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  1. Their is a gab.I might have overdone it a bit with the filler
  2. It's not the most difficult kit to build...
  3. Hi all, First progress on the old BanDai kit.
  4. https://www.revell.de/produkte/modellbau/flugzeuge/zweiter-weltkrieg/focke-wulf-fw190-a-8-nightfighte.html
  5. I intend to build it without the doors. Should I paint a frame around the openings or not ? The canopy is molded without frames.
  6. There were some Revell kit.But I don't know if they are the MRC molds... https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?q="bell+47"
  7. My kit must be one of the early ones.No flash at all. The instructions are basic.It will take some time to understand them. I shall build it "out of box". I need to enter some build in our contest. And I did promise Jack,who gave me this kit,to build it just for that reason.
  8. Hi all, I'm starting a quick build for my club's contest. This year's theme is "red cross". I got this kit from Jack with the promise that I would build it.
  9. It sure does.It was the only modern jet kit I could find that fits the Luft'46. I have another,less spectacular, what-if planned later this year based on the 32 nd Revell Dornier 27.
  10. Those first picture are almost real.
  11. Me 117 E "Adler". bomber/fighter Various types of bombs in the bay. Various types of torpedo's 2x 20 mm cannons Mounts: *drop tanks *regular bombs *cluster bombs RADAR: Location and identification of air,sea or ground target. Goes to auto-pilot for the attack. Computer chooses the best weapon to destroy the target. Markings: Radio call sign Unit emblem Pilot's personal insignia:skull Kills under canopy.
  12. I have the feeling this operational Adler is missing firepower. Just two 20 mm cannons don't seem enough. Maybe I should add underwing rockets like this Me 262
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