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  1. Erwin

    "In flight" Me 109 E

    Painting, by brush, is done.Decals placed and put on the stand. The underside is light blue with white wing tips and yellow below the engine. Some minor things to be done (tail,airfilter,pilot and clear parts) I placed some lead in the tail to compensate for the motor.Otherwise it would fall on it's nose.
  2. Those are the kit's decals. Masking the markings is difficult by brush.The paint tends to get under them. I always go with decals and hope they don't silver at the edges. That's why I rarely add codes as those are mostly printed on the decal sheet as one piece.
  3. I finally managed to finish the paint work. A mix of 50/50 % satin and matt black to get a soft shine. Despite the fact that this is only one colour,it's been the most difficult to do by brush so far.
  4. I downsized my stash years ago. Al I have now is the 24 th Airfix Hurricane and Fw 190. The Bandai P-51D and 32 nd Revell P-38. The Hasegawa Fieseler Storch to be started soon. I don't buy kits just to have them.
  5. Erwin

    LSP Kit Database needs your help!

    It's all in Japanese.
  6. That could have been me. If I was to build the old Revel Me 262.Two weeks max !
  7. A year is a long time.If this will be the next GB. But...that gives me more time to find the "golden olden" Revell kits at conventions. I've done the Beaufighter and Mosquito. I have the P-38 Droop Snoot . So what's left : Me 262 day and nightfighter ,Me 110 day and nightfighter,P-38 fighter.
  8. Hi all, I'm calling this one done. I didn't add the code letters. So this is "The Mosquito"
  9. Hi, I've always known for GB's to be as broad as possible so every type of builder can join without excluiding anyone. The "multi-engine" theme doesn't allow any single-engined kit to be build.That's a HUGE amount. IMO it's a coherent theme. But...I only "proposed" the theme with the above in mind. It's not my call to go with this in the next GB. Other members might also have great themes in mind that they can propose.
  10. Erwin

    "In flight" Me 109 E

    The main build is done . I sanded all the oversized rivits off.It's more like the Matchbox kit now. Light gray primer. As I only brush paint,it will be an overall sandy colour. Doing a decent mottle by brush is nearly impossible. Or some kind of sand-brown , sand-green splinter pattern ?
  11. Erwin

    LSP Kit Database needs your help!

    This is about the best I can get with my small camera...
  12. Erwin

    LSP Kit Database needs your help!

    A picture I took .Is this OK ? The kit is listed in the database.It just hase no picture.
  13. Hi Staff, I,and maybe many others,like having a poll to decide the theme of GB's. Keeping in mind that the NF-group build end oct 31 st,I would like to propose the theme "multi-engines"for the poll. I've looked at the previous GB's and it's never been done.
  14. Erwin

    LSP Kit Database needs your help!

    I recently bought the Arii Zero and noticed the database doesn't have the box art.