  10. Are gliders also allowed ? As used for training before going on powered planes. This kit has markings for eight countries. Incluiding the Belgian Air Cadets.That's interesting for me.
  11. I decided to go with a closed build. From now on it's all about painting.Not worth showing inbetween steps. Next pictures will be of the finished build.
  12. It just hit me. I could do the Luftwaffe Mosquito in "Revell LSP's " too
  13. I have the Revell Mosquito. How about the Mosquito in Luftwaffe markings . Would that qualify ? I don't think "In enemy hands" and "LSP Zoo" will have enough votes.
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