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  1. Erwin

    Mosquito Mk IV: Beuteflugzeug

    The flash makes it look that bright. Pictures later ,when finished, might show the correct shade.
  2. Erwin

    2018 LSP Christmas Raffle Winners

    It arrived today.Thank you to the donator. It would be nice to hear from the two persons that got a price from me if it has arrived or not.
  3. Erwin

    Another LHS closing...sign of the times

    Over many years five or six shops closed in my town.There's only one left. I put it down to the internet and conventions.I visit eight or ten conventions a year,where I find most of the kits at cheaper prizes. Unless I badly need that one kit I haven't found at a convention.Then I order it at the shop. So,I'm to blame too.
  4. Erwin

    Mosquito Mk IV: Beuteflugzeug

    Underside done. I won't paint this perfectly yellow.(a mix of 50/50% matt and satin) Assuming that the Germans only did one coat of yellow to cover the origional color (black ?) .
  5. Erwin

    Mosquito Mk IV: Beuteflugzeug

    The main build is done...
  6. Erwin

    Make the others jealous

    He showed pictures of the He 111 Z. Maybe he was tired of building He 111's that he sold the third kit. Whatever his reason was,I got a great bargain.
  7. Erwin

    Make the others jealous

    Hi, It was. I just didn't expect that much snow once I passed Brussel.It took me 2 1/2 hours from Oostende. But it was worth the trip.
  8. Erwin

    Mosquito Mk IV: Beuteflugzeug

    I first drill two small holes,add glue and then the screws. This makes the bond fuselage/wing super strong.The srews pull the wing firmly into the slot.
  9. Erwin

    Mosquito Mk IV: Beuteflugzeug

    The wings are fitted with screws for more strenght.
  10. Erwin

    Short Sunderland MkII

    Stunning work so far.
  11. Erwin

    Mosquito Mk IV: Beuteflugzeug

    Hi, Thank you for the info. I noted in my picture the lack of antenna and props.Didn' know about the exhausts. I might place the props just for the look of it.It doesn't have to be exactly as the pictures. My build won't be as detailed as yours.Just "out of box". I will go with a mix of 50/50% satin dark green and matt black green to get a soft shine It's a simple old kit.So it shouldn't take me months to complete. However , I shall not rush this to be nr 1,2 and 3 in the gallery. I shall wait untill there is another finished build as nr 3 before I post my finished build.
  12. Erwin

    Mosquito Mk IV: Beuteflugzeug

    First progress of any build.Cleaning the parts.
  13. Erwin

    Heinkel 111.

    Hi all, This is my "long term" project.No rush,no stress. I just have to finish it by the end of the GB. Lucky for me I can go with the easy paint job in overall sand.
  14. Erwin

    Rules of the Road

    Hi all, I found my "long term" project by luck at a convention today. The He 111 with extra parts from another kit,plus several AM and decals.For only 40 Euros (46$)