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  1. Erwin

    LSP Christmas Raffle 2018

    Please add this as donation...
  2. Erwin

    Sponsors & Prizes

    It's a "one-year" GB. All members should be able to complete at least one kit. It doesn't have to be a new complicated kit. Dig out those old Revell two-engined kits ! Just build it out of the box for a change .Don't worry about cockpit or LG detail,rivits and pannel lines. Have fun ! No stress !
  3. Erwin

    Rules of the Road

    Here's a nice surpise for me. I have the Revell EC-135. But I didn't know it has TWO engines untill I noticed the air-intakes. So, this will be my heli-build in this GB.
  4. Erwin

    Rules of the Road

    Great GB ! Already have three kits at home: Me 110 :old Revell Mystery "what if" EC-135 Revell Planned builds: Me 262:Revell,Hasegawa or Trumpeter Revell He 111 or He 219 or Ju-88 Maybe: P-38 Trumpeter Other kits I can find cheap at conventions next year
  5. Erwin

    LSP Christmas Raffle 2018

    I would like to be a raffle entrant. At the moment,I don't have anything decent to donate.If by the enddate I should find something to donate,then I shall inform the staff. In all fairness,if I should win a prize that is of no interest to me,I shall offer it again to the staff. For example: an aftermarket photo-eched set. I never use it.
  6. Hi all, One month to go till the start of " The big " GB. What's your planning for this one ? My planning so far: Me 262 (Revell ,Hasegawa or Trumpeter) Me 110 :old Revell kit He-111 or He-219 or Ju-88 Mystery "what if "
  7. Erwin

    Long term Revell project ?

    Time is not a problem.It's a one-year groupbuild It's the idea to build a more complex kit over several months at a slow rate.Hoping to make it my best one ever. And then starting a few more simple kits.So I can switch work a bit.Rather than building three months with one kit. It will also depend on what's for sale at the 9 th Dec convention in Putte.
  8. Hi all, With the "multi-engines" groupbuild and a big convention comming up,I need to decide wich Revell kit to buy as long-term project. Choises are: He 111 He 219 Ju 88 I shall also build the Me 262 in the GB.But that doesn' realy count as "long-term" Wich would you take ? Any pro's and contra's ?
  9. Erwin

    Me 110 dayfighter using Revell G4

    I shall go with the short answer
  10. Hi all, Can I turn the old Revell G4 nightfighter kit into a G2 dayfighter by just not using the radar and exhaust covers ? Or was the nose different too ? I'm not that fussy about small details. Would like to build it as a Russian front fighter.
  11. Erwin

    Repopped Bf110C-7 ? ...

    They would do well with a new mold kit that has never been done. The Dornier being one of them. Why not another small plane like the Heinkel Salamander.That one realy started their whole line of new kits. IMO,we can speak of before and after the Salamander kind of Revell kits
  12. For those interested I have some 24 th pilots from Airfix kits. But they are British.(not sure about the dark gray one)
  13. Erwin

    Any 1/32 Me 262 on the horizon?

    Old Revell,new Revell or Trumpeter. The 262 is on my list for next years "multi-engines" group build
  14. Erwin

    Beaufighter: FINISHED.

    But I wouldn't like to have been on the recieving end with 6 MG's , 4 cannons and rockets.