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  1. Look out for the folding wings. They tend to hang down.And moving them several times will brake them off.
  2. I just saw a newsreport on Belgian TV. Talking about temp of - 35° C. We've had a cold period last week with temp of -10°C. That was cold enough.Can't imagine how -35°C feels like ! By the end of the week mild weather in Belgium with + 17°C. Much better !
  3. B-P Defiant. (not counting the crap resin kit)
  4. I managed to buy the 1/24 th Airfix Typhoon without the box at a convention in Belgium for only 50 Euro's. Saving almost 70 Euro's just for the box.
  5. All the different scales are interesting if you want to make an airfield diorama in depth. Like in a "looking-box". Put a 24 th or 32 nd first,then 35 th,then 48 th,then 72 nd,and even finish with a 1/144 th model in line. This way you create a line of planes parked on the airfield. Starting with 24 th might be to much.It would be a very big looking-box Same can be done with figures,cars,control tower,etc... You could even have a couple of planes in the air by using only half a model in 72 nd or 1/144 th on a blue background.
  6. You asked for it. Here's my fantasy pattern 1/18 th Hobby Boss 190. You can use any color you like.
  7. This "new" 1/48 th B-29 also looks to be with extra's. Not sure if it's a new Revell mold or the Monogram
  8. Christmas and New Year's time. A "perfect" gift to a modeller from a person that only looks at the box.
  9. Just saw this "new" boxing listed at a shop in Belgium. 172,60 Euro's for a rotating prop,sound and some lights ! That's 204 US $ ! Not worth the money if you ask me. Adding a rotating prop and lights is'n that difficult. The sound is ofcourse not so easy. For those interested.Here's the link to the shop. I've bought from them with excelent service. https://www.passion132.com/gb/
  10. Sorry folks. But I can't tell the F...? from a Mig...? It's all Chinese to me.I'm a WW-2 kind of guy. So please post the type.
  11. Any type, military or civil, after WW-2.
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